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Audi A4 2004 and earlier



  • I was just curious on what u guys thought of the following deal... i live down south where there is no snow so i'm looking at a 2001 manual, 1.8t, front track, celebration package, sport package, and bose. they seem to have let me have it a little too quickly (not enough trips to the manager and back for my tastes).. i was just wondering if i should try to go lower or if that is a really good price and i'm just a good haggler.. i'm getting about 3-4% above the invoice price thru edmunds
    any thoughts?

    h hatch -- what dealer are u dealing with in SC? the one in columbia or one of the ones in NC? and do u know if there are any other dealers in SC besides columbia?

    does any one know if there is another listing of dealers that i can access besides the one on the audi website?
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Yeah I think 3-4% over invoice sounds good. You said the dealer moved a little bit too fast, sounds like it's a car already in the lot, right?About the Bose sound system, have you compared that to the stock sound system?? I haven't but people said it doesn't worth it as they claim they can make the stock unit sound as good as the Bose unit. I have the Bose system too and although it can make radio reception sounds like CD quality, unless you do the hidden electronic equalizer settings, there's not too much bass in the unit. My suggestion is, try a non-Bose and a Bose unit and see if you want to pay for the extra $650. I would trade that for Xenon any minute....didn't want to wait for the 4 months if I special order one and wanted to get a better deal off a car sitting in the lot. About other dealers in your area, go to and "Change Location" to your own city, then type in "Audi" and all the dealers, in order of distance, will pop up. I assume, however, all your local dealers should show up in the AoA website though.

    Yeah I talked to a local MTM dealer and he told me all the history/family members of JHM. As you said I heard many people saying good thing about their chipped cars, but I don't know how many people actually didn't say the bad things when they happened. The additional torque and hp is attracting.....but right now cash is tight and I can't afford an engine rebuilt or big fix cuz I chipped the car.....oh well.

  • schwitzer1schwitzer1 Posts: 64
    Mine is just like the one at which you're looking, with the exception that I added the cold weather package. I can't talk about price, but I know that I really like the car set up that way. I like it a lot.
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Mark-- hmmmm, some good information--thanx! I was going to forget about chipping but now will consider it again. Why was the dealership involved with installing the chip again?? You can send ECU directly to Hoppen in Florida (?), right? I just read this guys story over at AW; not about his bumper but about the dealer not helping him out with a starting problem because he is chipped, blamed it on the chip and told him his warranty was void.

    Mike-- yeah, as Billy mentioned, all authorized Audi dealerships will be listed on the web-site--just increase the mileage from your zip code if you aren't finding all the listed dealers that are closest to you.

    Karen-- I had a dream about you last night :P ...well maybe not speciifically about you but integrated into my dream was this A4 driving down the road with a tree growing out of the sunroof (which later turned out to be a pot plant, lol) and this wasn't even the weirdest part of the dream! but I won't bore you with all the other details, lol. Guess I'll have to skip the spicy food at night!

  • schwitzer1schwitzer1 Posts: 64
    if you ate the spicy food because of "the munchies."
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I had my dealer install the chip in the 1.8turbo for the following reasons:

    1. I do not think I would "do it correctly" -- there are many tasks I AM comfortable with, this was not one of them.

    2. With "full disclosure" and co operation from the dealer, I figured I would get "warranty service" should I ever need it -- in other words, no lies or half truths to my "friendly" dealer.

    They actually helped Hoppen diagnose the problem. According to Hoppen, there are dealers that offer chipped versions of Audi's as a "dealer option." Apparently this is true in both Europe and North American Audi dealers. My dealer has never gone this far, but I have seen A4's -- brand new -- with ground effects, suspension bits, and wheel/tire combos, recaro seats and special sound system "add ons" sold as dealer special versions. It (dealer customization) is fairly popular with some of the VW dealers around here too.

    Anyway, I figured I want the dealer on my side.

    I had the dealer replace the entire suspension on my A8 with an S8 suspension (in 1997) I ordered from Hoppen, too -- again other than two all wheel alignments (one of which I had to pay for) there were no issues of warranty or lacxk of dealer co operation. The dealer seemed to enjoy the challenge -- the opportunity.

    I don't think I would tear an Audi engine apart, modify it and expect the warranty to cover it tho.
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Hehe a plant grew out of the sunroof. Maybe you should write a letter to VW and tell them not to put that little flower vase in the VW New Bug.....otherwise it can literally grow and get thru the sunroof.

