Mitsubishi Endeavor Maintenance and Repair

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I have a 2004 Endeavor and about a year ago the electric door locks quit working on and off, this summer they quit working all together.

Since the only key entry into the vehicle is through the driver door, I've had to jump in back the SUV to pop open the manual lock for the liftgate. A mechanic I typically go to said it might be a relay switch, whats the opinion here?


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    The gear selector isn't illuminating when my lights are on. I mean the actual selector/shifter in between the seats, not on the dash. Has anyone else experienced this problem? Thanks.
  • endeavor4meendeavor4me Member Posts: 1
    The gear slector doesnt light up, it is displayed in the cluster.
  • forestergumpforestergump Member Posts: 119
    Really? That seems odd to me. I seem to remember every vehicle with automatic transmission I've in the past fifteen years had a selector that lit up. Is this consistent with all Mitsubishis?
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    We got our new Endeavor a Week ago Monday (11-24) on the Saturday (11-29) Steam was coming from the hood. Took it back to the dealer (12-1), they found that a rock hit the radiator and the car is undrivable. Found out today (12-3) that there is not a radiator available in the country and they are not scheduled for release until 12-15. Has any one else had problems with the radiator or getting parts?
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    So far, after almost 5 months, no mechanical problems. I did have to have the radio replaced, but that was "in stock". Given the Endeavor has been out for a number of months, I'm surprised that there are no radiators in inventory. Mitsu has no control over damage caused by a rock, but had it been a true warranty item, I would push them to take a radiator out of a new vehicle. Good luck and hopefully your insurance covers a rental.
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    I agree with Dan41. I would insist that the dealer pull one from another vehicle on the lot. When I was doing my research for my Endeavor purchase, I learned that there is a big inventory (read: excess inventory) of them on dealer lots. That seems to indicate that it is not likely that your dealer will be able to sell all of their inventory, so they can afford to pull a radiator off of an unsold vehicle, and not suffer any lost sales. You could also try calling around to some other Mitsu dealers to see if they can get their hands on a radiator, just to make sure your dealer is being straightforward with you. I find it hard to believe that their are NO radiators available nationwide, since the Endeavor has been on the market since early 2003. Good luck.
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    Anyone getting helicopter noise?

    boricua "Endeavor Ear Blasting Cabin Noise" Mar 9, 2004 10:30am

    Steve, Host
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    That type of noise is very common for most SUVs, due to their brick-like shape. Every SUV and some cars that I have driven/rode in have exhibited that noise. It can be eliminated by rolling down all four windows slightly.
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    Adding to Steve-"helicopter noise", and bcendeavor "brick-like shape" comments, I received a facsimile report from the Mitsubishi dealer, "Service Director", pointing out the following:
    "Wind Buffeting"-All Models. Wind Buffeting is a booming/rumbling sound, or the feeling of pressure on the ears. Some vehicles may experience this when driving with one or both rear door windows down or partially opened. This is a normal occurrence that can be minimized. If the buffeting occurs with the rear windows open, open both the front and rear windows to minimize the condition. Or open one front and one rear window on opposite sides. End of clip on report.

    Has anyone tried these Window Rain Guards, or, even a hood bug deflector? My thinking is that being an aerodynamics issue, in deflecting, or, diverting the air flow would change the direction of airflow. Although these cosmetic accessories may look a little cheesy, if it fixes the problem I may consider the resolution in lieu of giving up the whole idea of the Endeavor, or, SUV overall.

