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Volvo S70



  • dawndmcdawndmc Posts: 2
    That $499 deal is a no money down, 36 mo lease. It's a beautiful car, but I just can't justify the expense. That's why I was interested in the S-70. I figured that it is more in my price range. But, the dealer I saw told me the only deals on the S-70s are purchases on his demos, not leases. I'd like to get into a lease that's more like $400 a month payment. It's a business expense. Either I'll probably wind up choosing another car or wait until the S-60s come out, but according to this salesman, volvo probably won't run any deals on them because of the demand they anticipate.

    Thanks for your help!
  • jzaubermanjzauberman Posts: 10
    I just turned in our 1998 S70 GLT upon lease expiration a month ago. In 45,000 miles the car performed almost flawlessly mechanically. It had some of the typical 70 Series minor problems -- turn signal bulbs/sockets burning out and a couple of other minor items that were inconsequential. The car had some truly remarkable features -- unbelievable power on demand, excellent seats, confidence inspiring brakes and sure handling. I miss these features. I replaced the S70 with an Acura 3.2TL -- reasonably quick and very solid but clearly lacking the low end grunt of the Volvo and the excellent seating and braking. However, what drove my wife and I to get out of the Volvo (this was our second one in 5 years) was the rattle and squeak factor as well as the rough ride. Unfortunately, most of the Volvo products I have driven over the past 5 years (and I have driven many examples since my dealer gave me a loaner S70 each time I was in for service and I have driven a couple of S80s) come straight from the factory with rattles and squeaks. From dash rattles to sunroof rattles, we had them all. This is not acceptable in a car costing north of 30K. We wanted to love the S70 and keep it long term but we couldn't see our way clear to do so. Even if we could live with the noises, their presence doesn't inspire confidence that the car would hold together over the long term. I really hope that the S60 (which will be built on a more rigid platform) will be bolted together better and not have these problems. For now, sadly, we had to say goodbye to Volvo.
  • mrcar2mrcar2 Posts: 3
    How does your TL compare to your old s70. I almost bought a TL (and have driven them many times) and went with the s70 instead. I think the rattles are exacerbated by the tight ride in the s70.

    I thought the TL was maybe a little quieter. I think the volvo's seats are more comfortable and has better breaks. Both have decent stereos. The tl may be a little nicer (certainly more modern) in the interior, but it comes down to taste. To me, the volvo feels more solid and safer. I bought a 98 t-5. It feels a little faster than the TL, but the TL could move fast as well. Overall, if I had bought new, I would have gone with the TL. Even at or near MSRP, its a great deal.
  • knoxvilleknoxville Posts: 2
    I just found this web site and lucked into finding this chat on S70's. I have owned Pontiac's for years and am looking for something different that has good acceleration and handling ability. I test drove a 1998 S70 GLT with 25000 miles and was impressed. However, the price concerns me as I can just about buy a new Grand Prix with 190hp for the same price. My main concern comes from how the car will hold up with the turbo and the recent email on rattles and shakes gives me pause.

    Can someone tell me if they own the same year and model I am looking at what their repair history has been, if they have any problems with the turbo and if they are happy with their purchase?
  • amazonamazon Posts: 293
    A two year old Volvo is far better put together than a new Pontiac in my opinion. I have a Y2K S70 base and I love it. The turbo shouldn't be an issue as long as you change the oil often enough and don't go WOT right after a cold start.
  • lgammilllgammill Posts: 18
    Just wanted to update everyone: picked up my new S70 yesterday and am driving it for the first time today. Boy what a ride -- so much better than my 1990 Acura! (Time to sell that one -- anyone had any luck selling a used car on-line? Input please....)

    Of course, I am extra-aware of the rattle factor, and I thought I heard something as I was driving this morning, but I think it was just my imagination -- or the cell phone I left on my front seat.

    My husband loves the car -- especially the passenger seat (where he will be spenidng most of his time)!

    Anyway, just wanted to give you an update!
  • amazonamazon Posts: 293
    I sold a 93 Civic at prior to buying the S70. Is it a base car, or a GLT/ T5? No problem, given that the car is priced right.
  • lgammilllgammill Posts: 18
    My S70 is a base SE (i.e., with leather interior, in-dash CD, sunroof). Based on the way I drive, didn't think the extra horsepower was necessary (and they also do not sell the T5 in my area anymore).

