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Volvo S70

rvaranorvarano Posts: 1
I recently purchased a 98 S70 after driving an
Audi for ten years. My concern is the "truck like"
ride that I experience with the Volvo. This is my
only complaint, however, it is driving me crazy.
Does anyone know how to remedy this problem and do
the after market performance shocks
specifically for Volvo do any good..


  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    rvarano, I'm not sure about the Volvo shocks (I assume you are talking about the electrically? adjustable ones) but I do know owners have put Bilsteins on their with good results. You would do well to go to the BrickBoard ( where you will find many knowledgeable owners who have made this decision already. However, you should be aware, that the 70 series car was Volvo's interpretation of a sport car and in high-pressure turbo form used to be capable of speeds around 150 mph even in the US. In other words, it was designed to give a firmer ride than other cars in the class which is fine if you buy a T5 and regularly put it to the test but for the majority of owners the suspension setup is a poor compromise for their driving habits. For a comparison, test drive a S80 2.9 for a good feel for how Volvo (and the rest of the Europeans) define a plush luxury ride. It won't do you any good for your S70, but the S60 replacement is based on the S80 platform so it will probably have a much more mainstream ride quality. Good luck.

  • joel2468joel2468 Posts: 75
    I have owned an S70 1999 Base for about 10 months now, and am very pleased with the car. My initial impression of the ride was the same as yours. I have softened the ride (somewhat) by paying close attetion to the tire pressures front and rear. I have the Michelins on my car (came with the car) and I find keeping 31PSI front and 32PSI rear improves the ride considerably. The dealership seems to want to increase the pressure to 34-35 when I take it in for service, but I just set it back. We took a trip down to the beach two weeks ago and with these tire pressures, and a loaded down car, got 31mpg at speeds 70-75 mph. Recently, someone took out the passenger door and fron fender, and my car was off the road for about 4 weeks. I had a new 2000 camry (rental). The camry is powerful (low end-4 cyl) and quiet, and the ride soft. Although the Camry is a nice car, and I enjoyed driving it, in my opinion, the Volvo is a much more solid car, and a much better car overall...solid as a rock...and part of that feeling has to do with the way the suspension is tuned. It took me a couple of months to get used to the ride, but once you do, you'll wonder why you even questioned it in the first place. The new V70 wagon rides very smoothly, and I suspect the new S60 will have a more "american ride" without giving up the handling and solid feeling.
  • I understand your frustration and discomfort. I have had a 1999 Volvo S70 for about 11 months now and have found it to be very uncomfortable. I get a very rough ride, road and engine noise and vibration into the cabin, brake noise and windshield wiper noise during rains. Even though I have spent much time with Volvo, none of my car's comfort problems have been resolved and Volvo has left me to deal with the problem stating that their car is performing to Volvo standards. I am also looking for aftermarket solutions to my comfort problems. If you have any solutions that have worked for your Volvo, please let me know. Thanks.
  • gthomaspagthomaspa Posts: 6
    Just received a firm quote from the dealer on a new, S70 SE with moonroof, winter package,metallic, and automatic transmission. I can drive this car out of the dealer for $30,220 and, according to Edmunds, this is about $200 over invoice. Any better deals out there that anyone has heard about? Seems quite fair for this vehicle. I've never a Volvo and I guess I'm a little nervous about spending this kind of cash. Any comments relative to the deal or the automobile itself. Would appreciate any feedback.
  • lloydh1lloydh1 Posts: 1
    I own a 1998 Volvo S70 GLT turbo with 40,400 miles and have been reading the comments on the hard ride. I acknowledge the firm ride, especially in the back seat. I wish the car would have a somewhat softer ride but I think this is due to its ability to tow a class II hitch. It is probably the only near luxury car that is actually capable of towing 3,300 pounds. All other cars in its class (BMW 528e, Audi A6, Saab, Avalon) cannot tow anywhere near this amount. The firm ride does have the benefit of better handling. I also have experienced the loud tire noise on rough pavement but I don't know what to do about that. In any even I love the car and plan on keeping it.
  • justinjustin Posts: 1,918
    Is the 168hp five cylinder enough? Does it compare to the VR6 VW engine (174 hp)? I mean, does one less cylinder and a little less hp make that much of a diff in an automatic?

