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Ford Taurus/Mercury Sable Sedans Pre-2008



  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    this country is not diveded by political parties, race, or by mason-dixon line but by ford or gm men.

    And women too.

    But recently there was also a small war at this board between Chevy Impala owners and the Chevy Malibu ones. With awful slander: Malibu was compared to Chevy Cavalier.
  • slunarslunar Posts: 479
    Don't throw rocks if you live in a glass house. The 2000 Impala is just plain ugly from any angle. What ever money Chevy saved on its $1.98 exterior design sure wasn't put into the Impala's cheap looking interior. The GM designers from the 50's and 60's must be rolling over in their graves given the current collection of GM design abominations. No wonder GM has stolen several designers from Ford and other car companies in the last few months. Think about it, just try to picture in your mind what any 2000 GM car looks like. All I can remember is the 2000 Impala and DeVille, which are memorable because they are so ugly, and the Corvette which I can remember as it is one of the few good looking cars GM makes these days. The rest of the lineup is so GM corporate bland they have to put vinyl tops on Buicks and boy racer body cladding on Pontiacs so parking lot attendants call distinguish them from from an Olds.
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    I'm getting delivery of my Toreador Red SEL tonight. I would like to ask "barjon" what they did to his rear doors to make the gap on them disappear. He posted that on 19 June he had an appt. with his dealer. I told my salesman about it a week ago and they were clueless as to how to fix the problem.

    They took the rubber off and tried to replace it TWICE but broke a metal part that helps hold it onto the door. The service manager is very much interested in learning how it was corrected.

    Oh, "impalass3", your taste is truly in your mouth. The new Taurus is one of the best looking cars out there. It is outselling all other passenger cars this year. I'm a designer so I know a little bit about design.
  • andre1969andre1969 Posts: 23,040
    On the Ford/GM "political" line, I've usually been on the GM side, coming from a predominantly GM family (except for my grandfather on my father's side) My real preference is Mopar, but they haven't been so great lately, although I'm happy with my 2000 Intrepid. However, I have to admit I LIKE the 2000 Taurus and Sable! I don't think they have an ugly line on them. I can't even say that about my Intrepid (I don't like the headlights on it...they're too bug-eyed) I'm glad to see Ford doing well with the design. If I was still in the market for a new car, I would consider one.

    I want to like GM, after all my family has been buying them since the dawn of time, but I haven't been a big fan of the mid sizes since they replaced the "real" Malibu with the Celebrity back in the early 80's. Ford and Chrysler have come a long way from those Fairmonts, Tempos, and K-cars of the early 80's, but GM has been wallowing with designs like the Celebrity, Citation, first generation Lumina, etc, that they have a long way to go to rebuild their reputation, in my book. And it's going to take more than that resurrected Bel Air/Biscayne/whatever (sorry, but Impalas should have 3 taillights) to change my mind. I might actually go with a Ford product next time around.
  • malibu99malibu99 Posts: 305
    I agree with your idea of the Belair/Biscayne. A real Impala should have 3 tail lights and a luxurious feel. But it's a good start. I like the rest of their cars.
  • slunarslunar Posts: 479
    The latest issue of Autoweek had a short "Autofile" test of a 2000 Taurus sedan with the Duratec. Overall it's a positive review that says (in their opinion) the 2000 Taurus is improved in the areas of ride, comfort and overall feel of the car. They miss the more avant guard design of the last Generation Taurus saying that the 2000 is a bit boring. Funny how all the car rags that blasted the 96-99 Taurus design as being too far out have now turned around and are complaining that the 2000 is too conservative. They also rate it as a lot of car for the money. Their only notable complaint is that the 24V Duratec V6 doesn't have enough low end grunt (torque).
  • robnisrobnis Posts: 78
    You hit the nail on the head when you said common sense. It seems every time we have a moderate snow of a few inches here in PA there are more fender benders, when caution, common sense, and slower speeds could have precluded some accidents.
  • slunarslunar Posts: 479
    robnis: I dread driving during the 1st and 2nd snowfalls of the year because of the idiots that have to relearn foul weather driving every year. In my observation about 80% of the drivers up here in the north country use good judgement in snow driving. The problem is there are 10% that drive way too slow and cause problems by backing up traffic and getting them selves stuck on hills. The final 10% wants to go the same speed as dry conditions and we know what mayhem they can cause.

