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Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Voyager



  • keygokeygo Posts: 38
    I am almost afraid to ask (I have one on order), "Would you buy your AWD DC van again?"
  • h20guyh20guy Posts: 64
    Now its time for you to jump over to the ody page and stroke them. Your losing it! What happened to ody lx being the best mini at msrp? Get a grip carl. :]
  • ed12ed12 Posts: 100
    Those who have the AWD version. IS the extra traction on slick or sandy roads worth the extra weight and cost?

  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    A fair question to ask about any vehicle anytime.
    I sure would. After 4 months I still think the T&C AWD is a well designed and refined vehicle.
    Next question.
  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    The answer to your question depends on a whole matrix of individual criteria and requirements. We were approaching this from owning a sweet little SUV and then suddenly having two kids and tons of their stuff. Our "lifestyle" still includes cross-country skiing in the mountains and camping off Forest Service roads in warmer weather.

    A Suburban was too pricey and big for my wife; Minivans are just wonderfully configurable for families and hauling stuff. The AWD choices were the T&C or the GMC/Chevy old-style. No contest there.

    So to answer your question, of course the AWD functionality is worth the cost. Especially when more non-AWD choices abound. And in the T&C, the AWD works really well. I test drove one on icy windy roads on a mountain pass, and then later tried to skid out and such on packed snow at an empty ski resort overflow parking lot. Very stable and handled inclines just fine--owning a 4wd SUV, we were very impressed.
  • rolfe2rolfe2 Posts: 81
    keygo - I'd absolutely buy again (AWD). The 2100 rpm noise is not a deal-breaker for me, but I do know of one other buyer for which it is. That's why you have to test and decide. It seems to be a personal thing as well as whether you drive in a really cold climate. I do not. Also, there is anecdotal evidence that the severity of the noise varies an unknown amount from vehicle to vehicle.

    ed12 - I bought the AWD model because I do a lot of skiing in the Northwest (Washington and Central Oregon). I needed a vehicle that I considered "all weather." I need to be able to get bewteen Seattle and Central Oregon regardless of current snow conditions over whichever pass I choose.

    I'll qualify my remarks by saying that I think good snow tires are critical. Mine are Michelin Arctic Alpins, which I highly recommend.

    I'm absolutely amazed at both the acceleration (credit to tires and AWD) and braking (credit to tires and ABS) on packed snow and ice. The van has far exceeded my expectations in these and many other areas.

    Because of the mountains in these 2 states, there are strict "chain" laws. With the combination of AWD and the new generation of snow tires, I'm exempt!

    My previous experience in the same driving environment was a 1990 FWD Grand Caravan (with conventional snow tires). There is no comparison, in my opinion. Accerating with the '90, I could always break traction even with the lower torque. With the '01 it's difficult to do -- it just takes off!

    On the downside, I pay in terms of gas mileage with the heavy vehicle and AWD. Stop and go around town is in the 14.5 mpg range; some freeway driving in the mix gets me to about 16. Exclusive freeway driving (including a mountain pass) gets me about 21. I'm particularly disappointed in the 14.5 figure.

  • hotspurhotspur Posts: 34
    It's refreshing to see Consumer Reports now treated as a reliable source of information, and not denigrated as a "flim-flam" magazine.

    Some other words of wisdom from CU.

    January 2001 issue: "The Honda Odyssey again earned the top position in our Ratings."

    April 2001 issue: " The powertrains [Chrysler Town & Country, that is] lack polish."

    October 1999 issue (on hidden warranties, in which the DC transmission was the "poster problem"): "A web search revealed that the Caravan's transmission woes were widespread and that Chrysler knew about them" and "if I did not know there was a long history of transmission problems with this vehicle, then they [the dealer and DC] may have been able to persuade me into just paying for the entire repair."
  • howie99mnhowie99mn Posts: 20
    What's the best way to close the sliding door. Use one hand on the handle? The read side of sliding door sometimes does not close properly.

    My wife is not the strongest person and would like to hear your comments about your what techniques works best in different situation like when you are carrying a baby in one arm.

    Wish that I had bought the dual sliding door power option but this is only avail. on the lxi.

