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Ford Focus Wagon



  • carguy04carguy04 Member Posts: 22
    Sounds like you have located a nice used '03 ZTW in your area, huh? That is quite a savings over a new '04, and you would be avoiding that first year depreciation drop. If it has the options and color you like, and average or less than average miles, then I would give it serious consideration. You still would have a good portion of its' warranty coverage available.
    Of course, like with buying any used car, you need to have it inspected by an independent mechanic. Also, see if the dealer can print out a report for you with all the warranty repairs done on the car so far, and if was involved in any recalls and accidents. Also, find out if this car was serviced (ie for oil changes) at this same dealer who is selling it, and/or if the original owner left with the car any service receipts.
    I have never seen a used ZTW on any local dealer lots or in newspaper ads from private owners.
    Say, what's the price of gas in Toronto now? Last night, several stations in my town here in Colorado hit the $2.00 a gallon mark for the first time, for 87 octane, and $2.09 for 91 octane. So, another big reason why I am looking at a 4 cylinder car w/good mpg's for my next purchase.
  • cjsbcjsb Member Posts: 71
    Thanks for the tips. Dealers all over the city are now selling '03's that were rentals for the past year or so. Most have mileage in the 25-30K range. I'm wondering whether I should be reluctant with these "once were rentals"; particularly with the very good financing terms available for the '04. Private sales of '03's are scarce.
    87 Octane is going for between $.60 to $.80 per liter depending on day/location. Average of about $.70/liter. If I'm converting correctly, I believe that's $2.65 a gallon in Can. currency, or the equivalent of about $1.95 U.S./gallon. Looks like we're about the same - ain't getting cheaper that's for sure. Another reason, like you, I'm considering the ZTW over some of the SUV's I like.
  • jimjpsjimjps Member Posts: 146
    IN the long run MPG will only be more of a consideration and I expect bigger energy "crunches" in the next 4-5 years, so I believe you are right to factor this in to your purchase.

    I have only seen pix of the 05 FOcus.
    Now I see the 05 Kia Spectrum5 hatch is coming soon (see Canadian Driver road test). It's almost dead-ringer for Mazda3 hatch dimensionally and getting good reviews for drive quality. One source says it is actually up there with the Mazda3. That would be a huge jump for Kia. Nice interior, lots of cubby holes and loaded with SAB and SAC, traction control etc. Engine is 2.0 liter but with variable valves now. I know Kia has a bad reputation but it looks like a total new platform they put a lot of effort in and maybe they've got it nearly right. In the US they have 10 year 100K mile warranty. SO the hobbiest here has to wait and check it out!
    I don't think the MAzda3 will come down much in price because it is made in Japan. THey may be just be breaking even on it. ZTW volume, it used to be rated about 55 cu ft and now it seems to be rated 73 cu ft. I measured it and it seems 73 is closer. Just take the tape measure with you when you road test and take some notes. I actually figured out that we could sleep back there if need be but would have to remove the seat botton (two bolts) to clear my head.

    Personally, I would take the ZTW over any small SUV. THe ride quality and handling will be so much better. THe ground clearance seems sufficient for some light dirt roading.

