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Ford Focus Wagon



  • amy37amy37 Posts: 2
    Hi everyone. My husband and I just purchased a used 2000 ford focus wagon. I have to admit, I am feeling a little uneasy reading these posts! We did not purchase the extended warranty, and the car has 20,000 miles on it. Do you recommend it? Also, I noticed yesterday that the front driver side carpet is very wet. I called the dealership and they will fix the leak under warranty. Has anyone had a similar problem? If so, was it easily fixed? Should I point anything out to the dealer? I'd appreciate any advice I can get... thanks!
  • marvinbosmarvinbos Posts: 2
    Purchased '00 SE Wagon new in December of 99. Some time ago it developed an intermittent 'squeaking' sound from somewhere in the back seat or cargo area. It is impossible to pinpoint exactly where it is, but it happens whether the seat is regular or folded down.
    The squeaking is now constant and is very annoying. Anyone have any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

  • caciccacic Posts: 3
    My car has 19,000 miles and is exactly one year old. One month after getting the car it was spraying oil on the engine. Went in periodically for all the recalls (4 recalls I think). This past Tuesday night, while parked the key wouldn't go into the ignition and the steering wheel locked up and the brake pedal couldn't be depressed. Car had to be towed to the dealership (free roadside assistance) where the dealership told me that it is only a matter of time before they issue another recall because "tons" of Focus' are having this problem. They have to order a new ignition and steering column. I have a rental, but it will take 3 to 5 days to fix. Of the 365 days I have had this car, I would say it has been in the dealership a total of 15 to 20 days. I think I made a mistake in purchasing this car.
  • amy37amy37 Posts: 2
    Hello, we just bought a used 2000 Ford Focus Wagon and are also experiencing a terrible leaking problem. The front drivers side carpet is soaked. I have seen the water coming in beside the dashboard. It is been to the dealer three times so far for this problem. It is there today for the fourth time. I am praying that they can finally fix it. They claim that they will replace the carpet in the car too, to avoid a mildew smell in the future. Have you had any luck with your leak? Did they find the source, and if so, where is it? I am really concerned about this. We, too, want to keep this car for at least 5 years, and don't want the bottom to eventually rust out due to water problems! I'd appreciate it if you could get back to me. Thanks!
  • nnorthnnorth Posts: 4
    Because your symptoms sounded so much like what I experienced many years ago with a Subaru wagon, I thought I'd let you know how my leaking problem finally got fixed. First, can you tell if your Focus' windshield has been replaced? If so, your problem may be the windshield molding not forming a proper seal with the glass. I suppose it could've come that way from the factory but for the record, the Subaru dealer that replaced my windshield simply could not figure out why my car started to leak after the replacement (just like your car, water would literally stream in from the sides of the dashboard while I drove it in the rain).

    I took it to several Subaru dealers and they tried a lot of useless hocus-pocus. When I eventually brought the car to an independent glass shop they stated the problem as if it were obvious, ordered a new molding, then removed my windshield and replaced it using the new molding. The car was as dry as a British punchline afterward. Also, some reassurance for you: the original carpet never took on a stink after it dried once and for all, and I had the leaking problem for nearly (maybe over?) a year living in rainy New England.
  • nnorthnnorth Posts: 4
    ...on the Focus wagon? Based on the placement of the rear wheel well, it looks as if it they might, or at least go further down than they do on a Taurus, which is about halfway.

    This one particular aspect of 'style over substance' especially irks me. 4-door vehicales without a fully retracting rear window often create an uncomfortably strong wind current right at your ear, making it hard to enjoy a beautiful day (or evening) driving at a good clip with the windows open.

