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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • tractiontraction Posts: 141
    The Taurus has a bench seat standard. The center section of the front bench seat folds out to expose a console or folds back into a seat if you need the seating room. The higher end Tauri have bucket seats and a fixed center console with floor shifter. You would have to judge for yourself if it provides adequate leg room for you.
  • 99taurus99taurus Posts: 20
    I can recommend the SE model. I have one and I love it. The sunroof and spoiler are very nice options. I would not do without the center counsel with A/C vents to the rear seat. I would also look around to find one with the 24 Valve engine. Very much worth the extra money! You only loose about a mile per gallon with many extra Horses to justify it.
  • fordman33fordman33 Posts: 32
    Has anyone with a 2000 Taurus been able to get the advertised mileage? I'm averaging about 15 city, 22-24 highway. I was on a trip yesterday and got 25 mpg on a 300 mile stretch of interstate, cruise control set on 75 (I hardly used the brakes or gas the entire 300 miles). I'm not really complaining, cause I love the car and it gets much better gas mileage than the 98 F-150 I traded for it. The F-150 didn't get the advertised mileage either. BTW, I have the Vulcan 3.0. I guess you have to drive 45 -50 mph to get the advertised mileage....
  • 911dan911dan Posts: 9
    See my entries (268 & 345) on my 99's friend bought an 00 Taurus...went back complaining of poor mileage....they said she had a FUEL INJECTOR problem!!!!!
  • reesejreesej Posts: 23

    Don't take the credit for shaking up a hornet's nest ... it was well under way before you posted #346. If everyone remembers that this is the Taurus topic and tempers their posts accordingly, then Taurus owners can be quite friendly to the "outsiders". I don't come online to get blasted by some jerk with an opposing opinion in my own car model topic -- it gets real old, REAL FAST ... Everyone can take it somewhere else!


    I agree -- I don't care who posts here as long as I don't have to read any more "Brand xxx is better than Taurus" posts. Not too familiar with the SHO ... what output did the 3.4L V8 have and what do you foresee Ford possibly doing for the SHO in the future? As far as the door moulding issue goes -- This was [is] addressing a REAL and CURRENT problem some owners are experiencing. If you are not interested in possibly HELPING, then let it be (looks like ohio7 has gotten a good fix on it).


    My last fill-up this morning netted 24+ mpg for around town and inter-city (mixed driving, 55 mph max, no A/C). Drops to 22 mpg with A/C on. Able to get 28 mpg on the inter-state running at 65 mph. I have the 24V engine and have had the recall reprogramming recently done -- seems to shift just a little differently ... slower to downshift when you push on the gas (doesn't wind-up quite so easily).
  • goldorakgoldorak Posts: 6
    Hi, I'm currently looking for a 1997 Maxima (don't start telling me it's a crappy car 'cause it's not a Ford, you'd be wasting your time and more importantly mine, I like this car) but recently, a 1995 Taurus SHO I saw for sale at a very interesting price (about 6 795 U.S. $) has caught my eye. I like the big monster look (especially the pipes in the back) and the great engine.

    Now, the only reason I'd buy this car is because it's a lot cheaper than the Maxima. But I'm afraid of the reliability issue. Can anyone help me on this? I don't want to spend all the money I'd save on repairs. BTW, the car is an automatic.
  • rgd99rgd99 Posts: 1
    Fuel Pump broke left me and family at roadside.
    Roadside assistance was bad(would not provide a rental). Dealer said many other 2000 Taurus' have same problem(no recall yet). Fuel pump problem is present on all engine versions from what 3 different service men said. Found pump installed redesigned pump(pumps are on back order). Still like the way the car looks, feels and it is roomy. Getting 24mpg city 27mpg highway. Gets better than that when I push.
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    I didn't realize this was your very own topic forum. Can you tell what other topics you consider under your ownership so I can be careful not hurt your precious feelings? I don't remember calling anybody any names with any of my posts. Too bad you can't say the same.
  • reesejreesej Posts: 23
    Since you are shopping for a 2000 Volkswagon Jetta, currently own a 1998 Honda Accord, and your dream car is a 3 seriew BMW, why all the noise in the Ford Taurus topic?

