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2010 Equinox Trailer Harness



  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    Is that the installations instructions with pics?
  • No. It is a parts diagram highlighting the cable harness in relation to the rear, bottom of the car. GM Parts Direct sent me the diagram so that I could be sure I had the correct part number.
  • I just got my GM Parts Direct order to the Class III hitch and all activation components for the 2010 Equinox, as suggested by runox. It is a non-returnable part. It is also completely inadaequate and the incorrect part and without parts that were promised and may be a total waste of money if it cannot be returned or I have to pay for return shipping. The part number is 19202502 and the total final cost was $220, about $40 of that shipping costs. Their catalog says of this item clearly labeled for the 2010 Equinox: "19159825 Trailer Hitch Package includes a Hitch Assembly that mounts directly to your vehicle, a trailering harness plus a Ball-Mount Assembly with ball mount, retainer pin, clip and all the necessary equipment (fuses and relays) for a complete installation. Includes a Trailer Hitch, harness, 2 bolts and instruction sheet for complete installation " . The box I received contained a hitch (not anywhere as good as an aftermarket hitch), had a trailer harness that did not fit the plug of a 2010 Equinox (although it would fit a 2009 Equinox - but who cares), and contained NO Ball-Mount Assembly with ball mount, retainer pin, clip, any fuses or relays, and no instructions at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Don't buy from them. Return of parts to them is difficult and expensive, and the item is labeled non-returnable, so you risk much. They will provide no phone number to talk to them. They billed my credit card immediately after I ordered and before I got the item so I cannot block payment.
  • Dog19--That's a real disaster. I hope they make it right. I was put off the rigorous language about no returns on their website, so I hesitated to order the cable harnesses I need to complete my installation. Now I am having serious misgivings. :surprise: If I do order the cables from them, I will get some kind of verbal assurance that they are for the 2010.
  • Dog19--What does the 19159825 you mention refer to? Entering that number on the GM Parts Direct website brings up bumper cover extensions, or some such.
  • Most credit card companies give you 90 days to dispute a charge if you did not get what was advertised or it will not fit as stated.
    They will credit you account for the amount of the charge and not charge you interest while they investigate your claim. :mad:
    I stopped doing business with anyone on the net that does not list complete details on returns, their contact address and phone info. :lemon:

    Hope this helps and GOOD LUCK!
  • I recieved my hitch from GMDirect today, installed it in one hour & half, not bad to install, just hard to get the harness to connect to the car part. And as was read in an earlier post the lights DO NOT work. Do they have to be programed at the dealers as mention in another post? If so please let me know in a post, and what has to be done to do so. Thanks :(
  • crp1011: Runox has given us the best information about this question. See his posts above. Bottom line: programming is required :mad:. I called my dealer to ask him to program mine as a favor (I have installed an after-market hitch), and he agreed. He noted that not long ago he had a similar situation with a Cobalt. The shop had added some feature to it, and it wouldn't work until programmed. They had to call the GM service center and have them send programming codes. He didn't seem to think it was too big a deal to do it for me. I hope your dealer will be equally accommodating. The dealers have to know that this is a sore point with buyers. I wonder just how many features one could add depend on reprogramming the car's computer?
  • I brought my car to the dealer and they were not informed about the wiring harness, but made calls to find out what was going on. The service rep got right on the situation and with an hour I was out of the shop. As what Runox said was up to date info, the dealer needs to program the car for the lights to work, this info came with the hitch and harness in the instruction papers. Thanks Runox for your input. Now I have to find out why the left front tire pressure has an alarm, no air pressure indication.
  • Stopped by my local Chevy dealer today to check out the prices for the electrical hook-up and found that their prices are only a few bucks more then GM Parts Direct.
    So I will purchase the harness from my local dealer and talk my salesman into getting things programed when I get the hitch installed.
    This just seems like a BIG deal just have lights on a trailer the few times I will use it, but one must take care of that WARRANTY!