  • scannerscanner Posts: 295
    Pull the door handle outwards using one hand, then slide the door forward moderately fast while letting go. Works every time!
  • scannerscanner Posts: 295
    For letting us all know that Consumer Reports has once again lowered its reliability expectations for the Honda Odyssey.
  • erucehteruceht Posts: 26
    Consumer Reports failed to do an "apples to apples" comparison of the Caravan to the Odyssey. When comparing vehicles its important that their similarly equipped especially the power train. Why didn't they test the 3.8 as well? Nearly all the reviews done on the DC vans with the 3.8 have agreed its "breathless". Consumer Reports gave the transmission high marks and said the Caravan was much queiter and road better than the Odyssey. I have a new T&C and have driven an Odyssey and there is no comparison between the two.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    Isn't it interesting how Odyphiles can troll all the time in DC forums? BUT, when a DC owner posts facts in the DC or Odyssey forums, these same Odyssey Trolls get hot under the collar.
    You Odyssey owners are too rude and act like jerks whenever someone else posts in your beloved Odyssey you will not see me there again...unless it is to report some of the many Odyssey Problems that I read about in Ody Forums.
    Let me clarify! Odyssey is the BEST BUY at MSRP....BUT, and read this carefully, DC buyers do NOT pay MSRP. The Ody LX has most of the items I want as standard (front and rear A/C & Heater w/ separate fan in rear(altho no separate temp control for driver and front passenger), deep tinted glass, PS,PDL (altho not speed actuated as in DC), seating for 7 in reasonable comfort, and a large powerful V6 as standard. (DC pisses me off by not offering the 3.8L which is better than Ody 3.5 with more power without expensive premium gas) and as stated before, DC took off the beloved Trip Computer with Compass and Outside Temperature on all but ES.
    When will Honda offer a decent stereo in the Odyssey? When will Honda offer Triple-Zone Temperature control? When will Honda offer a Trip Computer? When will Honda offer power sliding doors that move faster and can be opened quickly and easily manually? When will Honda offer a transmission without the dreaded "Clunk"? When will Honda offer the Odyssey without trim pieces that fly off mysteriously? When will Honda offer some of the many nice DC comfort features not available on the "best for hauling cargo" Odyssey?
    Isn't it interesting how CR has a double standard? 1999 Odyssey is not reliable yet CR still lists it as their first choice?
  • First, I would definitely buy a Chrysler AWD again. The traction (both acceleration and braking) is just great. It's the cheapest insurance I can think of for my family out on ice and snow covered roads. We typically have 5 months of solid winter - it's worth it.

    However, I would NOT buy a 2001 model again until this resonance issue is fixed.
    We have long, cold winters. With the low termperatures in Minnesota, the noise is loud enough as to be unacceptable... by the way, this belief is held by all members of the family since they spend a lot more time than I do in the van :-). It's not just me! I've also driven enough other AWDs off my dealer's lot to know that my van isn't one of a kind. While the noise volume can vary a little - when you take off on a crisp 10 degree day, they're loud.

    We looked at vans throughout the 2000 model year. They didn't have this problem. I get the distinct feeling from the Chrysler reps that this has become a big enough issue that it will be addressed for 2002.

    So - my opinion - I'd buy again but ONLY after there has been a change that fixes or minimizes the noise.
  • BKSuttonBKSutton Posts: 23
    Hi All - Two items regarding seating. When I took my test drive I made mention of how I wished Chrysler would offer the spit bench in the 3rd row on the Limited model. The salesman was under the impression DC was contemplating this. Granted - he's only been with the dealership 4 months so I am/was skeptical of the accuracy of his information.

    However, I went to Chrysler's site and did a build-your-own on a T&C Limited. Oddly enough there was a no-charge seating option to have the quad-command buckets in the middle (nothing new there) AND split 50-50 in the 3rd row on the Limited. Since I've found this information to be reasonably accurate in the past it gives one hope this may come true. Could DC be listening to the consumer requests?!

    Also- I thought I had read far earlier in this forum that owners of the Limited had try to take the 3rd row bench and place it into the middle position without success. I and the salesman did accomplish this without much hassle. Thus configuring the van into a 5-person vehicle with loads of cargo room.

