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Dodge Caravan/Chrysler Voyager



  • Does anyone know whether the EX has an option for a Trailer/Towing Pkg. and the related heavy duty radiator, etc.?
  • Rolfe, I'd like a copy of your history doc on the noise issue. How can I get one?
  • rolfe2rolfe2 Posts: 81
    curtfaulk- if you're OK with this, update your Edmunds profile (even temporarily) to include your email address, and I'll send you a zip file of the doc (now over 60 posts). I'll next check tonight sometime.

  • Rolfe-I too would appreciate your collection of posts re:the T&C noise issue. Thanks-Striker5
  • rolfe2rolfe2 Posts: 81
    striker5 and curtfaulk -- make sure you checked Public in your Edmunds profile for your email address -- I can't access it yet.

  • scannerscanner Posts: 295
    Meanwhile, guess who just won Motor Week's 2001 Drivers' Choice Awards for Best Minivan, Best Family Sedan, and Best Crossover Vehicle.


  • abealiabeali Posts: 13
    Just wanted to report on my first 1000 mile experience with my 2001 Dodge GC, ES, 3.8L, FWD ... I hope prospective buyers find this helpful.

    I am thrilled that I didn't have to take this car back to the dealer for any mechanical or body problems in the first 1K miles. I've never had a car, foreign or domestic, that escaped this fate except for this GC.

    I do not have any 2100 RPM vibration or noise on this FWD unit.

    I am thrilled with driving this silk-smooth vehicle, and my wife and I are constantly fighting over who will drive when we are together.

    I am extremely impressed by the quality of the ride and the rich features. The configuration, space, comfort, 3-zone climate control, heated seats, sound system, video system, etc. makes this vehicle a keeper for the next 10 years.

    There are two annoyances:

    1. The release handle for the hand brake!!! The guy that decided on the location for this handle should be fired; better yet he should be punished by having to reach for it 100 times WAAAAYYY down there under the steering column! I can't imagine such a well thought out vehicle with such a big lapse of attention ... especially with that handle having been so conveniently placed on the 98 model.

    2. For some very weird reason, we get an annoyingly "crackly" reception on AM 1070 radio station in the Los Angeles basin. This is a very powerful news station I have listened to for years and never had any reception problems with except in the GC. I met the video system installer at the dealer for some upgrades to my installation, and he went through a couple of other GCs on the lot ... both had the same problem. He then tested his own car and my other car: no reception problem. Real weird! He couldn't even think of a reason ... If anyone knows why this is, I would appreciate a note.

    Other than this last bit of whining, this GC has been a blast to have and drive ...
  • The radio reception in my T & C Ltd is weird (couldn't think of another word) also. Some stations I couldn't pick up in my other car is crystal clear in the T&C. At the same time, some stations supposed to be clear but static in the T&C. Anyway, the quality of the systems is unbelievably rich when listening to CDs (don't have any tapes to test the cass. deck)
  • scannerscanner Posts: 295
    Has anyone else received or taken advantage of this offer?
  • Just wanted to second the opinions expressed by Abeali. We used to own a 96 Chrysler T&C LXI, which we traded in for a 2001 GC ES, fully loaded, silver with blue leather. The GC is a real pleasure to drive. Have about 3500 miles on the car so far, problem free, first time with any of our new cars. Plently of pep, car cruises effortlessly at 80 mph on the highway, solid as a rock. Handles very well. We are very pleased. Only complaint is location of parking brake handle, which could cause a dislocated shoulder
    by reaching for it. I am not a minivan person (this is my wife's car) but I would buy this car again in a heartbeat. Big improvment over the 96 T&C.
  • rrtkerrtke Posts: 11
    I am in the market for a 2001 Town & Country Limited with all-wheel drive.

    The only options I am planning to add are the 4cd changer and heated seats.

    What has been the going market price for such a vehicle?

    With the $1500 rebate and $1000 factory to dealer incentives I figure now is a good time look.
  • Two weekends ago, we took delivery of our 2001 ltd. awd. We added the options of heated seats, 4-disc indash cd, tow package, integrated booster seat, and engine block heater. Our out the door price was $33,111.00. (We opted for the 2.9% financing and $1000.00 rebate. )

    Need more info, let me know.

  • I just send out emails/faxes to several dealers in our area asking for their best price on a 2001 T&C AWD Ltd...with tow package, front heated seats, and the 4disc cd changer as well..

    So far the best price I've gotten back is for 32,486.00.. this particular LTD also has running boards too. I actually have driven this particular one that has given me the best price. The next best price I have is 33K... both of these prices are after rebate.

    Of course... I get to pay the lovely 8.6% sales tax on top of that! Yikes!

    We can't make up our minds about the LTD vs. the LXI... we included a request for pricing on a maxed out LXI... AWD as well... the best price I have on that so far is 31,000... One of the dealers has a used one with 4,000 miles on it... actually it is a demo... It is a FWD however... the price on it w/ 4K is 27K... at least that's the sticker... It is tempting... however not the color of my choice. This one is green and we like the Patriot or Steel blue... We can't find any with the navy leather either... all are taupe.

