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Dodge/Plymouth Neon



  • That was i say to my girlfriend but she is a women and she don't understand, she say that the car is for us and not only for me.
    What i can say about it i can defend me against her.
  • Let me remind you something,i can understand the car will be for the two of you,BUT since when a "girlfriend" has the final decision in buying a car???
    Does she knows more about cars,and if she knows more,she has to know that the new Neon R/T is a different car,it´s more car,you should wait to buy it,it will cost you some more money,but it´s worth it.
    If you will not wait for it,and you buy just the stock 2001 neon you will make a big mistake,just wait for it,and if you will have the chance to hear the muffler sound with the twin pipes you will love it,and what can I tell you about how it drives and accelerates,Terrific!


    What I´m pointing out is; that I can openly all tell you "The Neon is a good car and has a good resale value".
  • Well I can't say that I had a good experience with my 98 Dodge Neon Sport. My car was in the shop numerous times for engine problems. My car 10K miles on it when my engine light came on and I had to get ALL of my valves replaced!The car was in the shop for 2 weeks!!! Then the engine light still kept coming on and my car sounded like a tractor! I took it in several times. My brakes made noise all the time and I kept having rattling sounds from inside. I don't know if I had a lemon or what, but as soon as my warranty was up I traded that car in soooo fast! I had enough!! I was completely burned out from that car. I'm just telling you my experience with my Dodge Neon. I agree that cars will have there problems but that was ridiculous! I'm not here to dog neon owners I'm just saying that I don't think I would ever buy a Chrysler Product again.
  • POOR SERVICE!!That was your MAIN problem.
    And with no offense to you,let me tell you that I do feel sorry for you,because if you aren´t going to buy a Chrysler product because of your Neon,I think you are wrong,because I always keep thinking that those products are the best for the money you spent.
    Give them a closer look the next time you plan to buy a new vehicle,drive a new one,drive several and different Chrysler products,you´ll see how much better they are now.It doesn´t matter if you are not for a new car,spend some time and hava several test drives,you´ll agree with me.
    Well,just my 2 cents.
  • I took the car to 2 dealerships-the one where I purchased the car and to another dealership that was alot closer to me -Marietta Dodge and Landmark Dodge. After I got fed up with the first dealership I went to Landmark because yes I did think they weren't fixing it right. Sure enough months later something else was wrong. That gave me the cue I needed to find a another car. Before I started having all these problems it was a fun little car. It was my first car by the way. I just couldn't deal with it anymore :(
  • You know that a women charm is more powerful than a battle ship.
    But mi battle is not over i plant to equip the car step by step.
    My only satisfaction is that my brother get so much stimulated with my 2ky neon that he plans to get a neon r/t.
  • chrismar- I´m sorry but if that was your first car that explains a lot to me.Just try to test other Chrysler products,you will feel the difference.
    Ochoa- Enjoy your car,and don´t cry when you´ll see a Neon R/T,specialy on the Highway.
  • On 9/13, my wife decided she wanted a Jeep Cherokee Sport so we traded in our 2000 Neon LX.

    In 15 months we put on only 7700 trouble free miles. We thoroughly enjoyed the car. We got $11,000 trade-in.

    So to the other Neon owners, we bid you farewell and good luck. Maybe we will be back if and when we decide to buy another Neon.
  • As you can see you are all alone here,so you better........
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45

    Well Vocus,Protegextwo, congratulations! There's no one left to hear your tales of your "experience" with your "friend's" Neon.

    Maybe you can try talking to yourself for support.Kinda like me now ,cause the 16th was the last time anyone posted here.

    Then again, there's always other DC sites that can benefit from your profound experience in owning a Neon.