    Look at the LS Forum, a prospective LS purchaser just asked about the LS in the snow, 1 reply so far. If you want to do some research on it back in a previous LS Forum part (around Jan- Feb) there were many posts on the LS in the snow, most (if not all) were surprised at how good the LS is in the snow. Remember it has nearly 50-50 weight balance and traction control. In addition their is a stability control option (Advance Track) that had receive very good comments in the car rags and more positive feedback in the LS Forum.
  • barjonbarjon Posts: 27
    Congratulations on your purchase, and I hope you're enjoying your new red SEL!

    Now, about the rear doors....I'm very confused. Before taking my car in on 6/19, I discussed again with my service advisor exactly what they proposed to do. I was told it involved removing the molding and inserting a black caulking, the same thing that they had done to fix a Contour problem. I felt very uncomfortable with that because the doors on a Contour and a Taurus are completely different, and this fix had never been done to a Taurus before.

    I went for a second opinion to another Ford dealer where I had purchased my last Taurus. The service advisor there told me the doors aren't supposed to be water tight, and the gap isn't a problem at all. He said not to have my dealer apply the sealer, because that would look like hell.

    Now with opposite opinions, I called the Ford Customer Service center to tell me what Ford says to do. To my surprise and amazement I was told that Customer Service does not have the means to get technical info from the engineers or the manufacturing plants, but relies solely on the opinions of the dealers' service managers.

    Therefore, I kept my appointment on the 19th, but only to show my car, and all the other new Tauruses on the dealer's lot, to the actual service manager (not the advisor). I said I did not want the caulking applied. I also showed him how the moldings on a 1999 Taurus were not cut so poorly and had a much better fit. His remedy, for now, is to order a new set of moldings which he will personally inspect when they come in to see if they're cut any better. If they're not, he's going to find out from a regional rep if ordering moldings for a previous year will work. I haven't heard back from him yet.

    Now I'm nervous after hearing about the broken metal part on your door, as a result of removing the molding. What did they do for that?

    To be continued.....
  • ohio7ohio7 Posts: 67
    I drove my red Taurus for the first time today! WOW!! Yes, it is ticket red. Glad it had cruise.

    Barjon, my left rear door looks great! This dealership went way out their of their way to make me happy. I gave them a stack of postings from Edmunds and other places talking about the "gap". What they broke was only a metal piece that comes with the rubber, not anything on the door that would hurt anything.

    If your service manager told you the doors aren't supposed to be waterproof, that's true - I was told that too, via the salesman. BUT, I told him to tell the service manager that HE didn't just pay over $20,000 for a car that I hope to have for 13-16 years! If the job was going to end up looking like hell, then they are not careful in how they use weatherstripping glue. I'm in the process of putting on new weatherstripping on my just repainted/repaired 1957 T-Bird. It is aggravating work and I could go the rest of my life and not miss doing that again. But, these guys get PAID to do careful, good work. This isn't something that you can slap-dash and move on.

    Looking on their computer, Ford listed nothing concerning the "gap". I'm not sure how they found out what to do, but it looks as tight as a friend's '99 Taurus. The salesman said that Ford must have gotten a new vendor this year for the weatherstripping and their mold for that side was cast wrong. It sure looks that way. I showed the salesman all of the Tauruses on his lot and he showed the service manager.

    If he's willing, he can contact Sheehy Ford in Springfield, VA. Keep me posted.
  • robnisrobnis Posts: 78
    Hmmmmm maybe I'll have to be objective and drive one this Winter. Appreciated your thoughts.
  • jfata88jfata88 Posts: 1
    I own a '93 Taurus with 111,500 km and so far it had not mechanical failures. But lately, there has been an intense rattling sound coming from the roof and its gets really loud. Does anybody have an idea what the hell it could be?
  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    I own a 86 taurus wagon with v6 engine. Have140k on the odometer. ONly prob I had was needing a head gasket at 90k . Cost me only $400 as I knew the mechanic well. Probably would not have needed it if I hadnt had an accident and had to replace radiator. I used a Korean radiator to save a few bucks. Car would run hotter than normal and eventually I blew the gasket. Rather than replace radiator at this age, I replaced thermostat with a 160 degree spec and have no more problems. Except for lots of body rust, car runs fine and is like an energizer battery--I cant kill it.

    this car owes me nothing--

    Just bot a 300M as my main vehicle, but use the taurus for mall runs and in bad weather. Taurus handles well in the snow and rain.