    I will try the autotrader to sell my Acura.
  • jzaubermanjzauberman Posts: 10
    I agree with your assessment of the S70 as compared to the 3.2TL. Volvo brakes are clearly better -- my main disappointment with the Acura are the brakes -- they do not inspire a sense of confidence like the Volvo binders. Volvo seats are also worlds better than those in the Acura. If you take a look at the Acura 3.2 topic you will find many posts regarding seating and brakes not quite being up to snuff for a car of the Acura's class. It is always interesting to consider exactly where manufacturers cut corners. My guess is that for a couple of hundred dollars more Acura could have had world class brakes and seats. Our GLT with the low pressure turbo was noticeably quicker than the Acura. Once you drive a turbo with a quick reacting automatic like the S70's it is hard to go back to normally aspirated life unless you move into V8 territory. Interestingly, when I got the GLT, I drove a T5 back to back with the GLT and found that the GLT is quicker off the line since maximum torque is available at a very low 1800 rpm vs. 2700 rpm for the T5. The T5 gives a bigger kick in the back at higher speeds. But to get back to how the Volvo and the 3.2 stack up against one another I will say that they are both fine cars, each with its own set of strengths. The Acura is somewhat more refined and the bias is towards the luxury end with a wonderful ride, nice looks and luxury appointments. In addition, due to its recent chassis design vs. Volvo's early 1990s design, it is much more rigid and less subject to the dreaded "rattle and squeak" factor and the harsh ride that the Volvo has. Fuel economy in the Acura is much better than the Volvo due to the 5 speed automatic (we did over 30 mpg on a recent trip from Michigan to Vermont). I also believe that the Acura will be a little more reliable over the long haul than the Volvo. However, there are some intangibles to consider. By this I mean how the car makes you feel other than objectively. It sounds quite funny when reduced to writing but while the Acura is quite pleasant it doesn't have the "soul" that the Volvo has. There is something special about the Volvo. Maybe soul is not the right word -- "character" may be more accurate. OK, so the car has some flaws that some people just cannot live with (the rattle and squeak factor for me) but when you need quick acceleration, it's there on demand, no delay. Likewise with respect to stopping power. Not so with the Acura -- it goes and stops more than adequately but not in the spectacular manner that the Volvo does. Simply put, the Volvo is special in its own way, just like a BMW. If the rattle and squeak factor didn't bother me so much, I would have stuck with the Volvo. I hope your S70 is tight and solid. Maybe part of my problem is that the roads in Michigan are among the worst in the country -- full of holes everywhere -- kind of strange for the "motor city". By the way, I have heard that replacing the shocks/struts with Bilsteins makes for a dramatic improvement in the ride. IPD sells Volvo aftermarket parts and you might want to look them up. I plan to check out the S60 when it comes out -- I'd really like another Volvo as long as the rattles and squeaks are left in Sweden! Best of luck with your S70.
  • dparesdpares Posts: 29
    In answer to some earlier posts..
    1) I purchased my 2000 S70 SE for $27,400 in NJ ...

    2) Car is nice..great seats and finish are first class... I like the a firm ride.

    3) BUT a firm ride doesent mean good handling.. I came off a 3 series BMW with sport suspension so i might be biased but.... Volvo handling , or breaks,aren't inspiring at all.. car leans ALOT and the breaks dont grab quickly...there seems to be a little pause...but you get used to it..

    4) .its not a performance car and I suspect the GLT isnt either even though its a fast car...handling just isnt there compared to a BMW..

    5) BUT.. you just can't get a big roomy solid comfortable European car for this price... and thats the point.. a 5 series BMW is $40G plus...this car was $13G less..!!!.. is the BEEMER that much way...if this turns out to be a good reliable car I'm a Volvo fan forever!

    STEVE (Hoboken).. can you tell me the type of Zaino polish you used..Z2 or ordering it soon..THANKS
  • sunlinersunliner Posts: 36
    Hey Steve, I echo most of what you had to say.

    Fit and finish is excellent and the seats are even better. The ride is stiffer than most American cars, but the handling is a touch better. Not as good as a BMW, though.

    Brakes are excellent on ours...I don't notice any pause. Actually, I hardly ever use the full capacity of our brakes, and I always shoot an eye toward the rearview mirror when I DO have to stop hard, because our Volvo can stop quicker than most of the cars behind me.

    I completely agree about the size! The S70 is 5-series sized...but 3-series priced! We got our base S70 in 1999 for $26, that price, the 323i doesn't come with tilt, cruise, folding rear seat or metallic paint...and the 323i didn't have dual-zone HVAC for any price. The S70 had all of that standard.
  • lgammilllgammill Posts: 18
    My new volvo drives excellent. But, I was not imagining things when I heard a rattle. I have developed a very loud (and annoying rattle) in the back, before I even reached 100 miles on the odometer! I think there is also a rattle in the front seat somewhere.