    Why not give them the benefit of your experience?
  • Nice post,I enjoyed it!
  • I have one big lemon of a neon.. 2 1/2 years.. new transmission, fuel pump, plugs (a couple times), wires, throttle body...shall I go on? Chrysler has told me they don't care. Almost past warranty..they've told me its MY problem now. Yeah.. NEVER will I ever buy a Chrysler again.. EVER! Bad enough they build junky cars.. they don't even apologize for having to fix it 14 times in 2 years!
  • I guess my neon must be giving all it's problems to other neon's, maybe it's because I talk nice to my neon! It seems especially rude a dealer would be taunting you as you near the end of you warranty, maybe they have buyers lined up and want it as a trade in. At least all those problems didn't cost a dime (well maybe plugs), so get rid of it if you don't like it and buy a car where the manufacturer gladly will service the car long past the factory warranty just to be nice, profits be dammed! Why do they even have a warranty period in the first place, they should just continue to service the car for free forever.
    Of course all those import cars don't need any warranty at all, they will never break anyway, just as the local dealer, they'll tell you the truth. If I were to swear off every brand of car that has given myself or a family member substantial problems I wouldn't be able to buy any make of car (well maybe the russian Lada, but they are hard to come by here and really doubt they would hold up very well anyway). So I'm honestly sorry you've had so many problems with one car, I hope you are not somehow car cursed and just neon cursed. Good luck!
  • I totally agree with you!! I don't know if you read my posts earlier about the horrifying experience about my 98 Dodge Neon Sport. Never again!! Thats all I have to say!
  • Thanks for the words of agreement. Mine is a 98 neon sport as well.. I saw your comments and told people that I could have written it! My dealer has been no help.. actually I think they are glad the warranty is up so they don't have to see me anymore. The dealer even gave me the horror story about how bad the brakes I got a 2nd opinion tonight.. nothing wrong with them! Now I trust them even less. I agree that warrantys should carry on way longer 36k.. After all, if a company REALLY believed in their product, they would know that it wouldn't break down and be embarrassed that it did at such a young age! I'm done with Chryslers and shopping for a new car. Maybe a VW??
  • Right after my warranty was up I traded my 98 Dodge Neon in and I got $7,000 for it. I bought a 2001 CyberGreen New Beetle GLX 1.8T and its been absolutely wonderful!! In my opinion its a big inprovement than my neon that I had. I am very VERY happy with my beetle. Go ahead a test drive them and see :) Let me know how things went if you decide ok!! Take care :)
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45

    Experiences with any car, is a matter of careful research,prudent buying, and unfortunately, luck.

    If one researches a car's history, buys the right comfort/performance options,then luck diminishes. It still however,does not eliminate the chance of getting a car that was poorly designed, or made by a disgruntled or overworked employee.

    I am not a Neon fan who is "diehard" and will lie or ignore the car's faults or reputation.I look at the Neon without forgetting that it is an inexpensive ,small car. As with all small cars, you will have either, a fuel efficient,cost effective appliance, or a nimbly handling,exciting car. The VW Bug, Rabbit and 1st generation GTI's,Toyota,Celica Datsun 510,BMW 2002,and Ford Mustang fall into the category of mostly reliable, always fun to drive, and inexpensive.

    I would like to think that the Neon also falls into this group.

    The 95-99 Neons, were basically a small car with a large powerful engine, and a very competent suspension.Fit and finish, creature comforts, and admittedly, overall RELIABILTY, were not up to the performance of the vehicle.the 95-99 models sold well over 600,000 units so there had to have been something that attracted buyers.

    There are however, many 95-99 owners that have had execellent reliabilty from their Neons, and unfortunately, they don't come here and tell their story.There are also many who have had hell on earth with their Neons, and many of them have also not come here. Both are to be given the respect that opinions of anyone should get.However, it's not accurate to ignore one and listen solely to the other.

    Despite what people say, the 95-99 Neon DID redefine and change forever the notion of a cheap compact car as an appliance.Its acceleration,cornering, and numerous Sports Car Club of America wins in STOCK form, attest to it's basic goodness.

    This forum is about the 2K and as such,comparisons with the 95-99 models are not fair. While the engine is similar, it's torque and power band is completely different from the 95-99 models. It has two on-board computers, (one for engine management, the other for all other functions,such as lights,warning,etc,etc))versus the 95-99's one computer.Its interior is larger an more confortable.

    The new shape,interior,ride,fit and finish are a direct result of complaints/suggestions from owners of 95-99 owners. It rides better, does not bottom out,has no squeaks,and rattles,and is put together well. Much of the assembly is robotic, eliminating human errors.

    It does however have a "audible" engine,an auto gearbox that downshifts harshly,and in the auto model..., idle vibration.It is however,heads and shoulders in overall quality over the 95-99 models.The 5sp. manual has none of the vibration and shifting problems of the auto,but you can still hear it's 132 HP motor(the largest engine in it's class) when it's flogged.Next to the Viper,the 2K Neon ,believe or not,is the fastest accelerating Chrylser product.

    Fully decked out (A/C,Premium Sound,Alloys,ABS,Lighting,tyres,sunroof) it costs about $5000 dollars less than all other models and will outrun and outcorner them also.My 5sp. ES
    with everything but the sunroof cost me $14,300.

