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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • I love the resale prices of the Taurus. I had a new 1999 300m and put 34k miles on it in a year... Lost my but and would have lost more if I didn't cut and run. It was a great car, but being in outside sales also, it was a bad business decision to buy a new car. Luckily I was able to get out of it with the resources that I had and bought a 1997 Taurus I/ 60k miles on it for $6,900.00 cash. Now its a money making machine. Hahaha...It runs great and has all the power options that I need. I upgraded the stereo though. No more new cars for me, It just doesn't make sense when I consistantly rack up 30k+ miles a year.
  • but......butt

    It's late in Va.
  • Unless you keep the car until it dies!
  • Thanks for the comments dkowasik and ezaircon4jc. This year I am taking operating costs and depreciation on the Taurus. I get no reimbursment from my employer for auto expenses. Because of miles I got jacked in the past by leasing cars and I could not write the depreciation off. Don't get me wrong, I do like my Taurus. Butt..I mean but..the Honda Accord EX-V6 w/leather drove and felt so nice. Yes the 4 cyl. lower-end Accords felt much cheaper than the 2000 Taurus and there is no comparison with the cheap, small civic.
  • sdysdy Posts: 2
    You were correct about the window switch lights and the window lock-out. Funny, my '97 Ford Explorer doesn't do that. I wonder why the service guys couldn't figure that one out.
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    I bought my SEL in June and have had no problems at all. I was just sitting at a light yesterday and looking at my dash and door plastic. I couldn't believe how NICE and leather-like both are compared to the CLOTH and cheap PLASTIC that was in a Honda that I just got out of. I don't know what your criteria is for good looking plastic. I ride to and from work in a different car each time (It's called "slugging" in Wash. area.) and therefore, have a chance to see many different car interiors. These new Taususes have it all over the others. And there is NO comparison between the interior space. Taurus wins again. Extremely roomy.

    As far as resale goes - well, a Taurus lasts so long that one doesn't have to worry about dumping it as often as a brand X model. Just do the maintenance and keep it clean. It has worked for me all of my life.
  • I'm considering a 2001 SEL model. I've been quoted 3% over invoice from a local NJ dealer. Can I get it cheaper through the different buying services?

    Also, any opinions on bucket seats vs the bench?

  • hockey2hockey2 Posts: 12
    I have one 97 Taurus with leather moon roof CD etc.
    I just bought a 99 SE moon roof center console
    no CD though. How tough is it to put one yourself?
    Is the wiring already in place? Do I need a special harness and can I mount it in the car and not in the trunk?

    I love the 97 got it used 23k have 58 on it now no problems.

    The 99 has 13k and is the closest to a new car I have had
  • Try They have a CD that will work (with their adapter) if your head unit has the CD controls.
  • hockey2hockey2 Posts: 12
    Yes it has the controls.
  • The Taurus is roomy..and also very comfortable. The tolerances are obviously much tighter in the Accord..more of a cab forward design..especially on the passenger side. How do you like the Mach Stereo System in your SEL? I'm thinking about upgrading my SES and adding a CD Changer in the Trunk, however, the OEM has not come out yet with the matching face plate since this changed for 2000 Models.
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    I'm a huge dinosaur! I'm way behind in the techno world so I had no use for the CD. Had a tape player put in, instead. Don't even use that except on long trips which I haven't done either. I only have 3200 miles since June. Drive it only 6 miles a day. I'll probably have this car until I die! DO enjoy all of the other ammenities, though.
  • It has been 1 year since I purchased my 2000 Taurus SEL. I have to say that once I got ALL the bugs out of the car (new transmission, catalytic converter, faulty brake light switch, imploded moon roof glass), it has been the most comfortable car that I have owned. I buy a car every 2-3 years... I have owned Mitsubishi's, Oldsmobile's, Chevy's, but I have to say that I have enjoyed this car the most. I am pretty sure that this car will be with me for a long while. I have the leather interior... COMFORTABLE. I have the MACH Stereo... GREAT SOUND. A smooth, comfortable drive.

    I am looking into putting a dark tint on my windows (I have the Silver Taurus). Opinions?

    I would like to add chrome wheels.... but my checkbook just does not allow it at this time. Opinions?
  • Is it just F/L/M that has transmission woes?? Or does every manufacturer make crappy trannys??