    Certainly, the automobile manufacturers know about this issue don't they? Hence, why have they not addressed a resolution, moreover, why have they not warned the consumer? Are we talking meeting minimum safety standards here? Short or and long term effects on hearing problems due to exposure.
    Please comment!
    Boricua de Arlington, Texas.
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    I was driving my Mitsubishi Endeavor Limited AWD Thru Simonize Car Wash in Reading with my children ages 3 & 1 in their car seats and my sister in the passenger seat. When we came out of the car wash I put my foot on the brake to switch the gear to drive when the car revved up to 80 mph causing me to steer out of control and slam my foot on the brakes which didn't help. I ended up crossing 4 lanes of traffic on Main Street and avoided crashing somehow. I'm shaken up and I can't explain how no one was hurt. Clearly there is a defect with this vehicle. So far the Mitsubishi dealership said that their computer tests came out all ok. Well, I;m not ok and my children& Sister are not ok we are lucky to be alive. Something is defective. They are sending a representative out to see the vehicle now. I don't want this one back, I cheated death once. I'm not taking a second chance. PS. this incident is on the cover of the Reading town paper.
  • ldbrickerldbricker Member Posts: 140
    You say you put your foot on the brake to shift into drive. What setting was it in when you did that? You said it revved up to 80 mph and you slammed your foot on the brake which didn't help. If the brake wasn't helping what finally brought it to a stop? How can one access the Reading newspaper online to read the story? Don't get the idea I'm doubting your story, just looking for more info to have the complete picture.
  • lucke2balivelucke2balive Member Posts: 4
    I was inside the Car wash, the car was on the conveyer belt and in neutral.. as soon as the air blower stopped and I reached where the sign said to put my vehicle from neutral to drive, I put my foot on the brake and shifted the gear to drive. When doing this the engine revved and pulled the vehicle with me, still with my foot on the brake and now I'm practically standing up with my foot on the brake. it's not helping, the engine is racing, the vehicle is pulling thus causing me to drive erratically thru the 4 lanes of traffic on Main St Reading, in between a telephone pole and some cable wire thru the dirt. I cut the wheel sharply to the left to cause it to drive in a circle on and of of the highway south bound lane until My back right tire blew and I could finally Stop it by turning the keys off.
    Reading Police & Fire as say that it's a miracle as to why no one was hurt.
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    I'm glad you and yours were not injured.

    the car revved up to 80 mph

    I don't understand what you mean.

    I ended up crossing 4 lanes of traffic...

    You accelerated to 80 mph in that short a distance? I don't think that's possible.

    tidester, host
  • lucke2balivelucke2balive Member Posts: 4
    I came out of the Car wash area which happens to be on a Highway with 2 lanes going north and 2 lane going south there is no median between them and I went west thru both to end up between a Pole and Cable Wire Over a curb on the grass a few yards from a fence where there was an electrical box and railroad tracks. If you live anywhere near Reading. Go see the Tracks that were left in the dirt for yourself. They are 4 inches deep. It's unbelievable.
    I ended up in a small Grassy Fenced area next to Jiffy Lube across the Street. Call the guys at Jiffy Lube ask for Adam he'll tell Ya the same story. It's a Crazy Wild, Miracle of how No one was hurt .
  • nybill38nybill38 Member Posts: 12
    sounds like a case of one 6pack to many...ever heard of taking the car out of gear??
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    That's over the line. One may not react in an optimal manner when something totally unexpected happens suddenly.

    tidester, host
  • ldbrickerldbricker Member Posts: 140
    however if the car was in neutral rolling through the car wash it would not be mandatory to step on the brake to shift from neutral to drive. It is possible the accelerator could be depressed which would cause the revving and the sudden "launching" of the car. Following that with "practically standing up with foot on the brake" would lead to the higher speeds and wild ride.

    From neutral one should never depress a pedal prior to or in conjuction with shifting gears. Once the shift is finished then depress pedals. That's again not meant as any sort of criticism, just an observation based on the details present. As has already been said, the important thing is that everyone is alive and well.
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    Ok, so I'm trying to get up to speed with my Endeavor research and I find this article from a year ago from Car and Driver...a competition of the "Neither Nors", crossover vehicles. The Pilot comes in first, the endeavor comes in 4th out of 5 entries. An excerpt of some of the issues they had with the Endeavor:

    "As the test wore on, however, less flattering observations began to appear. For example, for all its prowess on dry pavement, the Endeavor's snowy-road performance verged on treacherous. The full-time all-wheel-drive system splits torque 50/50 through a viscous-coupled center differential, an arrangement that should have produced sure-footed progress. Nope. Even a light jab at the throttle kicked the Mitsubishi's tail out, a trait that was good for grins on deserted backwoods trails but not so good in any kind of traffic. Substituting a set of snow tires for the standard Bridgestone Turanza EL42s would help greatly.
    Other elements that limited the Endeavor's final ranking had to do with design. The blocky styling drew mixed reviews, although there were those who observed that at least the Mitsubishi had some styling, as distinct from the bland contours of the Honda Pilot. The trendy blue instrument illumination also drew some flak, particularly the LCD info readout in the top-center of the dash, which became all but invisible when the lights were clicked on during daylight hours.

    Then there was the issue of space. Although the Endeavor drew respectable scores in our back-seat test, its space utilization was puzzling. At 190.2 inches, this was the longest vehicle in the test, and its width—73.6 inches—was comparable to all but the wider Honda's, yet its maximum cargo capacity was the smallest of the lot, and it lacked a third-row seat.
    "A cool vehicle in many ways," said one tester, "but not a very good package."

