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Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Voyager



  • axle59axle59 Posts: 28
    I was in the dealer this morning getting the oil changed on my 2k1 LXi FWD and was looking at the catalog for the new vans. The GPS system is $1800, and the entertainment system is $1400. I am not sure if you can get these as options or if they are add ons you have to pay to have installed.
  • dfsykesdfsykes Posts: 11
    Thanks for the answer Geoduck. I think I prefer the flexibility of the split bench also, despite the uncomfortable middle position. Do you or anybody else know what the Limited has that you can't get on the Lei. I know about the suede leather and the different wheel covers and the bench seat, but that seems like a lot for anybody to pay $2,000 for. What other minor amenities does only the Limited offer? Does the Lei offer auto-dimming side and rear view mirrors? I know the Limited does. Thanks.
  • topgntopgn Posts: 132
    Minivan...Station wagon of the 90's...
    Have fun and look good in life BUY A SUV>>>>
  • axle59axle59 Posts: 28
    I think memory seats are available only on the limited also.
  • brians5brians5 Posts: 23
    If you go back to the Chrysler site and build the van you want, I think it will prompt you at the appropriate spot to select from a variety of Mopar accessories. The GPS and TV are among them. The site, of course, only reveals retail prices for those options.

    I remember seeing those options for my van when I used the site to construct it.

    Hope this helps.

  • Recently bought the above car. Replaced a 1996 Chrysler T&C LXI. My wife is using the Dodge, and was using the Chrysler it replaced.

    So far very satisfied with the car. Fit and finish are better than on the 96 T&C. Car is quicker than the 96. We looked at the '01 T&C,
    went with the Dodge because she liked the body
    better. Dodge has a somewhat sportier appearance. Got the Dodge fully loaded; power doors,
    liftgate, heated seats, leather, the works. Only thing missing/not available were memory driver's
    seat, as far as I can tell.

    As to fwd vs. awd, couple of weeks ago we were on the NJ Tpk in a major snowstorm. Car handled perfectly in very poor driving conditions. I cannot imagine what awd would have added to the equation.

    We had probs with brakes and transmission with the 96. Sure hope Chrysler has their act better together with the 2001, but of course time will tell.
  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    Two sources for differentiating between an LXi and a Limited are the hard copy catalog found at dealers and any website that let's you order/purchase an auto.
    Edmunds has a few of the latter sites. Enter in your requirements and they will let you know the differences; it can be tiresome reading all the fine print.
    Nope, the LXi didn't have autodimming mirrors and I don't believe our seats have memory, but I am not sure. That over-the-top stuff wasn't all that important to us anyway.

    Let us know about your decision.
  • scannerscanner Posts: 295
    Features found on the T&C Limited which are not optional on the Lxi include: body color roof rack, upgraded carpet, upgraded leather, upgraded aluminum wheels, upgraded trip computer, memory driver's seat, memory auto dimming mirrors, auto headlights, 3rd row reading lamps, rear bench seat with center armrest, and I expect the soon to come 3.5L 230HP engine.
  • bondguybondguy Posts: 20
    We just leased the LXi yesterday morning... the optional Video system is very expensive as an option. You can from what I understand get one after market installed for a much better price. As far as getting better resale for your vehicle after 5 years..ha,a,ha...I love my vehicle and it is the first minivan or American made vehicle I have ever owned (only one day so far)... but they are typically known for terrible resale even after 3 years. Also, if you have young kids, which you probably do since you are getting a van, if the television is always available to them, I heard from people that have one permanently installed that it could be a negative thing too. One more thing to consider;some of these systems only play videos while some you can also watch television (no cable though..ha,ha again). A couple of places you can check out for aftermarket van products are JCWHITNEY.COM or a place STYLINCONCEPTS.COM . By the way, so far we love the LXi. We leased it for 39 months w/ 15K miles/annually...came out of pocket total of $1000 including first mo, tax, tag...we got the 29-U package (which I highly recommend, the 3.8L engine, power rear liftgate, and a 4 disc indash CD changer)..list price was $33,160 and we are paying $490/mo + tax...I am in Florida and every other dealer for the exact same vehicle wanted anywhere from $418 to $468...before the end of Dec, we could have leased the exact same vehicle for $25 less a month, but residuals went down quite a bit after the new year. We got Bright Silver w/ Navy Blue leather...It looks GREAT!!! You should also look into leasing the a few dealers as the price can vary quite a bit depending on which dealer you go to and what incentives they are willing to the way, they also have dealer cash right now going on (which I am sure the dealer would not voluntarily tell you about..from $300-$1000 they get if they hit certain sales volume levels...ask your dealer to dip into this money if he wants to earn your business...anyway, whichever you do, good luck on your future purchase!
  • bondguybondguy Posts: 20
    The LXi also has auto off headlamps...has anyone out there purchased the cargo area organizer for the very rear of the T&C van? If so, how much did you pay and is it a great plus having it?
  • axle59axle59 Posts: 28
    The cargo organizer is available as of January 1st. My wife and I were interested in one until we found out the price. $390 for a stinking piece of plactic and some hinges. Doesn't look so attractive now.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    When I purchased my T & C Ltd on Saturday I also found out the MSRP cost for those Mopar accessories are about 20% higher than the invoice. So, you really should buy the accessories the same time you purchase the vechicle and have the sales to get those accessories at their cost. Here is my recent post of my new T & C Ltd.:

    Just purchased a 2001 T & C Ltd yesterday. Great car!! Patriot blue, x Package, trailer tow group, Preimum leather, quad bucket w/child seat and 4 disc cd changer. Only thing I didn't get was the Navy blue interior that I wanted but for $4500 off the MSRP plus the $1000 rebate ($30590) I don't mind do a little cleaning. I even bought the running boards at invoice price but will need to do installed it myself (save $400 on prof. installation).
  • scannerscanner Posts: 295

    Thanks for the clarification, but I actually meant auto ON headlamps. I believe all except the cheapest minivans come with auto off headlamps nowadays.
  • dfsykesdfsykes Posts: 11
    Thanks for the answer Scanner. From what I see on the web the LXi AWD is available with memory seats, I don't know about the memory mirrors though. Do you know what features the upgrade to the trip computer offers? Does anybody have any feedback on how much better the Limited leather upgrade is? Is there anyone with a 2001 AWD that does not have the resonance problem at 2100 rpm? thanks for you help.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    Question for you guys/gal. What grade of gas you put into the 2001 T & C. According to the manual, the engine prefers 87 and it almost applying that the 92 will do more harm to the engine. Would like to know your opinion.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    You can safely use higher octane fuel in your vehicle if you wish, but there will be little benefit even though the premium fuel will cost you more. I stick with regular octane 87 gasoline for my 3.8L V6.

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  • rolfe2rolfe2 Posts: 81
    You may recall my complaints about an annoying resonance that occurs most noticeably at 2100 RPM in my 2001 GC ES AWD.

    It was caused by the full sized spare tire pressing against the exhaust pipe!

    It sounds to me like there is a natural frequency of the system at about 2100, but this spare tire thing amplified it greatly. The resonance is now down to a dull roar (sorry). I'm delighted.

    As far as whether this is unique to AWDs or not, it may actually be related to whether you have a full sized spare, and then to whether it is centered properly. (I'm not certain whether you can buy an AWD without the full sized spare, since it seems to me that it might might confuse the AWD system if one wheel was rotating faster than the others.)

    In an earlier post, I mentioned that a service rep said that he'd seen some kind of bulletin on this problem. I'm sorry to report that he cannot come up with it, and now is not sure what vehicle it referred to.

    So, I'm happy -- and hope this helps someone else.

  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    Rolfe2, wow! --so who disgnosed the problem? We do have a full-sized spare---it may have come with the towing package.

    Without actually looking, I assume properly centering the spare means, among other things, removing its contact with the exhaust system.

    Thanks for the good work! You have saved many of us lots of hassle.
  • aps5aps5 Posts: 43
    Lets not all breathe a sigh of relief too fast.
    Rolfe still says the resonance is there; it is now probably at the level that we all have it.
    Mine is not that loud, just noticeable, mostly a 2100 hum and a vibration which can be felt through the accelerator pedal. I will check my full size spare but I doubt if it will solve my or anybody elses "low level" low frequency noise problem!

  • The last I heard, the 3.5L engine will be available starting in March but only on the "Limited." Does anyone have any update to this info?
  • tasillotasillo Posts: 51
    This is my first post to the van section, also own a Tahoe so I'm usually in the SUV arena...

