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Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Voyager



  • kkshinkkshin Posts: 13
    Right before the Christmas holiday, I got my vehicle back from the dealership that I purchase the vehicle from for the low frequency noise and vibrations problem. The dealership thought they have found the solution and decided to change out the transmission of the vehicle to resolve the problem. However, IT DID NOT WORKED! The problem becomes worse than before. There are more noises are coming from the vehicle during accelerations, and vibrations are worse than before between 2000~2500 rpm. I have talked to the dealership about this, but, thus far, there is no response about what they are going to do about the problem. I have tried to make an appointment with their service department in order to give them another chance for the repair, but their general manager cancelled my appointment. Any suggestions?
  • dave210dave210 Posts: 238
    Maybe you've already done this, but have you driven the car with one of the mechanics in it? Maybe then they would be able to detect the problem better if you pointed it out. I'm sorry to hear though that your T&C has been trouble. My new T&C has been perfect. I hope you resolve the problem. Also you might want to check your state's lemon laws. It sounds like you are a candidate for a buy back depending on how long and how many times they've tried to fix the same problem. Good Luck.
  • If your general manager cancelled your appt, I suggest you write a formal letter adressed to your service and general Manager about your problem show that you sent copies to the DC zone representative and a copy to DC Customer Service in Michigan. They shouldn't give you that kind of treatment by the way I see it. You also have the option to see another authorized DC service dept for your warranty issues. I had to show a little bit of muscle power to my service advisor after they wouldn't listen to my problem with my cruise control. Now that I showed him the letter I sent to the GM, Zone rep and DC Cust. Service, they attend to my needs ASAP because they know that they are in very hot water. It's not a threat. It's called consumers rights. =)
  • aps5aps5 Posts: 43
    I will bring this noise to the attention to the service dept when I bring it in to fix defects below.

    The troubling thing about the low frequency vibration at 2100 rpm, is that the van seems to "hunt for" and cruise at this rpm when the cruise control is set at different speeds!

    It is as if the van wants to run at 2100 rpm.
    Perhaps there is a computer setting that can change the preferred rpm from 2100 to 2000 or 2200...

    New van sample defects:
    drivers door not lubed, makes noise
    side molding has gaps
    drivers seat heater not working
    wind whistle over 65 mph

    18" unplowed, up hill with excellent snow tires = no problem, as if no snow at all.
    Smoother and quieter than my previous mercedes E class awd.

  • Sound's like that your 2001 Town & Country is a lemon model. Sent your defect comments to the dealer and customer service and buy it back. If you don't, then more unusual problems will occur such as transmission failure within about 10,000 miles.
  • temmtemm Posts: 2
    We have put almost 3000 miles on our 01 T/C 2WD. The first time we took it on a long drive, everyone was a sleep (not me) so it was quiet. I started hearing a roar. Not sure what rpm, but it was about 70 mph. It wasn't constant, but it had a constant coming and going effect, with 1 to 2 second quiet pauses in between the roaring. I thought at first it was just a bad tire, but last night we were parked with the engine running and I could here the same kind of noise, only faint. You really have to listen hard to here it. Every time we go on long drives, I find myself listening for this roar. I haven't taken it in yet, because I really don't think anyone will be able to hear it on a test drive.

    I will check to see if it does this at 2100 rpm

    Otherwise, we really like the van.
  • axle59axle59 Posts: 28
    I hear the same noise on my my 2k1 LXi while in park. I believe it to be the electric fan kicking in but I have yet to verify this. Will do more research and let you know what I find.
  • rolfe2rolfe2 Posts: 81
    Well, it sounds like we've gotten everyone listening for noise(s) :-)

    This post is dealing specifically with the 2100 RPM resonance issue, not noise in park, from the cooling fan, wind whistles, tire noise, etc.

    I drove my 2001 GC ES AWD to my local dealership and test drove a 2001 GC ES FWD, and it DID NOT exhibit the 2100 RPM resonance problem.

    I immediately drove a new 2001 GC ES AWD and it DID exhibit the 2100 RPM resonance, although my subjective judgment is that it was not quite as severe as in my vehicle (with 3,600 miles on it).

    Both tests were over the same route, under the same condition -- climbing a grade and varying the engine RPM above and below 2100. The resonance is quite sharply tuned -- at 2000 and 2200 it drops off to an acceptable level.

    I should add that there is no doubt in my mind about the results -- having driven my vehicle for several months, I could tell immediately that the FWD was different. I'm less certain that my vehicle is worse than the test AWD. But if I'm correct about that, it means that some AWD owners will experience more annoyance than others.

    So, even though my sample size is small, I convinced myself that this is an AWD 'feature' and is not unique to my vehicle, which I suppose is good in terms of expecting a fix from DC. The bad news (for me at least), is that only AWD owners are affected, so it won't get the same attention as otherwise.

