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Audi A4 2004 and earlier



  • kk13kk13 Posts: 30
    Turbo run at ridiculously high speed so they use a hydraulic bearing so the turbo floats on a layer of oil. The turbo gets very hot (there are pictures of glowing red turbos) after aggressive driving. If you shut down the engine when the turbo is extremely hot the oil that remain in the turbo after shut down gets cooked and cokes up. This can cause turbo failures. You should drive conservatively for a few minutes before shut down and then let the engine idle for 15-30 sec before shutting down. Under normal driving you can just let it idle for 15 sec before shutting down. Alternately you can let it idle for 1 minutes or so before shutting down or get a turbo timer that keeps the car running fir a predetermined amount of time after the key is removed so you don't have to wait in the car.
  • btr1btr1 Posts: 20
    you mean to say a 30 minute commute to/from work highway & back roads - conservative speeds - still requires you to sit in the car to cool off turbo? jeez. that stinks! couldn't they get a fan like they use on radiators that keeps running?
    Turbo Timer seems extreme...
  • If you drive a car with a turbo you should then use synthetic oil so you don't have to worry about the oil getting cook in the turbo.

    For highway traffic I don't see how a turbo can cook a synthetic oil and damage the turbo part itself.

    I had a 1990 Twin Turbo Nissan300zx and always used Mobil 1 Synthetic oil in that car. I ran the car very hard all the time that I could and never had a problem with the turbos. The guy that bought the car from me is still very happy with that car and turbos are still running fine.
  • WarpDrive I think you don't like the Audi any more just because you have to spend $700.00 bucks to fix it. In my case I would not stop liking a car just because you have to pay for a repair. My Parents have a Honda Accord and Toyota Corolla and they both had to pay $650.00 to fix the A/C.

    I had to fix both control arm in my old Nissan300zx but I got after market parts from Still that cost 500 bucks and I was still happy with my car.

    Remember that Audi sells a lot of A4 and when a few people have a problem you hear from them more than the happy owners. If we have 100 A4 owners and 3 have problem, those 3 owners post 300 messages about their problem but the rest 97 happy owner might never write a message because they are happy driving their car.

    I think that for $25k for the basic 1.8T A4 plus $1k for the sport package there is not better choice of car right now in USA.

    So WarpDrive what car would you buy next?
  • The interesting thing about some folks -- and I am not just referring to those participating on this board -- and their strong opinions about cars can be discovered by asking them questions that have to do with their long term experiences with a brand. I tend to reduce the importance of someones rants or raves [about a car] if they have had not much depth of experience.

    My wife and I have had dozens (more than 24) Audis between us since 1977 -- in that time we have had one BMW and two VW's and once American Motors (remember them) Eagle Concorde. I feel "qualified" to discuss Audi and somewhat VW experiences and render strong opinions. I feel far less qualified to discuss BMW's (even tho I test drive them at least once a year) -- the BMW I had was a 1988 325iX (we like All Wheel Drive in our family, BTW).

    Using WarpDrive's comments only as an example -- it would appear that he bores easily with cars -- and as I have said previously, that is no sin. And, his opinions regarding Audis are not wrong from his perspective. However, I believe his experience with Audis -- as it is limited to one car -- perhaps should be weighted differently than say the opionions of someone who has owned more than one Audi branded car.

    We (my wife and I) get bored, after a fashion, too, with our cars -- but my wife and I keep replacing them with newer Audis, because they just keep getting better, not becuase we don't like them.

    We are just coming at our boredom and our conclusions from different "experience" perspectives.
  • eawegeaweg Posts: 50
    Hello knowledgeable ones!!

    I am currently in the market for a new vehicle (currently being within 6 months.) Anyhow, I have driven the new A4 3.0 Quattro Tip. and must say it was fun (although I love the S4 tip.) My primary concern i sthe cost...I can't see myself paying $37K for that vehicle. So I am wondering if I should go with the 1.8T quattro w/Tip. I am also cross shopping with an Acura TL-S and BMW 325ci (always wanted the coupe) Below are my personal pros and cons. I'm wondering if you can help me out a little.