    Just thougth I'd pass these two items along. Happy driving everyone.
    -- BKS
  • dimiterodimitero Posts: 6
    Hi guys,
    Here is the follow-up of the vibration-fan and 2100 rpm issues from my dealer.
    It appears that the vans have different fan combinations, i.e. two big, vs a big and a small one etc. That has to do with engine type 3.8, 3.3.Also the fans have been completely redesigned for the 2001 models. They are supposed to have also different speeds-“high” when the vehicle is not moving and “lower” when the van is in motion. So in my case I have TWO BIG fans, since I have AWD 3.8 L and also the towing package. The dealer contacted Chrysler and the answer is that when the vehicle is stationary a very slight vibration may be felt when the fans are at maximum speed. That is presumed NORMAL.
    They seem to be still working on the 2100 rpm issue. No answers there as of yet.
    I have put in my vehicle VIN and everything so we shall see. I will keep bugging them on a weekly basis re 2100rpm.
    In the meantime I made already 9500 miles.
    I have also noticed that after a few hours drive the GEAR SHIFTS become somewhat more JERKY/noticeable/ especially between 1st,and 2nd-3rd.No problem with 3rd to 4th . I have the AUTOSTICK feature so I do not know if that has something to do with it, but I doubt it. When the engine is cold and within the whole first hour of driving gear upshifts and downshifts are pleasant and smooth.
    Any ideas?
  • bondguybondguy Posts: 20
    I lease a 2001 T&C it!!! It is kind of sad that all these people (if you can call them that) like HOTSPUR and the others have to come into this forum to knock the Dodge/Chrysler products...but as a lessor or an owner of one of these fine Chrysler products, I can't help but feel sorry for them...We can say all we want about how great our vans our and they will talk about how great (they wish) their vans are...but, after driving both for awhile, they spent relatively the same money as us and got MUCH LESS VEHICLE !!! Granted safety features are very important to some (as well as myself) but being that it's not yet tested, you can only put value on the tangible assets or the ones that you can put your hands on now. If a flip down seat and implied reliability are their only two strong points...consider all the things Chrysler offers that you can't get on Honda...3 zone AC..power liftgate.."real" sliding/power side doors..fog lights..leather seats..4 disc CD changer w/ premium sound..50/50 rear seats..24 hour roadside console with power outlets..electric seats on both sides w/ memory as well as memory outside rearview dimming rear view mirror..MUCH QUIETER if a flip down seat is your thing, pay list price and get the Honda...don't argue with a Honda should feel sorry for them...there the ones who have to drive their vehicles every day and every day they don't use their "magic" seat or get in an accident, they just have a plain jane tin box that they paid list price plus for and could've had a REAL van.
  • rolfe2rolfe2 Posts: 81
    dimitero - It sounds like we have the same van configurations. I have done a number of 6-7 hour trips and have never noticed anything but smooth shifts. I also have never heard my fan(s) but maybe it hasn't been hot enough to have them kick in.

    Thanks for the follow up report. There has been some "noise" on this forum lately, and it's refreshing to see an informative post.

  • hotspurhotspur Posts: 34
    In choosing the Odyssey as a 2001 All-Star:

    "Honda's Odyssey is an All-Star three years running not because it packs more cubbyholes or cup holders or key-fob-operated frippery than its competitors. In a segment of the market where the comfortable, reliable, fuss-free conveyance of multiple humans and their movables is a vehicle's whole raison-d'etre, the Odyssey distinguishes itself, simply enough, by being more comfortable, more reliable, and more fuss-free than the rest. Moreover, it's awfully good to drive."

    Bottom-line: a refined powertrain and outstanding ride and handling are more important than DC's great innovation--grocery-bag hooks.
  • BKSuttonBKSutton Posts: 23
    And not all automotive journalists will say the same thing. Also - "being more comfortable" is not only subjective but vague.

    I've had Hondas where I think the seats are great. However Honda went on the cheap with the Odyssey seats. Even Consumer Reports (for those who live and die on their word) acknowledge they could use more support. Maybe for your keaster the Honda seats are acceptable.

    Again - more comfortable in what ways? I certainly will be less comfortable in a van where my passenger cannot set their own temperature. My wife likes to cook herself - I don't particulary enjoy breaking a sweat while driving.

    Would I buy an Odyssey. Perhaps; if my trips were never longer than 45 minutes. Different strokes for different folks. The sooner you figure that out the better.