    It upsets me to have spent so much money on a car and then have it develop these noises (my husband is not concerned, but then again he didn't have to fork over the $$). But, I have to agree with what other have said: this is a minor annoyance, which I believe is easily fixed (once located -- which is the hard part!).

    Other than that, I am thoroughly enjoying my new car. I paid about $2K less than MSPR, but did not get as good a price as some of you. (I try not to think about that though
  • dparesdpares Posts: 29
    While it is a minor annoyance, at that price you shouldn't have to put up with it... But this should put it in perspective.. when I bought my BMW, before the volvo, the sunroof broke after the first week... the interior roof liner came down...twice.. and the car developed a bad leak that had to be fixed and the doors always squeaked when going over bumps (all the time in NY)... It was all taken care of and the BMW dealer was outstanding but for a $30k plus car I was annoyed to say the least...once it was fixed the car was great... Am sure you will feel the same about your Volvo... So far I haven't developed any rattles or any of the annoyances others have reported and do enjoy it quite a bit!

    good luck
  • lgammilllgammill Posts: 18

    Thanks for the insight. My husband agrees that the rattles can be fixed.

    I am starting to keep my list so that I can bring it to the dealer and have them all resolved! (Of course, the rattles are the only thing on that list right now!)
  • ryskitryskit Posts: 2
    We own a 1999 S70 and notice that we are getting exhaust fumes in the cabin of the car. We've taken it to the dealer twice and they have done different things but nothing seems to fix it. Do any of you Volvo owners out there have or heard of this problem ?
  • ekleeeklee Posts: 1
    I recently test drove a used 1999 S70 that we intend to buy. The car is in excellent conditions. However, I noticed moisture condensation inside the headlights at the end of the test drive, which was on a rainy day. When I asked the dealer selling the car, he told me that the headlights are of an "open" design, and that condensations are normal during rainy days with short driving distances. I am skeptical since I have never heard of normal moisture condensations inside headlights. Is the dealer telling the truth ?
    Thanks for any feedback .

  • spotqspotq Posts: 1
    Knoxville I am also in the market for a used car hear in E. TN the S70 has made it onto my short list, (I never buy new I like for the original owner to get the depreciation and fix the rattles) as you are probably aware there are not many '98 or '99 used ones hear in Rocky Top. I have looked in the Atlanta Paper and there seems to be a few more but not many. I take this to be a good sign as many people hold onto them vs selling them. Good Luck I will let you know what I find out. Spotq
  • sunlinersunliner Posts: 36
    No exhaust fumes noticed w/our '99. Noticed any extra exhaust noises to indicate a leak somewhere in the pipes?

    I think your dealer is feeding you a line. "Open design?" I've replaced one of the headlights after a hailstone or something put a hole in the glass...and it's not a sealed-beam, but it's not just hanging open, either. The front glass is clipped tightly to the "bucket," and the access to the bulb has a threaded cover over it. We haven't noticed condensation in our headlights ever in the past year & 24000 miles. Is the guy a Volvo dealer?
  • I have found a S70 w/auto, touring, sunroof, touring, sport pkgs, tint, pinstripe. MSRP is 33,300. This is a loaner car that has 6500 mi. According to rep, Volvo gives dealers approx. $1/mi up to $6000 for the loaner. This savings can be passed on to the buyer. The invoice for this car is 30,400. They are selling it for 27,000 plus sales tax and tag and will not budge any further. Warranty would be what is left over from original. They also have a new S70 SE w/no miles and are asking 28,900 plus tax and tag. MSRP is 31,275 and invoice is 29,020. I don't know which way to go, or if either deal is any good. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • amazonamazon Posts: 293
    I paid $25K for a similar car, but with 9,500 miles. If each mile is worth a buck, then you're getting a good deal. I think my deal was good, anyway.
  • joel2468joel2468 Posts: 75
    I purchased an S70 loaner a year ago (had 5000 miles on it) and paid 27500. I have been very happy with the car... it has performed beyond expectations. If I had your choice (theresa11), I guess I'd go for the new (no miles) S70 SE. It's nice to put your own miles on a car from the beginning. Since this is an outgoing model (to be replaced in October by the S60) they'll both depreciate pretty quickly. If you put low miles on a car, the S70 SE will depreciate less.
  • joel2468joel2468 Posts: 75
    I purchased the S70 as a loaner not because of the money savings but because I wasn't sure I'd like a Volvo. All I'd owned (except for a brief 2 year affair with a Saab Turbo) was Honda Accords. Needless to say the Volvo is a very different car. If I had it to do over again, I'd buy new. BUT, the new version of the S/V 40s are on their way to the dealerhips (with modified/upgraded interiors and more safety goodies), and the S60 is out in October (a very sexy looking car), and the S80 keeps waving and smiling at me every time I drive by the dealership (I swear it beeps its horn too), so there will be plenty of opportunity for me to trade up.
  • I just purchased a 2000 SE GLT and find it a real fine automobile. The only problem that I'm experiencing is the lack of visibility when backing up and, in several instances, changing lanes. The high back seats and closeness to the door/window leave a very small window of sight to safely manuever the vehicle. I'm sure others have had the same problem and I'm curious as to what others have done to alleviate this potentially dangerous situation. If anyone has any ideas (such as the small "blind spot" mirrors) to lessen the danger of accident and/or injury, I would appreciate your input.
  • sunlinersunliner Posts: 36
    I'll admit that the headrests make it hard to look over my shoulder out the rear window. I've learned to use my mirrors, though. The view out the rear window from the mirror is unobstructed. I have my outside mirrors adjusted to see a decent arc behind me. I've never thought that visibility was bad from our car...quite the opposite.
    Possibly it's the seat position -- I'm long-limbed, so my seatback is almost back to the b-pillar and I can see out the rear-door windows when I turn my head.

