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BMW 7-Series 2006 and earlier



  • tuvituvi Posts: 1
    I have a 97 740il. I am interested in changing my factory tires to high performance tires.
    wondering if anybody knows if the 540 rims and tires will fit the 740il.

    Also, I was reading some of the comments with regard to the TV. Does it work only when parked? can I get it to work while driving? and if so, how.
  • I read in the 740iL brochure that the rear-view
    mirror inside the car is auto-dimming. Does anyone
    out there know if the same is true for the driver's side outside mirror ?
  • Just learned of a hidden service menu of the Nav System - It will allow you to adjust the brightness of the monitor as well as other things - found this site that shows the various menu items available - In the US, the video receiver is not installed, you will not be able to access that menu item - Enjoy !

    If anyone else as uncovered any 'hidden menu's' please let me know.

    How to Access the Service Menu:
    Hit the menu button, use the round knob and push the set option. Keep the menu pushed for about 10 seconds. You'll get to the service menu.
  • Just learned of a hidden service menu of the Nav System - It will allow you to adjust the brightness of the monitor as well as other things - found this site that shows the various menu items available - In the US, the video receiver is not installed, you will not be able to access that menu item - Enjoy !

    If anyone else as uncovered any 'hidden menu's' please let me know.

    How to Access the Service Menu:
    Hit the menu button, use the round knob and push the set option. Keep the menu pushed for about 10 seconds. You'll get to the service menu.
  • woodywwwoodyww Posts: 1,803
    I am considering buying between a '90 & '94 7-series, with either the 6, V12, or V8 motors. Drove a '90 750il with 85K miles, loved the car, but am worried about expensive maintenence & repairs. Any particular years or motors to avoid? I've heard about problems with the early V8's, & figure the 12's are wicked expensive to keep up. However I'm a BMW lover, have tried to get interested in mid '90s Mercedes but find them to be rather sterile in comparison. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, [email protected]
  • arjunarjun Posts: 8
    I spoke to the sales manager at my BMW dealership (purchased a 2000 yr model from them a few months ago). The new model will not be out next year - earliest is in 2001, but probably in 2002.

    P.S. for the above question on auto-dimming mirrors - unfortunately, the dirver side mirror does not dim. It's kind of weird - you look in your rear view mirror and there is no glare, but your side mirror picks it up.
  • 97K miles white with gray leather always well maintained premium sound, factory cd, sun shades,runs very well If interested e-mail for more info [email protected]
  • I just wanted to repeat WoodyWW's request, because I too am somewhat intrique with the thought of buying an older seven series, something between '88 and '94. Would you stay away from the 12 cyl? What was the problem with the 8 cyl, and was it resolved in later years? Any insight would be appreciated.
  • pflaumpflaum Posts: 13
    A '97 is just about out of warranty and the V-12 is a beast to repair. Personally, I wouldn't touch it. Why not buy a just off lease 98 740iL for about the same amount of money? Not a big difference in performance, same car other than the engine, a warranty and, once off warranty, a lot cheaper to maintain.

    Just my $.02
  • Is there any room to negotiate the purchase price on a new BMW (particularly 7 series)? Has anyone out there been successful in bargaining down from MSRP?

  • drew8drew8 Posts: 20

    Yes you can negotiate the 7 series. I got mine for $2K over invoice, I've heard of people doing even better. It was on eof the reasons I got the car -- just a little more expensive than the MBZ mid-tier E430 with the sport package. If you like driving, I highly recommend the sport package (negative is you get hit with gas guzzler tax though!). As opposed to the MBZ sport packge which is basically just wheels, this one includes a lot of more significant upgrade -- engine, suspension, interior, etc.
  • When I got my MY2000 7 in June of '99, I purchased the BMW CPT6000 Voice Recognition Portable Telephone for the car - I would now like to upgrade it to the 7000 Digital model. If anyone is interested in the phone, please send me an e-mail and we can negotiate a price - I originally paid around $1200 for the phone plus install.
    ** Serious offers only please **

    Here is a link with detailed description of the phone. The phone also has the optional 3watt booster.


    BMW CPT6000 VR Portable Telephone
  • Due to popular inquiry, I've decided to add my two cents to this group concerning the 4.0 liter V8 used in 1994 BMW automobiles.

