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Ford Focus Wagon



  • jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
    The 2003 backseat bottom is still one piece. I looked at a wagon years ago and apparently the sales person didn't know the bottom flipped forward, I was left with the impression the bottom was fixed. Looking now at the wagon with a measuring tape I was very surprised that the narrowest width of the cargo bay is 45" and the height is ~36" at it's highest. We compared it to the bigger, 10" longer Subaru Outback and The Subie was several inches less on each of these dimensions not to mention the price diiference. The Jetta is less then 40" width. Thanks for all your inputs. I wonder if anyone else has front seat issues. The lack of traction control on all California Focus' and some concern over the front seats are the last stumbling blocks. We have decided we will not factory order one and will take a long drive in the vehicle we buy if/when we get one.
  • FWIW, I find the front seat comfortable. I haven't taken any long trips yet, but I'm not expecting any problems. Having a telescoping steering wheel helps, especially since I'm 6' tall while my wife is barely 5'3".
  • harhirharhir Posts: 29
    I have no problems with the fromt seats eather. But mine are sport seats. The 2001 Street Edition Package came with sport seats. And I really like them. Only the leg room could be better. I am 6'5".
    And I never had any problems with the traction. O.k we barely have snow in Texas. Almost unknown down here. But last time we got snow I had to take it out. Worked great with the traction control responding very fast.

  • lnauss1lnauss1 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know the true fuel reserve on a vtec 2000 Focus SE wagon?

    Also, what is the total Kilometres per tank. We are getting 580 kilometres on a 2000 wagon. We did a lease buyout and the car, at the time of purchase, had 38500 km.

    Car is in mint shape. We purchased an extended warranty. All recalls were taken care of during lease agreement.


  • flasvtflasvt Posts: 64
    I had a 2002 ZTW. Gray leather interior with liquid gray exterior. I had it for 11 month and gave me 13,000 trouble free miles. It always was sweet and reliable ride.
    What happened? Well, got curious and went to test drive the SVT Focus. Halfway to the test drive it was clear that the regular ZTEC wouldn't do it for me anymore.
    I wish that Ford offered an SVT Focus wagon, like thjey do in Europe where it is refered to as the ST170. I would buy one in a minute.
    Check out Ford UK's website. Look at the clime control knobs and metal interior door handles. This car has so much more content in Europe.
    Whoever as the need for a very practical economy car will be hard pressed to find a better option. Feel free to ask me any question. At least that will make my 11 months of ownership worth something to somebody.
    As for the SVT...hmmmmmm.
  • Glad your ZTW is running good. I'll be returning to the USA in 53 days and will be picking up a loaded '03 ZTW I ordered. Wished I could have got the Duratech, but I guess the Ztech will have to do. I rented a Focus with the low grade engine in Honolulu last week and it was a dog. Hope the Ztech has more juice!
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Yep, cars in Britain have much more content. But, they cost a lot more, too. The British (and nearly everyone else in the world) do NOT equate small with cheap. Ford tried to sell Contours upmarket. It couldn't compete with the Taurus and the other companies small cars at lesser prices at the same time.
  • Has anybody had troubles with their Focus Wagon SE of not having Lumbar support in the driver side. I have a 02 Focus Wagon that I dearly love and now having troubles with my back, because I can't sit to long in my Focus wagon. I'm seriously thinking of trading it in for a ZTW wagon that has a Lumbar support on it. It only has 9,000 miles on and it is very good with the gas mileage. We are going to LasVegas next month with it and now I'm serious thinking of not going or trading it in before that. What I'm thinking of is that I'm going to get hit with a higher car payment. But I get a discount through my job with the X plan. If anybody out their can give me some advice I'll appreciate it. I'm disable and won't be able to fly, because I'll need my medical scooter.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Have you considered having an upholstery shop or auto trim place install a seat with lumbar support, perhaps even from a ZTW??? It CAN be done, and would be far cheaper than trading...
  • I have a 2003 ZTW with the lumbar seat. I have to use a 1" foam kitchen chair seat cushion (placed upright against the back), or I will get a back ache within 2 miles of driving. There was a post a couple months ago where he had extra foam put in the seats and is happy with the results.

