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Volvo S70



  • dparesdpares Posts: 29
    I have a 2000 S70SE ..The right blinker now goes twice as fast as the left. I posted it on and got a good response. Basically its a defective socket. Check Brickboard for the details...once in the site, select the S70 forum... posted it last week so its not too far back.

    Good luck
  • Has anyone else encountered problems with the instrumentation panel display shutting down?? I have had my 98 S70 in to the shop at least 6 times to try to get it fixed, and each time they are not able to replicate. The display has completely blown now (have no clue on MPH, RPM, engine temp, gas levels). The one positive thing is that it is also no longer tracking the miles on the car. I have an appointment at the end of the week, I would just like to know if anyone else has encountered this so that I can ensure that it actually gets fixed before it goes out of warranty.

    I read through all the comments, and have had many of the same problems: replacing bulbs (7 - a cheap fix), on my third radio (under warratny), have had problems with the windows not closing, and the sunroof. Also had noises coming out of the central air vent and panels coming loose (specifically the mud flap over the front drivers side tire.

    I have always had Saabs prior to this, and if not for the body design change, would have stayed with them. The ride is better in the VOLVO, but more problematic.
  • Well, I finally purchased my S70. A 2000 GLT SE with 6000 miles on it (dealer demo) I picked it up for $25,500. Opinions on deal? I was quite happy with the price. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no burned out bulbs!
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,346
    I have been looking for a new(er) car, and was considering a '98 -'99 S70. Really love the seats. My mechanic (sho is looking for the car for me) recommended against the '98 and up purely because of the electrical problems. According to him, they switched to a fiber optic set-up in '98 (Mercedes uses this also), and that caused the bulk of the problems.

    Even so, I was considering a left over 2000 S70GLT SE at one point. Hopefully they resolved many of the problems by then, and if not, you have 4 years of warranty coverage to find out.

    25.5 K sounds like a strong price. Sticker for the one I saw was around 34K, and they were asking 29.something (new, no miles, and only showed up at the dealer in November or so).

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • My 2000 S70 GLTSE thus far has been great. One hitch..... has anyone had any problems with their trunk not popping open the first time you hit the button on the remote? I have to sometimes hit it 2 or 3 times for it to work. Other than that, the car is great.

    Thanks for the info stick guy.
  • requires two clicks, in short burst, to open with the remote. When I had an S70 I learned to count it out (1-2-3) as "click-2-click".
  • rg67rg67 Posts: 3
    Hi All. I'm reading thru all the messages posted for the S70. Pretty impressed on all the variety of info i could find. I need to make a decision this week. I have mostly seen complaints on turn lights, sockets, bulbs, rattles. question is are all these ultimately fixable.
    2.can someone suggest a good dealer in houston, Tx. good interms of attitude and aftersales service.
    3.I'm planning to go for a black 2000SE with sunroof. is black a bad choice ?How does the AC work for the hot conditions outhere? 28700 plus tax a good price?

    I have seen lot of valuable postings by DPARES. Could U give me the name of your dealer in NJ.
    Would appreciate some advise from folks who have owned the 2000 S70 SE down in Texas
    thanks a lot
  • To cparker898, re. 2000 S70 GLT SE

    Looks like you got a swell deal! Who is your dealer, and where is he located?

    [[Well, I finally purchased my S70. A 2000 GLT SE with 6000 miles on it (dealer demo) I picked it up for $25,500. Opinions on deal? I was quite happy with the price. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no burned out bulbs!]]
  • My dealer is Betton Imports in Grand Rapids, MI....Seem to be very easy to deal with. Best of luck sxmishra!
  • n8aten8ate Posts: 2
    Hi there. Looks like we are all having similar problems with our '98 Volvo's

    I'm here in Kansas City. Most of what I do is highway driving with the exception of the weekends when I put 400+ miles each weekend on my Volvo (notice I don't say car, there IS a difference between the two). I'm 25 & I've had 3 Volvo's ('85 240DL, '98 S70, '98S70 T-5). I must say that my T-5 is the most fun of the 3 I've owned. However, the bulb replacements have been irritating. I currently have 2 bulbs out & I just changed them BOTH last month. A friend of mine, who I convinced to purchase a Volvo because it'd be the last car she'd have to own, is trading hers in after only a year of ownership. Why you may ask would she want to do such a odd thing? Too many "little" things have gone wrong with her Volvo. I noticed that there is a recall going out on these issues... I hope they do get fixed. Aside from the bulbs constantly going out I had to have both rear leather door panels replaced because they had bubbled out. Once those were replaced, I didn't have any other problems. I am also on my 3rd set of tires. I only have 44K in miles on my car & shouldn't be having this many little problems.