    It's a rather simple problem, but it's still unfortunate. After about 40,000 miles, the engine will start to lose compression until it can no longer be started. This is due to a reaction between United States gasoline and the material that the engine block was made out of (mainly Nikasil, but there are a few Alusil blocks out there, too). Nikasil is a special type of alloy that has been impregnated with Silicon.

    Fortunately, BMW came up with a free fix, in which they will replace the engine block with a new Alusil one free of charge.

    The key to buying one of these cars is to CHECK and VERIFY the engine block codes, to see whether or not you've got a problematic block on your hands. The complete list of numbers is availabe at: However, if the previous owner is competent with automobiles, he may have already had the block replaced, which saves you from the headache of going to get a new one. Most owners will be straighforward concerning whether or not the block has been replaced, but I've found a few that will NOT disclose that information.

    Hope this helps. Thanks, Whit
  • Are there any monthly fees or subscription charges for airtime for use of the gps/navigation system?
  • hello,i purchased my first bmw 4 months ago.a 92 750i with 197,000 miles on far i replaced the trunk motor about 500 marks ,and have to replace the steering transmission,pump,and power steering lines which will cost 5,000 marks about 2,500 dollars.the back doors both stick fairly bad and the front ones a little says, ya,ya its a problem. with 7 series bimmers.other than that as long as you have good tires its the snow here in stuttgart with the street tires on its a death trap i slide all over the place this boat has a lot of weight.will be getting some alpin pilots though next week .should make it as good as my buick regal in the snow now.i hope.
  • Hello all.
    1. Is there any difference (other than the length and the price) between the two 740 models? They appear to be outfitted exactly the same on the BMW web site.

    2. What does the "i" stand for in BMW model names?

    3. Is there going to be a major model change next year with the 740's?
  • arjunarjun Posts: 8
    The lenght is the basic difference. There are minor others. Most notible is that the sports package is not available in the iL version ( I think).

    There will be a major model change soon - although depends on who you talk to, you will get conflicting answers - earliest is Summer 2001, latest Summer 2003
  • The difference between the "i" and "iL" is the length. The "iL" has much more room, room enough to transport five people-and their luggage- across country in perfect comfort. I know from personal experience. Also the "i" stands for fuel injection.
  • pflaumpflaum Posts: 13
    The difference in size is not all that much, just 6 inches all of which is in the back seat. Also, on the i you can't get the ski boot. On the iL, you can't get the sports pkg which includes wider tires, a tighter and lower suspension and a beefed-up torque converter (along with a $1500 gas guzzler tax).

    BTW, I couldn't get the Dinan upgrades on my 740i Sport (to be delivered in March). Dealer claimed: 1) it would void the warranty (they had a case where BMW refused warranty coverage on a Dinan-equipped 840 with a blown engine); 2)since I lease my car, it is the property of BMW Financial and BMWF doesn't want aftermarket performance stuff on their cars.

  • arjunarjun Posts: 8
    Dinan upgrades will not void warranty, even if leased. My BMW dealer gave me the name of the aftermarket shop that installs them in my area
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    Currently researching and planning to buy new 7401, Benz S430 or Lexus LS430 at year's end (i.e. new 2001 model). While I haven't driven the 740i yet, while sitting in it, I felt the gas pedal was uncomfortably close, even with seat all the way back (and I'm only 6'1"). This was the only negative I could find and anxiously look forward to driving one. Anyone know if this is a common problem or just me and whether any change is expected in the new 2001 regarding this? Thanks
  • pflaumpflaum Posts: 13
    The Benz and Lexi are very different animals than the 740i, especially the Sport model BMW. I am 6' 2'' and don't feel that the pedals are too close in my current 740iL nor in the 740i Sport that I just ordered. The current BMW is simply the best car that I have ever owned and I have owned some very nice automobiles.

    The real question you have to answer is are you a car person or just trying to make a statement by driving a nice car. The BMW is for people who love automobiles. It has great road feel and just enough quirkiness to give it personality. It is, deliberately, not as silken smooth as the Lexus or MB -- it has a certain edginess and demands to be driven. BMW calls their approach to auto engineering "active safety." They put a car in your hands that you can "drive" out of a problem.