    What's stopping us? Dale (our host) knows! The safety tests still.. I'm getting restless though. My husband hated the way the LXI felt in the back 50/50 split bench in the middle... however we like the versatility of the 50 split bench vs. the standard bench in the LTD. The LTD is definitely a more comfortable bench however! Wouldn't want to be the one in middle of the rear split bench in the LXI...especially on a long trip! Ouch!

    Still concerned a bit about the AWD issues too... one of the dealers when I asked about any info on the vibration/noise at 2100rpms said that it was related to the transfer case... according to Chrsyler engineers... "they are working on it". Hmm.... I hope so! :o)

    Good luck with your purchase... let us know how you did! :o)
  • rrtkerrtke Posts: 11
    Thanks Brian and babyangels. I'll keep you posted.
  • Maria:
    Go with the AWD, the functionality is worth the extra cost. Two Fridays ago the Seattle area (as you know) got hit with 8-11 inches of snow which is a big deal for us.

    Our LXi performed great up and down hills. Very stable handling--as good as my SUV with part-time 4wd. I also used the occasion to learn the characteristics of the antilock brakes and to reprogram my old pump-the-brakes behavior. They worked fine.

    I cannot imagine having an adult in the middle of the split rear bench for more than a five-mile jaunt. The hinges hurt. Older kids, sure. So beware. But a split bench has sure been handy to remove for hauling stuff.
  • Hi Geoduck!

    I was hoping you'd respond to my concerns regarding the LXI vs. the LTD... I think you've talked me into it... I just needed to hear someone else who had the LXI tell me how great the convenience of the back 50/50 split bench was for storage... :o)

    We already have 2 kids... and are planning on one more... so the back 50/50 split bench would be great for one more little body and then we could still take out the other half for more storage capacity. My husband is really wondering how we'll get any more "stuff" in the minivan vs. our current Explorer... I'm not sure about that either. We are always VERY packed whenever we travel anywhere.. bags, toys, food, etc... We would definitely have to invest in one of the storage carriers for above the car. I put my Sit and Stand Stroller in the back of an LXI this wkend and found it took up the entire back of the minivan on the floor... width wise... I'd have to put groceries on top of it I guess... or on the floor by the kids?

    Regarding the AWD vs. the FWD... thank you for that input too... Most of the dealers are trying to talk us out of it. These are dealers who could have sold me the AWD in the color I wanted as well... so not like they just couldn't give me what I wanted... I have always liked the "beefier" drive of the AWD vs. the FWD.. slightly noticeable.. but enough to make me feel better after driving an SUV primarily for the last 8 years.

    My husband still wants to consider the Suburban for the storage capacity... I just don't like the "truck" driving feel and the massive overall size of the monster... Do like the looks better though! The minivan has never really impressed me looks wise.. on the outside that is. Anyhow... thanks for the advice on the AWD... I'll probably shoot for the LXI AWD I found locally.. in Patriot Blue...

    Do I remember correctly that you got the STeel Blue w/ navy leather??? We can't find the navy leather anywhere... How do you like it.. if you do have that? The entire inside is dark.. wondered if it was too dark?

  • Maria:
    Our's is Patriot Blue with the light-colored leather (a must) interior. We wanted a real color--almost got the garnet/maroon, but saw a PT Cruiser with Patriot Blue and was sold on that color instantly. The navy interior was way too dark for the northwest.

    We store our stoller vertically in the vehicle's rear by fitting it into a tight box. Then you got room for grocery bags that tie nicely into those spiffy handle clips.

    But if we pop out one of the rear splits, then I can fit a single baby jogger upright by removing the rear wheels (which is quite easy and fast).

    Three kids will max out your interior storage options indeed. We have a Thule box on our other car and it is great and secure. The roof rack on the T&C is seriously sturdy, holding 150 lbs--I think this functionality dates back to the original T&C in the late 40's which was distinguished by its custom chrome roof rack. (Neat history is another bonus of owning a T&C--take that Odyssey owners!)

    I can certainly see the rationale for a Suburbian. It's big. I may be wrong, but it seems like fewer and fewer downtown parking garages will accomodate vehicles that tall and the width may also be a challenge. They are nice looking for sure.
  • Wow... so we may end up with duplicate T&C's, eh? My husband thought that the Steel Blue was a dark midnight/navy blue vs. the greyish blue that it truly is... he liked the patriot blue better too... It is a sportier color! :o) (which is indeed important to my husband who is not relishing the idea of being seen in mini van)

    I wish I could stand my stroller up in the back of the LX I.. that would save room.. however mine is so long... the length of a twin stroller, so it is too tall to stand up. Mostly I carry the stroller and occasionally groceries.. I am an avid (now webvan) patron! IT saves me so much time and hassle to not have to drag both of the kids to the store. The prices are quite competitive too... I constantly compare with our local QFC's.

    I would tend to agree with you regarding the navy interior... It just seems really dark in the photos of my pamphlet, etc... Floors, dash, seats, everything all so dark.. seemed kinda depressing. We get enough dark days around here... I'll go for the lighter/Taupe leather instead.