    Note: Cars Direct is showing a 3K rebate on Focus now.
  • carguy04carguy04 Member Posts: 22
    Hey Cjsb, personally I wouldn't buy a rental car, as they are driven by so many people and in so many different types of weather, that the abuse factor is quite high, especially with mileage 25-30k. It would be too much of a risk for me, financially and the amount time the car could end up in the shop. The potential is there for too many repairs down the road with a rental.
    Have you found an '04 ZTW to your liking at a local dealer? I hope to test drive one this weekend, along with a Mazda 3 hatch. Not sure why Mazda is only offering the hatch with a black interior, except to save costs.
    Jimjps.. I checked Ford's website, and the Focus rebate is $2500, so not sure where Cars Direct is getting their $3000 amount. The college grad money is $400. Good idea to take a tape measure with me on the test drive.
    I too have only seen pics of the '05 sedan, front and rear views, none of the wagon yet.
    I have also considered a small SUV, like the Honda CR-V, but I haven't test drove one yet. I doubt Honda dealers are discounting the CR-V very much, and it would probably cost $6000 more than a ZTW from my calculations.
  • jimjpsjimjps Member Posts: 146
    I have to concur on risk of buying a rental car. I think some demented people almost feel obligated to try to destroy them. What kind of powertrain warranty do you get with such a car? I see I made typo in my last post, I meant the Mazda3 is NOT likely to come down much. Re: rebate - Now I see dealer adverts in the weekend paper saying 3K rebate also for Focus. So sounds like maybe the dealer has $500 more to play with now whether they admit it's a 3K rebate or not. BTW, do not underestimate your ability to deal way down on a Focus. One local dealer has 5-speed 2.3 SE wagon with ABS advertised for under 13K!! THey are not moving I think because most folks just don't want a 5-speed with an SE wagon. THat may be dealable to 12.5K now and his price is ~1K$ less than Carsdirect which I always took as near rock-bottom. ANyone should at least check the Carsdirect price (US) and make sure you are not paying more than this. If you are, just take the carsdirect number in with you and most dealers will at least match it, or lose the sale.
    My 5 cents....
  • cjsbcjsb Member Posts: 71
    Had the ZTW out for a couple hours yesterday. After spending this much time with it, I found I liked it better than I remembered from previous, shorter tests. It looks like it's time to firm up a price.
    Jim - You mentioned dealing way down on the Focus. My situation is I've got three dealer quotes, and each of them knows I've got these other quotes. They are all very close to one another in both cash purchase and financing numbers. I'm inclined to believe they're being about as aggressive as they can get as they know they have to compete with the two other dealers. Thoughts? Any Canadian ZTW owners out there with some pricing details?
    As per the Kia and Korean built vehicles, you don't need to convince me of it's potential value. One of my current cars is a Hyundai (bought new Dec/99) and it's been dollar for dollar a tremendous buy when compared to some of my previous cars (see Audi). Though the Spectra, and Mazda 3 hatch which I've driven, will/do not have the cargo area of the ZTW - something that is important to me. I'm not crazy about the 3's styling, in hatchback trim - a little "boy-racerish" for me. But friends of mine love it. So there you go. The 3 is a great car however, any way you look at it.
    One last note; I was dissapointed to find out that the crossbars for the roof racks on the '04 ZTW are no longer standard (were for '03). They are a $383 option!! A little annoying.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    Get Thule cross bars for less than $150.
  • jimjpsjimjps Member Posts: 146
    On Canadian pricing I think I might check cars4u.com if you haven't already. Looks like a ZTW without options is 20,050 C$ with administration fee but before PST and GST. Maybe you are already in this ballpark or better on price. If not, I may suggest checking them out for reference and I think they do financing too. I have to agree with you on the cargo capacity, the Kia will probably be a dead ringer for the Mazda3 on cargo space and the Mazda3 is a bit over-the-top on styling for my taste and the 05 Kia Spectra5 is still about 3 months away from launch anyway. I checked a Mazda6 wagon yesterday and I measured between wheel wells and it is tighter then Focus! It narrows down to 42" in one spot whereas Focus is 45". Overall though I think the cargo on both cars is pretty comparable. My understanding is the rear suspension on the Focus wagon was modified to maximize the cargo area and this explains that exceptional cargo bay for a small car. Looking at he 6 wagon I could just see big $$$ in initial cost, insurance and gas money.
    I am curious, did your ZTW test car have any long starts? The one I tested may have just sat too long with about a thimble of gas in the tank. Re: cross bars, there are also aftermarket cross bars that clamp on to the side rails and extend past the rails which is great for the hard core outdoorsman. The width then can extend as wide as the car and then you can get a rocket box AND 2 mountain bikes or a kayak up there which you would never fit on the narrow factory crossbar. Maybe this is the type that dudleyr refered to and several mfg make these. I think the factory bars may fit just a rocket box, or just 2 mountain bikes for example. Anyway, the factory bars must be marked up pretty good and maybe a negotiating point if you want them.
  • retiredguyretiredguy Member Posts: 67
    I bought our ZTW at the end of April 2003. It did not have the cover for the storage area. The dealer gave me one at no cost because the brochure I had listed it as standard. You may inquire about that if you think it is something useful to you.
  • cjsbcjsb Member Posts: 71
    Jim: Thanks greatly for the cars4u tip. They're working up a quote for me. Even if they don't beat my other quotes, I had a great chat with one of their sales associates. He was a pleasure to deal with. And in a strange twist, the cars4u office is a short walk up the street from my office! And Toronto ain't all that small (almost 3 million people). So here I am down the street without a clue...geez, guess I'm not as on the ball as I'd like to believe.
    Do you mind elaborating on the 6 wagon as compared with the focus? Dealers in my area don't have 'em yet?
    The ZTW tester I had delivered no long starts out of the 7 or 8 during the drive. Nor did the other two testers I've tried in recent weeks. So hopefully yours is an isolated incident. As for the crossbars, I've had them thrown into the negotiations mix.
    Thanks for the cargo cover feedback retiredguy, my dealer says it is indeed standard and I'll make sure it's there if I buy.
    Anybody out there know if three children's seats can fit across the back? I'd be surprised if this could be done, but if so, it'd one more notch in favour of the focus.
  • jimjpsjimjps Member Posts: 146
    Actually I didn't drive it. The local dealer got their first one in and were prepping it. I brought my tape measure to check out some cargo dimensions which I mentioned earlier. I sat in it. Interiors are quite nice but when it looked like the cargo was not significantly bigger (if at all) than the Focus I wasn't even interested in driving it. You may have seen the Mazda6 thread here on Edmund's wagons and I'm sure some of those guys have driven it. It definitely has plusher interior then the Focus but the $$$ is nearly 2x and that killed it for me. By the way, how did you find the front seats? A non-issue?
  • cjsbcjsb Member Posts: 71
    Front seats seem to be fine for me. A noticeable difference from my other two cars, but neither better nor worse. I think they'll work O.K. for me.