    So, does anyone have any comments on any of these points? Specifically the snow driving experience? There were only a few Endeavors on the lot I stopped by, but I believe they all had Yokohamas on them. Would the change of tires solve the issue or just help? Thanks!
  • ldbrickerldbricker Member Posts: 140
    Tires make a huge difference in how a vehicle performs. It will never be perfect due to the lack of traction on snow, but I'd discount that critique for the most part based on being able to choose the right tire for the need.

    Blue light is the most soothing light and easiest on the eyes. My car has red and while that's much better than white it isn't as good as the blue in the Endeavor and Galant.

    The Endeavor is a very good vehicle. You should go check one out and see how you like it.
  • shooterdshooterd Member Posts: 24
    Thanks, actually, I have sort of "checked one out" for about 10 minutes just last weekend. I have not driven one, but even if I did, this time of year I'm going to be hard pressed to find some snow to play in around the St. Louis area, hence my question for those experienced with snow driving in an Endeavor.

    Do you own an Endeavor?
  • ldbrickerldbricker Member Posts: 140
    so I'm comfortable saying they are a good car. My wife drives an Outlander, both daughters drive Lancers, and I drive the Lancer RalliArt Sportback. I also work for a Mitsubishi retailer so I have driven them some, but no snow here in Houston. Good luck with your shopping.
  • dan41dan41 Member Posts: 182
    There are several threads which talk about how the Endeavor handles in he snow. As previously posted, we live just outside Boston and had more than enough opportunities to actually see how our AWD handled in inclement weather and we were very impressed. Late last year during a blizzard, I actually drove about 40 miles and at no time did I feel uncomfortable or fearful that the Endeavor was not holding the road (there were a number a cars which were stuck or all over the highway). It is important to note that this is our first SUV (4x4 or AWD), so I do not have another experience to compare it to. It has, nonetheless, certainly met or exceeded our expectations.
  • ldbrickerldbricker Member Posts: 140
    Or rather, what tires when you drove the 40 miles in the bad storm? That would be good for those concerned with the handling to know as well.
  • dan41dan41 Member Posts: 182
    I have Bridgestone Turanza's and did not install snow tires. I believe these are "All Season", but I could be wrong. I certainly understand the benefit of having snows on RWD vehicles (I have them on my Lexus), but did not consider having them on my Endeavor AWD. I had no difficulty this winter with the Endeavor, so unless there is some compelling reason to install snows next winter, I'll stick with the stock tires.