    My lumbar adjustment is set for the least "support" and it still causes trouble.

    My advice is for anyone contemplating buying any car drive it at least 50 miles before signing up. I had a problem with another brand and walked away.
  • johnclineiijohnclineii Posts: 2,287
    Well, GM currently allows up to 100 mile overnight test drives at participating dealers. GM cars only, of course.
  • The carpet on the front driver's side of my 2003 wagon (bought it two months ago) gets sopping wet when it rains. It's apparently leaking from somewhere underneath. The service rep where I bought it tells me that "unfortunately" (his exact word) some Focuses have a leaking problem but that it's fixable. So after owning this car for only two months it's already going to spend some time in the shop. Has anyone here heard of or experienced this leaking problem?
  • I own a ZTW and have had no such problems. I haven't heard of such a thing either. That problem seems very odd for a new car.
  • I took my wagon back to the dealer to get the leak fixed and they said it was a problem in the cowl. Hopefully they got it water-tight now. I guess I'll find out the next time it rains. I have heard that rainwater leaks were fairly common in the first two model years of the Focus but were supposed to have been eliminated in '02 and '03. Some bad luck that I got the one in a thousand (or whatever) that had a leak. I hope it's not a bad sign. But if nothing else goes wrong (at least for a long time) I'll be happy because the ZTW is a nice little wagon. Lots of space and fun to drive.
  • I have a 2001 Focus sedan and after 2 years, it leaked water into the passenger footwell. As rmsamll said, it was a problem in the cowl and was fixed under warrenty. Otherwise, the dealer told me, it would've cost about $150-200 to fix. (I always ask how much these free repairs cost)
  • Last night was the acid test to determine if the dealership actually fixed the leak. It rained here (D.C. area) like gangbusters for more than twelve hours. Went out today and checked the carpets--no sign of any leaking. So hopefully that'll be that. No more unpleasant surprises and I'll be happy. The ZTW is a well designed and thought out little wagon and drives good too. All I want from here on in is just average (at least)reliability. No Fix Or Repair Daily, thank you.
  • djp2cdjp2c Posts: 39
    My wife has had the steering seize up when making a hard right turn while braking. This has happened to her 3 times.

    It has happened to me twice now and the last time was last nite.

    Early this year I asked the dealer to check this and they said there was nothing wrong.

    After last nite I am very much concerned about the safety of the car (2000 Wagon) and I think I had better trade it.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem??????
  • Mine has the exact same problem! I'm so frustrated in dealing with dealer. Moreover, the second row has constantly water leaking, they still can not fix it till now. Constantly think about trade in.
  • harhirharhir Posts: 29
    I heard of a similar case in Germany. This guy had the same problem that the steering seized after a sharp turn. His was a 5 speed.
    There seems to be a problem with a switch or connector of the clutch pedal that is behind the clutch pedal.
    This switch can not be properly mounted because of a design flaw. And if this switch/connector falls off it may block the steering column, because it is right beside the steering column.
    I am not sure if this would also apply to cars with Auto trans. Maybe this switch is there but not used. You may want to check if there is something close to the steering column under the dash that may cause any blockage of the steering wheel.

    2.) The leakage problem is a well known problem in Europe as well.
    That means water leakage on the passenger side. The problem is caused by the black plastic cover around the windshield wipers and the sealing underneath it. (The cover just below the wind screen and the hood.)
    If this cover is not mounted correctly or the sealing underneath, water is running into the passenger foot compartment. I think it is running through the air duct system since the air inlet for the cabin air and filter box for the not existing cabin air filter is mounted underneath that plastic cover.
    But I have never heard about a problem with water leakage on the second row. Is it coming through the windows? Or is it coming through the door? If it is coming through the door you may want to check the draining holes in the door. There should be draining holes in the underside of the door. And they need to be free. Not clogged.
    There is always getting water in the door through the window sealing. And this water is supposed to run off the drainage in the bottom of the door. If this drainage is clogged the water may collect in the door and drain towards the inside of the car and not through the supposed drainage. But this is just a speculation.