    A superficial check on pricing suggests that the price of a base 6 wagon with no options other than auto trans. will be about 12-13k more than the ZTW here in Canada. So no leather/moonroof. And as you say, if the cargo area of the focus is bigger, it's tough to swallow the extra $$$ for the 6. Though I will acknowledge many other great features and benefits to the 6. How was the room in the rear seat as compared to the ZTW?

    Hey, I'm just glad to see wagons finally back on the horizon again. When I was 17 I bought a wagon as my second car and they've always held a soft spot in my heart.
  • jimjpsjimjps Member Posts: 146
    My gut-feeling on cargo volume is about a tie. The Mazda6 wagon rear seat bottom does not swing forward, it just slides forward a few inches as the back swings down to make a slightly better fit of the two. So no problem with the rear cushion limiting the front seat sliding back which could be an issue with the Focus. Then again, the rear seat headrests in the M6 seem to interfere with front seat slide-back, but they must be removeable. But it also indicates that the Mazda6 floor is a little higher in the first place (level with a rear seat back on top of the bottom) whereas the Focus cargo floor is lower (level with the folded rear seat back only. - I hope I am explaining this clearly). Herein probably lies the confusion on how many cu ft the Focus really has. Do you measure up to the forward edge of the folded rear seat back, or do you measure up to the back of the front seat? To me the Focus is more useable because it never gets less then 45" wide, where the Mazda6 goes down to 42" at one point. I'm not sure but I think the Focus has the edge in floor-to-ceiling-height. But in overall volume the M6 makes up some in width between the windows and probably a bit longer "cargo box". If I had to guess, assuming the M6 is indeed 60 cu ft, then I would say the Focus is not 73 cu ft, nor is it 55. My guestimate is 60-65. For really hauling stuff when you don't need rear passenger space you can remove the Focus rear seat cushion with just 2 screws and leave it home.
    The Mazda6 rear seats do seem a little bigger but I think that is mostly width. Note: Mazda6 wagon roof rails are options - probably dealer installed whereas the Focus rails are standard factory installed and I recall they are rated 250 lbs which is more then most vehicles which have rails rated about 150 lbs.