    I would be curious to hear from actual Endeavor owners who have or have not installed snow tires this past winter.
  • bcendeavorbcendeavor Member Posts: 5
    My AWD Edndeavor handles as well or better than my old Subaru Forester in the snow. The Turanzas have done well, and I have nothing to complain about their performance.
  • montemobilemontemobile Member Posts: 2
    Bought an Endeavor about 3 weeks ago and while i am LOVING it, I seriously miss the Homelink buttons I had in my previous vehicle. They make an aftermarket rearview mirror with Homelink, but since the mirror in the Endeavor has no power running to it, changing it out is kind of making me nervous. I was wondering if anyone had done anything similar or ventured behind the panel there on the ceiling (the one with the lights, sunroof button, and remote/sunglasses compartment)?
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    The Accessories catalog mentions a air filter option for the heater/A.C. and the maintenance manual shows when to change the filter.Our Mitsubishi dealer said he can not find any mention of such a filter option and he says it's a misprint. Anybody out there know anything about this option? I also would be interested in knowing if the optional hood mounted air deflector requires any drilling to mount it.Thanks, Bill C.
  • endeavorownerendeavorowner Member Posts: 10
    Yes, there is an filter for the heater/ac. I've had a whistling sound in the blower and the dealer installed the filter thinking maybe this would help. It didn't. The dealer said it's usually installed to help with allergies.
  • kodenamekodename Member Posts: 141
    Thanks for the quick response.I called two different Mitsubishi toll free numbers and nobody had an answer.Do you recall what the filter kit sold for? I do have allergies , and I think I'd buy one if
    the dealer can find out from Mitsubishi they actually exsist. If nothing else ,can I have your dealerships location and I'll have my local dealer call them.
  • endeavorownerendeavorowner Member Posts: 10
    I called the service department at my dealership. She said they special ordered the cabin air filter, took this number right off my invoice...Part number - MZ312931. She said for you to call the service dept. and give them this number. Said she didn't have the price on the invoice and I don't know either since I didn't have to pay for it. I had it installed two months ago. Hope this helped. If not, I'll give you my dealership info.
  • dan41dan41 Member Posts: 182
    Perhaps I'm missing something here, but don't we have these filters already installed? They are pretty much standard in many vehicles, but do require replacement at different intervals.
  • endeavorownerendeavorowner Member Posts: 10
    I was told that my Endeavor didn't have one. Don't know if it's supposed to be standard or an option.
  • kodenamekodename Member Posts: 141
    I gave the Part # to my dealer, and he called me back later this morning to say it's an option that costs about $50 and installation could run perhaps $100.They have never installed or sold one.He wanted me be sure I understood that while they call it a pollen filter is not going to filter out all pollen. He actually said it's more to keep sticks and such debris from getting into the blower fan assembly. I personally like the idea of a filter, I may order it just to see for myself what it looks like. I wonder is the filter element simular to a furnace filter in design? Anyone who has had this done, I would like to hear your comments. Thanks, Bill C.
  • endeavorownerendeavorowner Member Posts: 10
    This is crazy!!! I was looking on the dealer site where I bought my car. Checked out pre-owned Endeavors. They had eight with between 19,000 and 24,000 miles. There were two listed as Dover White Pearl LS. That model does not offer the color Dover White. I purchased the XLS in order to get that color. The site even showed pictures. They have the black bumpers, rear view mirrors and door handles. I double checked the Mitsubishi site and Dover White is not listed for the LS. Anybody have any ideas on this? I'm stumped.
    My dealer figured out what was wrong with the whistling blower fan on my XLS. A new tech, been there three weeks, noticed that the noise was coming from where two ducts were connected. They were connected with just bracket. He applied sealant and reconnected them. No whistling. I am thrilled.
    So a new 2004.5 is coming out. Lots of standard options, abs brakes, etc. on this one and costs less. Oh well! Had to have a car by March 1 anyway due to returning a lease. I love my Endeavor even though the company is in trouble. Hope everything turns out good for Mitsubishi. Any ideas on the Dover White LS?
  • kodenamekodename Member Posts: 141
    Endeavor owner: As far as a dover white LS goes, I'd say remember what every brochure states"Specifications subject to change without notice" IT may be a mistake that slipped thru the system.All those used Endeavors may be from a early run for a rental fleet like Enterprise.That's how I first became aware of the Endeavor.I had rented an Impala, but I ended up with a upgrade to the Endeavor because that was all they had. I was impressed enough I guess since I did eventually buy a new one.(a base LS AWD)
      On the rental I noticed the gas door or "flap" never snapped shut all the way to rest against the little rubber tabs. I actually checked that out on mine before the purchase.Now mine has 1,000 miles on it and I notice it no longer closes all the way and actually is about 1/4 inch from being flush with the vehicles body. I know it's not been bent or sprung, it appears that the spring tension to snap it shut isn't enough now. Has anyone else noticed this? When I go in for my first oil change in about 3 weeks I am going to mention it.I'm still contemplating the air filter kit. Mr "Endeavor Owner" didn't use say your dealer installed one to try to silence the fan motor?? Did they leave it in, and how difficult is the filter to get acccess to it? This Endeavor site seems awfully quiet...I'd like somebody to compare experiences with!
       I guess even better deals are out there now on the Endeavor as a 2004.5 model. I know they are not selling as well as Mitsu had planned. More people should consider them when they shop the Pilot/Murano/and even the Lexus.I like the fact that the Endeavor is not loaded down with exterior plastic cladding and the body has some curves to it.The tail end is interesting as well.The front seems a little over the top to me, but as with all the SUV's styling is a matter of ones tastes. Bill C.
  • endeavorownerendeavorowner Member Posts: 10
    Thanks Kodename. I'll go with your suggestion about the white dover pearl on the LS. I might just call my dealer and ask. I haven't had any problems with the gas door "flap". I'm sure your dealer will help you. As for the air filter kit, they tried that first for the whistling blower. And it's still installed. I remember them telling me before they installed it that it's located under the glove box. They didn't tell me when to change the filter, etc. My dealer told me that it's good for those with allergies not just for debre entering the blower. I don't have allergies, mine was installed just for the whistling. Oh, you'll be surprised, but I'm Mrs. Endeavorowner. And more surprising, I'm 55. I know I'm not the "typical" Endeavor owner, but I'm not ready for an "old lady" car. So if you're ever in Ohio and see a little old lady driving a white dover pearl XLS, that's me! I leased a '99 4-Runner for the last five years and never once did I think I should have leased a "car". I am purchasing the XLS. I am more than thrilled with the Endeavor. I'm only 5'3 and it's easier to enter than the truck based 4-Runner. I agree, if more would test drive the Endeavor, they would be sold on it. Let me know what you decide on the air filter kit.
  • burgerflpprburgerflppr Member Posts: 1
    I was on a well-known website that rates new cars based on the owners' response to questionaires that are sent out after 90 days of ownership. The Endeavor got pretty low marks (2 out of a possible 5 rating)in the mechanical and overall quality categories. Has anyone experience mechanical issues within the first 90 days of ownership? How about with overall quality?
  • kodenamekodename Member Posts: 141
    Ms. Endeavorowner: I'm 6',52 years old and my wife is 5'5".We both fit in the Endeavor without any problems reaching the pedals or getting comfortable.I sure don't fit the Mitsubishi target demographic either! I think Mitsu is changing their ad campaign and starting to realize that people over 30 do indeed buy their products and we have some cash in our pockets. After 6 weeks with the Mitsu,it feels solid with no squeaks,no rattles,no leaks and everything works.I just installed the all weather floor mats(rubber) and bought the cargo cover(optional on the LS)I also replaced the factory antenna mast with a short rubber Euro type that only sticks up about 12 inches from the fender and reception seems actually better. The pollen Air Filter will probably be the only other accessory we will go for.The gas door flap is closing fine now, I have no idea what to think about that. Bill C.
  • montemobilemontemobile Member Posts: 2
    I like the sound of your antenna swap... Where/who did you order it from, does it just screw on, etc... I hate that stupid factory antenna.
  • endeavorownerendeavorowner Member Posts: 10
    Great, I was thinking I was the only one over 50 here. I don't know why I have an "age" thing going on driving an SUV. Had a 4-Runn five years. I purchased my XLS in December and love it more and more everyday. Yesterday while at lunch with a friend, a couple pulled up in an LS Endeavor and I decided to get their opinion. I haven't seen very many Endeavors around here.
    They love it. It's a company car. He had previously rented an Endeavor for a few days and he decided that's the only SUV he wanted as his company car. He gave me a list of all the company cars he has had in the past. Mentioned two Escapes and two Explorers. The Endeavor is far his favorite. He uses 87 grade gas and has had no problem. I use 89, never premium. The dealer said that was fine even though the manual recommends 91. Only have 93 grade around here and very expensive. Where did you purchase your antenna and why. Does the shorter antenna looks better? Glad the gas door flap is okay. I would still get it checked out at the dealer.
  • kodenamekodename Member Posts: 141
    I found the antenna on ebay.I check ebay regularly under the search line "Mitsubishi Endeavor" The guy sells them brand new in a package with several adapter studs.It fits on clean and leaves no gaps,looks like it came on the car. It does flex back some at highway speeds, but it's a lot less intrusive when I wash the windshield. I forget the cost but it was reasonable. He has them listed on ebay everytime I go there. Bill C.
      I am using 93 octane, but I am sure 91 won't damage anything.Maybe if you drive in the mountains or you haul some serious weight you may need the higher octane.I'm just used to buying premium,everything else I own calls for premium, and it's only a dime more per gallon. We all like to complain about fuel costs, but the fact is it should be much higher than it is. The Endeavor gets pretty good MPG for it's size and weight and the AWD.
  • ableable Member Posts: 1
    And Car and Driver calls themselves experts? Listen this winter in NY has been one of the worst in terms of weather conditions but one of the best in terms of my vehicle performance. Without "snow tires" etc. the Endeavor offers the best performance personally experienced in 6 to 18 inches of snow. One quick story, my brother_in_law passed away this past winter, on the day of his burial we had a snow storm. He was buried at a cemetery that boasted a whole lot of hills. The funeral procession, as you can imagine, had various vehicles. I paid particular attention to the Chevy Tahoe and Trail Blazer. By the time we hit the first hill I was the fourth in the procession. I waited my turn as the Chevys proceeded up then slid down the hill, spinning in just about every direction you can think of in both up and down. Finally one of the grounds keepers told them of a back way up with less drastic hills. I tried the hill, shifting with the (manual) or sportronic option and conquered that hill and every other hill with ease. I have no regrets with owning this vehicle, well... maybe I could have negotiated a better deal, but performance wise it's an A!
  • rfmehlrfmehl Member Posts: 3
    got new Endeavor Limited 1/31/04. Have been using regular gas w/o any noticeable problem at all.