    Whereas I know that the engine will last forever I/out a second thought, I'm worried that the car is going to nickel & dime me to death once the warranty is up (in -minus 5000 miles). Maybe I shouldn't have upgraded my 240DL 3 years ago.

    PS. if you see a white Volvo with hand cuffs hauling a wave runner doing about 120 miles an hour coming up behind you. That's me.

  • n8aten8ate Posts: 2
    I have been thinking of an add for Volvo.

    Have myself & a passenger in my S70 T-5 towing our wave runner. Flash to the traffic doing 50 mph. Flash back to me flooring it. Watch as my Volvo rockets forward shooting past everyone else at 80mph. Ahhh, the perfect car.

    This is why I still LOVE my Volvo. I still pat her dash after she races other "sports cars" (Mustangs & the like). After almost 3 years, I still LOVE her.

  • sue46sue46 Posts: 1
    From almost the time I purchased this luxury sedan it has been nothing but a pain. Starting with the headlights and taillights(which still are a problem) the list goes on.... 2 new batteries, new radio, leather pulling away from all interior doors,strut plates replaced, low oil light not coming on when the car was dangerously low on oil(this car has been serviced faithfully every 5K miles by the way)a coupling devise was added to aleve this problem,a nipple was installed on the inter cooler and a flame trap line was replaced to fix the oil leak(this car has leaked oil since 10/99 I will get to the other remedies for this problem),key spinning 360 degrees in ignition.. the steering lock had to be replaced, engine knocking... replaced turbot return -ring, door lock on passenger side failed to operate door lock replaced,driver window scraped when lowered or raised regulator block and window guide had to be replaced, another time when the engine was making a squealing noise the top engine mount had to be replaced, another visit another oil leak fixed by replacing -ring tube at turboletorn line, winshield washer went out washer valve was replaced, gear shift light out. I was to pick my Volvo up today after the repair of an 8 inch hole in the intracooler...but as luck would have it when the technician took it for a test drive there was a loud knocking noise coming from the engine and they need to diagnose the problem. I personally have had it with this car and would never dream of buying another Volvo
  • dsaperdsaper Posts: 1
    Has anyone ever had problems with the anti-lock brakes activating even when the roads are dry and it's the middle of the summer?
  • I too have had the same light bulb and door lock problems with my 2000 S-70. Also I have cloth seats. Even plain water stains them badly. I took the car to a detailer to have them cleaned and was told this was a common problem with the 2000 S-70. Anyone else have this problem?
  • xianexiane Posts: 4
    I've been researching and driving and my choice seems to come down to this. A 99 S70T5 with about 30k miles certified for 2/24k more for about 25k (black, almost all possible features) or a 99 S70 AWD also black with about 10k miles for $27ish and possibly an extended warranty. This is a dealer loaner and is loaded too. Any thoughts from volvo-ers out there, especially owners of these cars. I'm aware of the trouble with the 98s, but haven't seen much on the 99s, and the 98s trouble (if it is in the 99s) seems to follow the same themes, and can be corrected.
  • I had a 1999 Base S70 loaner. It seemed OK until I started to have repeated problems with it not starting. After three times, and two tows, and dealer NOT being able to find the problem, I traded the S70 just to get away from it. I have ridden with people who have had service loaners, and they (sometimes) treat them badly. Loaners start at 0 miles, and are used during the engine break in period. My S70 was the first and last used car I will buy. Although it gave me a lot of grins during the year and a half I owned it, and I will remember it fondly---when it was actually running--, it is "crude" by today's standards. The new series S60, V70, and S80 are a quantum leap beyond the pre-2001 models, and models from many other manufacturers including acura, toyota, VW are much quieter, smoother, more pleasurable to drive, some more fun to drive, BUT most of all deliver what you expect for the money you pay. With the S70, you have to give up a lot for safety. My final impression of Volvos are that they still have a long way to go to be world class. They have durability, longevity (if you keep replacing parts), but are not reliable, either by individual system (lights, interior components) or in total. I got some diagnosis of the problems I had with my S70 on Brickboard, and it is known as the "lawnmower syndrome". You can see the details on Brickboard by either looking for my notes requesting help, or searching for this topic. Bottom line is it only happens on some cars, is hard to diagnose, and you can't always predict when it will happen. Personally, I think that however much or little you pay for a car, you should expect that one of the features is should start when you turn the key 100% of the time, unless you haven't maintained the car properly.
  • I have read through all the posts, and it seems as though the S70 is really bad car. not true. You must keep in mind that all of the prowd S70 owners are out driving their cars, not discussing the problems they are having on some message board, because they don't have any problems. I own a 1998 S70 T5 M and have been 100% happy with it so far. I have just over 50,000 on it. With exception of the light bulb problem (which ws fixed) and leaking oil return from turbo(pretty common) nothing has gone wrong with it. So keep that in mind when you are looking at any car, do more research than just the message boards.
  • foolcatfoolcat Posts: 10
    Very interesting and informative posts on the S70. I am considering a 98GLT. Too bad there is no 5 speed. The T-5 is too pricey for my budget. The car reviews I have read all talk about the stiff, jittery ride and road noise which a number of you have confirmed. However, Volvo has the reputation for the best seats in the business but no one mentioned them. I would be willing to give up some comfort for more fun to drive handling ability but I was wondering how much Volvo really has in the sports sedan handling department. I will try and test drive one this weekend. The cars I am considering in addition to Volvo are:
    98 Infiniti I30t (auto, 5 speeds are very rare)
    98/99 Maxima SE (auto or 5 speed)
    98/99 VW Passat (5 speed only)