    Thanks for all the great imformation from everyone and DRIVE SAFE :shades:
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    I did some checking for you. If you search the part by clicking "Accessories" on the front page, then Chevy, Equinox, 2010 - you will come to the catalog page. The Trailer hitch is part No. 19202502 as referred to in your note. To the right it states "Includes Hitch, Harnesses and Bolts", no mention of the receiver, pin and ball since they are sold separately as part No. 12499680. They are doing you a favor by breaking them out if you do not need them. Other sites include them for an added $40.00

    Part no. 19169825 is the trailer hitch kit for the 2009 Equinox. As I have stated, the 09 harness does not fit the '10 electrical connector. The '09 hitch will fit the '10 Equinox, the harness will not. One of two things happened. GMPD shipped the wrong trailer kit, i.e. one for the '09 Equinox, not for the '10, or you ordered the '09 kit. Check your paperwork, if the order is for the '10, I have no doubt GMPD will exchange it and pay for your end of the shipping.

    The 2010 trailer hitch does not come with fuses and relays, as they are installed at the factory.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    Okay, here's the poop - my harness was activated today and it is hot with working tail lights.

    Since I live 2 hours from where I bought my Nox ( it was the only dealer left with a '10 Nox on site with the features I wanted and would clunk my '97 Grand Cherokee due to the July run on lot stock), I tried a couple of local dealers for activation first. They wanted $120 to activate the harness since I did not buy from them, so I collared my sales guy and he squared everything with the service guy. My dealer was really accommodating and didn't even questionmy purchase and installation of the hitch.

    The programming took a bit over an hour but this was because this was the first activation this dealership had to perform. They had to hook the scanner to the dashboard connector and program it from there. The reason they mention calling the Chevy Customer Center is to get the codes to program in and so Chevy has a record of the activation.

    Note, while I bought the GM trailer hitch kit with the harness from GMPD, I installed an aftermarket 2" receiver before I went and the dealer didn't question it.

    If anyone wants a 11/4' hitch drop me a note. $100 and that includes shipping.

    As I mentioned before, there are no fuses or relays in the '10 kit. They are included in '04-09 kits, but not this one.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    crp is right, you have to be patient and have small hands. Don't bother taking off the tail light lens, the connector isn't behind it. You have to empty the spare tire pit to get to the plug you need to remove. The plug is sealed tight but it will pry up with a wide flathead screw driver, just work the sealant gently and keep prying, it'll pop.

    To attach the connector behind the tail light, reach behind with your left hand to steer the open end toward the gap in the body wall and to get a little leverage behind the connector. There is only one opening that fits a hand, you'll find it. Take the erase end of a pencil and gently spear the backside of the harness connector and maneuver it toward the open connector. Once you get it lined up gently press the connectors together. I doesn't take a lot of pressure to snap them together.

    There a round rubber seal that closes the plug hole you opened up in the tire pit. Work the rubber gasket from the top and it pops right in. I put a little silicone caulk around the gasket from under neath just to keep salty winter moisture from getting up into the hole. It is a ripe spot for rusting if not protected further.

    The GM hitch has a welded ear for securing the trailer end connector. The aftermarket hitches do not. To put the hitch on you need to remove a little hatch bottom center of the bumper cover. It snaps out. With the hatch off and the hitch on, you find the GM harness has a fitting on the end where it secures to GM hitch. It has 2 screws/ holes. I held it to the under side of the bumper cover right next to the receiver. There is nice gap there and the GM fitting fits perfectly. I drilled two holes that match the fitting and used the small bolt and nut to secure it the bumper cover. The cover is very rigid at the point. I then used a couple of plastic ties and secure the harness wire to the top side of hitch bar hidden the bumper cover so all i=s out of sight and secured from bouncing around.