    OK, I think I am slowly talking myself back into to making an offer on the Focus wagon.....
  • carguy04carguy04 Member Posts: 22
    I surfed the web to find cargo stats, and found the ZTW is listed at 55.8 with the seat folded, and 35.1 with the seat up. The Mazda 6 Wagon is 60.4 seat folded, and 33.7 seat up, almost the same as the ZTW. The Mazda 6 Hatch is 58.7 seat folded, and 22.0 seat up. The Mazda 3 Hatch is 31.2 seat folded, and 17.1 seat up. Decisions, decisions. I haven't drove the ZTW yet, but hope to find one at our local auto show tomorrow to check it out. I also found stats for 2 other cars I like... Subaru Outback is listed at 68.6, and the Honda CR-V is 72.0. Hope this info helps those of you who are considering the ZTW. It's still on my shopping list.
  • jimjpsjimjps Member Posts: 146
    The Focus Cargo mystery is that a few sources now put it at 73 cu ft and it hasn't actually changed in all these years. A rough measurement puts it at about 4 ft wide (avg width) by about 3 feet high by about 5.5 feet long which is ~66 cu ft. NOte though that if you slide the front seat forward you can get over 6 ft length. I don't know if EPA measures all avail room but some have said the 55 cu ft seems small and I have to agree. I started taking a tape measure to the dealer and it seems the Focus has more cargo room then some "bigger" wagons. The confusion may have to do with how far forward the measured "cargo box" ends. Do they terminate at the flip-forward rear seat cushion and maybe they don't terminate until the front seat back on cars that have non-flip rear seat cushions??
    I have to correct a previous error I made regarding new Jetta. It is not out in Europe yet - looks like they will only be made in MExico and imported to Europe and it is still some months away. The neue Golf has been in EU for a half year now.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    That is correct. They stop at the flip forward seat.
  • jimjpsjimjps Member Posts: 146
    What's your take on ZTW vs Mazda6 wagon? I see you are wanting a 2.3 in the M6. Seems the 2.3 in the ZTW will be probably more economical and stronger in the 2900 lb ZTW vs 3300 lb M6 wagon, and to me it looks like the effective cargo areas are very similar despite the M6 being 10" longer. I would have to give the edge to M6 on newer safety equipment and design and better looking interiors and those things are very important. I'm not even sure if M6 build quality will be better, they are both US made with Focus having 4 years to work some bugs out. Seems the Focus is no where near as appealing to most folks judging by the big rebates, even though the car seems to make a lot of sense "on paper".
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    I think the Focus is a strong competitor for the Mazda 6. The 6 has a little more passenger room, and the Focus has a little more luggage room (behind the second row of seats). They both handle very well, but I would give the edge to the lighter focus. I think the mazda 6 has a nicer interior, and is quieter. The Focus is now pretty reliable, and I would say on par with the Mazda. One of the nice things about the Focus is all of the available options. Leather, Traction, Stability etc. I am all for the Focus. It's biggest limitation is a slightly smaller back seat. I would like a little more space back there for my three growing kids. They would fit fine back there now though.

    Given its top rating by consumer reports, I think the Focus should be doing better, but of course it is not capable of towing the queen mary, driving through minefields, crashing over boulders etc. So that hurts sales.
  • lnauss1lnauss1 Member Posts: 2
    What are your kilometres/miles to date on your stationwagons. Is anyone reaching the 200,000 kilometre mark or 120,000 mile mark?

    We have a focus stationwagaon (2000) and I am looking at another one for commuting. I will be putting 30,000+ miles a year on the vehicle. Just wondering if I can get 3-4 years out of the focus.