    Geez Mark, I should drive all the way to Cincinnatti and get mine chipped then. I never heard people saying in Chicago that Audi dealers would do that. I guess however, if the engine fails, I need to have it towed all the way to Cincinnatti though :< LOL. I figured if the dealer asks me why my ECU is chipped, I'd say, "Oh I was eating potato chips in the car the other day and one of them ends up there."

    Hehe. One more coworker said my car is nice. Beautiful day, isn't it.

  • bkricharbkrichar Posts: 1
    Someone is selling a white 1996 A4 2.8 Quattro 5spd, leather, bose, sunroof, 54k. The only deal is ac just stopped functioning. He's offered the car for 13k as is. or 14.5K to get it after he gets the ac fixed. So i have a few inqueries for the group. I think 13k is a great deal. Anyone have any estimates on the range of ac work that might need to be done. I know that '96 was the first year of the A4. The reliability isn't as great as the >'97's. However still good.

    I'm interested in opinions on the overall quality of the 96's. Looking for anecdotes if possible. And opinions on whether i should take the 1.5l break and fix the AC myself. Thanks for the help.

    please email if you have anything especially interesting.

    ps what sorta of modding options are available to boost horsepower.
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Brian-- Although I have a 1.8t which is more easily modded, I just read this over on on an engine mod that would increase hp to 230 on the 2.8. In fact, the guy on AW was asking the same question on the same model year ('96) as you are. Here's the link that was given as a response:

    As far as the A/C goes, I had estimates of anywhere from $1,500 to $2,000 to have the air conditioning fixed on my old Ford Probe so I don't think the figure you were given would be too far off.

  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721

    lol... hope I didn't offend you with that request pertaining to the "Meet the Members" board. After I thought about it, I guess that my request isn't really that practical because people may want to respond to what new members have to say. So I guess I may go back and delete that post; sorry about that--my bad. But what do you think about creating some other topics? I'm thinking of a few and perused the other owner's clubs to see what they had. Here are some suggestions:

    * Owner's Problems
    * Regional Events and Gatherings
    * Manufacturer's Recalls and TSB's
    * New Car Buying Experiences
    * Dealership Service Experiences
    * Accessories
    * Modifications
    * Driving Experiences
    * New Owner's Questions
    * New Car Pricing
    * Used Car Pricing
    * Care and Maintenance
    * Warranty Issues

    When the new 2002 arrives, we obviously will have to split the group into separate discussions because that car will have an all new set of parameters than will our cars (with the possible exception of the 1.8t engine and Quattro IV which I understand will both be carried over; other than that, the car will essentially be brand new). We should also be thinking of a name to distinguish ourselves from the new model--I was thinking about "Classic A4 Owner's Club" (for MY '96 thru '01) as opposed to the "*New* A4 Owner's Club" but I don't know about that; what's your take on this? --or am I just racking my brain unnecessarily over all of this?? :P

    Why don't you see if there's any topics you want to add that I missed and as our *spokesperson* lol, contact Karen and see what you two can work out. If you need any help, let me know. Thanx, Billy.

    PS: Does anybody else have any suggestions??? Chime in now! Please don't hesitate to speak up! lol
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    I thought I knew all the internet shorthand, but for the life of me BTW (by the way), I cannot figure out IMO (in my opinion) what lol means. I used to think it meant Lots of Luck, because I have seen it time and again in e-mails, message boards and even the odd post it note -- but now I just can't figure out what lol means in the above context.

    BTW, I am in favor of the topics presented above in post 1058. I would love to add something like "coming attractions" tho. The cars "in the pipeline" are always a topic here and in the enthusiast magazines that appear (because of their frequency, at least) to be popular and a cause for lively discussion, IMO.

    Thanks for clearing up the lol issue for me.
  • schwitzer1schwitzer1 Posts: 64
    LOL means "laughing out loud"
    ROTFLOL means "rolling on the floor laughing out loud"
    ROTFLMAO means "rolling on the floor laughing my [non-permissible content removed] off"

    Have an Ice day (Indianapolis Ice NHL minor league hockey)
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Mark-- hahahaha, sorry about that... I'll be a little more discrete in my laughing out loud. :P btw, am I missing something about chipping? Is the ECU that difficult to remove and re-install by DIY? When you mentioned "do it correctly," I began to question if there is something I'm missing pertaining to chipping. I was always under the impression that all I had to do is remove my ECU, send it to the *chipper,* wait for them to modify the ECU and send it back to me, and then re-install the ECU back into the car. Since I'm a *newbie* can you quickly fill me in on this? --TIA (thanx in advance). ps: thanx for the input on the topic of "in the pipeline" ...yes, I can see where that would create some spirited discussions. Billy, are you listening? :P