    You might try that tint with the silvery relfectiveness to it to match your paint. Just be considerate of those who follow you and don't limo the back glass.

    Unless you live in a perfect world, don't buy the chrome wheels. You can buy replacement wheel covers. You can carefully touch-up painted wheels. But you can't stop from kicking yourself repeatedly the first time you scuff your expensive chrome wheels on a curb. Same goes for pearl/frost paint jobs.
  • My car did not come with the cd Changer. Although the controls on the radio are there.
    I want to put one in the dealer quoted me $600 seems High?
    Has any one put one in themselves? I went to crutch field .com but did not find any thing.
    Can anyone give me advice?
  • Just recently got interested in buying a Mercury Sable - can someone tell me is there any significant differences between the Sable and the Taurus other than the front and rear styling? Owned a 99 Sable, although it was okay for the money, it had a lot of road noise. Are the new ones any quieter or smoother riding?
  • I believe Crutchfield has the CD changer. On page 33 of their Winter/Spring 2001 catalogue they have OEM changers. I called as I wanted to put one in my '96 Sable. They said that as long as the radio head unit (the radio is in the trunk) had the CD controls, theirs would work. You also need to purchase the cable. Their # is 1-800-955-3000. They have ALWAYS given me plenty of time even if I didn't buy anything.
  • iusecadiusecad Posts: 287
    In Edmund's review they say in the 11th paragraph that the 3.0L Duratec now has a composite intake manifold. Composite is just a fancy word for plastic, isn't it? I know the 4.6L in Crown Vics have a plastic manifold, and some have said they can crack after 50k(+) miles due to heat stress, so I guess my question is did the 3.0L Duratec always have a composite manifold? Should there be any concern for it to crack down the road? My dad had a '96 Taurus with the Duratec and traded it in when it had close to 70k, and never had any trouble with the car... thanks for your input!
  • My '96 Sable has the Duratech. I have 100k with no problems. The car runs and looks new. This is my 4th Sable, all bought new, and if it were'nt for me moving up the car scale, we would have an '00 or '01 Sable. I would've put dual exhaust on it, though.
  • I am new to this Town Hall, but I have a few things to say. I've owned lots of Tauri and a Sable. I have owned a 92 Taurus GL (3.0 still going strong with 178k), a 93 Taurus GL (3.8, so I had to replace the head gaskets when they went - sold it last year with 104k), a 95 Sable GS(3.0 with 104k - only had cooling system trouble - still own it), a 98 Taurus SE (Duratec 24V - no troubles yet with 48k although for some strange reason it seems to get 30 mpg on the highway) and a 2000 SEL with every option (Duratec 24V - zero defects with 14k - best new car I've ever owned). So, I speak from experience when I speak. In general, Taurus is great if you get a good one and really bad if you get a bad one. Got a bad one? Then get rid of it! Got a good one? It'll run forever! Keep it till you think it's ugly!

    Now, as for the CD changer, I put one in my 98 SE which came with the controls inside but not the changer. If you don't know, the radio is really in the trunk (driver's side, behind the wheel well, under the carpet), the part inside the car is just the control unit. I bought the Ford factory unit for $329 over the Internet from a company called "Radios and More" located in Fayetteville, NY ( The transaction was smooth and fast - had it in just a few days and it arrived perfectly! Installation was a snap since it came with the factory wiring harness and everything else - just plugged it in and it worked! I did have to mount it in the trunk since that is where it was mounted in 98 by Ford (my 2000 has it in the center console which is way cool!). Do not be afraid to tackle this job yourself. If you can use a drill and a screwdriver, you can do this easily. I mounted the unit to the underside of the package shelf with two mounting brackets (you can also mount it in a vertical position to the trunk floor in the depression to the rear of the wheel well, but living in Minnesota, I didn't want to put any holes in the trunk floor - road salt!). Even though I am very anal about doing a thorough job, it only took me 3 hours start to finish (including vacuuming up the metal shavings from drilling). The unit works perfectly; just as if Ford had put it in! Just follow the directions that come with the unit and you can't miss. Another tip. I wanted to get extra CD cartridges for the unit (the units are identical in my 98 and my 2000, so I wanted a bunch of them). Ford wanted 75 bucks each! I found them at Best Buy for $12.50! They are model # MCD-MG55 and made by Aiwa. By the way, Aiwa is the company that makes the Ford CD changer unit.

