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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • Go figure! A friend just arrived from the bay area with her new taurus, and guess what? Half way here, her brake lights would not go out. I looked around the electrical and saw nothing out of the ordinary. Then I came here through a search on yahoo and found there seems to be a consistent issue. I hope Ford reads this and does the right thing.
    I would not own one of these cars unless someone paid me!
  • JUST watched a CNN report on new cars from Kiplingers Magazine and the editor rated the Impala best in its class. No mention of Taurus ANYWHERE, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE.
  • My wife's car, a 1999 ford taurus se with 17,000 miles really impresses me. Something just doen't seem right, why does it feel blazingly fast? The standard vulcan engine that puts out a mere 145 horses is very responsise to the slightest touch of the throttle. Believe me I know, I own a 1994 seville sts putting out 300 hp, and sometimes I really believe the ford is faster. That darn thing just flies on the highway. The throttle and fuel delivery to the engine must be intergrated with the speed of the car. This car does one weird thing, while at any cruising speed if you throw it in to neutral, the idle will not drop to set idle speed of 1000 rpm,s it will rise to about 5000 rpm's. It will only decrease to normal idle when you slow down and come to complete stop. Overall this is one great car, at any speed the transmission quickly down shifts and power is instantaneous. This car feels like it has 300 hp and and my caddilac 145 hp. The Acceleration of my seville on a slight upgrade is so sllugish that the throttle is practically down to floor before it down shifts and picks up speed. This taurus v6 is amazing and should be given that honor like the v6 nissan brags about. Sometimes it is a little annoying in bumper to bumper traffic, because when hit the gas a little it lunges slightly on its own when your about to hit the breaks. Very evident on the highway, the gas pedal resistance is effortless. I have no problems to report unlike the oil leaking and jollopy bouncing suspensions of GM cars.
  • I found it easy. I also bought the wire harness adapters from Best buy to adapt the ford speaker connector to the standard speaker connectors so I didn't have to splice the wires. Each pair was $4.95.

    The grilles in the back deck pull up with some force. They are clipped around the deck lining. Pull from the top out. Take out the screws, that easy.

    The front door panel comes off after you remove the screw in the arm rest finger hole. If you have the tweeters in the front corners remove the two screws to loosen. The panel is held in place with push fasteners. Pry away with a long screw driver or a prying tool. It just pops away. Remove the electrical plugs and set the panel to the side. Take out the speakers. If you purchase your speakers from they will provide you with instructions and diagrams.
  • It's a common misconception that higher octane fuel will provide better gas mileage. The engine in your Taurus was designed to run regular unleaded fuel. If you are buying the higher octane stuff, I'm afraid you're just wasting your money. If you want higher mileage from your Taurus (or any other car for that matter)try keeping the tires inflated to their proper pressure and make linear starts and stops, i.e., no jackrabbit stuff.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166

    BTW, I have the mach audio, is that what you had also?
  • Remember, those MPG claims are EPA numbers, your mileage may vary. Living in So. Cal. I have NEVER achieved the MPG stated on the window. My '96 Sable with the 24V, DOHC, V6 gets, at best 22 in mixed driving. On our recent summer trip, 4500 mi round trip, the best freeway mpg I got was 27. That was climbing the mountains in Colorado, go figure. Other than that my average was about 25, well short of the EPA's 28.
  • Sorry, I don't catch the meaning..."mach audio"...
    It must be too late at night . :)

  • On a recent 500 mile trip I averaged 29.1 mpg @ 70 with a/c on. not to bad huh
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    the mach audio system was the uplevel audio system that came with my taurus. I do not have the jbl system that was initially offered on the SHO in 96-97. The mach audio has additional speakers up high by the mirrors on the doors (in addition to to on the rear deck and two in the lower door panels), but does not have the sub woofer like the jbl setup did.
  • Yep, that's what I have. Do you happen to know how many watts per channel is stock from this setup?

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    sure doesn't sound like very many watts does it.