    The Lexus is often described as a "car for people who really don't like cars." There is nothing wrong with a Lexus but it really has no personality to speak of either. It's kind of like a Hickey Freeman suit, very well done, nice looking but not a Brioni. It is a very nice, competent, boring car.

    The new MB, IMHO, is plain ugly and I wouldn't own one (I came, I saw, I left). Some find it lovely however. Go figure.

    You can't go wrong with any of them.
  • there is currently about 60,000 miles on my car which i have owned for 6 months. My car was recently towed by lifting the front end by the tires. it was towed approx. 8 miles. as soon as the car was let down and my tire fixed, the car did not shift into drive. it now sticks going from 3rd to drive when it is cold in the morning. i say that the tow company should have used a flatbed. a lot of people have told me that towing a rear wheel drive vehicle this way can damage it. i am in an ongoing saga with my roadside assist company as to who is responsible.

    Any help? advice? experience? i would greatly appreciate it.Thanks
  • drew8drew8 Posts: 20
    I have a 740i sport, 2000 model,and wanted to add some comments on previous postings:

    * Dinan upgrades -- the air intake or exhaust upgrade arent ready yet, but you can get the chip upgrade (actually its a software download, not a chip). Doesn't void warranty. However, my experience is its not worth the $$.

    * Sport package -- well worth the $$ IMHO. Makes the car into a different animal. The look is great, the acceleration diff is very noticeable, and the brakes are awesome. The back seat room is just fine thank you, had 3 large adults in it recently with no problem. One negative about it --if you live in the Northeast, its terrible in snow. Low profile, fat tires with no tread depth. Just barely made it home yesterday...perhaps I should get snow tires...

    * There is no monthly charge for the navigation system, completely free (someone may have answered this already)

    * Front seat room - I am 6' tall and no problem whatsoever with closeness to the accelerator, with room to spare. The sport seats have a ton of adjustments you can play with. Try it out again.

    Just my two cents...

  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    In your opinion is the 7 Sport as agile as the 5-Series (regular suspension)? I have driven the regular 740iL before and it drove like a dream sequence. However does the Sport ride noticeably harsher?

  • pflaumpflaum Posts: 13
    Is this "bumper-to-bumper" warranty from BMW or one of the after market warranty scam artists? I once had a third party warranty on a Porsche and the insurance company was infinitely creative in finding ways not to pay legitimate claims. Questionable dealers frequently offer these warranties to move POS cars.

    The repairs on a 750 can be astronomical and the V-12 engine is not bullet proof (like the six). If the warranty doesn't cover a repair, you could be in for a very unpleasant surprise.

    For example, does the warranty only cover only "moving parts"? Guess what, if that is the case it won't cover a blown or warped head (repair cost maybe $16K) or a cracked block or cylinder. I found this out the hard way with the Porsche.

    If the warranty is from BMW, it may not be a bad purchase. If it is from someone else, run for the hills or at least retain a good lawyer (that's what I had to do).
  • drew8drew8 Posts: 20
    Sorry bout the delay in response, been travelling, but wanted to get back to you on your questions regarding the 7 series with the sport package.

    First, I haven't driven the 5 series recently, so its tough to compare. I think the big difference is size and weight. On relative terms the 7-sport is quite agile, but it is a noticeably bigger car. Interestingly, I think the 7-sport is more sporty than the Mercedes E430 which I drove. The MBZ is a real nice ride, but less sense of the road.

    Regarding the harshness of the ride, there is a difference (probably more due to the lower profile tires than the suspension), but personally I find it fine. If you hit a pot hole, the car doesn't bang or anything (like my the Mustang I used to do), but you do find yourself avoiding blemishes in the road.
  • merc1merc1 Posts: 6,081
    Ok now I remember....


  • humidhumid Posts: 5
    I almost forget - Does anybody have any complaints about the power of the air conditioner on the 740? My friend's 87 325 couldn't keep up with the Texas heat, but I know a lot could have been improved since then.
  • I had another dealer tell me today that all new orders are for 2001 model year. He said he did not have confirmation, but he was told 2001 only adds the phone as a standard and he said he was told the MSRP would not go up much if any.

    What pricing have people been able to get? I read elsewhere people were going as low as $2000 over invoice. The dealer I spoke with today refered to "Raw" invoice. Anyone else hear that term?

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