    The intent of my comment was not that I own the topic, but that the topic matches the model of car that I own (duh). As far as names -- if the shoe fits ....
  • venus537venus537 Posts: 1,443
    An earlier post strongly implied that the increase in sales of the Ford Taurus was the result of the car's improved quality. And this was going to cut into the sales of the Accord and Camry. I responded by suggesting there were other factors involved. I understood the intent of your comment perfectly. Yes, you belong in this topic, but who are you to tell me that I shouldn't make any posts in here? There are plenty of non Honda owners who make posts in the Honda Accord forum that criticize the car. My response (and most others) is not to tell them to stay out of the forum, or to call them a name because my car was criticize in my car's topic.
  • missomisso Posts: 2
    I am looking at purchasing a 2000 Taurus. Traction Control is an option ($175) but I'm not finding many on the lots with it. Is it worth getting? Is there much difference with or with out it?
  • fordman33fordman33 Posts: 32
    Although I probably know the answer already, I've gotta ask, as I'm approaching 6000 mi on my 2000 SE FFV 3.0 Vulcan: did you have any signs whatsoever that the fuel pump was about to go?
  • fordman33fordman33 Posts: 32
    2000 Taurus owners - have you noticed an abnormal amount of rust on your cars? I'm not talking about the usual places. For example, the tow hooks that hang from the underside in the rear on my car were not painted, and thus are covered in rust. I would have expected paint in this area. I also see a lot more rust than I should under the hood. Just curious as to whether others are experiencing this, or if I just got one that didn't have all the painting completed.
  • bobbyb2bobbyb2 Posts: 1
    had a 97 sho,couldnt keep a trans in it!now have 99 se with 24 v.I swear that 99 is as fast and better off the line then the sho.Only complaint I have is the wear and tear on the brakes (15 k and I need new and rootershaved) since ford did away with auto engine brake.
  • fordman33fordman33 Posts: 32
    2000 Taurus owners - have you noticed an abnormal amount of rust on your cars? I'm not talking about the usual places. For example, the tow hooks that hang from the underside in the rear on my car were not painted, and thus are covered in rust. I would have expected paint in this area. I also see a lot more rust than I should under the hood. Just curious as to whether others are experiencing this, or if I just got one that didn't have all the painting completed.
  • reesejreesej Posts: 23
    I am not telling you that you shouldn't make any posts in here -- the message to you was to not take credit for shaking up a hornet's nest as it was well under way before you posted -- your post was quite reasonable. The problem is the people who come in and blatantly blast the Taurus for its looks or just because it is a Ford or for some other unsupportable reason -- these people are sincerely invited to go elsewhere (and yes, I think they're jerks). I don't mind if someone has a REAL critique/comparison or has REAL problems with the Taurus/Ford products.

    I found your comment that Honda made a deal to sell 450,000 V6 engines to GM over a five year period and malibu99 responding that they were going into 4 cylinder vehicles most amusing -- Thanks malibu99.
  • raaizinraaizin Posts: 31
    I am want to purchase a 2000 taurus. I want to get an SEL with leather. My question is as follows, are there any taurus owners who have leather who feel their A/C doesn't cool off their vehicles adequately. I am most concerned when the car sits in the sun for long periods of time when the temperature is over 90 degrees. Thanks in Advance for all responces.
  • sable93sable93 Posts: 107
    My '97 GL only has cloth seats, but the a/c even on the lowest setting, and on the lowest fan speed seems to cool down the car relatively quickly.

    I agree with reesej. Intelligent conversation is very acceptable in this topic. Feel free to compare your car to my Taurus here, but don't tell me my car "sucks" (which it doesn't) because it is a Ford, or because it doesn't look like a Camry. And please no "Found on road dead" garbage.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    "can't we all just get along?"
  • reesejreesej Posts: 23
    Checked my Taurus under the hood and everything looks good. The tow hooks are non-existent on the rear underside of my car -- could these be temporary hold-down hooks (and thus rusty from repeated use) for carrier transport that were inadvertently left on?
  • reesejreesej Posts: 23
    Yes we can all get along -- as soon as a few posters learn some proper etiquette. Per the conference agreement, we are to "agree to disagree in a civil manner", but there is a limit as to the outright garbage we should have to accept in doing so. I am just taking issue (as I am allowed to) with such garbage being posted. Some of the blatant posts could almost be considered as harassment (which violates the user agreement) for owning a Taurus or Ford product. I am done on this issue for now -- Thanks for lending an "ear".
  • reesejreesej Posts: 23
    As an FYI, the SEL has computerized temperature control, so there is a possible difference from other models. My SES does fine with the standard controls and only needs the actual A/C settings on upper 80's plus days. The cooling that is supplied by the split panel/floor setting is acceptable up into the 80's. The panel only and floor only settings are the only settings that do not provide additional air cooling ("Off" doesn't either). I got the optional floor shift console that has panel vents on the back of it -- my back seat riders don't complain anymore about the temp.
  • reesejreesej Posts: 23
    I'm not sure about traction control. Thought I might want it, but bought without. It takes a bit to break loose on dry pavement and reasonable driving keeps me in contact in the rain. Haven't driven in the snow yet, but usually want the option of spinning the tires to chew through deep snow without having to turn traction control off. Bottom line was that I didn't think it would actually be of any use. I have ABS though, and it is absolutely worth it -- just learn to hard brake with it correctly.
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    I can't agree more with the last posting. I check in from time to time to learn more about my now, month old SEL not to hear about other brands. If I was interested in them, I'd be at that site!