    I hope this helps!

    Art Jacobson
  • jimxojimxo Posts: 423
    My 1995 GL has 181,000 miles and no major repairs not even the transmission. I replaced alternator at 135K and water pump/radiator at 172K. The rest is scheduled maintance. I ask my mechanic if I was lucky. He explained that my car was equipment with a "police package" which included heavy duty trans, SHO suspension and a modified 3.0 V6. Over the years has he has done all my maintence and said he was told this by Ford as he order new replacement parts. Can this be true? If so I would like to see if there is a version of this on 2001 Taurus. He said that he has seen other similar Taurus with this equipment exceed 400,000 miles. I am not sure if I should consider making a change.
  • Thanks for the info. I love My 97 it has the cd in the trunk. The 99 I will put in the trunk as well.
    I was looking at crutch field's catalog . I will check out the "Radios and More" located in Fayetteville, NY ( People now.
    Thanks Again.
  • 456ttt456ttt Posts: 13
    My alarm goes off now and then for no reason, would anyone know how to disconnect it entirely ?
  • No, I don't know how to do this, but after reading prior posts about bad door switches for the interior lights, maybe you should try replacing those switches first (since they are generally hooked into the alarm system) and leaving the alarm connected. Just a thought.
  • mictromictro Posts: 29
    I'm new to this section of the Townhall and I am hoping that everyone is as helpful as in the Pickup topics.

    I have a 1993 Ford Taurus GL Sedan with the 3.8L V-6 (100,500 miles). Over the weekend, we experienced some severe engine trouble. It is either a blown head gasket or cracked engine block. I am interested in cutting my losses with this vehicle and just getting rid of it.

    Does any one have any thoughts on what the vehicle is worth as is? The body and interior are in good shape. There are no other problems with the vehicle that I am aware of.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

  • The plate that holds the rear control arms is cracked along with the box beam it attaches to.

    Anyone have idea how to fix less than the
    frame shop quote of $3000.
  • Mictro,

    It's the head gaskets! The 3.8L Ford head gaskets have a better popping ratio than Orville Redenbacher!!! When mine on my '93 went (in 1998), it cost me $1,300 to have fixed at an independent shop. They did NOT use Ford parts when they repaired it and they said that they had never had one come back a second time. Car ran beautifully after that, so you might want to reconsider selling if you like the car. I ended up selling mine after my daughter hit the back end of a pickup with it (last spring)! The bumber was fine, but the fascia, headlights and hood were goners. Body shop estimate was $1,800. Since I don't know anybody "in the business" as they say, that is what it would have cost me to fix it. Instead, I finally ended up selling it (103,000 miles) to a Ford used car salesman for $800. He was able to get it fixed cheaper than I could. He hasn't had any problems with it that I am aware of. In my mind then, I got $2,600 for the car (this was last October). If you go by the same formula I did, you could probably get about $900 - $1,300 for yours if it is in excellent shape.

    By the way, have you talked to Ford about fixing it? They have been covering some of the costs of this repair under a secret, extended warranty. I don't know the details though, but perhaps someone else does on here.

    Good luck!
  • mictromictro Posts: 29
    Thanks for the great information. I do appreciate it.

    I've got a pretty good contact at a local Ford dealership. I'll be talkin' with him today about a possible "secret warranty". The worst they can say is no, right? I'll let you know if I have any success.

  • Just bought a 2001 ES with 16,000 miles for 16,200. I tried to use Edmund's to gauge what I should pay. I figured around 16,000. What do you think? A friend of mine paid 12,400 for a 2000 SE with 25,000 miles. Does it depreciate that much?
  • The 2000's seem to hold $1000 more than the 1999's did, since they have the restyle, etc.

    My neighboorhood Ford dealer had a glut of year old 1999's last year for $11-12K. Now they have 2000's for $13-14K. They get a lot of rental cars for sale.

    Also, used Focus' go for more money than 2000 used 4 cyl. Contours. The local dealer has '00 Contours for $9999 and used '00 Focus SE's for $12-14K.
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