    Louie-- well, at least I've been able to control myself to the extent that I really haven't rotflmao here too much yet! whew! ;-)

    Brian-- MAN!!! I didn't look that closely at that web-page link that I gave you before I posted it but *holy smokes* --it's gonna cost upwards of $4,000 (and maybe more than $5,000 if done with the complementary exhaust system) to gain that additional 40-50 hp.!!!!! yikes!!!! ...and this Justin guy claims that even this is much more *reasonable* than Vortrag. I know that adding a super-charger to that engine is expensive but now I'm gathering that there just is no in-expensive way to boost this engine's hp. Now I understand why the 1.8t engine is so popular--chipping is downright cheap compared to what it costs to mod a 2.8!

    Billy-- I see that Karen has already added some additional topics to the A4 owner's board.
  • schwitzer1schwitzer1 Posts: 64
    Just got back from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. I helped with a group of Honor Roll students, who earned a trip there for Community Day. It's nice to see that there are still good kids who know how to behave.
    No cars on the track, but a bunch of them in the garages with mechanics swarming over them. Mr. Hemelgarn of Hemelgarn racing was signing autographs for the kids, and the local news team was there doing the same thing. It was a very cool thing. I'd bet that there were well over 100 school busses.
    If you happen to watch ABC sports, and see the guy with the open collar blue-and-white striped shirt, I'm the teacher in the purple polo shirt leading kids past him.
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Posts: 5,343
    The car that I was chipping was about $40,000. The dealer charged me about $100 -- I figured it would be "cheap" insurance. Give me a 5.1 surround sound system with a dual feed horn High Def Sat dish to install, set up and "tune" -- and I am fearless. Messing around, no matter how reputedly "straightforward and simple", with an Audi 1.8t engine made me as uncomfortable as I have seen many of my well educated and handy friends when it comes to setting up a home theater system properly.

    We each have our strenghts and comfort zones -- which is to say, you sound like the chip swap would totally be a DIY for YOU. It probably isn't that hard -- but you have confidence in this area, don't do what I did if you can do it yourself.

    On the other hand, should you:

    Need any help setting up and balancing your Dolby Digital, DTS, THX surround sound system with wide screen high defitinion video -- I'm your man. Hell, by trade I am a computer programmer -- not an automotive computer technician -- different animals IMO.

    Sorry I made it seem more complicated than it surely is.
  • t2z2t2z2 Posts: 2
    New guy,, sorry if this is a stupid question that's already been answered.
    As I consider the A4...two questions:
    1.How much difference is there between the 1.8t and 2.8? Haven't driven the 2.8, yet...but expect it's a smoother ride...but several thousand dollars worth of "smooth"?
    2.Quattro or No Quattro? Why?

    Thanks for the help, folks.
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    and I missed like 1 million posts. Incredible.

    Scirocco/Karen, yes I saw the extra boards and they're fantastic.....and yeah those topics you suggested look great.....EXCEPT I don't want my car to be called "Classic" YET.....I don't know, maybe call the 2002+ ones "New" and nothing for the 96-01' 02+ will be New A4's and pre 02 will be A4''s that??

    mmmmm just ordered those chrome OEM exhaust tips from Claire and can't wait for them to get here by Friday..... :>

    t2z2, lots of differences between 1.8T and 2.8 and you can decide for yourself if the 2.8 is worth the extra $$ for the luxury items like power seats or leather, or a bigger engine and such. About Quattro, it all depends on where you live. If you got snow in the winter, you will appreciate Quattro. If you do spirited driving or take cloverleafs double the posted speed, you will appreciate Quattro. If you want higher resale value, you definitely want Quattro. If you want to launch faster at a red light with no wheel spin, you WANT Quattro. If neither of all those apply, get a front trak.

    Gotta run back soon.....