    It is the first American made car I have owned, after many Japanese and European sedans(I've been abroad for years).It is a gem of a car, especially so, if ordered with the 5sp.,alloys,15' tyres,and alloy/ABS.Not a rattle,squeak ,or problem in the brief 6000 miles I have owned it.

    I was aware of the problems with the 95-99 models, (the 98' was rated highly, however)but bought it for its performance, and cost effective price.I also drove the competition beforehand.

    With $380 dollars of modifications I've run 16.8,@84MPH for the quarter-mile, with time loss due to the wheels spinning at take-off ( first time racing..,I need practice!)at a local drag strip.It will fly with just minor additions (cold air intake,free-flow exhaust).

    I respect, and empathize with all of you that have problems with your Neons. I believe you 100%.
    My experience, is just that..., "my experience".

    When, and IF, mine goes wayward,I'll curse it like you too. Until then, I will sing it's praises, and enjoy the look on the faces of owners of $27,000 car as I pull away, in my, made in Ohio,"cheap" car, while listening to Beethoven's "Moonlight" piano sonata.

    My hope for a resolution to your problems.My apologies for my typical long post.
  • I don't agree, with EVERYTHING you posted, but... I applaud your passion. Post #437, was by far the best and most logical pro Neon testimonial, posted at this topic! Your treatise was well written and made several excellent points! Thank you for taking the time, to compile your thoughts and opinions.

  • Excellent post,nice writing,but no matter your nice posts some people here will start flaming,it´s how they are,so we better don´t listen to them and let them stay alone.
    Thank you for such a nice post!
  • enetheneth Posts: 285
    The only correction to post number 437 is that the Neon is not made in Ohio, but in Belvidere, Illinois. DaimlerChrysler converted the Toluca, Mexico plant to PT Cruiser production, leaving Belvidere (former home to the Dodge Dynasty and before that, the Omni/Horizon) the sole source of Neons.
  • mobaymobay Posts: 45

    SOrry guy, you're right on the money.I hope one day to visit the plant.

  • How is life treating you, my friend? Keep in touch.:-}

  • Hi all. I found this site and wanted to respond. I bought a 2000 Dodge Neon ES with sunroof and so far, I am satisfied with my purchase. I bought it the first week in July and now have 6030 miles on it. After reading other peoples postings on this site, I do get the "static shock" when exiting the car and it does idle "rough" at a stop light. A good sight gouge of the rough idle, is watching the radio antennae shake when at a stop light. I can live with it. It doesn't idle rough to the point of stalling out. My other car is a 99 corvette I bought last year. I bought the Neon as my everyday, drive to town, car. It gets great gas mileage compared to the "vette". And for the price I paid, its has a stylish shape and
    I can carry four passengers in relative comfort. So far the car has had NO problems but will keep an "eye out" for those head gaskets or loose bolts you all have complained about. THANKS!
  • I have a neon 2000 purchased 4/99. I currently have 3500 miles, works great despite of noisy engine and some strange crack noise under the car when I twist the steering wheel and drive in reverse. But I just found a new little problem that could be really dangerous in case of an accident and I want to know what do you guys recommend me to do to tell DC about it and maybe make them do a recall on it.
    I have two car seats that I was using on my 97 caravan with no problem, one of these car seats doesn't have the upper tie so it rely on the shoulder/lap belt combination to protect my kids.
    On the caravan when you install the car seat after removing it you pull the shoulder belt after buckle up so that the lap belt tensions and hold the car seat tight. Well When I tried to do the same thing on the neon, I hear like a crack and I noticed that the tension was lost immediately so the car seat can go forward the driver still buckled up, so I discovered that the socket of the belt has 2 pieces of plastic that are placed around it and make the belt tense, and these were lying on the backseat, So I put them together and completed the belt back to normal and it did it again.... So I'm planning to take this higher than the dealer because it's ridiculous that they use this kind of belt to save lives. The one on the caravan has also plastic but it's a lot tougher than this one, check it out on your car and let me know your comments. If you want to see pictures go to and then try neon2.jpg,neon3.jpg,neon4.jpg
  • ochoaochoa Posts: 9
    I think that in Mexico we have bad reputation in reference to safety in the stets and proof of that is the introduction of a system in the trunk that aloud to the kip nap person can escape for the situation.
    This is not a joke when i look the manual of mi new car (neon 2001) i was surprise of that improvement.
    and the funny thing is the drawing that is in the stick that activates the trunk door is a person try to open the door.
    so please tell me that is not only in Mexico because i don't want to know that in Mexico is the more dangerous please to leave.
  • There were a number of cases where playing children locked themselves into the trunk and died a horrible death (heat in trunk well above tolerable levels when car in sun).
    Car manufacturers reacted to this by adding in "in trunk" release.
    So Mexico is not so bad after all :) It's these playing kids that we owe credit for this feature, which like you say will also come in handy when being kidnapped.
  • civancivan Posts: 1
    I bought a new 2000 Neon ES in March (5 speed, sun roof, cruise) for about $12,100 after rebate, plus tax and license. Having had over 50 cars of most makes and models over the years, I guess I'm something of a car fan. I was looking for a fuel efficient car that was fun to drive. It had to be a stick. It had to accomodate a 6'6" adult (one of my overgrown kids)in the front without jambing his knees against the dash AND in the back without seriously cramping his neck or legs! I drove several cars, but selected this one because it met those requirements best for the price.