  • 01bzdrvr01bzdrvr Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2002 wagon and the cargo cover was included on that model
    it is listed as standard equipment
  • 01bzdrvr01bzdrvr Member Posts: 3
    I did read in one a book that one upgrade to do to your focus was to
    upgrade the shocks.I am going to upgrade mine when they need it in a year or so.
  • 01bzdrvr01bzdrvr Member Posts: 3
    I have got a rattle in the back of my 02 wagon.The dealer cannot seem to find it.Is anyone else have a rattle in the back hatch.Does anyone now if it is worth getting the performance chip for the ztech engine.Has anyone had problems with the second gear in the five speed?It is stiff especially when it is cold out,very hard to shift.The dealer told me that it is acceptable but it just doesn't seem right.
  • jimjpsjimjps Member Posts: 146
    I test drove a few 04 Focus's and noticed the "clunky/sticky" 1st to 2nd gear shift problem. I saw on focusfanatics that it is not an uncommon problem, especially when it is cold. Some say it can be fixed by installing an aftermarket shifter, but I'm not convinced. I think the problem may be internal in the synchros but I am no expert on transmissions. Since it is a "cold" problem, maybe a change in trans oil to a lighter synthetic may be worth a try, but I'm just guessing. This is one of the glitches that has kept me from buying an 04 wagon and I appreciate the info that it doesn't improve with age - which is what I suspected. Oh well, so much for German engineering. The Tranny is German made and that beautiful new 2.3 engine is made in Mexico, go figure!
  • reitrofreitrof Member Posts: 122
    Hi jimjps

    Not sure if this helps but it is a common issue on Mazda Protege's. I found that by switching to Redline Synthetic trans fluid it made a big improvement in 1-2 shifting. I tried using Mobil 1 synthetic tranny fluid but it did not help very much.
  • cjsbcjsb Member Posts: 71
    Hey folks.

    Bought an 04 ZTW couple weeks back.

    With respect to accesories, does anybody know of a barrier to protect occupants from items packed high in the cargo area?
  • virsvirs Member Posts: 2
    New to the forum. One of our neighbors who were in US from Europe on sabatical and returning to Europe. They are selling their 2000 Focus SE Wagon with 56K miles (good condition - thats what its advertised, I have not yet checked it out) for 5K. Is this a reasonable price? Since its outside the factory warranty, I would like to get an extended warranty to cover any future major repairs. I assume I can't do that with Ford anymore since its outside the factory warranty period. Any suggestions or recommendation of where I can get a reliable one that the local ford dealership would honor.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    Does the 05 Focus wagon have headrests in the rear? It looks like the sedan does not, but in the brochure there is a French Blue wagon pictured, and it definately has 4 headrests (seen in silhouette).
  • reitrofreitrof Member Posts: 122
    Hi cjsb,

    If you are looking for something semi permanent you might want to look at a dog barrier. Most pet stores sell them.
  • stevengordonstevengordon Member Posts: 130
    I've queried two dealers and both have tried and failed to find headrests listed as standard equipment or as part of an equipment package.

    Apparently the rear headrests prominently displayed in the brochure are built by airbrush artists or by auto upholsterers. One local dealer called a place who said they could install rear headrests for about $250.

    That's kind of sad, to have to have someone tear the seat down to install headrests into the frame of the seat. Most of the competition seems to offer rear headrests as standard (safety) equipment.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    Thanks for the reply re headrests. That is too bad. I wonder why they decided to go without headrests? The European model certainly must have them.
  • granolajgranolaj Member Posts: 10
    I recently bought a 2002 Focus wagon with AM/FM/Cassette, and I'd like to upgrade to a AM/FM/CD (MP3 would be nice, too). Can anyone suggest an upgrade? Also, does anyone know where I can find out what OEM systems will work for my car? I've seen the Blaupunkt in 2003 Foci; will it fit a 2002 Focus?

