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Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis



  • jerry78jerry78 Posts: 2
    I ordered a Crown Vic in January with the important options (traction control, perf. pkg.)and at a great price. I'm really looking forward to driving it to work on Rt. 128/95 near Boston where the traffic is fairly intense. Luckily I have the reverse commute scenario (outbound in the morning) and people drive pretty fast. A big solid car which looks like a possible unmarked police car is fine with me. My question is, how long does it take to actually get these cars? The sales guy keeps telling me it's on the way, and I'm sure it is. When should I expect it?
  • wnicholswnichols Posts: 42
    I got my 99 GM in eight weeks - you should get yours any time now. Congrats.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    Driving east on I-20 thru louisiana, I saw at least half a dozen 18-wheelers loaded down with police package Crown Vics headed west. (Blacked out grille and no trim on front doors is how I know they were police cars.) It seems Ford is shipping these things pretty fast. Where exactly is the plant that makes them? (FWIW, there were a lot of truckloads of new Tauruses going north on I-85 out of atlanta too on that trip. I thought they made those things in Dearborne!)
  • kingfishguskingfishgus Posts: 112
    I noticed my 93 GM was hard to keep in a straight line after getting an alignment, especially on the Interstate. Thought it was me, but when I took it back and got another front end man, he said it was aligned incorrectly. Specs called for toe-in/out to be set at 0 degrees (I believe). Other technician had set it for 2 or 3 degrees, each side. We talked to other tech, and he said it is common to toe in cars at the upper limit, or a little more, because most people feel this makes their cars "handle" quicker. On my GM, it makes it hard to keep in a straight line. We reset to 0 degrees and it runs straight much better. If you are wandering around, make sure aligment tech sets it to specifications, not what he want's to set it at.
  • btroybtroy Posts: 92
    The Crown Vics are built in St Thomas, Ontario, Canada, which is on Lake Ontario outside of Toronto. I'm not sure how they do it, but it is possible to ship by ocean-vessel, rail or truck from there. Kind of funny that this "domestic" car is built in a foreign country.
  • cebuanocebuano Posts: 24

    I ran into the same situation. I ordered a deep wedgewood blue CV with dark denim cloth seats on Jan. 17. On the seventh week of hearing nothing I started bugging the fleet manager I was working with. When he didn't call me back in a couple of days as he promised, I called him again and got his answering machine leaving a message asking if any action had been taken in trying to track my car. He called back a few hours later with the bad news that my CV had not been built yet. This was nearly two full two months after the order! He said the St. Thomas, Ontario factory was currently overloaded with government orders - I guess FBI, CIA, cops, whatever. That may explain Rea98d's siting of all those trucks loaded with CV cop cars.

    That really worried me because the $1500 rebate was to end 3/31 and I wasn't sure what it would be after that. I decided to call him back and do a dealer search with the options I wanted but I would be more flexible with the color. I ended up settling for Harvest Gold and now I'm thinking that color will not show dirt easily like the dark blue. So things turned out okay.

    So maybe you should bug the saleman somemore to find out if they even started on your car yet. By the way, they are transported via rail out of St. Thomas.
  • bthompbthomp Posts: 69
    They probably ship the cars via car carrier through St Lawrence Seaway down to a central distribution point like Charleston or Georgia. From there they use truck car carriers to distribute them. I'm wondering how the total quantity of CV/GM's built stack up to the most popular car models. Ble Oval rumor has it that the CV/GM platform will not get the 5.4 because they are all being used for the SUV's.
  • bdavis8bdavis8 Posts: 12
    I would like to know if anyone out there can give me any feedback pros and cons on the 3:27 rear end v's the 3:55. I currently own a 1999 CVLX with every option, but due to a drivers door problem ford is replacing my car with a new 2000. I was told by my dealer that the 2000 would have the 3:27, but everything I have read indicates that it will have a 3:55. I am happy with the performance of the 3:27. Is the 3:55 performance worth the loss of gas mileage? Also what kind of mileage should I expect?
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    the tire size would be helpful. Maybe the 3.27 has a smaller diameter tire & wheel than the 3.55. Some Ford products usually have a 215 X ?, but the "Touring" option has the 225 X ? with a higher ratio. IMO, not much difference. Rather than fit a replacement driver's door on your 99, the factory is replacing the entire automobile? What other facts are we missing here? Pray tell.
  • cswcsw Posts: 1
    If you have a 99 with all options, you have a 3:55 rear axle ratio. It is standard in 99 with the performance package.
  • cebuanocebuano Posts: 24
    When you compare 3.27 with 3.55 you're talking about perhaps a 9-10% loss in gas mileage. Don't know if it's worth the extra acceleration - I've only driven a CV w/3.55 ratio - perhaps it's worthwhile in emergency situations . Oh well, it's not bad if you can get a free upgrade to a new model year.
  • cebuanocebuano Posts: 24
    From what I've seen in the Edmunds spread, in the current model year the speed rating seems to be the only tire difference between the different axle ratios in the hdlg/perf & non-hdlg/perf pkgs. You're looking at 225/60SR16 vs. 225/60TR16...same diameter/width.
  • tbear503tbear503 Posts: 70
    Hey i have a driver's door problem with my '99 MGM..give me some more details on your getting a replacem3ent CAR!..Thanks
  • mrfmrf Posts: 20
    Actually the standard axle ratio in the CV and GM is 2.73. The handling and performance package has a 3.55 axle, which was increased from 3.27 for the '00 model year.