    What are realistic mpg? also, does that engine require premium fuel?

  • kbarrykbarry Posts: 9
    There is a company called IPD based in Oregon that deals in a variety of aftermarket accessories specifically for Volvo's. Primarily they deal in suspension parts. However, you can order almost anything from them and prices are far more reasonable than at the dealer.
  • peccattepeccatte Posts: 3
    We bought an S70SE in april for $28400 from a large dealer in Brooklyn. This was below the dealer invoice price that was listed on Edmunds and other car advice web pages. The price was offered by the dealer initially and he would not budge. The car handles beautifully, has more than adequate power for normal driving and is very comfortable. When pushed hard the engine is kind of noisy, sounding something like a well tuned motorcycle. Worst thing about the car is the blind spot and poor visibility caused by thick pillars, large headrest, and inward leaning windows. I bought an auxillary mirror which helps. Also it is hard to see your back end when parking because the trunk is high. Trunk is not as large as the one on my previous 240, but the seats fold forward so you can extend baggage from the trunk into the car if you are not carrying 5 pasengers. To tell you the truth we liked our 240 better but it had 186000 miles on it and was having problems with AC, wipers, windows, etc. Engine and transmission were still excellent. The s70 has an excellent AC and has functioned perfectly for the firs 4000 miles.

  • peccattepeccatte Posts: 3
    We are getting about 23 mpg combined city and highway on premium fuel.
  • hmspectorhmspector Posts: 1
    Can I get the name of the dealer in Brooklyn that you used (and the salesperson, if you recall).

  • peccattepeccatte Posts: 3
    It was Bay Ridge Volvo, can't remember the salesman's name at the moment.

  • sunlinersunliner Posts: 36
    We have the base 5-cyl motor. 162hp in our 1999 model to meet LEV standards, not 168hp as it was in 1998.

    It's plenty of horsepower with the manual trans. that we have. I could never call our car fast, but it's responsive and zippy, not a slouch by any means.

    I had the same car as ours, but with the 5-spd automatic, as a loaner. It's noticeably slower to accelerate, and doesn't sound as nice. Still adequate, and actually cruises on the freeway about 500rpm lower than our stick shift.

    We get 29-30 mpg on the freeway, going 75mph with the AC on. We get mid-twenties in town/local roads. Yes, the non-turbo requires premium fuel, according to the manual. (our salesman told us to "just run any old gas" in it) The motor will "compensate" for lower grades of gas, but "compensate" means "less output" to me. We stick with 92 octane or higher. The few cents/gallon are very worth it to us.
  • lgammilllgammill Posts: 18
    Thanks for the input. I have noticed that the invoice price on Edmunds, as well as other reports (e.g., IntelliChoice and show a lower invoice price than what I was quoted, but I think the report dates were in February, 2000, so I thought maybe the prices went up a little since then. In any event, I was also a little wary at the dealership because I got advice to get a dealer's invoice to really make sure that I was getting $99 over. All he would show me was a computer screen with a number on it saying that that was his dealer invoice. So, I thought that maybe something was up with the pricing.

    With all of the reasearch that I've done, I thought that the price I was given was a bit more than dealer invoice, but I didn't know what to rely on, because I didn't know if invoice prices listed on these websites were the same all over or what (i.e., if they are national or regional pricing)! (I've bought used cars before but this is my first time in the new-car market!)

    Thanks for the input -- anyone else have something to add?