  • smpoolsmpool Member Posts: 33
    Will Ford be putting the larger engine in the Focus wagon?
  • jimjpsjimjps Member Posts: 146
    No 2.3 in the wagons. It is only available in one of the sedan models. If you want a wagon I might suggest finding an 04 which has a 3K rebate. There are some 04 wagons left and the 2.3 is a very good engine. Did Ford decide it was too good for the Focus?
  • rapidrickrapidrick Member Posts: 70
    Just getting caught up on this board, so sorry about the late reply. The lumbar support on the heated leather seats are, the heat! Drove from Phoenix to Grand Forks to Winnipeg and to St. Louis and no probs. I've a history of back problems also. Leather is the way to go--don't notice the cold in the winter (what idiot wears shorts?) and although you might sweat on them in the summer, turn on the AC and you won't, duh. Durability on the leather seats? Here's a little secret: the seats are not all leather, just certain panels (you can figger it out... if you're good) Is leather durable--you bet. One setting on the heat, its got a thermostat and THEY ARE THE HEAT when it is -47F below, like last winter. The side air bags are there and hope I never have to use them, so who knows.
  • suydamsuydam Member Posts: 4,676
    I'm starting to think of replacing my Subaru Forester, which is great in the snow but has had numberous coil and sensor problems, not to mention brakes. I have been researching the Focus wagon, the new Escape hybrid, and the Mazda 3 5-door. I want the car for mostly around town, hauling garden supplies and the dog, and capable of getting down some icy inclines in the winter. How have you Focus wagon owners found your vehicle in these respects, and is it reliable? Did any of you cross-shop these other cars, and what did you think? We drove a Focus wagon in Europe and really liked it; it performed equally well in the mountains of Spain and on the toll highway at pretty high speeds. Is it as good here in the USA? We have a larger, roomier sedan that we tend to take on long trips, but will need this car for the occasional long trip and packing a college kid back and forth. The Escape hybrid promises better in-town gas mileage, but I'm nervous about its newness. Thanks in advance for your input.
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  • rapidrickrapidrick Member Posts: 70
    My ZTW with the 16 inch P6 Pirellis didn't miss a beat during a BRUTAL ND winter last year. Can't speak for inclines, 'cause there aren't any here. Car has run like a top--great for long trips (see my recent ramble...) The brakes are biased toward the rear for the wagon and I've heard Ford pads will outlast the disks on some cars--and they are small on Foci, but the car is pretty light. The brakes WILL stop you on a dime, though, so that's good.
  • mpgmanmpgman Member Posts: 723
    Read your post with interest since I am trying to decide between Forester, Focus wagon and the Vibe. I hear that in 06 there will be a new Focus built on the Volvo S40/Mazda 3 platform with AWD and head curtain air bags available. If that is so, and there is some dissent about it, I'd rather not buy the last year of a model run even if Ford did do a big refresh this year. Vibe is intriquing as is the Matrix. Vibe offers head curtains, ABS, side air bags and a stability system along with leather and is rated 29/34 with the automatic. What else don't you like about the Forester?
  • iusecadiusecad Member Posts: 287
    have different brakes than the hatchbacks? I have a ZX5 and the stopping distance feels longer than my Crown Vic. And my mom's Ranger, now that thing can stop on a dime. Maybe mine just need an adjustment?
  • mpgmanmpgman Member Posts: 723
    I'm looking for the same things you are from a second car. Contenders are Focus wagon, another Elantra GT hatch, Vibe and Forester. You seem down on the Forester. Why? How old is yours and how many miles do you have? My only hesitation with the Focus is a major redesign coming in either 06 or 07. The Mazda 3 is apparently the new Focus platform. I looked at the 3 but found it too cramped. The Vibe can be had with a multitude of safety stuff. ABS, head curtain and side air bags, stabilitrak anti-skid....even all wheel drive. The problem is that it gets real pricey and over $20K in a hurry which is a lot for a smaller car in the non-luxury category. You might want to check out an Elantra GT hatch...you can get ABS and traction control and I've gotten 45k of trouble free miles so far.
  • suydamsuydam Member Posts: 4,676
    Well, I'm not as happy with my Forester as I would like to be.
    Pros: Terrific in snow and bad weather. Great handling. Lots of cargo space for a small car --I can fit my bike in the back without taking off the wheels. Not as zippy as a V6 but not poky either.