    I have a '00 GM GS w/handling package, and so far am averaging around 22-23 mpg, 75% of which is highway. This may improve, as the car is barely broken in yet.

    Anyway, I do have a question for the folks that know: what is the life expectancy of the rear air suspension? Has anyone had any major problems with it? Just wondering..

  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    For what it's worth. Our 94 Towncar has 80,250 miles and the only parts we've replaced are the rear brake pads, coolant in the A/C, and tires. Not to worry about the air suspension and we often tow a 3500 lb boat/trlr. We are keeping this car until the Mercury Marauder appears.
  • bdavis8bdavis8 Posts: 12
    My 99 cv does have a 3.27 axle. Not a 3.55. And does have the performance handling pkg. The 3.55 did not come on the 99. It is on the 2000. The door problem which caused ford to replace my vehicle was due to the drivers door not closing properly. This was due to a factory defect and could not be fixed without major repairs. The dealer tried to fix this problem 4 times without success. Ford did not want to admit that there was a problem, so I filed a Lemon law suit against ford, and won.
  • btroybtroy Posts: 92
    For what it's worth, I have the 3.55 axle on my '96 police interceptor with 100K miles on it. I get a consistent 18 mpg. That's driving in town or commuting on the freeway in very heavy (often stop and go) traffic. I also get the same mileage pulling a 1000 pound trailer on the interstate. I think my regular highway mileage (no trailer) is about 22. I would think a newer, civilian car with the 3.55 would do at least as well, but probably a little better.
  • andor1andor1 Posts: 8
    Any truth that the GM and CW will not be produced next year? I'm planning on buying either the GM or the CW around Sept. Oct. and am apprehensive about buying last make or model????
  • btroybtroy Posts: 92
    I've read that Ford has committed to the union to keeping the production going through 2008. Maybe what you heard has to do with the fact that a redesign is in the works for the 2001 or 2002 model year. The new design will remain rear-wheel-drive. Of course, Ford may or may not do what it said it would do.
  • cebuanocebuano Posts: 24
    with GMC & Chrysler out of the traditional full size market, ford is now the exclusive supplier of many govt, police and taxi agencies. I don't think they would want to lose a niche like that. Of course if they chose to make only the commercial variety, we'd be out of luck finding a NEW CV in the future.
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    With the advent of the Mercury Marauder next year, it appears the GM, CV, & TC will be around for quite a while. I'm very interested in replacing my TC with the Marauder.
  • bthompbthomp Posts: 69
    I had a chance to ride in a 00 PI the other day. To tell you the truth, I think my 3.27 gears perform just as well. I really couldn't tell any difference. In fact, the Michigan State police reports don't show that much of an increase in the 0-60 sprint range either. The other thing to consider is that the civilian CV/GM seem to be arranged for more torque at lower rpm. My 98 CV seemed much quicker off the line than the 00 PI. The PI engine calibration is for higer rpm settings, that also includes the use of a smaller torque converter in the tranny. This allows the 4.6 to get more power out of the top end. But I always thought that in a race, equal horsepower, the engine that developed more torque won the race...
  • btroybtroy Posts: 92
    Sorry to hear you got busted again. Hope you made bail ;-)
  • Can a person order the Police Interceptor model NEW (Year 2000, for example) thru a particular dealership??...just curious...I work in Washington D.C. collecting overdue rent from tenants and would like my car to be as "official" as it can get...
  • ktr1ktr1 Posts: 1
    I have a '95 CVLX. I bought it used in Dec. 1998 with 89k miles. It now was 113k and the air suspension has been fine throughout my time with it.

