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High End Luxury Cars



  • bwhbwh Posts: 76
    The original owners take a bath on these cars. If you can justify it to yourself a '98 740 can be had for about $35k. Pick one up off lease with the BMW certified warranty. I just bought a '98 750iL with the 18" wheels and 19k miles. It has the 100k mile coverage and cost me less than the new 740 you are considering.
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    I did the same as bwh and bought a 98 740i in August with 13k miles that had only been in service 2 years, leaving a lot of warranty. In my book the previous owner spent a staggering amount of money in depreciation for having the car only 2 years and accruing 13k miles.
    But, this is true for all luxury cars. If you enjoy the experience of owning a new car then the value can't be measured in dollars only. Enjoy,

  • I am constantly seeing posts from folks saying they are getting around $1,500 off their 740's. Are the cars that much more popular than they were in 1998? I bought my 1998 for $1,000 over invoice and it wasn't a car on their lot, they had to do a dealer trade. Just curious..
  • My freind works at BMW dealer, and he told me that the BMW 7 series have a lot of problems and they are not worth buying, he said that too many people have come to the dealer because of the car's problem with the failure of the engine on the 7 series, I never knew about it til I heard him saying it. I thought that all BMWs were built superb and 7 series is indeed good and sporty looking performance sedan... anyone heard of such engine problem on the 7 series ??..
  • bwhbwh Posts: 76
    The early V8 BMWs had a problem. Our US gasoline was eating away at the coating on the cylinder walls. In '96 the problem was solved in regular production. So '93-95 V8 cars are subject to problems. BMW extended the warranty on these cars and replaced many of the bad engine blocks for free. I sold a '95 740iL because of this problem, the rest of the car was supurb. We recently replaced it with a '98 750iL. The 7 series is a wonderful line of cars, my advice is to buy '96 and newer though.
  • Have over 20,000 miles on a 2000 A8. Better than an S sedan or the BMW 7. My experience with S class was good but boring. My experience with 7 series was disasterous. When my lease is over it will be another A8. Good value and a lot of fun to drive. A real sport sedan.
  • Hi everyone,

    I am considering buying a used 300SE or S320 from 92-94 with around 75-100K miles. Do any of you know what reliability has been with this base S-class sedan?
  • bwhbwh Posts: 76
    Regardless of the engine these years, specifically 92-93, had a few problems. There is some problem with the front suspension that causes a shudder. Fixed in '94 I think.
  • I had a new 1999 S420 and at around 60mph there was still a slight shudder in the steering wheel. I was amazed that MB was never able to fully resolve that issue. That aside, and on the older models the problems with hydraulics for door and trunk assists, the car is an absolute DREAM. I still admire the car when I see it, even though I sold my S420. In many ways, I wish I had kept it. I think if I had the S500 and all the options, I would have been more inclined to keep the car. As long as you keep in mind that the cars are expensive to maintain, you will LOVE the car.
  • Hi,

    I am considering purchasing a 96, 97 or 98 740il or 750il. What are the maintenance on these vehicles and which, if any, would you recommend over the other. I drove the 750il and was in love immediately. But, very expensive and certainly don't want to have nagging, expensive service bills to take away from the joy of owning such a vehicle. Your opinions are appreciated!! Thanks, Rick
  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185
    you guys want a car thats luxurious, fun to drive, and says you have arrived you say? buy a 1991 Buick Century! what other car is there with such prestige and elegance!? lol
  • Sorry if this comes up twice, I hit a button and I think it posted. I'm in shock and am trying to understand why the Lexus would be picked over an S430/500, or the wonderful 7-Series. Even if the interior is luxurious, the exterior styling is so passive that is hard to even take the car seriously in the first place. This is just my opinion, I would enjoy seeing other comments because I am biased towards Mercedes-Benz.
  • rmcvayrmcvay Posts: 1
    My BMW is currently stuck in the shop with engine problems. I would like to know more about these "engines problems" that I keep hearing about from independent mechanics and on this board.
    One day I crank up my car and it starts idling rough, then an unusual amount of exhaust starts (which smelled like gasoline). I tried to drive it to a shop, but before I could get five blocks there was a trail of smoke, and the interior of the car started filling up too. I had one shop say it was a fuel injector, only to replace it to no avail. They then said it was a control unit, which only a Dealer could repair. Now the Dealer is sitting on the car (for a week now). I have talked around and heard different stories about the "engine problems". I need advice, and fast. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  • ludacrisludacris Posts: 185
    the lexus is better or even with those cars in nearly everyway, its refined, has lots of "gadgets", high quality/comfortable interior and fairly good performance with lexus' quality/reliablity reputation. all this for 10s of thousands of dollars less than a european super sedan. the styling may look to bland to some but i find it elegant and clean.
  • ajvdhajvdh Posts: 223
    You may be suffering from the infamous M60 Nikasil block problem. Read the following web page. You may also want to print it out and bring it to your mechanic:

