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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I called Chrysler customer service and bitched them out already as well. This woman I talked to (who couldn't stop freaking coughing in my ear) said it was the responsibility of the Dodge dealer to provide a loaner car and they weren't required to do so by Chrysler because each dealer in an independent operator. Needless to say, I told her a few things and abruptly ended the call. It just seems like customer service from Chrysler (even the 50star dealerships) is very shoddy.
  • Vocus-Try again,there are about 50 people or more answering calls,and insist on a Chrysler rep. not on a loaner.And tell the Chysler rep at the dealer you want your car to be fixed and then ask fot a loaner!

    Ancu- Something is wrong with your caps,take a closer look at the bolt-on feature,but you may well ask for a set of new caps,if the noise persist.
  • anonymousanonymous Posts: 314
  • You are the one with news and with the truth,so speak-up
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I took the car back to the dealer on Friday for the recall, the abnormal engine vibration through the entire frame and dash of the vehicle, the brakes feeling like they need to replaced again (just done 6000 or so miles ago), and the "surging" problem I started having coming to a stop. Well, of course, the recall was fixed. NOTHING else was found wrong with the car though. Now, I am really disgusted. This is the second dealer (5-star one too) and nothing found wrong with it. I am going to make one more attempt to take it in and see what happens, then getting someone (lawyer, cons. group, etc.) involved.

    Also, I got the chance to drive a 1996 Neon "Expresso" when the 2000 was in the shop (my friend's ex-wife has one). I thought the 2000 was bad in the respect of NVH. The 1996 was 3-4 times worse! Also, the 2000 is a LOT roomier IMO than thr 1996 was. The new Neon was a leap, but unfortunately, maybe not a big-enough one.
  • Vocus, call them back. They were very nice people. I just asked my friend and a very happy Neon owner to check out this owner's topic. He will be very lonely?

  • That´s what you need,buy a Taurus and forget about DC products,you deserve more.
    So grab a Ford or something else.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I took the car to the dealer last Friday and he told me himself the rotors would need turning at about 20-25K (at 16.1K now). They were just replaced at 10.9K, so I don't get it. They are starting to pulsate already. I am thinking about trading it again, but will probably loose too much money to be able to do it. I will find out tomorrow when I go to the dealer.
  • Excuse me,but that is "ABUSE".
    You must be a heavy driver.
  • Why is our Neon topic completely dominated by someone who doesnt even own a Neon? Even worse it seems this individual is bent on manupulating the entire board to discuss the problems that his friend is having with his/her Neon.

    It gets even better when he asks his other friend who also doesnt own a Neon to start posting here as well.

    I check this board 2-3 times a week to share experiences (mine have been all positive) and see what other Neon owners are doing with their cars.

    Its getting to be a pointless excercise.

    I'm going to take a brake for a while and let the non Neon owning person post away and see how long he can have a conversation with himself.
  • Don't leave, please. The Neon topic needs all it's players. I think all the regulars here are pretty cool. Yes, I do not own a Neon! But my friend has a new 2000 Dodge Neon. His wife is very close to my wife, and we hang out a lot. I check in, on this topic every so often, to see how every one's Neon is holding up. How about a good Neon owners story!

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Here's a good Neon story for ya. The damn thing has 16,200 miles on it and it's been in the shop 5 times from everything from bad rotors to breaking latches and poor workmanship. NOW, Chrysler refuses to fix it! And it can't be traded because its trade-in value is in the toilet and it's not worth the powder and lead it would take to blow it into Hell. How's that story for ya???

    I sincerely am mad at Chrysler about the quality of this product. I like driving the car, but what good does it do me in the freaking shop once a week??? It's just a little exasperating when even the manufacturer turns its back on you when you need help.

    And as far as owning a Neon or not, that is no one's business but my own. I drive my roommate's Neon occasionally because we trade cars back and forth. And just because I am having quality problems with the car doesn't make it bad (everyone else's seems to be holding up, right?). It just makes me mad that we got a lemon is all. And if no one likes me voicing my opinion (edswords) then don't read the forum, because I will not stop.
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45
    Nice words from a man/woman who cannot keep his/her word.

    Oh..., you don't remember that do you? Let me refresh your memory;

    "To Copperhead: Find me a publication ANYWHERE that
    says the Neon is a reliable mode of transportation
    and I will leave this forum and not come back.
    Even Consumer Reports slams the Neon. A shame,
    because it's a nice package. If it was more
    reliable, then it would sell better"

    After that, a publication found ANYWHERE (but actually on the Web) was presented to you to let you eat your words.

    Were you man or woman enough to comply with the promise that YOU yourself had made..,? No! your response was that the publication was not up to your standards of credibility.How convenient. You set up the parameters, and then discard them when they prove your wrong.Classic

    But hey!,as you've said in the past "You really do like the Neon".

    Between yourself, and your other friend. both of you are not NEON owners yet. you both spend a great deal of your time on a Neon forum.You also go to other DC forums and bless them with "your words of non-DC owner wisdom".I for one saw you for what you were weeks ago.., a simple troll.Tell your friend ProtegeXtwo,that he's becoming a good student in your footsteps.His mastery of flowery deception is improving

    Case in point, this post:

    #392 of 399: Where has everyone gone...... (protegextwo) Fri 08 Sep '00 (02:23 AM)

    Vocus, call them back. They were very nice people.
    I just asked my friend and a very happy Neon owner
    to check out this owner's topic. He will be very


    Yeah right.

    I put little stock in what you, Vocus have to say anymore, because, your word and promise is of no value. I write this mainly for EDSWORDS benefit and others who may be lurking (like me).

    Actions speak louder than words, and your purpose here is obvious to anyone who just looks at all of your posts as a guideline.