    Audi 1.8T:
    - Had a 1.8 Passat...not looking forward to driving the same engine again. Is the HP really around 180 instead of 150 in my old 99 Passat?
    - all in all a beautiful car.
    - quattro

    Acura TL-S:
    -best bang for the buck. Great engine.
    -I have been reading about poor paint job quality and some other minor problems.
    - no quattro

    BMW 325Ci
    - where my heart is
    - great 6 cylinder
    - not be where my wallet is
    - I have to wait for one...who knows how long

    Please feel free to add any comments...Thanks!
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    Automatic or manual trans?
    All wheel drive a must?
    If your heart is set on the Bimmer,by all means get it if you can. All of the common options I find extraneous;they aren't at all necessary to have a fantastic car. By avoiding metallic paint,leather seats,and sunroof(headroom a premium in such a low-roofed coupe,anyway)you could really bring the price down.
    Why do you want to avoid the Passat engine? Did you like your VW? I bought a 2001 Passat last spring-I really love it. If you NEED(and most don't)the all wheel drive,I'd get the Passat over an A4 anyday-I think you get a lot more for your money.
    The Accura strikes me as not much more than a plush Accord-that's OK,but it is too appliance-like-headroom terrible,too.
    The coupe is nice,but when I bought my VW,I also considered a standard 525i. Its smallish back seat bothered me,though.
    Finally,I enjoy a larger car,rather than a loaded one. How about a standard A6?
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTPosts: 11,315
    I know back in the day turbos had to be "cooled down" after spirited driving for an extended period of time (We had a 1985 740 Turbo Volvo which this had to be done). I currently drive a 2000 Saab 9-3 (base model, slushbox) which the lease is up 1 year from Saturday. Since the car is leased and I have NO intention of buying the car back when the lease is up, I do "beat" on my car regularly. The Turbo has given me no problems in 25,000 miles. The dealer (who was very knowledgeable) told me cooling down was not necessary any more. When my sister was looking at Jettas last year, the VW dealer said cooling down was not necessary anymore either (She ended up getting the VR6).

    I'm hoping to find some '02 S4s laying around next year when the lease is up on my Saab. I've driven the S4 and it is incredible. Even when they come out with the new S4 (on the '02 chassis and body) with probably gobs more hp, I'd still go for the '02 as a leftover (As long as it is a 6 speed with a black interior I'd take it).

    Later today I'm going with my best friend to pick up his '02 3.0 Q 6-speed A4 (Red/Gray). I can't wait! He originally drove the 1.8T and said it felt sluggish compared to his '00 Maxima (5-Speed), but the way the car handled more than made up the hp gap between the 2 cars. He didn't want to go for the 3.0 because of the price difference. He drove a 325Ci and said it was too cramped for him (He's about 230lbs). He drove a 525i and fell in love with it as well as the lease price (Only $60 more a month than the 1.8T). He wasn't crazy about the 525 styling (exterior) and the fact they are going to redo it in a year or 2. He went back to thwe Audi dealer and told the dealer he wanted to test drive a 3.0 with a 6 speed. The dealer told him it would be a big mistake because after driving the 3.0, he wouldn't want the 1.8T anymore. The dealer was right. He decided to get the 3.0! I can't wait to drive it and give my thoughts.

    My friend who's getting the 3.0 today is trading in his 2000 Maxima (5-Speed, 40K miles). I believe the dealer is only giving him around 13.5 for the car. The dealer said even that was a stretch. He wanted more money for his car to get the deal done, but eventually the dealer took more money off the 3.0 to get him in it.

    2001 Prelude Type SH, 2011 Pilot EX-L 4WD, 2015 Infiniti G37x Q40 AWD

  • It's not the control arms but a number of issues that turned me off about my particular A4. The first one is that my transmission has been clunky since day one. Add to that, my heated mirrors burned out, numerous rattles, multiple trips to fix a steering fluid leak and other minor niggles. And now the control arm fiasco. I can live with these things but my overall assessment is that my A4 has been less reliable than other cars I've owned or know of. Based on this, and the fact that the repairs have been rather expensive, and reliability ratings are still average, I'd rather not opt to buy another Audi. Audi as a company has made fantastic gains and an incredible comeback. This is due to some well designed and good value products. As to which car I'm buying next, it's the WRX. I'm getting back to my root desires with the WRX. Fantasticly fun-to-drive and better handling/performance for less bucks than my A4 (or even an S4 for that matter) at the expense of any luxury, of course. I also own a Miata which is a car that taught me that you don't need to spend a lot to have fun and the WRX is similar to the Miata in its dedication to providing fun per dollar spent: it offers just the "necessary" amenities, a high quality driving experience, and a huge dose of fun. Looks and luxury are far secondary to the driving experience, so no loss in going to the WRX for me, it's all gain. Meanwhile, the A4 will be going to my wife as her primary transport.