    Taurus is a good value and looks great.
  • riswamiriswami Posts: 192
    I have a 97 Taurus GL. Totally satisfied with the car. Just wondering if anyone had this problem. My interior lights wouldn't go out without closing the door 20 times. Dealer replaced a switch. 18 bucks for the switch and 2 hours later it was fixed. They had a Sable in the service area for the same problem. Anyone else experience this? Dealer new what to do when I called for an appointment. Got a feeling this is a common problem.
  • ljerrydljerryd Posts: 2
    I am looking at family cars and the only two American sedans that interest
    me are the Taurus and new Saturn L series. I found a Saturn forum and from
    reading the posts, most of their complaints are fit and finish, not major
    mechanical problems.

    According to my rather limited research, the Taurus seems to have good days
    and bad days. I recently drove a 2000 SES with the 24 valve V6. It seems
    like a good value, roomy, and has plenty of power. Are there any options I
    should consider or steer clear of? I did notice that there is a slight delay
    when pressing the gas to the time the auto trans actually decides to engage.
    Is this normal? Have they gotten the engine and transmission reliability
    improved any? I am tired of continual transmission problems with my Chrysler
    minivans and don't want to be stuck after 3yr/36000mi with a bucket of
    problems on a 20k+ new vehicle. Do you think that Ford's extended warranty
    is any good?
  • rich94rich94 Posts: 4
    I'm also having a problem with my interior lights staying on (97 Taurus). I had a new switch put in about two months ago and its acting up again.
  • u98seu98se Posts: 2
    earlier in these post i indicated i recently purchased a 98se with 60k miles on it. felt good about it because of stories of 150k mile tauruses and my own 170k buick. this car came with 90 day/3k warranty. at one month and 1200 miles i took it in for front end noise and burning oil smell. the rt frnt axle seal was replaced and the frnt struts and some linkage parts were replaced. the best part, ford refused to honor the warranty!
    i fought them, explained that a warranty on a window sticker is a binding contract per the ohio attny generals office. they came off half the bill and i gave in. anybody have similar problems with warranties and/or frnt end noise. this problem is spookily similar to my 96 windstar...
  • tim1966tim1966 Posts: 1
    I just bought a 1999 Ford Taurus SE Sedan, and I really think it is one of the most comfortable cars that I have ever owned. I have driven the 2000 Chevy Impala a nice car but gutless. I drive 780 miles a week and I drove the Impala for about a week, but I will put my Taurus up against the Impala anytime as far as dependability, and comfort. I had the Impala for a little over a week, and it was in the shop after the first two days that I had it. I rally wanted the Impala, but when I got it I was very Disappointed.
  • brh2brh2 Posts: 1
    You go, McDill!

    As the owner of one Ford product ('98 Explorer XLT) and one Chevy ('00 Impala LS) I can say I've had far fewer (read: none) problems with the latter. Now I leave the Explorer to the wife and only drive it when I absolutely have to.

    A buddy of mine is a salesman and puts a lot of miles on his Taurus, to which he has always been loyal. But after he came to visit me this spring, he wanted an Impala. Rides better, rides stronger, is roomier, and you can find your car in the parking lot instead of trying to figure out which of seventeen silver Tauruses is yours.

    I agree that Impalas should have six taillights, three on each side; after all, that's what my dad's '70 had. But that's kind of a strange reason NOT to buy a car, isn't it? The 2000 Impala's taillights are still distinctive - and isn't that the point, that you could always spot an Impala a mile away because of the taillights?