    Have about 3k miles on it. Absolutely no mechanical problems so far other than noisy rear seat fan (used only by kids). Otherwise, wonderful car so far.
  • lucke2balivelucke2balive Member Posts: 4
    I want to put xenon fog lights in my 8 month Mitsubishi Endeavor Limited, but I don't want to take out the lights to find out the part # Has anyone already done this and If so what is the part # so I can order them for myself.
  • kodenamekodename Member Posts: 141
    It's taken almost 6 weeks of research and prodding the dealer, but I finally got the cabin air/pollen filter installed on the Endeavor. Part is listed as MZ312931 and it cost me $29.99 plus a labor charge of $34.50 to install. This option is listed on Mitsubishi's accessory catalog, but my dealer had never heard of it. With 3,500 miles on the odometer,everything continues to perform flawlessly. Bill C.
  • stantonb1stantonb1 Member Posts: 51
    I purchased an Endeavor XLS that came out of a company lease plan with 6,500 miles for $22,000. I had a sunroof with pop up and automatic closure added. Also installed Mitsubishi fog lights and bug deflector. The vehicle is dover white. I have a 2001 Toyota Highlander V6 4x4 and have had agervation with this vehicle. The Toyota has had recurring problems with the brake system master cylinder. The Toyota dealers are not pleasant to work with and I find them to be very arrogant. I also have a 2002 4 Runner and a 2000 Rav 4. Recently bought a 2003 Camary SE a very big mistake I really dislike this vehicle, a 4 cylinder that the dealers just can not seem to get running right. The sound system in the Endeavor is far superior to the Highlander. I can not wait to hook up my iPod to the Endeavor. The Endeavor's ride is much better than the Highlander. Was considering another Highlander and am glad I found the Endeavor. I use 89 octane gas and have been getting exceptionally good gas mileage about 20-22 in mixed city driving. The Highlander doesn't deliver anything like that and the 4 Runner gives very low gas mileage although I love my 4 Runner. I do wish that Mitsubishi had put lighting in the shift lever stalk and not just in the dash, but I am learning to live with this small fault in a vehicle that I feel is basically teriffic and grossly underrated. I have not had any real experience with the Mitsubishi dealer service network yet, but it can not be any worse than Toyota.