    I will be working with my dealer on a resolution, but realistically I don't expect anything to be done until and unless DC publishes a technical service bulletin, which I don't expect until and unless enough owners complain.

  • aps5aps5 Posts: 43
    Thanks, Rolfe for the research on the 2100 resonance. It will take a bunch of us awd owners to address it. I was wrong above - it is in fact easy to set the cruise control just above or just below the 2100 mark for silent cruising.

    I wonder if it is just a matter of tightening a loose nut. If anyone has a fix, let us know!

  • becwarbecwar Posts: 9
    So, is there a large enough group of 01 AWD owners out there for us to complain? And if so, how can we start this process? (other than complaining to the dealer...)

    The local dealer here said the noise is "normal" and that he had to really STRAIN to hear the noise. I'm thinking he must have been deaf...
  • rolfe2rolfe2 Posts: 81
    I spoke with a service rep today who said that he was aware of the resonance issue on AWD. He said that DC has issued an "awareness bulletin" (not a TSB) on the problem, and is working on a fix. His recollection is that the bulletin referred to an "exhaust drone" between 1800 and 2200 RPM. I've asked him to fax me a copy of it, and will post more info after I receive it.

  • aps5aps5 Posts: 43
    Thanks again, Rolfe for the homework. If need be, I can also call the service rep.

    Please let us know who it is so we can refer our own service guys to him as needed.

    When I negotiated for the van, there was an exactly similar Lxi AWD on the lot and since my friend needed one, we bought two at once. He also notes the resonance at 2100.

    I will say that in fact the van otherwise is superb, and the drive and features continue to amaze me.

    By the way, the owners manual mentions a "scan" on the radio (we have the 4 cd changer) but I just don't see one. Can anyone help?

  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    Rolfe, I echo the appreciation for helping push the process for resolving the AWD 2100 rpm noise. Please post any info how we can civilly contribute to getting a fix.

    Andy, to scan the CD hit the seek button, if I recall it is to the left of the radio/cd readout.

    After four weeks, we are still learning many of the facets of this full featured and fairly complex vehicle. As an information systems guy, I usually shy away from admitting this, but reading the manual helps. We also learned a few tricks from the video such as that the power door control system learns the incline and decline of hills and then adjusts the speed of door closing accordingly. Very slick.

    So far, this is about the most impressive vehicle I have ever driven, let alone own. Only nit (besides the 2100 rpm noise issue) is the obnoxious beeping of the rear hatch when it is remotely opening.
  • axle59axle59 Posts: 28
    The CD scan button is to the right of the cd/time readout. The button is marked fwd/rev. The buttons to the left is to skip to the next song or go back to begining of the current one.
  • becwarbecwar Posts: 9
    What is everybody getting for gas mileage? We have a '01 DGC ES AWD with 3800 miles so far. At the last fillup, we got 16.1 mpg (90% city). That's up from the 15.0 mpg we were getting in the first 1500 miles. Our max so far was 20.1 mpg on the highway (doing 65-70 mph for ~300 miles).

    To ease my conscience a little, I've removed one rear captains chair and the rear split bench seats. Just trying to get to the 17 mpg (city) mark...
  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    Your numbers give me hope. We have under 500 miles on our '01 AWD LXi and our mileage seems to be increasing with use. Initial city-type driving was about 13mpg but winding it out on the freeway upped the mileage to 17mpg. It seems to be getting better as the engine breaks in.
  • axle59axle59 Posts: 28
    I goofed the button is marke FF/RW but it is on the right side of the display.

    As for gas mileage I have a 2K1 LXi FWD with 6500 miles and according to the trip computer i am averaging 18.5 on the highway and 16.1 around town. this is up from when it was new mileage was 16 hwy and 13 cty.
  • aps5aps5 Posts: 43
    Actually, I'm trying to find the button to scan the tuner to find radio stations. The manual shows a scan button, but it is not on my radio.
    The seek button is present and accounted for.

    2001 LXI AWD with beefy Nokian Hakkapalita Q snow tires: 16.4, 18.1, 20.1 (hwy). On 4th tank now...

  • axle59axle59 Posts: 28
    I just checked out the owners manual and found the scan button. You say you have the 4 disc changer the same as me. This radio model does not have the scan feature. Yes you found the scan button in the owners manual but that is for the single disc cassette deck combo. Turn back a few pages and you will find all the features for your audio system.
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    It seems that this is the nicest of all the minivans as far as appointments. However, as nice as they sound, all I see on these Chrysler vans are problems - seems like they are always in the shop. Why buy one instead of an suv?
  • aps5aps5 Posts: 43
    Take the Ford Expedition, for example:
    Expedition has 111 cu feet cargo
    Town and Country awd has 167 cu feet cargo
    Expedition 18 mpg
    AWD Van 22 mgp
    Expedition: rollover potential
    Price: similar

  • dugtamdugtam Posts: 4
    My '97 82,000 mile AWD T&C has just started to drone in high gear, low rpm's around 35mph under load. Going up a light grade it sounds like a cyclical hum - "whumm...whummm. whummm" coming from the rear. Will have it checked at next service for $50 100,000 mile extended warranty, which is a good idea for anyone who still has a chance to buy one.
  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    Stacy, comparing a T&C with an SUV is a fair exercise--one we endured for several months prior to just purchasing an AWD T&C.