    -- BKS
  • cbrierecbriere Posts: 3
    Hi. I'm new here but I've been reading posts for the past week or so. I've been looking at buying a mini van, and I've test driven a Mazda MPV. I'm now looking at the Voyagers, and I wanted to know if anyone else compared the two?? I like a few features about the MPV in particular. It does have the hideaway rear seat, which seems convenient since I only have 2 children, and we are not going to have any more. It leaves some room for cargo. I also like that the windows on the sliding doors go down. I guess I worry because I have owned 2 Dodges (the only two autos I've had...) and though they are okay, I think Mazda may be better once the mileage gets up there. Please help. This is a huge decision, considering we like to own our vehicles for a LONG time. Thanks!-Carrie
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    Some of those professionals would perfer to seat in a Porsche 911 turbo than anything else, do you think their seats are more comfy?...oh sure, cup holders are useless when you don't allow your passengers to drink because it might stain the cloth seats. Grocery hooks are useless too when you constantly need to fold down your magic seats for your delivery job...I just wondering, if you need to fold down your magic seats all the time and your van can only seats 4, shouldn't you buy a station wagon instead of a minivan? I am sure it is safer than most of the minivans in the market and you will be happy about not needing to go to the Odyssey problem forums again. Again, I am glad you like your Odysessy that much and you should because you made that decision all by yourself and not some professionals made it for you. Oh just to stay in this "My2001 Chrysler T&C/Voyager/Dodge Caravan" topic, mine runs great and the passengers in the 3rd row are so happy about the roomy and comfy seats this van provides.
  • In negotiating for a T&C LXI, I told the rep that Chrysler had the Mopar video unit listed for $1,400 on their web site. I had the print out sheet with me. He said that was without installation and it would cost $1,900. I looked at the print out and he was correct that installation was not included - it is in fine print at the bottom. I told him $1,900 was out of the question as $500 to install was insane. He looked it up for cost and said he would install it for $1,500 total to seal the deal.

    We have not purchased yet. Still waiting to see how the EX/LXI pricing shakes out later this year and also to see if they will introduce the 3.5 engine later this year as mentioned in Consumer Reports for April.
  • howie99mnhowie99mn Posts: 20
    Took delivery of Town & country lx, h package, cd / casette , power drive seat.

    Paid $23030 including $1000 rebate, plus tax, tags,
    Thats almost $4700 off list.

    I found a very small bad bonding job on the right rear of the car. This is my second car where I have bad bonding in the passenger rear side near the bumper and corner piece that looks loke a rectangle.

    Overall, impressed with CD player and transmission smoothness and excellent comfort.
    Interior looks much better than Odyessey.
  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    We started out our minivan search by looking at MPVs. I think Mazda erred by not extending 4WD into the new redesign of the MPV, because everything else about the vehicle is pretty attractive, except that is was a tad too small for us. I thought the interior layout was clever and the roll down center windows are great--probably the biggest shortcoming on most minivans including our new T&C LXi.

    Anyway, I think it will come down to basic space needs for you. Can the Voyager hold one more body or more gear and is that important? We too have two kids, and find that their stuff and their friends and their stuff can take up an unlimited amount of space.

    Both vehicles have similar reliability, though check the new Consumers Reports for their data charts.
  • scannerscanner Posts: 295

