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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • mcdillmcdill Posts: 180
    teo is right it doesnt just appeal to old people , im 16 going on 17, and i love the impala , and so do all my "young" freinds , out of all the other cars i could have picked out this was it bar none, i picked this car out for my parents .
  • jd123jd123 Posts: 7
    Your mileage will go up as the car was broken in. i too noticed relatively low mileage even at 2500-3000 miles.You will start noticing a definite improvement by 5k. I now have 9 k and average around 20-23 city, 27-29 highway (I've peaked at 34 using cruise control on the interestate and driving a sane 65 not the 85-100+ I've seen posted. Here's a wild clue: the move you go over 55, the lower your mileage.
    As for as the oil filter placement, the designers are insane. I too had to buy an oil filter wrench to get the fool thing off originally and it's a royal pain in the butt to get off since. It's virtually impossible to remove unless the engine has been dead cold; otherwise the surrounding componenets are too hot. Plus the stupid filter still #$%^^^ drips oil on the starter when you remove it!
  • sable93sable93 Posts: 107
    I disagree that the Taurus is seen as a "40-45 year old's car." I'm 19, and I have a maroon '97 Taurus GL. My friends love my car, but more importantly, I love my car.

    Also, I don't see the Impala as being an "import-fighter," like many people view the Taurus as being. I'd say that GM's "import-fighters" are the Intrigue, Alero, and possibly the Saturn LS (despite horrible sales.) I view the Impala's competition as the Crown Victoria, Intrepid, and possibly Toyota's Avalon, not the Accord, or Camry which compete with the Taurus. I think the Malibu is the midsized car that Chevy uses as competition for the Accord and Camry.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    I have said this before.
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    I didn't get a clear answer from the salesman about the "fix". As I said earlier, they had ordered two new parts and broke both of them. They got two more and were sucessful on the third try. If I remember tomorrow, I'll call and ask how they did it.
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    The Impala is rated as a full sized car by the EPA for gas mileage clsssifications. Chicago only allows taxicabs that are this size class and the new Impala is one. Also, the Impala was around until 1985, but by then it was a strippo taxi/police model, mostly. (Then the 1994 came later, etc..)

    Someone always claims that GM is #1 is you lump all the mid sized cars together. But, overall, GM is slipping in sales, while the 2000 Taurus/Sable are gaining sales.

    There will be new "Epsilon" based cars coming in a few years, let's see how they do to reverse GM's 20 year slide.
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    I think this whole GM vs Ford and who is best is just plain silly. Look at the sales volumes and you will see that the Taurus is the number one seller again. Who cares if it's the Impala or the Taurus Detroit is coming back with avengence and we should be proud that finally the imports ( Accord , Camry) are loosing sales to a Detroit product! As much as I would not buy a Ford because I just don't like the styling I'm proud of it because it shows that Detroit can and will always produce the best products! Go Detroit!!!!
  • b4zb4z Posts: 3,372
    If the impala was at the same price point as the
    Taurus I am sure that it would sell as well as the Taurus.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    these days its completely irrelevant this whole detroit/usa vs. the world thing. Doesn't make one iota of difference. Why?

    Its a global marketplace. All the car makers are merging so much there will only be just a few (maybe five large car companies) left in the world in ten years.

    GM and Ford will be the only US based companies, but that really means that this is where most of the mmanagement is. They will engineer and make cars all over the world, Mexico, Europe, Asia. Same companies. So really it don't mean squat because all car companies will be global.

    There's always potential that someday, most of your basic sedans will be built in places like Korea because of cost. Yet, today it is still more cost advantageous for companies to build cars here. And GM and Ford are not the only ones who build cars here. Just about all the major brands manufacture a portion of their cars here. Again, global.

    Maybe someday people will just give up this whole Detroit vs. the world thing because it the automakers don't care anymore. Why should the customers. As long as we provide plenty of employment here to make them, other than that whether its Detroit or anyplace else won't have any affect on the performance of the car.