    So far the Neon has about 8400 miles on it. Gas mileage has been as follows (about 50/50 in-town and hwy miles): the first 2806 miles averaged 30.7 mpg; the next 2797 miles was 32.2; the most recent 2813 is 32.8. The best was a trip this weekend (600+/- miles, all interstate hwy. at 70 mph the car got 33.0 going and 37.3 returning). The worst has been about 27.6 with less than 1000 miles on the engine. I tend to get better mileage than most drivers, but this offers some parameters to go by and what improvements you might expect as the engine breaks in.

    How do I like the car to date? I absolutely love it! Problems? None so far, so I'm cautiously optimistic. A potential problem: the idle sometimes falters once during the warm-up cycle, but recovers without stalling. If it develops into a stall, I'll have it checked out.

    For those who have had both good and bad Neon experiences and took the time to share them, thank you. They helped me ask some hard questions before I bought.
  • After getting caught up on several hundred back entries, I find that most of the entries are either never again and/or it's better than my girlfriend/wife. Sometimes I think that the *lemon* models were put together by a group of assembly folk that were all at the same party and came to work with the same hangover. It is not as tho some high muckymuck comes down to the plant on some specific day and said that all the cars today will be put together by aliens. Mork and his buddies. It is just the throw of the dice. I recall when there was a Ford plant in the area, and if someone on the assembly line was buying something produced at the plant, the work would go down the line of that fact. Unless, the worker was a real anal cavity, everyone would take special care in the assembly of that unit. Of course management would hotly deny this, but a cat would be surprised what the mice can get away with.
    I have a new '98 coupe with auto and have had no trouble with it. I find that the auto really works if driven properly. One of the major advantages of the auto is that it allows both hands on the wheel, and that comes in very handy on some of my favorite knarly roads around here. Don't put down automatics. Even Ferrari uses them in their F1 cars. Gives an edge over the, am I in 3rd or 4th crowd. The only complaint I have is that I did not get the RT model, but with the '01 RT returning, perhaps....
    'Nough said. The most important thing, if one is a car nut, enjoy what you have, and if need be, some personal touches should make you happy. Such as having the front seats covered with a nice soft leather. Oh yes, there is nothing wrong in being a car nut. There are nuts on everything. Trains..planes..ships..playerpianos..Bach..Boogie Woogie..Writing long thingies..hating everyone and everything, but yoself..thinking that every era was better than this one. Just sit down and imagine what it was like to have a tooth pulled before novacaine (not too long ago). Or, what happened when you got a scratch that became died.
    So these days aren't so bad after all. Did you know that to fly from SF to Honolulu in the late '30s cost over $300? Factor in inflation since 1938 and could YOU afford it? Just a thot.
    Byee for know and aloha
    Keep writing crew, no matter what.
  • abaltoabalto Posts: 22
    That questions and technical advice web site...

    I have also looked for a good Dodge web site to ask questions and technical advice, opinions, etc. The best site I have found is This site is clearly the best in quality, with over 60,000 posts! Good luck either way Trevor!
  • tubbyntubbyn Posts: 6
    Hi all!