    I'm not trying to take anything away from the "love of the A4" in this thread, just telling it like it is. The A4 is a fantastic car (personal experiences aside) and anybody who buys one is alright in my book. It's just not for me anymore. Like markincin says, I might be bored easily with my cars, but that's because the A4 was probably wrong for me to begin with. After 3 years with my Miata, I'm still in love with it. No problems, just fun motoring. I can understand why people stick with Audis, but I'm not one of those people. I do not believe in brand loyalty because car makers leapfrog themselves all the time. The 1999 BMW 323 Sport Package is a better car than the 1999 1.8T, but with the 2002 A4, the tables might reverse again. I believe in shopping for the best car from any number of manufacturers. Down the road, if Audi continues to improve and they have some new interesting products, I might consider it again. I'll never say never.
  • eawegeaweg Posts: 50
    I know I should have probably been a little more specific.

    I would like a manual but traffic is killing me. If I went with the Bimmer it would be a manual though...I know I know...sounds like a contradiction in terms...but there is just something about the 5 spd in a BMW. As for the Audi, I heard their shifters are quite notchy. I already have that problem in my '96 Saab Turbo.
    As for the VW question, I actually enjoyed my Passat...I got rid of it because of of financial reasons...and just my luck, two months later things switched around for me. Anyhow, it seems a little odd to me to buy and Audi with the same engine I had in the Passat. Regarding the quattro, my fiancee and I will probably move to New England in a couple of years so I would like to have it. You're right about the dad has a '00 feels just like an accord. But the engine in the Type S is great.
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Turbo cooldown is NOT necessary if it's just a normal drive, highway, city, whatever. ONLY if you do a really aggresive drive, you should slow down in the last 15 minutes before shutting the car down and drive at a normal pace. And I mean AGGRESIVE, like revving it to 5k rpm all the time. There is no point of idling the car for even a second to let the turbo down with normal driving. With rushing air at a speed you are driving coming in and cooling down the oil which in turn cooling down the turbos, it's a lot more efficient than stale air cooling down hot oil in a hot turbo when the car is stopped.

    It's the opposite that requires attention. What I mean is, when you start the car, do NOT rev the engine very fast, i.e. do not floor the gas till the oil is warm. I don't move the gas pedal fast (i.e. rev the turbo hard) till the oil temp is at least 200. When the oil is not heated up the viscosity is not there yet and the damage done to the turbo is far worse. Another thing is, these cars, or I should say modern cars, don't need to be warmed up. Just start the car, make sure your mirrors are set, no ice/moisture on the windows, and go. You will create a lot of engine damage, extra wear and tear and pollution if you just sit there and running the engine cold.

  • aegus1aegus1 Posts: 29
    WRX vs A4? flip the coin you'll be happy with either. The experience will be different, but no less fulfilling.

    If you think your 2000 Maxima is going to pale in comparison to your A4, just imagine my '94.

    I got my 17" wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport sneakers from the dealer. Best part of the contract I made them sign.

    I wish AoA would have gotten that new Avant here just a little sooner.

    And yes VW has been robbing Audi engineering for the past few years and I'm sure those guys are pissed. I don't blame them either. VDubb markets 'Turbonium' like they invented it.

    Have a great weekend all. I'm going to go out and lay some rubber.

  • Audi A4 made it again.

    The other cars were:

    Acura RSX, BMW 3 and 5 series, Chevy Corvette, Ford Focus, Honda S2000 and Accord, Subaru WRX, and Porsche Boxster.
  • i just placed an order for the A4 3.0 Quattro (manual). among the contenders were acura cl-s, benz c-class and a 3-series bmw. i would say most value would go to the acura cl-s, or tl-s, if that's your preference. you can't go wrong with either of those two. generally, any of these four vehicles is in excess of just getting from point A to point B. so my decision was based on what image i honestly wanted to project. that's more realistic, right? there's really nothing practical about us who choose to buy cars in this price range, truthfully. i chose the A4 because it is understated but not lacking. the other two euro cars are definitely excellent cars. but because of its exclusivity, everybody wants to have it. it attracts to much attention. the engineering differences of these three will only dramatically impact your decision if you take them on the race track. so if your willing to spend more than 35k, i would go with the car that revs up your emotions not logic. if not, you could never go wrong with the TL type s. there's nothing worse than the guys i know that drive bimmers but too broke to fill it up with gas. they're staying at point A.
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Geez.....or it made the Top 10 List of the number of recalls?? OMG.
  • This is the second year the Focus won top ten status in C&D. It's one sweet package for the price. If only every other small car was as fun to drive, feels as tight, and has as much character as the Focus. Don't forget, the Focus won CAR of the YEAR award in Europe. That's high praise with lots of spicey cars running around in Europe. Sure, there were a few glitches, but every new model has them (my A4 is proof, three recalls as of now).
  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    I am helping a friend of mine purchase a 2002 A4 1.8T Q and was wondering what the going rate is. I am in the Boston area. We paid $1,200 over invoice for our '01 A4 1.8T at the end of last year. Any recent deals?
  • sb55sb55 On an Island in VermontPosts: 315
    Regarding the turbo cool down, I did Driver ed and club raced a 944T for 8 years and never had a turbo (or any engine problem), but I did always use Mobil 1 oil. That car was run at redline for up to an hour at a time and the only cool down was to idle it for a couple of minutes. Some days I was able to do 300 miles of track time with different run sessions. I would have no problem at all with buying a turbo again.