    With twins on the way, needed something more "user friendly" than the Tahoe. Looked at the Honda, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota and Oldsmobile. The Chrysler/Dodge twins are hard to beat. At first I lobbied for the Honda, reliability, resale and build quality at the top of my lists. After a good look at the Honda, I was disappointed. Average interior materials, poorly operating power doors, somewhat noisy engine, but I did love the "magic seat". The Ford did not impress at all. Cramped feeling inside, bulky looking outside and expensive. The Dodge and Chrysler's were an obvious choice, but which one. Grand Caravan AS had the 17" wheels, touring suspension, spottier appearance, came pretty much loaded. I&I LXi's were less expensive but harder to find equipped my way (3.8L, tow pkg., touring suspension). Limited's seemed expensive for the suede/leather combo, painted roof rack and memory driver seat.

    Fortunately, Carmax is a Chrysler dealer in Atlanta and after X-mas, had prices posted on their T&C's that, before the 1000 rebate were still about $500 less than invoice. Apparently there were some dealer incentives as well.

    My wife decided she liked the Dodge's appearance better, wanted Silver with Navy Blue leather. Peachtree Dodge had one, I offered the comparable Carmax Chrylser price and drove out than night. MSRP was $35,250 (every ES option but roof rack and block heater). With the dealer retaining the rebate, I paid $30,150 plus tax and title. I felt good about the deal.

    After one week, both my wife and I are impressed. An earlier post referred to these vehicles as the most refined Chrysler products. I'd have to agree. Everything, from the turn signal stalk to the HVAC controls feels almost Lexus like. Why GM can't figure this out is beyond me. The 3.8L is quiet and smooth and feels adequate for the vehicle's mission. Most impressive is the handling. The $95 touring suspension is well worth the money. Very controlled at higher speeds and with minimal body roll in turns, it truly feels like a well suspended sedan. So far, everything works as it should, there are no rattles, squeaks or vibrations and the general fit and finish seems to be at a high level.

    I'd encourage anyone in the market for a van to take a good look at the Chrysler product. Time will tell it's overall worth but early on, it is quite impressive.
  • scannerscanner Posts: 295

    The only damage that will occur by using high octane fuel will be to your wallet. But one advantage of using high octane fuel is the slight increase in performance you may notice due to the decreased weight of your wallet.
  • tomtomtomtomtomtom Posts: 491
    LOL, I guess mine won't because I am using credit card. Anyway, I think I will stick with the cheap gas and use the saving to buy me a can of soda..Oops, wouldn't that add the extra weight to slow down my T&C??!! Happy driving scanner
  • bondguybondguy Posts: 20
    Just got a 2001 T&C LXi last week. I was interested in the cargo organizer for the very rear floor. Somebody posted that their local dealer has it for $390 (ouch). I saw similar items not from Mopar on the JC Whitney site for @ $250. Does anybody know anything about these cargo area organizers? I was thinking it would be good for when I load the baby's strollers in the van when it's wet and for carrying stuff from Home Depot that I wouldn't want to get all over vehicle. Also, are their any accessories that I should get or that you would recommend getting...I am new to the minivan arena. Thanks in advance!
  • axle59axle59 Posts: 28
    Yep the mopar cargo organizer is $390. But if you just want something to keep the muck out of the carpet then you should look into the weather-tech cargo area liner. It should only be about $70 for an extended mini.They are custom fit, have a 3" lip around the edge, and are easily removeable to be hosed off. They are available at the J.C. Whitney website or in their catalog.
  • I am seeing the cargo organizer listed on the Chrysler website under vehicle accesories- interior protection for $250.
  • bondguybondguy Posts: 20
    Yes..Sparkolounger...I saw that too...maybe it's not for a 2001...maybe that is for a 2000 model...which shouldn't be much different in that respect...When I leased the vehicle, the dealer told me any accessories I wanted he'd do for me at cost. But even at $250, it's probably @ a 20% it would still run @ $200...maybe I'll check JCWhitney online.
  • Bondguy,

    I believe the cargo organizer is brand new for the 2001 models.
  • pgs_28pgs_28 Posts: 34
    This is great news. I just bought a 2001 T & C with everything including towing package and have had it to the dealer. He says it normal to have this vibration. I told him it is very, very annoying and that it couldn't be normal. Anymore info on this would be great. I also have a problem with a air noise of the roof of the van and at the driver-side door in the upper left corner? Suggestions? Oh... and cool air seems to be blowing in from the left side of the dash. Other than that it is great. Had a drop-down tv installed... the kids love it... it is great!!! Made by AudioVox.
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