    Cons: We've had a lot of problems I don't think a car this age (1999 and 74,000 miles) should have: replaced tires twice, 3 sensors, the rear wheel bearings, and the coil pack, front and rear brake pads and rotors, and some other minor but annoying problems. Dealer is 50 miles away so even minor problems are annoying. Don't like this particular service department either. I would like to get much better gas mileage. I average 20 mpg around town, 25 on highways. Very cramped back seat for tall passengers.
    So. . . one more problem will probably put me over the edge, and conversely, a year without problems and I might feel quite differently. However I have been saying "this is just a bad patch" for some time now . . .
    I'm really interested in the Ford Escape hybrid, especially because this car is mostly for around town driving, but I'm not sure about getting it in the first year either. And I liked the Focus wagon we drove in Europe. Maybe hang on to the Forester another year or so and hope for the best? I'm on the fence. In the winter I sing its praises but it's summer now!
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  • mpgmanmpgman Member Posts: 723
    Understand. My gripe with the Forester is mpgs too. Just wish they could wring a few more out, especially on the highway. Maybe a 5 speed auto would help? Been looking at Vibe, Focus wagon, Forester, Jetta and Passat wagons and the Maxx. Focus is looking at a major redesign as early as 06. New Jetta redesign in 06 and Passats still to come in 05 I think. Vibe is a little tight on driver leg room....but now has every safety feature as an option including head curtains and stabilitrak....can also get AWD. Analysis paralysis I guess. My other car is an Elantra GT hatch....still the best buy for the money IMHO.
  • nonlosononloso Member Posts: 1
    I have squealing rear brakes on my car. It has rear drums, no ABS. Has anyone else had this problem and found a fix? The dealer says Ford is aware of a dust retention problem but has no fix. Also, my guages went kaput last week and I'm told Ford is aware of this problem also. A new cluster has been ordered. I only have 5k miles on this car, like it except these problems. Has anyone found any good performance add-ons? Turn the AC on and this little scooter can't hardly get out of it's own way! Any info greatly appreciated.
  • autonutsautonuts Member Posts: 138
    I was wondering if any owners of the Focus wagons have ever tried towing with theirs? I know it can tow 1K pounds, and that's not alot, but just curious to see what you thought. Also, if you could please state the transmission (auto vs. 5 spd.) and what engine you have. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
  • autonutsautonuts Member Posts: 138
    Could anyone with information about the previous post be able to shine any light? How do any owners feel about the reliability of their Focus's compared to the Japanese brands? Is the new 2.0L engine strong when fully loaded? Is the tranny reliable? Thanks for all your input!!!
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    The new 2.0 should be quite strong compared to the old one. Do not know about towing, but reliability is improving every year, and is now a little above average.
  • midwestalmidwestal Member Posts: 1
    I'm new to this forum. Have a loaded 2003ZTW and love the car. Interior room is by far the best in a small wagon. Also had a 2000 SE wagon and traded it on the 2003 the day the warranty expired. Engineering has definitely improved. Only complaint is that both the SE and this ZTW needed front disc brakes and rotors at 16000 miles. Dust is a problem so replaced with Akobono ceramic. I am NOT a hard driver, but almost all city driving. Did anyone else replace the Firestone 205/55's with Goodyear 205/50 to avoid the rubbing of the splash guard interior wheel wells on the side of the tire on bumps or turns with a full load of five people?
  • gator guygator guy Member Posts: 1
    I have owned my Focus Wagon for two weeks and my back is killing me. I have a ZTW 2005 wagon with no built in lumbar support. Did you ever resolve your back issue? I am contemplating trading it in but would welcome suggestions.
  • jazvanjazvan Member Posts: 106
    There are aftermarket seats avilable. Also, the seats in the hatch are constructed different and some say are less prone to giving back problems. You may be able to get one from a recycler for reasonable and it should slide right on to the rails. Might be worth a try..
  • swordsswords Member Posts: 3
    can someone tell me what the slot is for on the drivers side of the emergency brake lever
  • autonutsautonuts Member Posts: 138
    hopefully, someone has had some time with their new Focus wagon with the "new" 2.0L engine and can shed some light. How does it perform with a load? Is it a good family hauler? I have a family of 4. Can it tow a small trailer on occasion? Any replies would be appreciated!
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