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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • 911dan911dan Posts: 9
    OK...left the car w/the service manager on Monday. He drove it home
    Monday & Tuesday......

    He insisted on having the gas cap key & assured me there wouldn't be any
    funny business with the quantity of gasoline.

    I spoke with him Wednesday.

    He says he got 24 MPG, including having to drive in bumper-to-bumper
    traffic, but, didn't have any receipt for the gasoline to show me. I
    feel that I lost "control" when I gave him the key to the gas cap lock
    and didn't actually see the mileage and the gasoline going in myself.

    When I picked up the car Wednesday afternoon, I spead out MY gasoline
    receipts on his desk!!

    Two more calls to the FORD 800# and the district mgr will be "notified"
    when she goes to the dealership next week. They asked that I be patient
    until then.

    Is it REALLY REASONABLE that two different drivers can have a 9 MPG
    difference?!? My best mileage in that car (it has 12,400 now) was going
    from Los Angeles to San Diego on the interstate, and I only got 22!

    Anyone from FORD also care to comment?
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    With our old car, a 88 Taurus, in city traffic, my wife consistently gets almost two-fold better mileage than I. She starts slow from lights and drives very smooth, while I am accelerating.

    We did not measure the difference in mileage with the newer cars, but have impression it is also substantial. On the other hand, the mileage on highways, at least when the traffic is light, is more or less the same (about 10 percent difference).
  • raaizinraaizin Posts: 31
    I have just learned I can purchase a new Ford or LM under the X-Plan since my company is a supplier of Ford. Has anyone ever purchased a vehicle under the X-Plan If the MSRP is 22,000 what will my price be. Can I do better on my own.
  • shank6shank6 Posts: 64
    Hey Dan: Don't know if this will help but I track my mileage evry week. If i do mostly highway driving ( 3 out of five days ) I'm up around 22 per gallon. But, if Im in the city (Boston and surrounding suburbs )and do alot of stop and go it drops between 17 to 19. Gonna have the ties high speed balanced this weekend to try to get to get rid of the slight vibration. Good Luck !
  • Hi,
    Does anyone know about the new ford mondeo sold in UK this november? Will it ever come to US? Its exterior looks a lot like our cool "focus." Also, its old mondeo looks like Taurus.
    You can go to below website for the picture

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    I have seen many photos of the new Mondeo. It is quite a nice car and I feel would be a huge Passat killer in the US. Again, however, as clueless as US auto exec's always are (and I really mean that in a huge way) they have decided not to bring it over, afraid they would harm Taurus sales. I feel it would be a nice supplement to the Taurus, as the Taurus is very US traditional and the Mondeo would be attractive to the usually import only crowd. This car would steal many passat sales if available here.

    The interior is very German, almost more so than any Audi or BMW. The wagon to me is especially attractive.

    I saw many Mondeo photos on

    click on public and then search for mondeo.

    FORD pull your head out of the butt and bring this car here. Look at the success of the Focus! You will have the same with the Modeo if you bring it over!!!!!
  • We had the previous generation Mondeo, it was the Contour/Mystique. Priced similar or even higher than the Taurus with less room.

    Only those who valued the European driving experience seem to enjoy and know what the car was all about. What killed the Contour/Mystique was threefold

    1. The price of the car vs the Taurus.
    2. Poor marketing.
    3. SUV euphoria.

    I'm a Contour owner and would consider a Mondeo, but if Ford doesn't produce a performance sedan with a manual transmission, then I'll look to the German offerings such as BMW, Audi, or VW.


  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166

    it was small
    and costly as you say.

    But he big thing was that it wasn't a good looking car.

    Last I checked, most people still buy cars on looks. Why else would anyone buy a 24,000 dollar Jetta? Or a 30,000 dollar Passat? The Contour did nothing as far as looks. This Mondeo looks very Jetta-like and could sell for much less and has the space of a Passat.

    here's an interior shot.....*PV_018204.jpg

    here's an exterior shot....*PV_018184.jpg
  • Obviously GM forget that axiom when designing the Aztek.

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    the contour was good looking....

    just not a stunner like some toher cars on the market at the time.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    oh and i thought the aztek was just another typical GM styling job.