    I found this page though Edmunds on-line and decided that i would tell you all my story! I have had my 2000 Dodge Neon ES for 16 months!... During this time I have had many-a-troubles with this shall we say "Peice of junk car!" It first started out about a week after I first bought my new car! the stitching around the leather covered steering wheel was comming unraveled... i took it back to the dealer ship and they orderd a new steering wheel for my car and said that it would be in by the end of next week.... hey no problem i thought to myself.. plenty of time before i go on vacation to Florida to see my dad!... i live in Indiana by the way!... Well i call the dealership (Fletcher Chrysler in Franklin)to see if the steering wheel had been ordered yet (one weeks time) and they said that it had came in and that they could get it put on by Tuesday. Well Tuesday rolls around and I took off work so that way they could get it done and finished. i pull into the dealership get out of my car and walk into the service dept. to find out that they orderd the wrong color for the interior of my car! so i would have to wait another 1to2 weeks for delivery of another part!... ARG! i told them that i was going to Florida next week and that i needed it to be finiished by then because i did not want to drive 1300 miles with string hanging off of my steering wheel that by now was only partially covered by leather! They said that they would try to get it finished but they could not garentee anything!... well the next day they call me saying that they had gotten the steering wheel from another dealer ship and that they could get it on that day if i were to bring it in! So i drove the 45 minutes to the dealership to have them put in on and they got it put on and everything was fine!... i went on the trip to florida and while i was there i had troubles geting my trunk to pop open with my Remote keyless entry (RKE)... after several times of pushing the damn button i frustrated because i could hear it click but it would not pop up so I just decided to give up and do it the old fashiond way (i used the key) well i had realized that rubber seal around the edge of the trunk was stuck to the trunk lid! the glue that it was stuck on with got all over the inside of my trunk and stuck to anything that it could stick too... i drove it over to the dealership in St. Petersburg and they fixed it imeadiatly... they even shampooed the inside on my trunk out to get all of the glue out of it! Well even to this day the damn trunk doesn't pop up with the RKE you have to go back and click the button and pull up on it with your hand... (not very effective if you are comming out of Wal-Mart with you hands full of bags! when i asked the guys at Fletchers what the problem was they said that they had never hear of that before and basically told me to put vasaline ont the rubber ppart so that way it doesn't stick.
    the next time that i had a fight with the dealership it was over my car idoling rough! VERY ROUGH... my antenna on my car was whirring out of control.... if i wasn't such a big fella i would have thought that my damn Neon would have been given clearace by the airport to take off! i took it to the dealership and i told them that it (the antenna) was whipen around in the air like a little helicopter... and they said that they put it on the computer and there were not missfire codes so there was basically there was nothing that they could do about it idoling rough!... well there was hell to pay when i went in the next week after having my car die on me in the middle of an intersection in Columbus! i was furrious.... i was so frustrated that i wrote a letter to the owner of the dealership telling them what a problem i was having with my new car! and all i got was well i am sorry but there is really nothing that i can do it is your car now basically!....
    Well after about 3 weeks my car had a funny sound when ever i turned the steering wheel.... it sounded like a Ford Astro van .... you know the ones that sound like everytime you turn the steering wheel the wheels are going to pop off! Well i took it to the dealer ship AGAIN! and they said that there was nothing wrong??? could not find a thing???? WEll that was before i went into the service managers office and basically had to drag him out by the hair on his head in order for hinm to drive around the damn parking lot with me to tell him YES THERE IS SOMTHING THE MATTER WITH MY CAR!!!! so he finally agreed that it was the power steering pump and it was bad.... they had to order the part for that as well and it took 2 and a half week!!! yes thati right!!! 2 1/2 weeks!.... by the time that they got it fixed ole tubby baby here was driving his car with NO ABSOLUTLY NO POWERE STEERING WHAT SO EVER!!!! for over a week!!!!!
    In the first 3 months that i owned my Neon it was in the serviced Dept getting serviced 5 no wait 6 times! and it is now going back for the 7th... i am going to have them fix everthing before the warranty runns out.... i am now at 33,956 miles and i do not plan on keeping it much longer than what i have to after the warranty runs out! i do not think that i will by another car from chrysler... or shall we say Fletcher Chrysler in Franklin, IN again!... i would like to know how these Dealerships can get a FIVE STAR RATING???? i want to be on that commity or at least have one of the members ask me about their reputation... cause let me tell you it is [non-permissible content removed]!

    Thank you all for listening to be gripe and complain about my 2000 Neon... now that i have vented most of my frustration for the evening i think that i will go to bed! If you have any questions or comments about my venting.... please fill free to write me... constuctive critisism will be accepted and appriciated.... you can write back here, or at thank you very much!
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