    Cars are a global business.
  • tboner1965tboner1965 Posts: 647
    I heard or read that Ford may have Mazda start
    producing Ford Focus (Foci?) in its Japanese
    plants. This just dovetails quite nicely with the
    recent posts about cars being a global business.

    Link to Focus Article


  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    Since when does a car's manufacturing site change the actual national brand of the car? WHo cares if teh Focus is built in Japan or Mexico it's still FORD which is still AMERICAn which means the profits come home. A Honda buil in the US doesn't make it any less of a Japanese car. So yes there is a global market but not a global brand.
  • chimp00chimp00 Posts: 7
    was looking for the Taurus forum...obviously I stumbled across the Impala forum.
  • Alright Malibu99! You hit it right on the head there!
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    "Taurus is the number one seller"

    Sounds like Ford sold a whole bunch of cars to the rental fleets. Honda sells their Accords as fast as they can make them. Virtually all of them for retail sale. Which car do you think sells closer to sticker price? Thats right, the Accord. Honda had its best June ever in its history in terms of sales. You should be thankful for Honda and Toyota, it's because of them that the big three have made big improvements in quality. Everyone isn't like you in that they will buy domestic cars no matter how bad they are. Where are you getting your sales figures from? I read that the domestics lost market share to the foreign automakers last month. Anyway, take away the Taurus sales to rental fleets and they're no way near being #1. Yeh, I'm a Honda man soon to be a VW man. Don't think of me as being pro-Japanese. I just think Hondas are great and they just happen to be from Japan. Honda made a deal to sell 450,000 V6 engines to GM over a five year period. So be careful when you buy your next GM car. It could have a Honda engine. I'm done with my ranting.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    These Honda V-6 powerplants will be going into Saturn products, the first one believed to be the Saturn LS.

    I'll take the V-6 from Honda, but not their horrendous shifting automatic transmissions.
  • 99taurus99taurus Posts: 20
    Maybe some of you got lost, or redirected to the wrong page. THIS IS A FORD TAURUS DISCUSION PAGE!!!! GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SCULLS! If you like GM, Honda, Toyota, or any other auto besides a Taurus please use you "back" key on your browser to return to were you came from. Obviously we Taurus owners are here for a reason.... We like our Taurus, or we do not, and would like to voice our concerns and experience to help other Taurus owners. If you do not own a Taurus and do not wish to own a Taurus you are in the wrong place. I own a 99 Taurus SE with most options including a very nice Duratech Engine. I don't care how many Chevy's were sold, or how Many Honda engines Chevy plans on using. I am very pleased with my reliable Ford. I have owned Volkswagen, Ford and Ford made Mazda products in the past. If I am not happy with what I have, Thank goodness there are less fortunate people who WILL buy it from me. I have been very pleased with my Taurus in the 10 months I've owned it. If you like your Honda or Toyota better then go chat with others of your kind instead of trying to fight with a die hard Ford fan who is pleased with his vehicle. I came to this site to hear about experienced Ford owners who can offer enlightenment and advice, not a Honda owner bragging about his over priced motorcycle engine.
    Obviously if you are here you probably fall into one of the fallowing categories:
    1. You own a Taurus.
    2. You want to own a Taurus.
    3. You secretly admire the Taurus, but since you made another choice in vehicles you would like to find fault in what you wish you would have purchased.
    4. You are checking out your very competitive competition.
    5. You have nothing better do with your time than surf from page to page finding someone to fight with so that you can have some one to converse with. (If this is you, you are pathetic)
    If you do not fall into any other category than 1 of 2 please save your fingers and our eyes by leaving.
    I have been very happy with my Taurus. I like the ride and adequate power. If I wanted to go 0-60 in less that 7 sec I would have just gotten a Honda....... Motorcycle that is. Yes Honda makes a good reliable car. So does GM, Toyota, and Even Hyundai now. If you own any thing other that a Taurus I hope you are happy with it, but please tell some one else.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Hey, thanks for your truly warm welcome to us "earthlings" to this forum. Wow, what can I say! I feel touched!