  • Anybody still here. I would hate for this topic to close. It was active before the new format.
  • ford dealer says will install ford cd player for $550approx/best buy says pioneercd for 200approx/whats the difference?
  • I recently got a '98 Taurus SE, and finagled the Aluminum wheels out of the seller. They look nice, but the rear drums show through the spokes, and the outer casing of the Drums are rusted. Has anyone ever painted their drums with hi-temp sealer, like rust-oleum or something? It just looks bad, and I need to do something.
  • My 2000 SE (3.0 Vulcan) now has 15,000 miles on it. I took a trip this weekend - about 1100 miles, mostly interstate, and got between 22.5 and 27 mpg. I had the cruise set at 80 a good part of the time.
  • sable93sable93 Posts: 107

    I had a 10 disk cd changer added to my '97 Taurus a few weeks ago for $450 ( I took it to a local Ford dealership and they had someone else install it.)
  • My 2000 SEL is great. It does seem that the engine and road noise should be a little less bothersome. Is there anything that I can do?
  • I drive a '99 Camry and I like it very much. How ever I was going to check out the taurus because I heard it was a great car and I wanted to try it out. How ever when I took the test drive I thought the pedals were really hard to press. I felt like I had to have a lead foot to make the car go. I was a really weird feeling. The size of the engine had nothing to do with it. I also thought the car was hard to turn. I had to the turn the wheel 2 times to make the car turn as apposed to 1 time in my Toyota. Was this a problem with me or what? I asked the dealer guy and he gave me a look like " what??" It was really weird. Does anyone else feel this way? I do like the styling though.
  • I just bought the GL today w/ 72k on it. Runs great. My question is about the timing belt/chain. Does it have a timing belt/chain that has to be replaced a 60k like most other cars?

  • weslwesl Posts: 53
    Both 3.0 engines in the Taurus have timing chains. They should last the life of the engine. Later, Wes.
  • Just for curiosity, what's the difference between timing belt and timing chains, and which is better ? I have a 2000 Taurus SES 24 V, and used to have a 1989 Mazda 626, I looked at the engine compartment, it seems to me they all have the same timing belt.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    What you see under the hood is just a serpentine belt. The timing belt or timing chain are within the engine enclosure. You cannot see them without disassembling the engine, or at least without removing some covers.
  • Dumped my 99 Taurus and its 14 MPG today...bought an 01 Taurus SES. Will keep the group posted on its mileage
  • shank6shank6 Posts: 64
    Hi everyone: Just wanted to throw this out here. My 99 Taurus had some wheel shimmy. I took it to the dealer and they said warped rotors. They can only be turned not replaced. I had this done at 15,000 miles but the problem has returned at 18,000. The dealer says since asbestos brake pads were replaced this is common. I said at this rate I'll be dragging my feet in 6 months. Has anyone else had this frequency of warping ?
  • Hi, 911Dan
    How come your Taurus is only 14MPG, I used to have a 1996 Taurus GL, I use regular, it is like 18MPG for local. I think Ford does not change the engine until 2000.
    Now I own a 2000 Taurus SES 24V.
    When I use regular, the gas milage is like 16-17 MPG for local, now I use plus, that improves to 18MPG, I guess when I upgrade to premium, it will fianlly meet the 20MPG which Ford claimed.
  • I purchased a GL that has the DJ (CD) face plate. I installed a Kenwood CD Changer which sounds pretty good w/ the factory head head unit. Does anyone know how many watts the factory non-JBL amp puts out. My assumption is that its probably 10-12 watts per channel? Any thoughts?

  • I was wondering if any one has added the CD changer them self. I have looked into it, but found that there are limited changers that will work with the factory wiring, and most require a separate wiring harness. I am not interested in FM modulated changers, I would like to use the controls on the current radio face. Can any one help me?
    Mileage check: Still getting 18-19 in city and 25-26 highway on 99 SE Duratech with 28,000 miles.
    I don't care what people say about the Maxima, and Camry, I have Heat and A/C to the rear seats. I don't know about Camry, but my friends 2000 SE Maxima didn't have that option.
  • I had asked about aftermarket sound insulation for my 00' SEL and all I hear about is stereos, CD changers, and wiring harnesses. I guess that you all have indirectly answered my question. I can't hear the road and engine noise with the factory installed MACH stereo with the CD changer at a higher volume. Anyone know anything about aftermarket sound insulation or suspension upgrades that may muffle these mildly irritating sounds?
  • I bought a Kenwood Six disk changer KDC-C665 for 189.00 and a wire harness adapter for 89.00. It took 20 minutes to install and works great. I drilled 4 holes to mount the changer in the trunk and pluged it in, no wires to splice. By far the easiest aftermarket upgrade I've done. I also upgraded all my factory speakers to Polk EX572a's (in front doors and rear deck). I'm tempted to add a 25-45 watt per channel kenwood amp for a tighter sound, but it sounds pretty good now. That would require more time and energy to install.

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    did you have to go through any major hassle to swap out the speakers?
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