  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Billy-- heh, so you don't like calling our cars "classic" yet, eh?? ok, but I think we still have to designate our A4's with some adjective to clearly differentiate them from the new model. I've noticed that there were some (but not much yet) concern over at AW too as far as distinguishing their discussion groups for the new and old models. So for now, I guess that we can just call them *old and new.*

    Tom-- Billy did address some things but let me clear one thing up-- "smoother ride" will not be one of the things that distinguishes the 1.8t from the 2.8. The *rides* will be similar (only difference will be that the 2.8 comes with 16" tires and rims standard while the 1.8t comes with 15" tires and rims standard and the 2.8 is slightly heavier because it's engine). The suspension set ups that determine the *ride* will be similar in both cars. You can order a sport pkg. with both cars which will give you a slightly harsher ride but slightly better handling and would include different shocks, springs, sway bars, and larger (lower profile) tires and taller rims. If you were referring to *smoother* in referrence to the engine, then yes, the 2.8 will have the "smoothness" of a typical 6 cylinder engine and since it's naturally aspirated, will have absolutely no lag upon acceleration as turbos often have (although our 1.8t, in its stock form, has very little turbo-lag because of it's low pressure turbo). Our 1.8t's definitely have that certain "roughness" (dang, I hesitate in describing it like that) of a 4-cylinder engine in that it's a little noisier at idle and highway crusing than a typical 6-cyliner engine would be. Those of us that have the 1.8t engine just love them! They are more reliable than the 2.8, have twice been on the Ward's "10 Best Engines" list, attain better gas mileage, are more easily modded to increase hp. and have that certain flat torque curve that makes them a blast to drive! And remember, the actual stock hp of the two cars isn't that far apart, 170 hp (closer to 180) vrs. 190--there will be a larger gap between the two cars in the 2002 models (3.0 engine will have 220 hp). Other than that, the only thing Billy left out is the 2.8 has wood interior trim if that's important to you. So to sum it up, power seats, leather interior, relatively small 6-cylinder engine and wood interior trim is what you are paying $4,000+ for.

    Mark-- thank you for the clarification. It made a lot of sense. And yes, if I ever need advice on my home entertainment electronics, it's nice to know who I can go to! :P
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    I know she hates to be called "old"......OK i'm talking about my silver babe and not my girlfriend :>

    By the way, I believe the 2.8 doesn't come standard with leather, so it's an option. Of course it's a "luxury" item for the 2.8 cuz 1.8T's don't have leather seats as an option.

    Yeah the 2.8's have wood trims, but I like the aluminum trim we got in our 1.8T's. Too bad it's not those shiny aluminum pieces the S4's have.....

    I've met my fellow A4 buddy today and he got a 01.5 2.8 w/all options except Navigation system..... oh yeah that's an option available to the 2.8 but not the 1.8T. Anyhow he got the black Audi Sports floor mats and they look cool....he also has the opal grey interior (w/leather) and those mats look alright with the interior.....I might get some if Clair is fast enough to send me those OEM exhaust tips.....mmmm good project for this Memorial Day weekend :>

    Thinking about the refurb CD Changer.....$135 sounds like a good deal.....check it out.....

  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Oh man! sorry! Believe me, I DO feel your pain! I can just imagine how you must feel! Here's my $.02:

    * Ignore it if you can. New cars are going to get scratches and dings in time. I know the first one is always the hardest to ignore and accept. This of course is the cheapest solution to the problem.

    * Check with your insurance company. Does your collision cover it?--and is it within your deductible? See this thread that I read over at AW about a guy that was asking for advice on a similar problem although he has custom wheels:

    * Post your problem over at AW on the "Wheels and Tires" board and ask if there is anybody that wants to sell only one wheel (describe the wheel). You can also check on Ebay's Audi section to see if anybody is selling that particular rim but usually they are selling sets over there but it's worth at least checking to see.

    * If you decide to buy a brand new OEM rim, check with Clair Express Parts in Boston. Their prices are considerably less than most local dealers.
    That link is the page is for the A4 wheel section but unless you have the RS4 wheel, your rim probably won't be listed on that page but you can call Clair and they can get any Audi part for you. I noticed that the OEM RS4 wheel is $399.95 so I would assume your 17" sport pkg wheel would be around that same price or less. Or is the RS4 rim the ones that are in the sport pkg?

    Good luck and if I can think of anything else, I'll let you know. Keep us informed.

  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Clair shipped my mats pretty fast; I was impressed! Yeah, the sport logo ones are pretty sharp looking--I think they match the logo on the steering wheel (well, not exactly but somewhat, lol) --but I wanted to save a little money so I ordered the A4 logo mats which look pretty good to me (same mats but different logo). btw, I hear that the logo on the steering wheel scratches fairly easily so be careful everyone!