    Note that starting in 96 BMW switched to Alusil for the V8s. All V12s are Alusil.
  • xkgbxkgb Posts: 1
    Someone here mentioned something about having bought a 7 series for a $ 1000 above invoice. This deal is conceivably fair given the fact that some luxury models are sold at or above the sticker. However, we all should think that dealer is entitled to profit. How much do you think is a fair ? Shall we say 10-12 % of the invoice? If you think so contact me at - I am in southern CA
  • My brother always gets a 3 year old BMW 7 series with less than 36k miles (still under warranty), and I can't believe how much the car depreciates. I think he bought his last one for $25k?! I figure the initial owner spent $10k per year for this car - that's ugly.

    I prefer the Audi A8, but from what I've seen in the paper; they don't depreciate nearly as much.

    Does this say something about the quality of the car? or just availability?
  • I have a client that is selling his 94 to get a newer one. It has 92K miles. Does anyone here think this would be a bad purchase at the wholesale price? He hasn't has any problems with thus far but all the engine talk has made me a little nervous. Thank you.
  • ejerodejerod Posts: 86
    I'm the owner of both a 99Lexus GS300 and a 2001 Mercedes Benz S500 with the AMG sports package. I can attest that Lexus does indeed make wonderful automobiles but I chose the MB over the Lexus LS430 for various reasons other than the fact that I find the new LS430 body style to be a cross between the Toyota Avalon and the old model S class. For the life of me I don't know why Lexus didn't stick with blazing their own trail as they did with the GS which I love and the new SC430 ( which I may purchase ) Both these cars are gorgeous and you don't have to see the of the car to tell what they are. Mercedes has improved the build quality, the ride, the cost of ownership and everything else because of Lexus coming on the scene . So has BMW and the other traditional luxury car leaders. So we can all thank Lexus for that if nothing else. I bought the MB simply because I knew that I , like a few of my friends who bought the Lexus , would have been kicking myself in the rear end for not buying what I really wanted. I compromised before with my wife's car. I bought her the GS300 instead of the GS 400 with the navigation system. "Who needs all that ? " I said. This time around I just dug deeper into my piggy bank and bought what I really wanted, no compromise, no apologies, no regrets. It's like someone once said, "One never regrets buying the best there is" No truer statement has ever been said...I know that there are those that regret spending the extra money for the Benz, I'm not one of them. I'm always getting stopped in a parking lot, or having someone pull up next to me at a stop light and ask me to roll down the window so they can ask me something. I'm happily married but women of all ages go ape when they see this car. The LS430 never garnered that type reaction, but I have had some LS430 owners look at my car with the look of "nice car" written all over their faces. Both are wonderful cars, but in my book, and wallet, this year anyway Mercedes Benz wins hands down.
  • MarkieMarkie Posts: 1
    Whats best for MB S500?
  • ejerodejerod Posts: 86
    If trying to decide to lease or buy there are many things to consider. I for example considered that the cost of ownership is less when leasing initially, but you usually lose with a lease on the back end unless you keep the car in immaculate condition ( which I do) and/or sell it yourself and keep the difference. keep in mind that when you lease there is usually a one year prepayment penalty if you pay it off the first year. I leased the car initially to be sure I wanted to keep it. I do so I'll pay it off after the prepayment clause is terminated. Some think leasing is the least expensive way to own a car. Well let's look at this example. Say you owna 95 MB S500. If it were paid for you could get nearly 30 in trade value, and if you were buying a new MB S500 at 90 K you drive off for 60, in an equity position, and with the advent of the new free maintenance agreement the cost of ownership as opposed to leasing is now negligible. So weigh your options and see what's best for you...
  • scongroscongro Posts: 80
    What does the LS 430 not have that the S 500 does have (besides 13 more horses)?
  • I am considering a '95 740IL, and after reading your comments...I may not! Are there any satisfied '95 740IL owners out there? What percent of that vehicles ends up with engine problems?
  • bwhbwh Posts: 76
    They will ALL fail. The problem is a chemical reaction between the sulfer in gasoline and the nickel used to harden the cylinder walls. Gas in some places has less sulpher, hence slower deterioration. It WILL happen eventually. Of course the up side is to find a car with say 100k miles that has the new block installed around 80k. Now you have a bargain!
  • Be careful with this car. This car is weak in several maintenance areas. Starting at around 55k miles and up to 95,000 miles, here are the things that went wrong with mine:

    - dashboard illumination for the outside temperature gauge went out at 60k. $1200 to repair
    - both right and left front bushings needed replacing at 55k
    - head gasket leaked, entered cooling system at 70k. This meant the radiator and hoses ($2,200) had to be repaced. Plus the gasket.
    - some joint under the car had to be replaced ($345)
    - transmission went out at 88k. $4300 to replace

    This car was maintained accorded to the service booklet since its purchase. Was very glad to get rid of it. Now very happy with an E320.
  • Interesting discussion string. I'm very sorry for those of you who spent $30,000+ extra to buy a MB S500 AMG instead of the loaded LS430.

    The exterior of the MB is bland. I agree that the LS430 has similar exterior styling. The interior of the S class MB, though, is simply ugly. Why do you need to reach to your feet to use the window switches? What's with the impossible to see and use navigation system? What's with the thin cheap rear seats in the MB, -- without standard rear seat heaters! What are those funny buttons in a circle at the top of the dash? And, I simply love the speedo, which reminds me of my parents' buick station wagon when I was growing up.

    My last car was the previous version S Class Benz, a loaded S500. When I saw the new model, I could not bear to buy it. Instead, I waited for the Lexus and am quite pleased at the comfort, power(not any slower than the S500) and ease to drive. And, this time, I pocketed the extra bucks, went to Maui, then Cabo San Lucas, and then got another plasma tv, with change. Sorry, guys, the new S Class is a loser.
  • ejerodejerod Posts: 86
    I'm glad you travelled with the money you saved and bought yourself a plasma tv. ( Although I know you're more than exaggerating a bit about all you did with your savings because I do own a plasma tv and a plasma tv is every bit of 20k alone, so if you went all those other places on 10k you're either a financial genius or you need to at least practice lying so your stories would be more credible..:) I'm always amused by people who post messages that are obviously lying about what they own or what they bought. It's like this. Buy what pleases you and to heck with what other people think. And leave the boards to the real owners or those who are investigating various products to make an informed decision. And by the way it was only paper money not gold bullion and I didn't care!!! Again, whatever you drive be happy as I am with my decision.. Happy motoring..:)
  • 20k for a Plasma TV?? Try less than 10k, 42" with built-in line doubler. And, you can look my villa up at the KeaLani on Maui and my villa up at the Westin Cabo San Lucas. Quite fun, actually. No lies here, -- including the vehicles.

    I appreciate your inaccurate rhetoric, ejerod. Fact is, ... your smokescreen won't change the fact that my LS430 is more car than the S500 at 30k less. More room, bigger trunk, ...

    And, yes, I enjoy driving my vehicle, -- very much. Smooth ride, very comfortable seats. Rock solid reliability.

    The only other car that came close is the Audi A8L. Very nice too. Similar price, but just a tad too big. The 740iL is also a winner, but, with a new model coming out next year

    See ya. ha ha ha.
  • I am in the market for a used luxury car. I only want to spend about 25K. I found a BMW740IL with 39K for around that price but after visiting this site I dot know if it is a good car. I also like the BB E320. Any advice would be welcome
  • mcargomcargo Posts: 1
    Thank you for your comments on the 95 740i! Does anyone know if BMW will honor the need for engine replacement given this problem? I have a 740i with 55,000 miles, and no problems yet, but has BMW agreed to fix this systematic problem free of charge--with loaner? Any other problems with 1995 740i's that I can expect? All is well except for my glove box falling open and some alarm system issues.
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