    Man or Woman,child or adult,you're a troll, who's opinions are just that.., the opinions of a troll.

    Enjoy yourselves boys/girls, conversations become dull when you're the only ones talking.
  • NICE POST!!!!!!!!

    Take care.
  • We have a 2000 Dodge Neon that has had what we believe is a light miss on hills ever since new. Our dealer said it was a bad torque converter and changed it out. That did not fix the problem. They had it hooked to their computer and said it showed no misfires. The dealer is located in a flat area so I'm sure their service people don't experience the miss. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what was your fix? This is our first and probably will be our last Dodge product.
  • Yes, I did post, two nice posts (#392 & #398), suggesting the folks here at the Neon owners topic, seemed like very nice people. Holy heck, I guess; I broke some kind of Neon owners rule. Nonetheless, hersbird and many of the other posters here ARE very nice people! Moybay, the Neon vs. Protege topic was dead. A couple of more weeks of non activity and it would have been frozen. Need I remind you, which town hall member posted an out of the blue taunt? My opinion, you are a very mean spirited.

  • Don´t worry,I felt the same with my car,BUT the 2000 Neon has a different tranny than the old gen. the new one has a "electronic torque converter",that makes you feel like a miss,but don´t worry,it has no problem,take a new for a test drive and you will see it´s ok,calm down and enjoy your car,the NEON is a good car!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I think that you took what ProtegeXTwo said the wrong way. He wasn't trying to mean, because he's not like that from the posts I have read in this particular forum and elsewhere. And if you want to come here and threaten people, then don't come to this page.
  • My best friend was born raised in Mexico.

  • Sorry maybe I over react but I gees when some body love his car is difficult to read that every thing that we hear is bad about the car.
    But i don't lose the interest now this month aim going to buy a 2001 neon this month. any body ho wants a used neon 2000?
  • Your the greatest. If they ever remake the "I Love Lucy show", your a natural for Ricky Recardo!
    "any body ho wants a used neon 2000?". I really, love you, my friend. ;-o

  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Beware about trade-in values. My friend tried and he owed $14,300 on an ES with 16,200 miles on it. They only offered him $8500-9300 and the car was in perfect shape too. Neons don't hold their value well. And to be honest, it's not just Neons. Not a lot of cars hold their value well when you want to do a first-year trade.
  • Ochoa-In what part of Mexico do you live?

    Vocus. My son made a deal yesterday,let me tell you that he was at a restaurant,and a salesman approach him there and asked him if he would like ton sell his 98 Neon,he answered that if he gets a good deal he will do it.
    The salesman invited him to the dealership(FORD),and tried to sell him a Focus,after a long test drive my son said to him,that he liked better his Neon,but the salesman insisted in selling him a car,they offered him for his neon with 40000 miles $9,400.
    After several options,my son traded his 98 Neon for a used 2000 New beetle with ALL the goodies,which was a demo with 2850 miles on it,and he paid $4000.- for the deal including everything.
    How does that sound to you? the Neon held very good it´s resale value,and think it was a very wise decision to trade the Neon for the Beetle,so cheaply.

    What do you think????
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    If someone offered me $10,500 (KBB value for the Neon), I would trade it in a second. CarMax only offered $9300 and another dealer only offered me $8500. They say it's because of the constant rebates and the special financing. It makes the trade-in values drop down.

    I think the trade from the Neon to the Beetle was a wise one. But are you sure the Beetle was a demo and not a car someone brought back due to gremlins? I have heard more than a few electrical problems with the NB. Hope it all comes out in the wash for your son though and hope he enjoys his new car as well.
  • This is even more incredible as the neon's new price was probably no more then $12000 and the VW's no less then $19000. Then the beetle with 38,000 miles less. If it was a buyback, then the dealer must disclose. It would also show up on carfax. My mom has an almost perfect 99 yellow bug with leather and about everything else you could get in 99. She loves it and wouldn't trade it for anything under $25000. I personally would only trade my neon for a beetle if I thought I could then sell the beetle for enough profit to buy back my neon and have enough left over for mods! Whew!
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I am sorry guys, but there is no way I would trade the Neon for a VW of any kind then buy back the Neon! :) I have wanted a New Jetta TDI (or 1.8T) since they came out back in 1999. But I am afraid of the short warranty and reported reliability problems here on Edmund's. Maybe I will take the plunge when the records get a little better and the design has been out longer.
  • Ochoa.- It seems you bought already a 2001 Neon,if not why don´t you wait for the new R/T,it most be at dealers early next month at the most.
    You will like it,it´s a much better and faster car.


    as I said it here before to all of you,I think the Neon has a good resale value,since the paid good money for ours.
    And the New Beetle we bought it was a VW´s executive car,the dealer bought the car to them,and the executive is a top one,we already have the name of the executive who drove the 2850 miles in the Beetle.
    The car drives nice,it´s another kind of car,there is no way you can compare the Beetle with any other car in the market,it´s a 2.0l engine 5-speed,and yellow.We are glad we made the deal,and we like the car,I hope the car will be as good as the Neon was for us,we still have VW support.
    And Vocus,if CarMax,and others are not giving you what you want for your car,it can be maybe because they see your car is not in good conditions,just think of this,if the Ford dealer made the deal with us,was because they made money in the Beetle,and they WILL MAKE MONEY with our Neon.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    The car is a 2000 model and it's in perfect condition. They told us that at CarMax. The reason they didn't give us what KBB said was because of the finance rates and rebates, which lower the chance someone is going to want a car with 16K on it if they can get the same one new for a few hundred more. The dealer himself told us that there was nothing wrong with the car, as did the "evaluator" at CarMax.

    I want to try for a VW Golf, but the negative equity from this damn Neon is holding me back. That sucks!
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