    I'm considering buying a Focus wagon in the next few weeks. If you own one, please respond.
  • boccebbocceb Posts: 2
    After 4 tries, the delearship finally fixed my water leak. Mine sounds different than yours in that it was leaking in the passenger side front and I could never see it coming in. Here's what my receipt says: "Seam seal hold right front cowling. Water tested - found spot weld right side leaking. Resealed and painted weld to repair. re-tested - all ok." If you need any more info, email me. To "nnorth": the rear windows do not go all the way down. take a focus out for a ride, you'll like it.
  • hotx3hotx3 Posts: 71
    nnorth: the windows roll down on my sedan with about 4" exposed at the front, none at the rear. I share your opinion that windows should roll DOWN. They do on the Echo, but that may not be the car you want. I drove home with all windows down today and was not buffeted like I would have been in my Omni or Spirit. Around Chicago, I find myself driving with the AC on and the windows up to shut out traffic noise. If you get AC, get the bigger engine if you can. My car's fine except when I take off from a light with the AC on.
    PS to regular visitors - Regarding the engine light and head replacement, my car's been fine since the work was done several months ago. (posts #20 & 25).
    Happy driving!
  • I've left several posts on Edmunds about how relatively happy I was with my 2000 Focus (ZTech engine, automatic, now 17,000 mile)

    Not anymore.

    I'm now leaving posts on several boards to warn of problems and see if others are having the same ones:

    1. Key won't go into the ignition. My key was cranky going into the ignition several times, but I didn't think much about it. Thursday it wouldn't go in AT ALL. I tried for 20 minutes (yes, I turned the key both ways, and also tried my spare key). I finally called a tow truck. He worked on it for about 10 minutes after he got there (since he had no idea how he was going to tow the car locked in Park with the wheels turned). Finally it went in for him, and I thought I was lucky. Until Airport Marina Ford in L.A. told me that they had no problem getting the key in, and that they won't do anything until the problem happens again (read that, until I'm stuck God knows where with a key that won't go in the ignition). I hope cacic is right and that there will be a recall, because I'm getting tired of having to fight with Ford "Customer Service." (An aside: I had a Honda for nearly 10 years and called headquarters ONCE in that time. And my problem was immediately taken care of. DO NOT expect that from Ford).

    2. New brake pads and rotors machined at 17,000 miles. Yeah, you read that mileage correctly. I'm not a "slam on your brakes to stop" kind of guy, and my brakes last a LOOOOOOONG time. Thinking back, I'm not sure I had to change the pads on my Ranger for the entire 30,000 miles I ran it. Our Mustang with 50-some thousand miles have had new brakes ONCE and the rotors haven't been touched. They also tell me that I will need NEW rotors the next time I need pads... so new rotors around 34,000 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They (the dealer and Ford "Customer Service" seem to think that this is okay).

    3. Gas mileage. As long as the car was in, I had them check the gas mileage, and they calculated it at exactly what I had: 17 in the city and 22 on the highway. And they seem to think, again, that that is perfectly normal. Again as my 6 cylinder Ranger (albeit with a manual), I got up to 20 in the city and mid to upper 20s on the highway!

    Can't wait to get my Consumer Reports survey this year...

    Lastly, stay away from Airport Marina Ford in L.A. I didn't buy my car there because the sales people creeped me out (brow-beating me into taking the wagon they had on the lot, and 6-8 salespeople standing at the windows WAITING to pounce). Service is no better.
  • rayatesrayates Posts: 4
    My car was bought in October, 1999. It has had all of the recalls. I have had no problems with brakes, ignition, or leaks. I live in a relatively small city about 60 miles east of Kansas City. Almost all of the miles on the car are highway miles. I am regularly getting 30 miles/gallon.

    I had a squeaking problem in the rear hatch. That seemed to be caused by loose trim on the hatch.

    I guess I one of the few happy owners of this car.
  • joee1joee1 Posts: 16
    They must get them from some exploited 3rd world manufacturing market.

    I have a Ford product and the ignition switch always locks up.

    The only way that I can deal with it is to make certain that my wheels and the steering wheel are perfectly straight when I park.

    Ford - has a better idea. Junky cars, dangerous cars (thank god for Firestone) who can take their blame.
  • The dealer has finally said that they'll switch out the igntion without waiting for it to go to go out again (as it is now, the key will only go in one way even though it's a two-sided key). Interesting note about your ignition locking up when your wheels aren't straight when you park. The times I had trouble with the ignition were on the (very slight) incline of my driveway, and my wheels turned to the right. I'll be sure to keep my wheels straight from now on until the ignition is switched...