    How's your coolant level, and how high does your temperature gauge read?
  • cbrierecbriere Posts: 3
    I just test drove a Voyager for the first time this afternoon. Chrysler has some good deals right now. Unfortunately, the prices are still about $2000 more than the price I am being offered for a new 2000 MPV. (I realize that I could get a 2001 Voyager for that $2000, but to me new is new...)I guess I enjoyed the ride in the Voyager. The seats are more plush than those of the MPV, the engine is much bigger. (Mazda's 2.5L is a 6 cylinder, I test drove a 3.3L V6...) My children are really young right now, and I guess I don't want to buy more car than we need. I have a 3 year old, and an 11 month old. It's such a tough decision, especially since i'llI'llpaying on this for 5 years... by then maybe I will need something bigger.The Voyager handled very well. I even managed to back it into a parking spot without any real difficulty. The only thing that bothered me is that I liked the idea of moving the 3rd row seat to the middle position, giving me kind of the equivalent of an SUV's reSUV'sace, but darn it I just don't have the room to store a bench seat in my apartment and I don't feel the desire to bring it up and down the stairs to my third floor apartment.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    Honest questions from people who compare the various minivans are always welcome in a DC forum.
    Each minivan has advantages. For us the GC SE was THE right choice in March 1999. After reading in the many forums, reading Motor Trend, Consumer Reports, Edmunds, Edmunds Town Hall, etc. I would still select the 99 GC SE at the price we paid as First Choice for us
    It will be interesting to see how the Taffeta White 2001 Odyssey EX will fill the needs of my sister and brother in law (who live in the 3rd house east of us but across a major road and in a different US Postal Service Zip Code area). I hope it has zero problems and serves them as flawlessly as has our Bright White 1999 Grand Caravan SE served us. 99 GC SE comfort makes it easy to drive the 700 miles one way in one day to Disneyland with 4 adults and 2 grandchildren.
  • cbrierecbriere Posts: 3
    I just test drove a Voyager for the first time this afternoon. Chrysler has some good deals right now. Unfortunately, the prices are still about $2000 more than the price I am being offered for a new 2000 MPV. (I realize that I could get a 2001 Voyager for that $2000, but to me new is new...)I guess I enjoyed the ride in the Voyager. The seats are more plush than those of the MPV, the engine is much bigger. (Mazda's 2.5L is a 6 cylinder, I test drove a 3.3L V6...) My children are really young right now, and I guess I don't want to buy more car than we need. I have a 3 year old, and an 11 month old. It's such a tough decision, especially since i'llI'llpaying on this for 5 years... by then maybe I will need something bigger.The Voyager handled very well. I even managed to back it into a parking spot without any real difficulty. The only thing that bothered me is that I liked the idea of moving the 3rd row seat to the middle position, giving me kind of the equivalent of an SUV's reSUV'sace, but darn it I just don't have the room to store a bench seat in my apartment and I don't feel the desire to bring it up and down the stairs to my third floor apartment.
  • scannerscanner Posts: 295
    See, you should have never traded in your Caravan/Voyager. ;-)

    Check it out, like magic the ratcheting cupholders are back.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    That's ok, my Quest has 'em too:-). I'll have to ask my brother if his '00 Caravan has them though.

    Vans, SUVs and Aftermarket & Accessories Message Boards

    (and I still think my front seats are great--go figure...)
  • dimiterodimitero Posts: 6
    Coolant level is just below maximum and temperature is just below the middle line gauge at most times. It never passes the mid level.
    I spoke with the dealer today again. He is a nice fellow, seems to be trying his best.
    He is calling Chrysler again on my behalf. However he said that out of the three concerns that I have/i.e the 2100rpm issue, the fan vibration felt when the vehicle is stationary and the occasional JERKY upshifts when warm/ he is most concerned about the transmission. If we have to prioritize I will agree, but ALL issues will need to be addressed at some point.
    I also have a 98 GC SE model that is now 56 000 mls. It has not had any problems sofar but we are keeping our fingers crossed. It is somewhat noisier but there is no fan vibration no 2100 rpm issue and no jerky upshifts. Of course it is not an AWD has no Autostick and is the 3.3 I engine.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Please continue any discussions on the Honda Odyssey in the Honda Odyssey vs. Chrysler minivans topic. This topic is for discussion regarding the '01 and newer Chrysler minivans.

    Thank you for your co-operation

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  • scannerscanner Posts: 295
    "No, Chrysler will not be adding this feature anytime soon. They studied it during the development phase of the '01 minivans, and found that it made packaging the AWD system very difficult, in addition to increasing road/tire noise inside the cabin (hence the reason why you hear Odyssey owners complaining of hearing the gasoline sloshing around in the tank). For these two primary reasons, they decided to stick with the current configuration."

    Drew, Thanks for the informative post.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    I posted that post that Scanner quoted, hence his mention of my name in his post ;-)

    Please note that Chrysler said that it would be difficult to package the AWD with the hideaway 3rd row, but not impossible. With the driveshaft running to the rear (for the AWD) and with the 3rd row seat well, I'm not sure where the spare tire would go except for inside the vehicle. Clearly this not a good choice for a minivan. Doesn't seem like marketing fluff to me.