    Yes I Have a very thick SKULL (Read---->NOT SCULL)that's why I can't possibly secretly admire one of the 7 wonders of automotive history: The Ford Taurus! Tada!.

    Your Favorite MARTIAN,

  • reesejreesej Posts: 23
    Thanks for the rebuke -- it was OVERDUE -- I was about to do the same as I am quite tired of the bantering from non-Ford people in [apparently] the WRONG conference. They should try the "Foreign vs Domestic ... again" topic in the News and Views section or find some other outlet for their unsolicited and unwanted non-Ford opinions, and quit wasting our time and space.
  • reesejreesej Posts: 23
    Are you saying that the SEL that is badged as a "Taurus SE" is going to be a problem or sell for less without the "L" on it? Your VIN has the "P56" model ID in it for the "SEL" (or previously SE Comfort Group), does the letter really matter?

    After 11/4/99 the SE Special Value Group and the SE Comfort Group were redesignated as SES and SEL respectively -- The badging seems to have taken about six months to catch up. By the way, how did you order an "L" ... my dealer can't find any individual lettering if I would want to put on an "S" for my SES. What part number did you order?
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    "Sounds like Ford sold a whole bunch of cars to therental fleets."

    For this model year, Ford is selling fewer cars to renatl fleets. So, the old "the sales are to rentals" doesn't wash anymore. The 2000 Taurus is selling better than the Cam-cord and that is that. Also, more imports are going to fleets, so soon resale will come down, too.

    "Honda sells their Accords as fast
    as they can make them. Virtually all of them for
    retail sale. Which car do you think sells closer
    to sticker price? Thats right, the Accord."

    Hondas usually are loaded with dealer add on crap that buyers "have to get". Check some Honda message boards and see. Also, my friend works for Honda customer service, he gets calls every day from people who leased an Accord and realize they paid too much and want out.
  • reesejreesej Posts: 23
    No, that is not better ... just childish. If the negative postings would go away then people wouldn't feel they need to defend. I just want to see the attack & defense garbage dropped -- Those kinds of posting are not what conferencing is about. Let's try to help each other out, share our ownership experiences, and keep the "attitudes" off-line.
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    Wow. Did I ever shake up the hornet's nest? Sorry malibu99, I still think an Accord is better than a Taurus or a Mailibu. But thanks for the web page. I did expect to get some strong rebuttals with my comments, to bad they were for the most part childish. Do better!!! I guess Honda doesn't make any money, with them paying off all the auto magazine writers. You have to trust me on this - I got an Accord because I wanted one, not because some magazine thinks I should.

    I guess I fall into categories 4 and 5. In regards to category 5, I thought the purpose of these postings is to converse with others. One thing we all have in common is that we're auto enthusiasts. I don't think I spend anymore time than anybody else reading and writing posts. Doesn't it get boring conversing with someone who thinks just like you about cars? The Accord and Taurus are fierce competitors. So what is so awful about Accord and Taurus owners needling each other a bit. Just don't get personal.
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    That is just it you can think the Accord is better I think it's not and I don't expect us to agree but to respect each others opinions. I seems to miss where in my argument agains teh accord I was childish,hmmmmmm. Either way in my opinion the Accord is just plain boring and the feeling of driving the car is that of being an 86 year old. However if you like it the best hey it's your car so you better like it. And where did I say that Honda pays auto magazines? I don't see that, all I see is that a car is overrated and people buy it because the magazines say so. Glad you bought your car because you want one but when I see people buying a car because magazine X says so and not because they REALLY wanted one. My co worker that sits next to me just bought a Civic because he read that it in a magazine. He passed on the Ford Focus and now he regrets it because the car is annemic. Oh well. Either way good luck to everyone, oh and Venus man you didn't stir anything up I really enjoy commenting and watching foreign auto owners jump in with the same arguments, I can predict which ones tehy will use, like your fleet thing. THAT was really funny.
  • tractiontraction Posts: 141
    Thanks for trying to clear out some of the extraneous traffic on this board. I especially liked your rating system!!!! You hit it right onthe nose!....I will keep these different ratings in mind when I read messages on this board to help me filter out the chaff.