    Fuel economy STILL sucks. Ford says I should be getting 22/32. The dealer and I both calculate my care at 17/22. And they say there's nothing they can do about it.

    Also say there's nothing they can do about my brakes, that it's the metallic pads wearing out the rotors...
  • 5fords5fords Posts: 1
    TO PatKeith, it sure sounds mighty coincidental that your brakes are wearing quickly AND you get worse than average fuel economy. Could they be related? Have they checked the parking brake for proper adjustment?
  • After having the ignition and steering column replaced under the warranty due to the ignition problems, I contacted Ford. Ford did offer an extended warranty on the Focus, which I did not have previously. While I appreciated the offer (and accepted), I have decided to trade this car in for a Subaru, which I should have bought in the first place. The more I drive this car the more I worry about safety. The brakes have always squealed, the radio is horrible and now it sounds as though the fan under the hood is acting up. Every day there is something new to worry about and that doesn't include the recalls. Cute car, but lots of problems.
  • HELP! Our baby is 5 months old and 15 pounds. We just bought a 2001 Ford Focus SE Wagon. We like it but never thought to measure our car seat for fit as it fit in all our other cars. Our existing Century car seat has a 13.5 inch width base. The middle seat space in the new Focus wagon where we'd put the rear facing infant seat has 11-11.5 inches between the fixed buckles of the side passengers - his 2 sisters. We can't fit the car seat and buckle up his 2 sisters at the same time. We need to buy a new rear facing infant/front facing toddler carseat immediately. Trying to download carseat dimensions (without luck thus far) over a 28K modem Internet connection is awful. So, I thought I'd solicit feedback from other Ford Focus Wagon owners on the car seat they use. (Ford Motor couldn't help me). We'd appreciate your info very much!!!
  • dudleyrdudleyr Posts: 3,469
    Will the car seat fit on the side? That way the sisters could have the middle and the other side. I know the middle is the safest seat, but all the seats are occupied in your case, and in reality the baby has the additional protection of a car seat (in case of a side impact) and the sisters do not - so I don't see a problem safety wise with putting the car seat by the door if it fits there.
  • After much deliberation, I decided to go and buy a Ford Focus Wagon. This was in August 2001.

    Since I wanted a five speed, I had to order one. I placed an order on August 6. I was told I should have the car within 6- 8 weeks. At the end of September I was told by the dealer that my car would be manufactured the week of October 1.

    On October 7th I called to ask about my car. I was told that moving cars was difficult due to the September 11 attacks and to call in a couple of weeks.

    I called Ford directly and they told me that my car was scheduled for MANUFACTURE on November 5th.

    I just called Ford today and was told that my car was completed and would be delivered to the dealer between December 6th and 13th. That's over FIVE months to get a car from Michigan.

    Even if this car performs as advertised and has none of the quality problems of the past three years, I will never buy a Ford product again.

    No wonder these guys are in trouble. in the future, it'll be back to VWs and Audis.

  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    5 months is too long to wait for your car. But you can't say VW and Audi are any better. VW does not allow dealers to order cars to customer requirements. VWoA makes dealers wait for a car to be built and only if one happens to be built the way you want it will you ever get your "order" from VW. At least with Ford you can actually order a car to your specifications from the available options.
  • I agree with you regarding VW, however, the fact is that they will build a car to my liking, have one somewhere and always have.

    With Ford, when I requested a manual transmission, they looked at me like I had two heads. They subsequently offered cars to me that had autos. They did this three times. If they are going to offer a manual, then they should build some with a manual. If someone orders one, they should not be made to wait this long.

    BTW, I previously wrote "over five months". To be fair to Ford, I had meant to write "almost five months".

  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    What options did you order and what color will the car be? For a 2002 SE Wagon w/410A with ABS, Side Airbags, Moonroof, and 5 speed I was quoted $16,350. I am waiting to see what next year brings and have not quite decided for sure on the Focus.
    Post again after you get the car and share your experience please.
  • I'm a bad example for price comparisons because I got my Focus through the Ford X-Plan (program for Ford mfg. partners).