    Remember that little hatch you remove from the bumper cover ? When all is done, that hatch snaps right back on the bumper cover and completely hides the hitch. Just unsnap it whenever you need to use the hitch. Just make sure the trailer connector is set as far back as it can go under the bumper cover.
  • runox,
    I am interested in your extra hitch.
    Since the forum states "Your personal security is important to us, so please do not post your email address in a message." how do I contact you to get some additional details?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,571
    Please mark your emails public in your Profiles and take this to email. It's off-topic in the forum. Thanks.
  • I installed an aftermarket cruise control on my wife's Pontiac G5 and the instructions stated I needed the dealer to program the computer to recognize it. The instructions stated that the dealer must program first but when I got to the dealer they stated the control must be installed first. So, I went back home and installed it. Went back to the dealer to have it turned on. Took less than 15 min and I negotiated the $100 fee down to $50 prior to bringing it in.

    Now that I have an Equinox ordered, I am thinking I will negotiate the dealer either turning on the trailering option upon delivery or allow me to bring it back in for programming after I purchase the hitch. I am interested to know if it has to be installed prior to the programming or if the programming can be done prior to the hitch installation.
  • I want to know this, too. The only addition needed to hook up the lights is a couple of cables. So I don't see why these should need to be in place before programming. It's not like a cruise control, which presumably interacts with the car's computer in some way.
  • The dealer completed the wiring successfully. Apparently there is more to it than just tapping wires. I towed my 1300lb boat with my 2010 4cyl. LS model for the first time. It seemed to handle the towing just fine. I used the M transmission setting and kept the car in 5th gear.
  • I also received a wiring diagram from GM Parts Direct which I have tried to post without success. It shows two wiring pieces, parts # 10364351 and 20807039 for the 2010 NOX. I just want to make sure these are the correct parts before I order, can anyone confirm? Thanks, Frank">
  • If you are buying the hitch from GMPartsDirect for the 2010 Equinox as I did. The wiring is in two pieces, one end connects to the conection behind the left rear tail light then goes through the spare tire well and connects to the next connection which the flat four prong plug pigtail that you plug your trailer into. The only part number that I have is the instruction sheet for installing the hitch and wiring harness part #19244244. This has to be programed by the dealer for the lights to work.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156 - $180 for hitch and harnesses, $30 shipping and handling
    You can also get just the harnesses, P/N 10364351 for $51.72 and P/N 20807039 for $29.30. List price is about $120 for both.

    You've got the correct part numbers fstumpy.

    Before you order call your salesman and ask him to get you a price for the harnesses and programming. Some dealers have been offering prices below list (not as low an GMPD, but not retail either) and including the programming. It helps to sound a little upset (just a little so you don't turn him off) that Chevy has to program the harness. The service and sales guys will agree with you.