    1. You own a Taurus.
    2. You want to own a Taurus.
    3. You secretly admire the Taurus, but since you
    made another choice in vehicles you would like to
    find fault in what you wish you would have
    4. You are checking out your very competitive
    5. You have nothing better do with your time than
    surf from page to page finding someone to fight
    with so that you can have some one to converse
    with. (If this is you, you are pathetic)
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    I don't care who posts what here as long as I don't have to read 22 posts about "DOOR TRIM MOLDING" again.

    Hey why don't we talk about the 32 valve 3.4 litre v8 motor in my Taurus SHO and why Ford is darn foolish for not continuing to build a Taurus with this jewel of a motor?

    Or why don't we talk about how when I sit in my SHo (most comfortable seats you can buy in this price range) I can't help but think of how comfy and cushy this car is and not tacky like a typical GM sedan that reminds you of your grandpas 1971 lesabre.

    Or why don't we talk about the tremendous value and how a family on a budget can buy a well built contemporary reliable good looking feature laden family sedan with lots of room for not much more than 16-20 grand?

  • bolivarbolivar Posts: 2,316
    my 1991 SHO.

    Badly out of alignment when new. Took 3 tries for Ford to get a decent alignment.
    The motor mount that failed.
    The air conditioner that leaked.
    The air conditioner clutch that failed.
    The water pump that failed.
    The windshield wiper that failed.
    The paint that appeared to 'evaporate' off the car. Top and trunk were down to primer in 3 years.
    The clutch that was really bad when new, and worsened to being a monster.
    This was within 42,000 miles. This was the worse new car for things failing since my 1972 Corvette.

    Ok, there were some good things...
    The motor, the motor, the motor, the motor.
    The cloth interior was very nice. The seats were very nice (after you dragged yourself over the tall side bolster and got into them).
    It was quiet and very stable on the highway.
    It was very fast. Very quick from a dead stop even with the horror of a clutch. I ran it to 135mph and it still had more left. And was very stable at this speed........

    But the things that failed - still not sure if I would buy another Taurus because of it.

    P.S. This was the V-6 motor. I drove the Automatic V-8 (1995 or so????) thinking this might be a better 'fit'. It was much slower than my V-6, so much that I wasn't interested in it.
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    Your co worker should of read those magazines more carefully. I have never driven the car, but those magazines give the Focus very high remarks. Its only fault being the four cylinder engine it uses. I actually think the four door looks very nice. The Civic on the other hand is a lame duck car. The 2001 Civics will be completely redesigned. I personaly think the Mazda Protege and Ford Focus are currently the top cars for the economy class. If I was in a market for an economy car, I would probably test drive those cars and more. Using the auto publications I trust as a starting guide only. And darn it, the Accord isn't boring. Most people who drive them don't take advantage of its handling characteristics or get it with a 5-speed.

    Post #358:
    Its definitely not items #1,#2, or #3 for me. Are there any Taurus owners on this topic who are friendly with outsiders?
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    I owned an '89 too.

    Thankfully, I bought it from the original owner who had replaced a lot of that stuff for me.

    Oh but what I'd do to get that car back. Fast! Effortless highway cruising. Unreal handling.

    The motor was so good in that car. It made me forgive all the things that would periodically need fixing. The motor itself was bulletproof though.
  • rpbohnrpbohn Posts: 3
    My wife and I want to buy a used 1999 Ford Taurus. Which model is recommended in the 4 door sedan and why? What are the included options?
  • rpbohnrpbohn Posts: 3
    I have long legs. While I like the Honda, Camry and Mazda, they all have large consoles that knock against my lower right leg. The only foreign car I can find with a bench seat is the Toyota Avalon. Unfortunately, they are pricey. What is your recommendation for more leg-room? I am leaning toward the Ford Taurus. Thoughts?
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