    It's time to shut up or move on!
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    My SEL is very cold on the lowest of settings. It came with the automatic control. It also came with the leather seats. I use one of those windshield shades when the sun is out and it helps keep it cool. Just follow the manual guidelines and open all of the windows for a bit to expell the hot air - then put the A/C on.

    In regard to someone complaining about the hard leather seats - I rented a Taurus for two weeks with cloth seats and found them hard. The leather seem slightly softer, but not by much.

    I miss the cushy seat in my 1984 Mustang convertible!
  • reesejreesej Posts: 23
    I am 6'2" with 34" inseam and 35" sleeve lengths and my SES with the optional floor shift console and bucket seats fits me very well -- I don't even have to have the seat all the way back (power seat). I also have the power adjustable pedals since my wife is only 5'1" -- she is able to adjust everything to her liking also. There is a lot of headroom and the center console doesn't bother me at all. My key-ring hangs down on my leg, but I get that no matter what since they have put the ignition on the column to lock the steering.
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    I checked the underside of my car today and have found no evidence of hooks of any sort - nor any rust either. My car is only a month old and hasn't even gotten wet yet, except when I wash it. Haven't looked under the hood since I bought it, so I better not see any rust that was mentioned previously.
  • I noticed a post about someone that saw a 95 SHO for under $7000. RUN AWAY!

    Maybe some of the SHO fans can help us with ours. We own a 95 3.2L v6. It is a dream...such fast, and what a head-turner in green with dark tint and tan leather. When it runs.

    The dealer can't figure it out. It sounds suspiciously like the description of the other Ford's with the ignition control module on the distributor, which causes them to shut off when over 257 degrees F. But, our ignition control module is on the DOHC. Which, of course, gets blisteringly hot and could conceivably cause the same problem as the other stalling Fords.

    This SHO has been in the shop 9 times since mid-March, most of the time in the shop, only with us for a day at most between times. We bought it used last year with a rebuilt tranny, which we felt was safe considering the Ford tranny reputation (all 5 of the 95's we know have new/rebuilt tranny's). Tranny is fine now...but this problem has lasted 5months and no one can figure it out, including Ford's engineers. The car just shuts off at highway speed or idle following a combo of highway drive/suburban driving. We have replaced 3 ignition control modules, the crank and cam sensors, the water pump, the fuel pump and all related components, including fuel injection system, wire harness (most recent...don't know where this was from...just picked up car and service mgr had gone home, so will check with him Monday)and the EGR valve system. The computer has been pulled and checked clear. The car is throwing codes like confetti...every time it is something different but always the same problem...just turns off. All lights come on, and it sounds like a jet engine cutting off (quieter of course, just the hum) as the car turns off. I lose brakes and steering every time. One of these times someone is going to slam into me and we will be hurt. Any suggestions??? It really sounds like the ignition control problems the 3.0's were having, but this is a 3.2. I think I saw some 3.8's were also having this problem, but the design on the 3.2 is different in that the module rests on the DOHC. The dealer is clueless at this point. So are we. We are holding on until next tax return to trade it, as we can't afford to until then, but I fear that it won't past the test drive to trade in. It cuts off every 15 yards or so. But, man, how nice those 15 yards are! It really is a fun car to drive...I just wish ours would actually drive. PLEASE HELP OR OFFER SUGGESTIONS!!!! I have scoured the internet for help. I have reported to NHTSA. I have called the service mgr, the general mgr, the owners of the dealer, the zone mgr, and Dearborn (executive offices). No one cares. We are past the bumper to bumper so it isn't their problem. I feel this SHO has an intrinsic problem in design. Maybe I am just used to is inconceivable to me that a car under 100k miles would be unfixable unless wrecked. Oh, I checked at carfax while on that topic...the car is clear there. SUGGESTIONS??? We really love our size, leather (easy to clean with kids), LOTS OF POWER, fast (husband loves that), huge trunk, looks great, did I mention fast? But it is useless to us like this and no one seems to know what is wrong.
  • tractiontraction Posts: 141
    The problem you described could be a loose ground wire, for the computer or whatever. If the car had the tranny removed once, the ground wire may have not been put back on tight.

    You can also check out for more info. A lot of SHO owners on that site have been driving their SHOs for more than 200,000 miles on the original engine and have a lot of experience.
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