    I can't for the life of me figure out why American car manufacturers will not produce a lightweight (3000-3200 lb curbweight like cars above) 4 door sedan with a manual transmission.
    There are alot of baby boomers like me with kids who don't want a truck but a nice 4 door sedan that is fun to drive. BTW, I don't consider the overweight upside down rowboat styled 300M that has the profile of a land yacht to be in the running. Same goes for the even heavier Lincoln LS.

    GM continues to lose market share, Chrysler is in trouble with their huge cars nobody wants and Ford 4 door cars are less than appealing. If it wasn't for trucks and their huge profit margins The "big three" would be in serious trouble.
  • my 1998 s70 with 40,000 is making a hollow "ping-ing" noise when I come to a complete stop. It is on the driver's side and usually comes in sets of 3 pings. Has anyone ever experienced this?!
  • Has anyone had problems w/ the front seat belts getting closed in the door jams? When I picked up my new S70 GLT SE, the dealership had just taken it to get an inspection sticker, when the car returned, the doorjam light was damaged because the door was closed w/ the seat belt in it. The dealership originally tried to blame the damage on me being careless w/ the seat belt, but reluctantly agree to fix the broken door lamp, after i informed that i had not even used the passenger door. I have since had some regular scheduled maintainence done on the car and noticed a slight tear in the drivers side door leather,(probably one of the mechanics closed the door w/ the seat buckle in it.) which I'm sure happened at the dealership, and I'm quite sure i'll once again be blamed for my "carelessness" has anyone had similar problems with the seatbelt sliding into the door jams? After the dealership informed me of this happening i've been ever vigilant about checking the doors before i close them, any suggestions on how to go about getting the rippeed leather repaired? Thanks....
  • I looked at a 98 S70 t-5 w/ 59k asking price from dealer is $24,500. car is very clean. after reading all this remarks about the car I'm a little wary.
    Also, test drove a C70 w/ 30k asking $31,500. This is really a sharp looking car but both salesmen said it is identical to the T-5. This is very disheartening. I really had thought I was ready to buy my 1st Volvo. Now I'm not so sure.
    Please advise!!!!!!
  • Don't be disillusioned by all the comments on the S70, It is a great car.all cars will have some 'kinks' that need to be worked out. I am surprised at the price your dealer is giving you.I am a 1st time owner of the S70 GLT SE, and plan on upgrading to the XC AWD in 2-3 years. Just as an FYI, I picked my S70 fo $31,325. w/ 14 miles on it. See if you can work your dealer for a lower price b/4 you buy....
  • I'm a first-time Volvo owner. Yesterday, I purchased a 1998 S70 (Base) from Carmax. It has 16,000 miles on it. The price was $20,998 before taxes. Despite being a base model (no turbo) it has all of the options, including sunroof, leather, power seats (driver and passenger), CD, automatic, and climate control A/C. Because of the low miles, the car looks, drives and smells brand new. After reading these posts, now I'm concerned about the "bulb" problem. It seems, though, that most of the people experiencing this situation have the T5 or the GLT, but I could be wrong. I called Volvo customer service and learned that the car has not yet been taken in for the bulb recall. I also learned from one of my calls to all of the local dealers that Carmax had brought the car in to replace the "bubbling" door panels, under warranty. I guess I'll just cross my fingers and hope I'm among the luck ones.
  • Naganomo,