    Some of this board's comments about the Impala ("slumming," "$1.98 exterior") are offensive and grounded in little else but jealousy.
  • matramatra Posts: 5
    the 17 "tauruses" a good point all "Silver"....."touche"...but "never argue with success is another...".....mine is a "Autumn Gold"#....SEL...
  • slunarslunar Posts: 479
    You think you have problems, be glad your's aren't the opposite like these poor Audi A6 owners:

    I liked my 1996 & 1997 Taurus's. Both were empty with the gage needle just below the last mark. I could top them off and put over 20 gallons in their tanks and I never ran out. When the gage was below 1/4 it would fluctuate depending on grade. Nose down they read high, nose up readings were low so level ground was required for an accurate reading. However, a lot of drivers don't like a gas gage that indicates an empty tank with the needle just below the last mark, so due to complaints about running out the 1998's (& 1999's) were changed so when the needle was below the last mark you still have a good 4 gallons. I loved the gages on the 1996 & 1998's and hated the ones on the 1998 and 1999 cars I always ended up filling up when I could have gone another 80 - 100 miles.
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Posts: 854
    "...comments about the Impala...are offensive and
    grounded in little else but jealousy."

    Oh gosh, does a car actually have feelings? I get all kinds of cr@p for driving a Ford and I deal with it.

    These are just opinions about material objects, not religious beliefs. If someone thinks your car is "slumming", big deal, its just a car.
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Car does not feel anything. But its owner(s) do.
  • keithwandkeithwand Posts: 23
    Just picked up my co. Taurus SES and having driven it 2,000 miles in 2 weeks took it to the dealer.

    I got a vibration at 80+ MPH and the car constantly wants to wander to the left in either lane. They balanced all 4 tires and did a 4 wheel align. This moved the steering wheel down a little on the left but the car still vibrates (less than before) at 80+ and the pull is still there.

    Could it be the Continental brand tires? Any other sugg. besides driving below 80?
  • reesejreesej Posts: 23
    Consider where you are ... This is a FORD board! I would expect the same flames in reverse being a Ford owner on a Chevy board. What's the big deal?
  • slunarslunar Posts: 479
    brh2: Sorry but IMHO the 2000 Impala is butt ugly. About the only thing that spoils the scenery more is the sight of a 2000 Monte Carlo. No jealousy here just calling them as I see them. The Lumina that the Impala replaced was attractive enough for a sedan, no complaints from me here. I still like the 98-99 Taurus body the best of any Taurus ever made including the 2000.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    the 2000 impala is "slumming" from the standpoint that it really is a cheap looking car.

    Maybe fine for the sprint car crowd, or something. But man, you would never want to show up at a nice restaurant or social event driving one. Really, a night on the town in your IMPALA? Seriously, you'd get more style points in a Daewoo Laganza. Sadly, the Bonneville looks even more corny. Yet, the Grand Prix, Aurora, Regal and Intrigue have fabulous exteriors (only the Aurora has a nice interior).

    At least the 2000 Taurus can hold its own in more expensive company. A nice dark colored Taurus with a nice leather int. looks fine in the company of an A6 OR A8, or a Passat, or any other car like that you'd see at, say a private college on graduation day when all the rich parents go to see thier kids get a dipl.

    Even a Chrysler Concorde or Dodge Intrepid looks nicer, but they still looks a bit cheesy.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    the 2000 impala is "slumming" from the standpoint that it really is a cheap looking car.

    Maybe fine for the sprint car crowd, or something. But man, you would never want to show up at a nice restaurant or social event driving one. Really, a night on the town in your IMPALA? Seriously, you'd get more style points in a Daewoo Laganza. Sadly, the Bonneville looks even more corny. Yet, the Grand Prix, Aurora, Regal and Intrigue have fabulous exteriors (only the Aurora has a nice interior).

    At least the 2000 Taurus can hold its own in more expensive company. A nice dark colored Taurus with a nice leather int. looks fine in the company of an A6 OR A8, or a Passat, or any other car like that you'd see at, say a private college on graduation day when all the rich parents go to see thier kids get a dipl.

    Even a Chrysler Concorde or Dodge Intrepid looks nicer, but they still looks a bit cheesy.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    "really is a cheap looking car"

    like 90 percent of GM products.
  • cmletchcmletch Posts: 1
    I bought a 94 Taurus in 1995 and have had nothing but problems. I have had rear break problems that I have never been able to get fixed. The rotors wear out and the calipers don't retract and cause rubbing noises. Most recently I had the head gasket go out at 93K miles. Fortunately for me, Ford is covering this condition up to 100K miles or money toward purchase of another vehicle and I promptly dumped this car. The 94 - 95 models w/ 3.8L engines are notoriously known for blown head gaskets at low mileage (design defect).
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