    I'll see if I can find out.
  • I bought 99 taurus se few days ago.
    I was thinking that the lumber switch of electric
    seat(pushing or retracting waist part of seat)
    was making clicking sound when push or retract.
    But it's not making sound when retract. The salesman says it's normal because the air goes down when retract. Is this normal or should be fixed ?
  • zslickzslick Posts: 11
    Color me unimpressed for the same reasons you are impressed. We have a 98 SE with the Vulcan engine that behaves the same way yours does. We had it addressed right before the warranty lapsed. The dealer gave us some BS explanation of the cause being a bad air valve adjustment screw and replaced it. The behavior remains, albeit to a lesser extent. I drove two manual transmission cars prior to this and I find this lack of control extremely annoying. Yes, the car does feel fast beyond its 145 hp rating, but if I wanted the feel of an Audi 5000, I would have bought one. I have driven late model Ford Escorts and Contours that do not exhibit this behavior. Our other car, a 1994 Mercury Grand Marquis, does not exhibit this behavior either, feels much faster, and gets the same MPG!!! When I find myself in the market again, I will gladly spend the extra bucks and put up with the extra girth of another Grand Marquis.
  • I know, the more I listen, the more I want to add a small amp. Sony has an Xpold amp that is 40 watts per channel X4 w/ a built in adjustable EQ for front and rear that can be had on Ebay for under 200.00 bucks. I'm going to see if there is a wiring harness adapter for the Taurus. I really don't want to cut the wiring harness if I don't have to. I sure a modest amp will make the head unit and my upgraded speakers sound 100 times better.

  • I am new to this topic and hope someone can help me. I am considering a 2001 SES with the Duratec engine. When I test drove the car I noticed a lag in the transmission as it upshifted from 1st to 2nd. I noticed this under hard or light acceleration. It took approximately 1/4 to 1/2 second to complete the upshift. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it common or could it be a problem isolated to the car I drove? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • Car "shutters" at 35-40 mph and 55-60 mph only while accelerating, not while coasting.
    If I put a little pressure on the brakes at 50 mph or higher, the steering wheel shakes back and forth. Brand new car: <400mi. The car goes to the shop in 3 days. Has anyone had similiar problems and how did they fix it?
  • I bought a 2000 Taurus SE with leather interior and the 24v Duratec engine for $20k
    All I can say is: ALL KINDS OF PROBLEMS
    Hood pops open (day 1)
    Steering is TOO noisy (day 1)
    Transmission is stupid (day 1. there is no fix, it's the way it is)
    Poor, poor brakes (day 1. again, that's the way it is)
    Below 15MPG in the city (day 1)
    Brake light stays on and drains battery at night. The car won't start next day (second and third week)
    Dashboard pops up (second month)
    Transmission cable broken. (6,000 miles and 800 miles away from home)
    Electric start failed five times so far (10,000 miles)
    Steering is noisy again
    Leather interior is SO cheap, has several cuts already.

    However, there are some pros, like:
    Engine is very powerful
    It is really fun to drive it.
    Trunk and interior are HUGE.
    Vehicle handles excellent in the wet road
    30MPG in the highway

    Anyway, this is my LAST ford.
    You can get a RELIABLE vehicle with the same money.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    a) 20 grand for a new car these days is pretty cheap. Don't expect much from any auto maker for 20 grand. Even a 20 grand Camry, although well built...won't impress. Certainly Dodges, Saturns and Chevy's at 20 grand are just as cheesy.

    b) maybe you should've taken an extended test drive. Perhaps a rental. Thirty bucks woulda helped you see whether you liked the car before you bought it.
  • I have had several Taurus' And now I have a 2000 Taurus SEL. I have seem to have had much of the same problems as others.

    Brake lights not going off...fixed
    Air-bag light staying on...not fixed

    But I have developed some new problems in the past few days. I was driving the Long Island Expressway a few nights ago, and I noticed that when I was cruising at 60, the RPM's would jump to 3 and then slip back to 2, and the car would jolt. It was rainy out, cold, so I attributed it to the weather. Then last night on another highway, it was doing the same thing, mid day, cool and calm out. Again, crusing at 60 and the same thing. I also take my foot off the gas, and it would jump up to 3, but not accelerate. When I came out of the mall, and started the car, the "service engine light" came on, and stayed on. Has anyone else had this problem.