  • I bought my Focus wagon in 12/00. I loved how it looked and had high hopes....even after numerous recalls and a constant squeal in the rear brakes. Then at 28K I had to replace the front brake rotors. At 30K the passenger side of front seat started to leak when it rained. The dealer said it was a manufacure's defect and a recall and they replaced a part. It still leaked. of 12/21/03 I am the proud owner of a 2004 Toyota Matrix XR. The Focus was my second and FINAL Ford. I really wanted this car to be the one I hoped it could such luck.
  • My 2000 Focus Station Wagon stalled at 38000 miles and had to be towed to my Ford Dealer. I was told that their initial finding was that the head gasket has blown up and the computer misfired. Two days before stalling, smoke came out of the vents. I am still waiting for a new engine and Ford don't want to help with a loaner car. They actually asked the dealer to shoulder the cost but they refused since Ford can not supply the engine.
  • Picked up in AZ end of Sep. Putted around town for a week then flamed up to Overguard with 4 adults + luggage in tow. Poor ZETEC was straining in the mountains with the AC on, but soldiered on. Back to Phoenix, then off to Flagstaff for a couple days, down to Sedona for a couple more and then over the "mountain" to Prescott and back to Phoenix. No probs, great ride, nice and sticky with the 16 inch tires.

    End of October, road trip to North Dakota. Phoenix to Albuquerque: great cruise, but couldn't get into hotel, due to tanker crash out front. Holiday Inn Express set me up, though. Albq to Colorado Springs: first taste of kinda cold weather, in enemy territory with all the evil bronco fans. CS to Ogalla NB: leaving bronco territory and getting into a nice, clean state like Nebraska was cool. Go big red. Not much for scenery, but weather was pretty nice. Horrid, greasy food in Ogalla (did I mention greasy?) Ogalla to Sioux City: more Nebraska, then rain and cold. Wind picked up the next day driving up to Grand Forks. VERY WINDY and cool.

    Anyway, a couple months later and the "Silver Bullet" (e-gad, that sounds SOOO Coorsish--"I can't taste my light beer!"...) runs like a top, has a new ski rack for my XC skis and a new cargo net on the way. Installing the block heater was a goat rope, but glad I got that done (I believe it is 1 outside right now...) The 16 inch P6s handle fabulous in the ice/snow (BIG SURPRISE), so no need for snow tires. The heated seats are, well, the heat. Got a couple rattles I need to isolate and fix, but so far, so good (5k miles). I'm out.
  • jayguyjayguy Posts: 6
    Have a 2002 SE Wagon with 40k on it, and so far it has been trouble free, and we really enjoy it! Has been a great wagon for my wife and 2 kids. Just found an issue with the License Plate lights below the rear door handle and thought I'd give others a heads-up on it and see if anyone else has the same issue.
    A friend noticed that both of these lights weren't working a few days ago, and since in Mass. they are required to pass inspection, I checked them out. To pull them out, you slide the units to the left by sticking a screwdriver, or something flat into the right side between the light unit and the molding and pry/push to the left. You then pull them down and out. What I discovered is that BOTH light units were severely corroded, the copper parts covered in green ash and the metal ends on the light bulbs pretty much rusted off. Although there is a rubber gasket around the light unit, apparently water does still get in here somehow. The rubber looks like it isn't thick enough to make an adequate seal. Anyway, to fix this without having to buy new light assemblys, I had to mold replacement pieces from aluminum flashing I had, and then buy new bulbs. I also had to splice new wire connectors to the original wiring as the original connectors were corroded as well. I liberally greased all exposed metal with bulb grease, which I highly recommend to prevent this if it hasn't happened already. I also had to replace the license plate light fuse (#62 on the panel) since it had apparently shorted out at some point during the corrosion process. Anyone who lives in a state where the license plate lights are required to pass inspection may want to check on the condition of yours
  • OK, slightly off topic, but loaded up my new XC skis on my factory ski rack (a Yakima) and found a nice patch of fresh powder and skied for a good hour in -4 degree sunny (-20 degree wind chill) NoDak weather today. Deep snow while laying tracks going out, and while most were covered on the way back by the wind, was GRRREAT tracking on the way back.

    Still have to work to get the ZTW to break loose on the frozen stuff with the Advance Trac & the P6s.

    Block heater plugged in for tomorrow's adventure--supposed to be a little colder.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    North Dakota- no description for that wind....