    Oh yeah, you're correct --leather is an OPTION with the 2.8. My apologies to Tom that I didn't make that too clear.

    Hey, can you post the exact page over at refurbdepot that you found the CD changer on? I couldn't find it when I took a quick look over there. Is it an exact fit for our CD changer compartment in the trunk? --TIA
  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    This guy got his customs REPAIRED at the "Wheel Collision Center" for $138 but I don't know if they could do that for OEM's or not but don't see why not --worth checking into, though. (this is in the same thread that I gave you previously but just thought I'd give you the particular post indivdually)

    Here's the link to the "Wheel Collision Center" --pretty interesting site. I'll have to bookmark this site for future reference.
  • t2z2t2z2 Posts: 2
    Thanks for the thoughts, guys.
    You're right...the "smooth" reference was related to the engine performance. I do consider the rest of the cosmetic differences of negotiable interest: power seats are nice...but the manual adjustments on the 1.8 don't seem very troublesome. and...the option for leather "seemed" important, but the salesman was really pimping the leatherette...suggesting it was easier to care for than the real thing. Any thoughts from those who know???

    I'll drive a quattro, this, in Texas, slippery weather is rarely a problem...while the advantages are certainly something to consider.

    Now...(at the risk of slings and arrows)the question becomes A4...TL...or 300M. Such decisions!
  • poc322poc322 Posts: 22
    I'm looking seriously at an audi A4 2.8 guattro (along with the Volvo S60 T5), and i'm wondering if anyone has dealt with the Audi dealer in Austin TX and what their experience has been?
    Basically i'm starting to narrow down my choice and i'm looking for people's experience with their service reps and such.
  • schwitzer1schwitzer1 Posts: 64
    What makes you happy? The V6 has a bit more power, but there's nothing that makes me grin like the sound of a compressor spooling up. That hissing whine that tells me that exhaust gasses are hitting the turbine just makes me smile every time. I'll take the turbo over the normally aspirated every time.

    It doesn't hurt that my great grandfather practically invented the turbocharger.

    (there's an extra space in the second url...delete it if you want to go there. schwitzer-081899.html

  • scirocco22scirocco22 Posts: 721
    Louie-- Wow! That is so kewl! Thanks for posting that article about your grandfather... very interesting!

    Tom-- I've said this before but I just love leatherette! It lasts *forever* and looks very classy for plastic (lol). I've had leatherette in my old Scirocco and as I've said before, it still looked new after 10+ years. It doesn't stretch out of shape like leather does. Real leather tends to start looking badly after a couple of years it seems to me. Some of the drawbacks of leatherette are:
    * lacks the smell of leather
    * scratches fairly easily
    * will *melt* if a smoker is careless
    * will feel hotter in the summer
    and colder in the winter than cloth
    * may/will not "feel" as luxurious as leather

    Get Quattro! You'll also have benefits even on dry pavement. And the resale value is much better.
  • alexcalexc Posts: 3
    I wonder why anyone would get a' 01 A4 now when the next gen '02 is just around the corner (October)?
  • JBaumgartJBaumgart Posts: 890
    I agree - based on what you read the new one will probably be a major step up from the current model. More room, stiffer chassis, more neutral handling, and faster acceleration (in the 3.0), make it an intriguing choice. For some buyers, though, the current model will represent a better VALUE, and no doubt dealers will have them priced just low enough to clear the inventory as the year progresses, in order to make room for the (more expensive) '02's. Some may even like the styling of the current model a little better, especially the rear end as the new A4 has more of an A6 look, which certainly doesn't appeal to everybody. Personally, given the choice, I'd opt for the latest technology and go with the new one, provided the extra premium isn't too bad. But for those interested in picking up a heckuva deal on the current model, particularly if you can be fairly flexible about colors and option packages and have a liitle patience, I would wait until later this year when it's likely that the pricing on the '01's will become VERY attractive. For those playing this waiting game, careful monitoring of your local dealer's inventory is a good idea - sometimes they actually start to run out of stock towards the end of a model year and then can command a higher price as they wait for the new model year cars to be delivered.
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    I got a 2001 for two reasons:

    One, I needed a new car and couldn't wait 4 or 5 months. Two, I like the 2001 like it is. I got a good deal. Anyways, the 1.8T engine will be exactly the same for 2002, which is what I got. If I were looking at the 2.8, I would wait unless I got a super deal on a 2001.
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