    Also, Sunliner, what model do you have? I have read your entries earlier on this page, but I can't remember (sometimes you read so much on the websites, but can't remember exactly where you got the info!)
  • lgammilllgammill Posts: 18
    P.S. Re: the price -- I was looking at an automatic -- isn't that a $1,000 increase in the price?
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding your last few posts:

    Please tell me you meant factory invoice and not dealer invoice? The price you quoted indeed sounds like dealer invoice. You should be working from factory invoice which is the price the dealer paid. The S70s are discounted because they are out of production now. They are slated for replacement by the beautiful new S60 later this year. Dealers who still have S70s have been taking thousands off dealer invoice. Some have indeed sold at prices near factory invoice. A price of $99 over factory invoice sounds decent but $99 over dealer invoice would be ludicrous and certainly scandalous on a close-out model.


  • joel2468joel2468 Posts: 75
    I just returned from a 9 day vacation. Left my 1999 S70 Base sedan sitting in the garage. Tried to start the car, and could hear the starter turning, and the engine misfire... would not start. Called "on call" (which worked fine, by the way) and had the car towed to the dealership. Their diagnosis is that it needs "hotter plugs" for the type of driving I'm doing. I believe this may be part of the problem, but there could be something else lurking around. Anyone hear anything about this? Thanks
  • sunlinersunliner Posts: 36
    We have a 1999 S70 base. Manual 5-spd, no options except for the sunroof. Tan interior, Pewter Silver exterior...very sharp. (we're biased!) When we bought in 1999, all the colors were no charge.

    Oops...didn't think about the AT, since wife and I are both die-hard stick fans. Yup, Edmunds says the automatic is $1000, both invoice and msrp. So up that price I mentioned to $28,680. Add $575 destination charge...$29,255.

    Sounds like that dealer might actually be giving you a good deal!

    Something we've noticed is that the motor is pretty sensitive to moisture in the gas. Coupla times -- primarily just after I wash it -- It acts like it's flooded, and it cranks, coughs and spits a little. My wife called the dealership the first time, and they advised her that it's no big deal, and to just hold the pedal to the floor and crank it until it started...which worked.

    Hasn't happened but only 3 times or so in the past year, a couple right after I washed it and blasted water up the tailpipe, and seems like the first time was the day after we got back from a week-long trip out to VA and DC and back to IN.
  • lgammilllgammill Posts: 18
    OK, now I am really confused. I thought dealer invoice and factory invoice were the same thing -- i.e., what the dealer paid for the car (including destination charges). If they are not the same thing, what is the difference? (I am a novice at this new car buying thing.)

    The price that the delearship is going to give me is (supposedly) $99 over what they paid for the car -- which is a couple grand less than the MSRP.

    Does this sound better?

  • sunlinersunliner Posts: 36
    Sounds like you're right to me. Rollie might be using the term "dealer invoice" interchangeably with "list price", "sticker price", "MSRP", or "retail price." Just guessing.
  • joel2468joel2468 Posts: 75
    Just picked up the car from the dealership. They tell me it was hard starting (engine was turning over), but just not running. They replaced the plugs and say it seems fine. They also said if it happens again, "they need to know immediately." The service manager says he has seen this in a few cars, and is limited to the base (non-turbo) models. This is a new plug specification that was just released. I also have a theory: I notice that when it is very hot around here (90-100), that after a 15-20 minute drive, the electric engine cooling fan continues to run for quite awhile. I believe that this is draining the battery, and therefore not enough cranking power. Does your car (or anyone else's) do the same thing (the fan runs for a good 3-5 minutes after shutdown). By the way, didn't take the Volvo on the trip... rented a Ford Explorer through Hertz. They have a special deal going $219 per week, unlimited miles. At that price, seemed dumb to put the wear and tear on my car. Got 22-23 mpg with full time 4-wheel drive (XLT model). Only had 1400 miles on it when I picked it up, and we put 2350 miles on it. Wouldn't want to own one, but really nice for a trip.
  • sunlinersunliner Posts: 36
    I've only noticed the cooling fan running after we shut the car off about twice in the past year, really. Doesn't seem to drain the battery any noticeable amount. When you crank your car, does it sound slower than normal? As long as the starter cranks the motor at the usual speed, you've got plenty of battery power.