    Regarding the Suburban... the gas mileage was the biggest concern.. but honestly I don't do a lot of traveling. I live on the plateau in Issaquah and rarely leave it (as all our Dr's, hairstylists, dentists, schools, etc..) are all on the plateau. I never go to Seattle.. mostly Bellevue on occasion for Bell. Square. The times I travel are mostly to Oregon to my parents/grandparents homes. The frequency of long trips are few... and lots of times I go by myself with the kids to my parents while my husband stays behind for work. I just think I would enjoy the minivan more for the conveniences offered (especially that auto liftgate!) vs. the overall massive storage capacity of the Suburban.

    Anyhow... any other comments in general about your LXI? Do you have the entertainment system? I think your little one was fairly young, right? We have a 4yr old and 1.2 year old... The 4 year old would sure enjoy that tv/vcr on the 6-7 hr trips to Nana and Papa's house! I think I would join them in the back seat too!!! Poor husband! :o)

    Anyway.. long-winded as usual here... thanks for the info and feedback. I'll let you know how it all ends up! :o)
  • I purchased a T&C LTD last weekend, after what my wife will tell you was an exhaustive search. Tested the other makes of vans, but really loved all the extras with the DC product. We love the van so far, except now I hear the 2100 rpm vibration. We have a FWD. I can't hear the vibration when sitting in the driver's seat, but if I sit on the bench seat in the back on the passenger side, the noise is LOUD! Rolfe, I would appreciate a copy of your information on the research, etc... you have done. I plan to talk to the dealer about this and want all the ammunition I can get.
    Hey, I don't sit in the back much, so I still love my LTD and would recommend it to anyone considering a minivan.
  • We are looking into buying our first Caravan, and I'm trying to decide whether to take advantage of a really good deal on a Grand Caravan with about 14,000 miles (great condition) s. a new 2001 Caravan ES. Do you think the new Caravan's are worth the extra $5000 I would pay? Don't have kids (just two dogs). Don't live where it snows alot. Mostly concerned about whether the crash test rating (especially side rear occupant -- only "Average") has really improved. Seems like most of the improvements in the 2001 models are at the higher end models, and are more aesthetic or convenience options. Not really interested in a power lift gate, etc. But I may be interested in towing a pretty light (<1,000 lfs) trailer. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!
  • rrtkerrtke Posts: 11
    The best price have been in able to get in eastern PA and central NJ is $32800 including rebates. This is for a silver LTD AWD with heated seats and CD changer.
  • Hi, Brian,

    I am looking for a 2001 ltd AWD T&C. I saw your post for out the door price was $33,111. Does this price combine with $1000 and 2.9% incentive? May I ask the interest rate 2.9% for how long? Thank you very much.

  • Hi, rrtke,

    May I ask does this $32800 get a low % APR finance? Thanks.

  • Yes, the out the door price of $33,111 was the final price after title and registration and the $1000 rebate applied. (Oregon has no pesky sales tax.)

    We chose to finance for 36 months; however, I think you can go to 48mos. with the 2.9%. After crunching all of the numbers, ($1500. rebate with 4.9% s. no rebate and .9% financing) the 2.9% with the $1,000 rebate cost the least amount of money. Our payments will be about $580 a month.

    We financed $20,000. In retrospect, we probably shouldn't have put down so much money. This financing is such cheap money, it makes sense to invest your money elsewhere and make the interest for yourself... if you can stomach the higher monthly payment.

    I hope this helps, and if you need further, shout out!

  • rrtkerrtke Posts: 11

    No $32,800 is financing it myself via e-loan. If I choose reduced financing price increase by $500 for combo of rebate and low interest rate.
  • Thank you Brian for sharing this info, very helpful. Also thank you rrtke for sharing the info, it's good to know that. Now I will try to shop around. I will keep you guys posted. Thanks again.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    "He brought you "Confessions Of a Car Salesman" to give you the inside story of his undercover work as a car salesman. For this chat, Chandler Phillips goes one-on-one with "The Cardinal", Dependable Dodge's own Marc Antonucci . Don't miss this battle of truths as these two give it to you straight."

    If you haven't read's confessions of a car salesman, I highly recommend you do so. I found it very entertaining, and yet enlightening as to what may go on in auto dealerships.


    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket and Accessories message boards
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Those of you living in or close to NY may be interested in's NY editor contest.
  • aps5aps5 Posts: 43
    Maria, tell your husband to check out the "maximum storage capacity" under specs on the Edmund's Suburban and Town and Country descriptions:

    Suburban: 138 cu feet. Much longer (I think 2 feet) and WAY worse gas mileage.

    Town and Country awd van: 168 cu feet.

    Why would anyone buy a tiny Suburban, with such a small capacity?

  • geoduckgeoduck Posts: 52
    Andy, these numbers validate my memories from when we were test driving both vehicles.

    The primary difference between layouts, is that the Suburban has more space behind the third row of seats--which is better for strollers and the like. But you also suffer from mediocre access to that third row and tighter leg room.

    Minivans may not be as sexy as SUVs but they are sure more friendly for loading people and more configurable for loading stuff.

    geoduck, who was profoundly shaken but not stirred by the earthquake.
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