    And that's another thing. I actually turn my head and look around before changing lanes...and if a headrest or pillar is blocking my view...I move my head to see around it, rather than blaming the car for having a "blind spot."

    My $0.02
  • I appreciate your input. I am "short-legged and, perhaps, it is just going to take a little time to adjust and become a little bit of a learning process. I really do like the car very much, the first real "luxury" car that I've owned. I'm sure that I will become accustomed to the difference in driving this car and really learn to "love it". Once again, thanks for the information.
  • lgammilllgammill Posts: 18
    I too have noticed the blind spot (especially when changing lanes). My old car had really good visibility, so this is an adjustment. I am also "short-legged" so I can appreciate where you are coming from. So, I have been "re"- learning to look over my shoulder when I change lanes. And also have my mirrors adjusted so that I can see in that blind spot.

    If I find anything else (e.g., different kind of mirror), I will be sure to post it. Hopefully someone else will do likewise!

  • me2000me2000 Posts: 1
    I love my 5-spd Honda Ex in excellent condition, however it's going to my college grad daughter, 25
    on Aug. 15 now an RN. Yeah! I need a new car. Drove a S70Se in Honolulu last week, loved it...came home to the Big Island (Hilo) and now waiting for a silver S70Se automatic to be shipped here any day now. Never owned an automatic as I love that zip and punch when you need it. The Volvo is definately much more of a car and indeed more $$. No 5spd here in Hawaii so I'm nervous about automatics. I live outside of Hilo about 20 miles to work. Help! Anxious and very nervous. Have always owned 5spd Hondas,test drove Mazda, Camry, 2000 Hondas, but I surely liked the luxury of a Volvo.
  • speedshiftspeedshift Posts: 1,598
    For what it's worth--I don't own an S70, I rented one for two weeks and liked it so much I may lease one in a few months--I'm also a confirmed stick guy but was quite happy with the auto. I think you might appreciate how much more pleasant it makes driving in traffic. The S70 is very smooth, and the auto just makes it that much smoother.
  • dparesdpares Posts: 29
    I've posted a few times about the blind spot... S70SE is a nice car and feels like a pretty safe car but between the large B pillars and large head rests rearward vision, no matter how tall or short you are, is pretty bad!

    I really have to twist around to see out the back window while backing up...and have had some close calls... for a "safe" car this as a surprise...

    Don't know any way around it .. just be VERY careful backing up.. lane changes don't seem to be a problem ..mirrors seem to be unobstructed as far as lane changes are concerned...

    BTW... my sunroof is more like a hurricane roof.. anyone try a wind deflector to see if it reduces the noise and wind flow!
  • Recently test drove S70SE with and without the wind deflector. What a big difference! Not only was the noise greatly reduced, so was the extreme hot sun burning down into the car. I have had sunroof's in all my cars and never have had one w/a wind deflector. I just bought my new S70SE and had the dealer add one. Hope this helps.
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