    BTW, I test drove a 3.0 with 6 speed and it was a nice car, but I picked up with an '02 BMW 530i with a 5 speed today. It is only a couple of thousand more, but seems like a lot more car. I know that I give up the quattro, but I had an A-4 and think that I can live without AWD since the BMW has traction control and DSP.

    2007 Miata PRHT, 2014 BMW 535d X-drive, 2017 Chevy Silverado LTZ Ext. cab with 6.2 V-8

  • brave1heartbrave1heart Posts: 2,698
    The 5-series is a direct competitor with the A6 - why are you comparing it to the A4?!? And for someone who just doled out 45 grand on a 530, you should at least get the terminology right - it's DSC, not DSP. We would not expect anything less from someone who did "driver ed and club raced a 944T for 8 years"...
  • You will need to drive both car to decide for yourself. If you want something that's probably more reliable based on past results/experience, the accord. If you want something that's more fun to drive/own, I would go with the Audi.

    As to why one is better than the other? You will have to decide for yourself. But, I have a feeling that once you have a chance to sit inside an Audi, then sit yourself inside an Accord. You will probably pick the Audi if money is not the deciding factor. Same with the driving sensation, the Audi just plain feel more alive. BUT, everybody has a different interpretation on what a good driving experience is. For example, one of my co-worker insist that his Chrysler is the best car in the world, better than BMW, MB, Audi, Lexus etc. To each his own I guess.

    In other word, go drive them both and decide for yourself, afterall, its your money. 8)
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    Yeah sure my Accord got a recall too.....but it's not as serious as the most recent recall on the Focus.....something about the rear axle falling off? Geez. That's not a tight package put together, my 2 cents.
  • eawegeaweg Posts: 50
    Anybody know if you can chip the new A4 1.8Tw/tip? It's the same engine as the last model as well as the Passat and Jetta... If also heard about chipping the tip transmission is this true?
  • Car magazines like C&D picks cars purely on their appeal/performance/value. Reliability is never factored into their picks. They drive them, vote and then make a decision. In that regard, the Focus deserves to be on the top ten list as much as a Boxster. Seriously, the Focus is one sweet package for the price. For what it is worth, my friend's Focus has been more reliable than the Civic he also owns.
  • ...there's lot of them running around.
  • kk13kk13 Posts: 30
    I drove a Focus and thought it was a great package for the price. Very solid, good performance. Obviously not in the same league of the A4, but hard to beat for under $20k. I bet the SVT is a blast.
  • Edward-- Yes, you can also chip a tiptronic tranny. I know MTM and GIAC both have software available for tranmission modification. APR among others, also may have.

  • Try MTM -- Joe Hoppen Motorsports -- on the web. They are great, IMHO.
  • lauk0dglauk0dg Posts: 563
    when I am at the Hertz rental counter. I mean I respect choices made by C&D.....just that sometimes you can't help but thinking why some cars would and some cars wouldn't make the Top 10.
  • They get all the cars in, spend a good several days driving them on tracks and all sorts of roads. And then vote on their favorites. That also explains why comparison winners don't necessarily make the top ten..because it's a larger/more varied group of people evaluating them. A manual shift Focus ZX3 or ZTS (not the base engine) is quite fun to drive so I can understand all the awards it has gotten.
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    I also want to chime in with Focus praises-it's a great little car. I have faith in the objectivity of the auto press. I was really surprised when I drove a Focus-it really is that good.
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