    Stan in Philadelphia
  • beebee13beebee13 Member Posts: 38
    Hi....yeserday my husband and I went to see and test drive the Outlander...while at the dealer I saw the Endeavor!....we ended up taking it for a test drive, and fell for it!!...My question was about the gas mileage....Endeavor was listed as 17 city, is that true? what are you all getting?
    Outlander, I believe, got 21 city...does anyone know of the changes made to the '05? thanks for the info....Bee
  • endeavorownerendeavorowner Member Posts: 10
    I've had my XLS Endeavor since December and absolutely love it.
    I calculate my mileage with every fill up. In the beginning when the Endeavor was new, I was getting only 17 MPG. After putting on a few thousand miles, now at 5,500, my mileage improved. I consistently get 20 miles per gallon. I've only used 89 octane although the manual recommends premium. Some owners use only 85 with no problems. Hope this helps.
  • beebee13beebee13 Member Posts: 38
    thanks for the info! the dealership that I went to was ok, but will be checking out another this week....not to many here in cali at least in my area....did you get the leather seats?....the dealer only had the fully loaded to the max cars, and one base so I want to get some more research done.......the "hippie" in me says to go with the Outlander, but the "middle-aged crazy" in me says to go with the husband liked them both so its my decision...
  • endeavorownerendeavorowner Member Posts: 10
    You're welcome. I got the cloth seats. The XLS is the middle "grade" Endeavor. The LS has cloth seats, but the XLS has premium grade seats. I wanted Dover White Pearl and it is only available in the XLS and Limited. Dealer said they made that color for the LS for a very short time. And then made it only available in the XLS and Limited. Heck, I'm a 55 (almost) 56 year old female. At first I thought I should get an "Old Lady" Car, but decided to get what I like and forget the age thing. I like it better than the Outlander because of its size. There's a 2004.5 Endeavor out now that offers a little more standard options and is a little less expensive.
    Be sure to ask your dealer about it.
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