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  • dleung1dleung1 Posts: 10
    Does Daimler Chrysler charge this fee on leases
    these days ?
  • sts3sts3 Posts: 1
    What is a good price for a Chrysler maximum care 6 yr./75,000/$50 deductible extended warranty? The dealership quoted me $1420 which seems high....
  • While not quite a direct comparison, my dealer quoted a $880 discounted price for the Chrysler warranty package 1 notch lower than the Maximum Care offering - same terms - 6 yr, 75K miles.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    If any of you are going to buy your vehicles only based on magazine reviews or advertisings and not test driving it first you are just stupid and you shouldn't be allowed to spend money on anything. My butt felt right when I sat in the 2001 DC Van but not in other vans. My ears enjoyed the music through DC's sound systems but not in other vans. I do not think those professional writers have your butt/ears/wallets to test drive the vehicles for you. So don't listen to any of us here or anybody else.
  • dimiterodimitero Posts: 6
    My dealer told me today that Chrysler will be sending out a KIT for repair that is supposed to address the 2100 rpm vibration. That should start in 2-3 weeks.
    Let us see what happens.
  • pgs_28pgs_28 Posts: 34

    Hi... I couldn't help but notice your post. This is definitely good news. Can you tell me what this fix consists of and what the attribute the problem to? Any more information would be appreciated including a phone number I could call for clarification.

  • I can understand why the boys at Mercedes are pissed that their new American Cohorts are losing so much dough.
    Don't get me wrong, I am stoked to get a new Town & Country and am just waiting to figure this whole thing out.
    They come out with the LX, LXI, Limited and then months later the EX to stop the bleeding from Honda's pesty van.
    They offer tons of cash back on all but the EX and now are finally addressing the AWD 2100 RPM problem.
    Then they promote that a 3.5L 240HP engine will be coming later this year, when, true?

    I am waiting this storm out to see what gives at model year end. What will the 2002 have different and if nothing what will the left over 2001's go for when I buy.

    Good Luck - no matter what it is the best van out there.
  • howie99mnhowie99mn Posts: 20
    Unofficial Crash test results for 2001 voyager/T&C results 4 stars both sides of front and 5 stars on the sides?. Not sure if they had airbags on when crash tests.
  • oreo2oreo2 Posts: 2
    I have been monitoring this board for a while. Great comments. I like the vehicle. Quick question it is 3/28/2001 I am dealing on T&C LX. We are at invoice and 3.9 for 60 months, dealer does not want to budge of invoice I think he can do better. Has any one done better? If so how. This deal does not involve a trade. Money down and financing. Comments welcome.
  • tomc12tomc12 Posts: 1
    I ordered a 2001 T&C LXi AWD fully loaded - 29U pkg, heated seats, power lift gate, heavy duty cooling, 4 CD Changer, Roof Rack, Side Air Bags, Full Size Spare. I think I got a great price of $31,533 (MSRP = $37,145) taking the $1,500 rebate. However, I am getting cold feet. The more I read about the AWD 2100 RPM issue and DC product reliability & quality issues, the more concerned I get about taking ownership of the vehicle. Maybe this is just buyer's remorse , but I am questioning whether to move forward with the deal.
  • carleton1carleton1 Posts: 560
    Quite common when spending over $1000 for most people. Our 99 GC SE is our FIRST ever Chrysler product and in 2 years it has had zero problems. Not one of the many people I know that have DC minivans has experienced problems. I think DC reliability problems come from the many ABUSED DC minivans that were used as rentals, fleet, and / or government vehicle usage. Buy a NEW DC minivan and chances of a problem are very near to zero.
    Of course you could buy another minivan, pay MSRP, and based on CR reliability it will have a worse reliability record than does T&C.
  • aps5aps5 Posts: 43
    Hey, this is great news; Rolfe and others take note!

    Let us know the details of this fix so our dealers can address the issue!


    ps : to Tomc12: just had the awd van in (again) 2 feet unplowed drifted snow, uphill, and not even a slip. The van is awesome; go for it.
  • > Maybe this is just buyer's remorse , but I am questioning whether to move forward with the deal.

    If it were me, I would wait until there is some real resolution to this problem. I talked to my dealer today, and he did not sound hopeful about a fix after talking to 'headquarters'. He promised to get me in touch with the district manager to discuss the vibration problem. So far, Chrysler has not informed me of a fix or even if there will be one.