    I love this car and want to run it into the ground, but have heard rumors that I want to check on -- someone I know who sells Fords told me that Ford will soon reserve the CV for fleet sales only. Personally, I saw his comments as a ploy to get me to buy from him -- sooner rather than later. As I went back through this topic and the previously archived one, I've seen much discussion about this rumor. If anyone has any new info, please enlighten me. If the CV will be beyond me anytime soon I need to know so I can start "working" on my wife to approve the purchase of a new car.

    Thanks in advance for any info.
  • golfnut5golfnut5 Posts: 202
    I recently purchased a 2000 GM, and so far I am a very pleased owner. I used to own a 1995 GM which I purchased new and put 131,000 miles on before trade. These two cars, although five years apart are virtually the same, however, listed below are the differences that I have noticed so far.

    1. 2000 transmission is smoother with no shudder (95 had shudder between 40
    & 45 mph).
    2. 2000 seems to stay in overdrive longer at lower speeds than 1995 (I guess to
    improve gas mileage).
    3. 1995 had heated side mirrors, 2000 does not.
    4. 1995 had button on inside drivers door to release fuel filler door, 2000 has
    eliminated this and replaced with a plastic plug to fill hole next to trunk
    5. 1995 had carpet on under side of trunk lid, probably did not provide much
    sound insulation, but was nice touch usually found on more expensive
    6. 1995 full size spare option came with matching wheel, 2000 full size spare
    option comes with black temporary wheel.
    7. 1995 came with wheel lock key, 2000 has no wheel lock key (probably not
    needed anyway).

    You can see where the automakers cut corners to cut cost. If Ford saves $100 per vehicle and sells 100,000 units, Ford saves $10,000,000. I am sure that the Mercury folks thought noboby would notice or that 1995 GM owners are probably dead anyway (I am 41). Even with some of the above changes I still think the CV/GM are great cars for the money.
  • rea98drea98d Posts: 982
    I don't think Ford sells the PI's to anyone other than law enforcement. For one thing, cops don't want bad guy running around in their hardware until they've had a chance to wear it out, but the main reason is that the Crown Vic is the only RWD cop car left, and Ford can barely crank out enough to satisfy the police departments, much less public demand. Although, I do like the blacked out taillights of the police interceptors.
  • Hiyall, I bought a "92 GM recently and have been very happy with the ride and also the fuel economy for such a large aotomobile. This is the first Mercury I have owned and I might add a creampuff for a "92 with 82k, (complete with the AARP sticker HA! HA!). However, driving home a week or so ago I encountered a serious engine miss. After taking it to one mechanic he told me he did not have the proper equipment to diagnose the problem and suggested I take it to the Ford Dealer. The Ford dealer where I live is Motor Inn in Spirit Lake Iowa. The told me that I needed new spark plug wires. They replaced them and they were right it has run fine since the repair. My problem is that they charged me $225 for this repair, I think this is robbery.......................................ANYON AGREE?????????????????????????
  • kinleykinley Posts: 854
    they didn't charge you for replacing the old air in your tires with fresh air. Considering this bandit is a genuine Ford dealer, I'd share the work order/bill with the factory home office. Did they spend 5 hours diagnosing before R&R the eight plug wires? What does the dealer say to justify this bill?
  • btroybtroy Posts: 92
    I think the wires run at a premium price of about $125, so that means they hit you with almost 2 hours of labor for that relatively simple repair. I think that's a bit high for both parts and labor, but not so high that they couldn't defend it to a judge in court. I can't say I'm all that surprised. What surprises me these days is when I get my car worked on and I DON'T get ripped off.

    Next time I'd ask for an estimate ahead of time and when the ridiculous prices start flying, go to the parts store and do it yourself, or go to another shop. If you don't ask for a price before the work is done, they can basically charge you anything they want and there's almost nothing you can do about it at that point. Once a mechanic touches your car, he essentially owns it until you pay his bill in full, and he can sell it to pay off the bill if necessary, so you have no power at that point.
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