    We take the opposite approach to our Volvo's miles. (Well, I do, my wife's on the fence...) I want to load the miles on it. Drive to the east coast? Bring it on! Drive to South Dakota? Gimme more!

    Up until recently, we owned cars cruddy enough that we HAD to use rentals to go to Mich. and visit family. Now we have a nice car, and the days of necessary rentals are behind us.

    We got the car in April 1999, and we've got just over 24,000 miles on it already! At this rate, when it comes time to teach our son how to drive, the car will have 384,000 miles on it, and 432,000 when it's time to send him off to college. (He's 2 months old now.)
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #20:

    By dealer invoice I'm referring to MSRP. However, the 'dealer invoice' starts as the Mulrooney (sp.) sticker on the car and then they sometimes add dealer installed items of their choosing (and pricing). Now that you've clarified that you meant factory invoice your deal sounds much better. However, you might want to check to see if there are any factory to dealer incentives on the car or holdbacks. If this is the case then you can probably get an even better price.

    Good luck.

  • lgammilllgammill Posts: 18
    Thanks everyone for the input. I bought the car yesterday evening -- 2000 S70 SE automatic, moondust, leather interior, with sunroof. Very nice. I am fairly confident that I paid $99 over the dealer invoice -- they showed me their invoice which matched my calculations.

    I can't beleive I just bought a new car ! :o

  • dawndmcdawndmc Posts: 2
    If you don't mind me asking, what are your monthly payments on your new S-70? I went to a dealer yesterday and test-drove an S-80. Was told that the S-70s weren't being made anymore, only were available for purchase and the monthly payment would be as much as the special that they are running on the S-80s -- $499, no money down.
  • lgammilllgammill Posts: 18
    I'm am purchased my S-70 with financing through a local credit union. My payments will be approx. $550 per month and I put $5500 down. The "special" I got was $99 over dealer invoice.

    I was not informed of any specials that they were offering on the S-70 (other than that $99 over) or any offers on the S-80 (which was out of my price range [for purchasing it] and was also too risky an investment for me considering it has only been in production a short while).

    Hope this information helps.

  • lgammilllgammill Posts: 18
    Also, did they give you any information on the $499/mo -- sounds like its a 6 year loan at 10% or something like that...

    (Mine is a 5-yr. loan at 7.95%)

  • I bought a 2000 S-70 GLT SE last month and today installed a Alpine CD Changer. My radio is model #SC-816.

    After much research, I bought the Alpine CHM-S620 and the Peripheral VOLIL Adapter from for a total of $318 including shipping.

    I installed it in the glove box, and it was very easy. It took me about 1.5hrs. The dealer wanted almost double for a cd changer.

    It sounds great! If anybody wants more info on how to do this, please e-mail me.

  • sunlinersunliner Posts: 36
    How much glovebox did that leave you? We might add a cd-changer some time down the road, so I'm sort of curious. (the SC-813 has cd controls on it, too)

    Congrats! Welcome to the World of Volvo. I think "Moondust" is the same as 1999's "Pewter Silver." Silver, with gold flecks? Sharp color if it is...'course we're biased.

    Nick's Volvo
  • The Alpine changer is very small when compared to other 6 disc changers but after installation, it does not leave much room in the glove box. I keep a pair of glasses and the vehicle registration papers in the glove box but that's about it. I moved the maps down to the "shelf" area below the glove box.

    I liked all the pictures of your Volvo except for the spray-painted one, what a tragedy! Looks great now!
  • sunlinersunliner Posts: 36
    Thanx. We were lucky the punks used cheap paint, it came off with WD-40...even the swirl they put on the hood. The keying made me turn red, my wife says.

    Bummer on the glovebox space. We keep more than just maps and papers in there. We've got the Volvo manuals and papers in the velour/vinyl folder, the front license plate bracket, and the adapter cable for the cd Walkman in there. And about 20 napkins from Subway and Taco Bell.

    Oh well, we're not even close to upgrading the stereo yet.
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