    I think SUVs are also in the shop generically too, though the reputation of the Chrysler transmissions lives on. Our gamble is that with this new model, those problems will be less frequent.

    We considered Expeditions, Suburbans, Tahoes, the new Sequoia etc. All were really nice vehicles, but anything we liked reached $45-50,000--a bit out of our range.

    Secondly, getting to that third row in most SUVs is much harder than just about all minivans. Our needs focused on grandparents being able to do that. The step up with a minivan from the street is a bit easier too. Same for younger kids and toddlers who insist on doing everything themselves.

    The interior space is also more configurable with a minivan. And they are just easier to maneuver in traffic compared with a Suburban or Sequoia. They may be safer too-- stay tuned another month or two to see how the new T&C fares in the gov't crash tests.

    We have a small SUV and enjoy that a lot, but a minivan is better on long trips because the better ones handle and feel like high quality sedans. At least with our T&C AWD, the snow handling (including icy roads) is just as good as the part-time 4wd system on the SUV. That was a pleasant suprise.
    Of course an SUV is more macho and intimidating, but I don't know how important that is to adults however.
  • keygokeygo Posts: 38
    I have been reading this board for almost a month. I read with interest the comment that the transmissions are improved. I have a 92 AWD that I am going to replace very soon. When I bought it I was assured that the transmission problems had been fixed. Unfortunately, I am sure that our local transmission shop owner has taken several vacations on the work done on my "fixed transmission". Are they really better? Will I really get more than 55,000 miles on one?

    The system has been another mess. Are they fixed? Even though I have VIP plan, I think I am going to pay sticker for a Honda With the problems I have had with my Caravan, I am guy shy...
    Thanks for any thoughts.
  • I have both a 2001 T&C-LXi and an Explorer. I like the explorer but every time I drive the wife's T&C I am amazed how smooth and comfortable it is. The explorer really IS a truck. Both have there purposes but unless you really are going to use the SUV off road features, go with the Mini.

    PS: I got rid of a Honda Accord for the T&C. The T&C is soooooo much smoother.
  • stacystacy Posts: 91
    Thanks to aps5, geoduck and jamesbober for your input.
    Geoduck - any problems in your t&c AWD ltd like the ones described above at vibrations or whining noises at certain speed or RPMs? You seem to be in a similar place as far as what you looked at before buying. Ford trucks are noisy and trucky, thought the Navigator was had noisy trucky drive, my leg was getting tired from braking on the test drive - third seat unsafe/unusable, despite the luxurious appointments. I owned a 95 jgc ltd and now 99 rx300, happy with but need more size. Price for me is not an issue but LX470/TLC have no trunk space with 3rd seat in, drive great but I need more room. Veering towards Sequoia - it has more space in the back with the 3rd seats - plus I only need 1/2 of that 3rd seat in right now for my son, also it drove well. Then I also think the Yuk Denali xl would be better with all that trunk room but wary of GM and have not driven this car. I cannot deal with going to the shop to fix my car or noise problems - I have infant and 4yr old. Need to have a car without problems. Really like all the amenities described in the brochure, have not driven it yet but glad they are upping the horses (from 180 to 210 to what 235?) as I like to move. Any comments?
  • dfsykesdfsykes Posts: 11
    I am looking to buy a 2001 Town & Country AWD. It seems to me that that the LXi with all the options is virtually identical to the Limited and is $2,000 less. Can anyone explain the advantages of the Limited vs a heavily optioned LXi. Many of the posters here seem to have chosen the Limited, can you explain your choice? Thanks.
  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    Dfsykes, the big dfference between an optioned out LXi and a Limited concerns the rear seat. The Limited only has a one-piece three-across bench. The LXi has a split bench.

    The Limited bench is far more comfy for three people, but it is twice the weight (total about 120 lbs). We preferred the flexibility offered by the split bench (especially freeing up space for toddlers to run around or to change diapers) . The lower weight also let my wife somewhat easily yank out the bench half by herself. The dealer told me that this was a common criticism of the Limited.

    Otherwise, the Limited has suede leather, shiny wheel covers, and a few minor amenities.

    Both are great vehicles.
  • Hi. I am looking to buy a new T&C Lxi FWD this year (this month?) and I thought I read that it was available with a gps system and a video screen/video player, yet on this site, under options, they are not listed. Are they not available yet? Are they only after market options?
    I plan on having this vehicle for 5 years, so I want the most current technology available so it is easier to sell in 5 years. Plus we travel a lot with kids, so both items are desired.
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