    Also, starting the damn thing is sometimes near impossible. Sometimes it takes several attempts for it to start. I read in the manual that the PATS key, can not touch an alarm fob. But I sometimes do everything short of a "Tribal Rain Dance" to get it to turnover.

    And this morning, as I was leaving my house, I tried to start the car, and it wouldn't even crank. Everything was working in the car, and I know that all lights are on auto. I did my little ranting, raving, cursing, and smoking dance and eventually it started... again has anyone had this problem?

    ALSO! I have the MACH audio system, and I noticed a high pitched frequency coming from the speakers. Is this something that can be adjusted. It is rather annoying. And there seems to be a rattle comming from the front, driver and passenger side
    door pannels when the bass is pronounced in music being played.

    And, since I do have an SEL.. and it only says SE on the back. I would like my "L" I payed for my "L" I want my "L". Is there a way to get this?

    Does this PCM recall have to do with my, my car was made in April. Bought in Long Island, NY, in July 2000. It's a 2000 SEL.

    ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME! LOL E-mail me if you like at

  • The lumbar support on my 99 se does not make funny clicking noises. When I got the car the hose was not connected to the motor and so it did not pump up the support, it just made a motor noise. After repaired by Ford (warranty) it has worked fine. I myself don't care for it, but it does work, without a clicking noise.
  • Have any of you had problems with an aggravating front-end wobble like I've got in my '99 Taurus DOHC? It's not really noticeable until you get on the highway at 65+ mph, and, then, there it is. It didn't do it when it was new last December. But it started about April. I've had it in to the dealer numerous times, and they've done numerous things, but nothing makes any difference. I sure would appreciate any insight.
  • I had the same problem with a 99 Chrysler 300M. After 5 visits back for the same problem they had the tires checked with a computer to see if they were in fact round. 3 out of the 4 were out of specs (out of round). Chrysler replaced all four Goodyears with brand new Michelins (sp) under warranty. Keep up the pressure, they are hoping that you just go away. Your problem might not be tires, but in the absence of a mechanical problem you might want to have them check the tires. There is a new balancing method that has been used in the truck industry called "equal". It is a fine grain put on the inside the tires to continuously balance the tires. Go to and read.
  • I have two questions for you on the CD changer, as I am thinking about installing one.
    1) Where did you buy yours? prices on the internet are all over the place...
    2) Where in the trunk did you install it? I'm concerned about piling luggage around it.
  • Is anyone on the forum driving a Taurus with the Vulcan FFV engine? If so, have you had the fuel delivery system recall work done? I took mine to the shop yesterday. The shop guys said the replacement of the fuel delivery module (I believe thats what it was called) would improve gas mileage. Performance seems even better than before, but we'll see about the mpg. Just prior to the recall work, my mpg improved to an average of 25. I have gotten as good as 31 on the interstate; hopefully the numbers don't plummet now....
  • Just to clarify, I was talking about the 2000 Taurus with the Vulcan FFV in the last post.
  • I bought mine at a local audio store, but has the KDC-665 for $199.95 and if you look under car audio accessories, you can locate the harness adapter. I recommend the PIE brand. It is what I used. Just match up for your model year Taurus.

    I mounted my changer to the left of center by the left speaker. I had to use some stand offs as my mounting surface was ribbed. I used some stand offs from when I put up a bunch of peg board in my garage. They work great!

  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    The upcoming 5.7L V-8 powered Impala SS preview:
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Negative. The Impala SS has been confirmed to enter production for the 2003 model year. It will be equipped with a V-8 and FWD; however, what's not too clear is which engine size will make it to that bay...5.7L? 4.3L?
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Your posting belongs to another board: "My car is better than your".

    Except you even do not have the prototype 5.7l Impala. And, probably, never will: most likely, GM killed the trim and it will not enter in production.
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