    P/N 19244244 is not a known Chevy part.
  • Runox Not to confuse anybody, but what I was refering to was the INSTRUCTION SHEET how to install the hitch has a GM P/N of 19244244. This also has the information that the trailer harness has to be programed by the Techline Customer Support Center (TCSC) @ 1-800-828-6860 with the vin # to obtain the programing instructions. Your previous post which was a lot of help to me, Thanks
  • Thanks to everyone for the wiring info. I have already installed the hitch, a 2" from Hidden Hitch that went on without a hitch (pun intended). I have not ordered the two wiring items from GMPD and after receiving the above info I will call my dealer first and get their price for both the wiring and the programming. Thanks again
  • Has anyone ever tried to install HELLA FOG LIGHTS for an 2009 EQUINOX. They are advertised on ebay as BLINGLIGHTS. The real question is, is there a factory installed harness/hook for these lights?
  • taubotaubo Posts: 2
    Well, I had a mess with getting a hitch installed on my 2010 LTX 4cyl too. Havng read the other entries and their problems, I went to my local chev dealer whom i did not buy the vehicle from because I found a unit out of state that I liked. I asked him to activate the harness programming, in addition to repairing the powered hatch that was delivered not auto closing and discovered when back home. 2 weeks later it is still at the dealer. Finally the new lift motor arrived 13 days later, but the hitch was bigger hassle. Couple days into waiting for hatch motor, they offered a 2" reciever complete for $375. Figured that was not too bad, considering all the hassles to locate a 2" hitch (for bike racks etc) so I went for it. Found out later that they farmed the hitch work out to a local hitch co and then proceeded to get all balled up. I ragged that I took to GM for proper support, not to farm out. Apparently the hitch is different than an 09, so that was the first issue and had to be returned for correct unit. Then the GM wiring ordered was not correct plug. They claimed no plug lead available for 4 cyl so I authorized to splice into the lead in back of vehicle. then they wanted to charge extra for programming. And want me to sign a release that teh 4 cyl is not supposed to be used for towing. So I will head to the dealer today and tell them I will not pay more for programming because I had a hard quote, or they can take the hitch off and I will just pay for programming, not the $500 total. I will not sign the release either because it was not part of the original agreement and the hitch was on vehicle already when the told me about it. Boils down to the dealer had no clue about the 2010 4 cyl equinox hitch requirements. Will let you know the resolve. Maybe they won't release vehicle. Need to find out who to complain to at GM, but don't know if that would help. Can always return vehicle in the 60 day return policy, but not my objective. Would get their attention tho. And maybe I will have to post the dealer name. Suspect that is not the publicity they would enjoy in efforts towards customer satisfaction. Other than this I am really excited about the vehicle, although only 400 miles on it in 3 weeks.
  • runoxrunox Posts: 156
    If the dealer farmed the hitch work out, then they sent it to a shop that had not installed one on an '10 before. The whole story is a bit surprising because it's a $250 dealer installed option including the programming. You paid $350 plus programming. I guess that kind of thing happens when you don't go to the dealer where you purchased.

    Apparently the hitch is different than an 09, so that was the first issue and had to be returned for correct unit.

    Incorrectamundo, the same hitch fits all Nox 2006-2010.

    Then the GM wiring ordered was not correct plug. They claimed no plug lead available for 4 cyl

    El shoppo probably didn't know the '10 takes a new style plug, probably tried the '09 style or something else that didn't fit, and ultimately found out the harness can only be bought from GM for $100+ which just shot their profit margin out their exhaust.

    so I authorized to splice into the lead in back of vehicle. then they wanted to charge extra for programming.

    The ol' spliceroni - shop saves profit installing gypsy brand after market product.

    As for "no towing" with the 4cyl, try reading the towing section in your manual.
  • geohovgeohov Posts: 23
    Can I ask what hitch you bought and how did you install it? Did you just bolt it in or is there more to it than that? I don't need the wiring. I'm only going to use it for a bike rack.
  • bjones6bjones6 Posts: 28
    I bought my hitch from the Hitch Store
    I fit perfectly. The bolts that come with it thread into nuts already welded into the body. It can be installed in half an hour, but you will need a big torque wrench to do it right.
    I am still trying to get the wiring harness I need, but I did get the dealer to program the computer to power up the connector. They had it for two hours one day and all day a few days later. They had to download new software to their service computer in order to work on the 2010. The first time they sent me home with the trailer lights working, but my cruise control had been disabled. My guess is that they really struggled trying to figure it out.
  • smithpesmithpe Posts: 13
    The manual for my 4cyl. 2010 LS says it can tow 1500lbs. with trailer brakes and 1000lbs. without trailer brakes. I don't know why the dealer wants a release unless your hitch is rated for more than 1500lbs. I've been towing a 1300 lb. boat without trailer brakes and it seems OK. I have a dealer installed hitch with a 1" receiver. Maybe the 2" receiver is rated for more than 1500 lbs.
  • geohovgeohov Posts: 23
    Wow, awesome sight for hitches. Great price too. Did you have to remove the bumper to attach it?
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