    However, I got a 2002 ZTW with ABS, 5 speed manual trans, and side air bags for about $17040.00. including destination. Color is Ft. Knox Gold.

    On the positive side, the dealer called today and said the car was in. Last Tuesday, Ford said I wouldn't have it until the second week of December. Go figure. I should have it Monday evening.

  • rev4rev4 Posts: 38
    I bought my wagon in Dec. 1999 and have 16,000 miles on it and have no complaints on this car. The recalls are really very minor.....and the car has so many good qualities: interior space is incredible, handling is sport like, alot of features, styling in and out, doors that shut with that quality "thud", great base stereo system. for the money....a great car.
  • No problems...yet...sooo...thus far...We are quite impressed with this wagon...

    Great highway mileage now .. around 34 at 65-70mph...First 2500 miles only got about 25, though...

    My wife and I both really enjoy driving the car...both in town and on the road...unusual...

    easy entry/exit...

    good radio/cd sound...

    Lots of storage space...

    In our opinion, the wagon is the best looking Focus..and the most practical.

    Great steering, think you are
    moving slower than you actually are...tend to go over the speed limit...

    Acceleration is OK; could be better...

    The seats are firm and at first appeared to lack enough lower back support...However we found that the firmness makes them particularly comfortable on long drives...The seats/backs are firm enough that I take the wallet out of my back pocket on long trips...

    Highway noise
    Wind noise: good
    Engine noise: good
    Road noise: OK, better if you close the luggage
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    And thanks for sharing your notes. Glad to hear your Ford Focus wagon has been serving you well. We look forward to hearing more about your ownership experience.... ;-)

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  • jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
    I've been looking at the Focus Wagon for sometime and agree it is the best looking Focus and maybe the best looking Ford and probably the most practical as well. It has to have the biggest cargo area of any small car. I measured the cargo area up to the back of the front seat with the front seat pushed all the way forward (man those seats move way forward!) and there is enough length for an adult o rtwo to sleep in (granted, emergency camping sleeping). Is there some way to get the floor flat so that sleeping in there would be practical? It appears the rear seat back doesn't fold down quite flat and then the seat bottom (flipped forward) is in the way. I suppose you could unbolt and remove the rear seats and rig a small platform for a camping trip but that does seem like a lot of effort. Anyone come up with a way to utilize this potential capability?
  • Do I really have to buy smaller tires to put chains on this car (2001 Focus Wagon). I think anyone who drives in the snow often is using studded tires. I'm in the LA area where it's dry in the valley and can be deep snow in the mountains a half hour away. RRR
  • Hi everyone, this is my first post.
    I've had my focus wagon since march of this year. I've already put 20k miles on it and am fairly pleased with it. But I have a reallly annoying problem that ford has so far been unable to fix:
    Now that it's cold my rear hatch has stopped closing properly. I have to slam it incredibly hard to get it to close. So hard in fact that I altered an ongoing "rattle" that was coming from somewhere in the back of my car.
    The Ford dealership replaced that latch in the hatch and in doing so, failed to properly replace the rear trim above the liscense plate AND managed to dent the hatch as well by trying to close it!!! Naturally I didn't notice it until I left the dealer....
    Anyway, they replaced the latch and it still won't close! I'm out of town so I haven't taken it back to them but have spoken to the service manager on the phone and he seemed generally concerned. We'll see....
    Has anyone else had this problem with the rear door?
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    While you're waiting here for more feedback, you should also check with Edmunds' Maintenance Guide to see if there are any TSBs (Technical Service Bulletins) that may be related to your vehicle problem.

    In case you're not aware, a TSB is usually issued when there are lots of reports on a particular problem. Also, if you're vehicle is fairly new, it may not be a bad idea to check for TSBs for the same make/model of the prior year. Good luck, and please keep us posted on your situation.

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  • About a month ago our wagon began hesitating a bit cruising downhill...then a week ago the
    check engine light came on...and stays on all the time...taking it in to the dealer this week...anyone have any ideas?...
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