    23 yrs resident including FGO and GRFRX.....
  • I am sure most focus owners got this letter through the mail from ford stating that the 2000 and 2001 focus' are subject to stalling,hesitation,loss of power etc due to a Ford defect.
    I had this problem and my car stalled out of the freeway, but did start again after a few minutes of hell with cars coming up from behind and all around.I was happy to get the letter from for concerning "Program 03N01" until I talked to my ford dealership and they said to find out if I had this defect I would have to pay $83 to have them do a diagnostic of my engine. If it was the "Program 03N01" problem they would take care of the bill, if not then I would be responsible for the charge. I told him I was experiencing the problems described in "Program 03N01" but this made no difference, the owner still must pay to see if they have the defect.I also called two different Ford Customer service numbers and was given the same run around. As they keep telling me this is not a recall it is a Program or something of that nature.
  • Hey djp2c,
    The letter concerning "Program 03N01" has your symptoms exactly listed.

    Stalling or loss of power is more likely to happen

    "when the driver is attempting to accelerate while making a right turn maneuver"
  • Sorry for the excessive posting, but just found a copy of the letter on the web.

    Focus Extended Coverage Program 03N01
    All U.S. Ford and Lincoln Mercury Dealers

     Extended Coverage Program 03N01 - Certain 2000 and 2001 Model Year Focus Vehicles Fuel Delivery Module


    This program extends the coverage of the fuel delivery module (FDM) to 10 years from the original warranty start date of the vehicle, with no limit on the number of miles that the vehicle has been driven. This program provides replacement coverage, and is automatically transferred to subsequent owners.


    Certain 2000 and 2001 model year Focus vehicles built at the Wayne and Hermosillo Assembly Plants from Job #1,1999 through June 13, 2001. Affected vehicles are identified in OASIS.


    Some of the affected vehicles may experience engine hesitation, loss of power, surging, and other similar symptoms as a result of contamination of the fuel pump filters. Because the contamination of the filters is progressive, they may ultimately become sufficiently blocked to cause the engine to stall completely. Although the symptoms noted above can occur under a variety of driving conditions, they are most likely to occur when there is less than one-quarter tank of fuel and/or when the driver is attempting to accelerate while making a right turn maneuver (such as entering a highway through a cloverleaf) or while driving uphill.


    If the customer's vehicle exhibits the symptoms described above, dealers should replace the fuel pump unless there is clear evidence that the symptoms are solely caused by some other component. To assist in determining the cause of the symptoms, you should interview the customer. In addition, diagnosis time is provided to road test the vehicle. See Attachment IV for customer interview flow chart.

    If it is determined that the symptoms are caused by some other component and the FDM is operating properly, the customer should be notified that the repair is not covered under this program. This program does not cover parts or procedures other than replacement of the fuel delivery module. The fuel delivery module replacement will be performed at no charge to the customer.


    With increased service capacity, use the resulting service traffic to acquire new retail service customers, or become re-acquainted with current ones. Take this opportunity to make a lifetime customer by demonstrating:

    Care by using the Quality Care Report Card every time to identify additional service needs that may require attention.

    Convenience by offering convenient payment terms, by scheduling service appointments, and by providing convenient hours and days of operation.

    Competitive Pricing by promoting national, regional, and your individual dealer service specials.

    Attachment I: Administrative Information
    Attachment II: Labor Allowances and Parts Ordering Information
    Attachment III: Technical Information
    Attachment IV: Customer Interview Flow Chart
    Customer Notification Letter


    Claims Information:.....................................................- ............................1-800-423-8851
    Special Service Support Center (Dealer only) Questions:............................1-800-325-5621
  • fdthirdfdthird Posts: 352
    Sorry, but I don't see your problem. Seems to me that what Ford is saying is that IF YOU DON'T HAVE THE PROBLEM you need to pay for the diagnostic. How many of those letters did they send out? They're probably just trying to stop the vast majority of folks who don't have a problem from descending on the service depts and eating up the replacement parts.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
    You should be getting an email on why the post was removed - it contained copyright information from another site. Re-posting with the link to the article does not violate the copyright, thank you for sharing.
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