    Still waiting....
  • krsperbkrsperb Posts: 1
    I have been researching minivans for the past 5 weeks using and what a difference that made when purchasing our GC. My husband has been too busy with college courses and work to be able to help, so I can proudly say I did this deal solo. Tomorrow I am picking up my 2001 GC ES with a 29S package (husband loves those chrome wheels!) + pwr liftgate, side air bags, roof rack & trailer tow group. MSRP was around $33000+, invoice $30355. I called the sales manager directly (no salesman to take up hours of my time) and told him exactly what I was looking for and asked him what was the best deal he could offer. He said he would sell a loaded ES off the showroom floor for $28,800 (invoice - $1000 (manuf. rebate) - $500 (dealer rebate)) with 5.9% financing for 60 mo. We thought that seemed reasonable, but determined it was still over the amount we wanted to spend (I'm a stay-at-home Mom of 3, so every dollar counts). I called back his co-manager today to see what deal he would offer me on an ES order with less options - he ended up offering me the loaded ES for $27,800, (previous night's bid - $1000 (rebate)) with 4.9% financing for 60 mo. We literally raced back to the show room to sign the deal - good thing, too, because another couple was waiting right behind us to buy it. We ended up paying as much for the loaded ES, if not less, than ordering one with much less options. This was all done with no trade. Going into the dealership knowing my numbers made for such a smooth deal - the sales manager even commented that he knew I did my homework! By the way, thanks to the info I received from the Town Hall discussions, I should be getting the roof rack problem fixed (amazing how many salespeople I had to educate on this problem!) Also some helpful info to those of you who are scampering to get in on the rebate/financing deals from Dodge - they have just been extended to 4/30/01 (previously 4/3/01). This is per my discussion with Dodge this morning (1-888-4-a-dodge). But a word to the wise - each dealer handles this differently. Some will let you lock in as long as you order before the expiration date, others will only honor it if you take delivery on or before the expiration date. I assume Chrysler has extended their offers as well.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    While the domestic manufacturers are improving, they still seem to be behind the Japanese WRT quality, in general.

    As you may recall, I drive a '94 Grand Voyager LE AWD. It currently only has 93K+ kilometres (about 58K miles) on the odometer and has never been our of the province or out of the country (yes, it hasn't even been down to Seattle!); this van is our first domestic vehicle, BTW, my family has only owned Japanese and German (MB) vehicles prior to this.

    Even though I drive sensibly and not punish the vehicle, I do have to admit that it has had its share of problems. Nonetheless, it hasn't been too too bad, especially after reading and hearing so many horror stories. Interestingly, the first 2+ years of ownership were completely troublefree, just as your has been thus far. Just the regular oil changes and services. No problems whatsoever! However towards the 3rd year we experienced a few problems, and then one major one. The torque converter failed and it had to be towed to the dealership. Next (several months later) it was the starter motor that crapped out and wouldn't stop cranking even with the key removed from the ignition! It was a tense minute as I jumped out of the van, dug around for a wrench in the garage to remove the battery clip. Again, it had to be towed from my home garage to the dealership. I've had the ringing noise (from the tensioner/pulley) problem, and still hear it occasionally actually. The head gasket and more recently, the oil pan gasket has also been replaced once each, because of a slow oil leak. Same with the rear differential seal (remember its AWD :-))...they topped it up and then replaced it a week later under the powertrain extended warranty.

    The most recent problem was that some kind of switch controlling the brake lights was defective, and the brake lamps refused to go off. This meant that I had to disconnect the battery to get them to shut off. I'm still on my first transmission though (I hope it lasts!; the unit is okay, but not particularly refined), and everything else seems to be okay for now. Thank goodness for the extended warranty!

    My dealership (Coquitlam Chrysler) has been just excellent though. The service advisors and service manager are just a pleasure to deal with (even though, I've had to visit them enough to be on a first name basis with them), and just about bend over backwards to please the customers.

    One of my parents' friends has worked for Chrysler for the last 20 over years (he handles the warranty claims from all of the dealerships) and even he admits that these vans have had their problems. The good news is that they're improving. For example, I was told that their failure rate for the trannies was something like 15% a few years's down to something like 2% (or below) nowadays.

    Good luck!

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