    There are several things you need to know about the bulbs. First, it doesn't matter what model you have, all of the S/V/C 70 series cars have minor bulb problems. The rapid flashing turn signal was caused by a bad design front turn signal bulb and socket assembly. Volvo has just recently issued Recall 101, which will replace these units with a different style bulb and socket assembly. The headlight bulbs don't last as long because they are on all the time. I would recommend buying 2 extra headlight bulbs and put them in your glovebox, and learn how to change them yourself. When you have a brake light bulb burn out, go ahead and save yourself some hassle by replacing all 3. Same with the parking light bulbs, replace all 4. Bulbs are a minor inconvenience that 70 series owners must deal with. Also, on your door panels. The new panels are made with a different glue and the problem with them bubbling up is not likely to re-occur. The S70 is a very nice car, hope you enjoy it!!

  • Has anyone had this problem?:
    Wiper blade rubber that refuses to last more than a few months on their S70? This was the case on my friends 1998 S70 and his new 2000 S70. After only a few months of new refills the wipers smear in the rain and the refills need to be replaced. I have never had this problem on any car I have had as I could keep my blade rubber for up to two years.
    Even cleaning them doesn't always help.
    Really bizarre. It's almost as if there is something about the car kills the rubber. Is it possible that the Asian restaurants in the area where he parks every day emit some rubber destroying agent???
  • nszabonszabo Posts: 19
    Why are some of you people thinking about upgrading your suspension,your crazy! your volvo isn't even worth it.I don't want people to have the same problems I experienced with volvo,if you want to see the problems I have had with volvos go to volvo S80 reliability.I would recommend an
    audi A4 or A6.
  • Golfnutt,

    I hear your concerns about the few people who have "bad-mouthed" their S70. Proportionately, I think every Volvo owner will agree these are a minute few and you cannot go wrong with your purchase of the S70 T5 - unless you pay the dealer's asking price ;-) I have been a long time Volvo fan and own my own S70 5sp and absolutely love it. Very reliable and the ergonomics are also worth mentioning. It's almost as if the car were built around me (I'm a smaller guy.) Safety and engineering are the primary reasons for my purchase, and worth every penny it costs to maintain my baby, and yes, Volvo parts are very expensive, but well worth it!
  • Scott,

    Thanks for the heads-up. So far, I love the car. I'll stock up on bulbs.
  • kjc3kjc3 Posts: 2
    I have read the messages about the problems and highlights of the S70. Our 1998 Volvo S70 GLT has been one of the Volvos that have had minor and now major problems. We purchased our car under the loner program with 6,200 miles February 1998. Since that time we have had the following items replaced:

    3/98 - Replaced faulty master window switch
    5/98 - Replaced trunk light switch
    7/98 - Preformed recall 83 for A/I compressor
    7/98 - Preformed recall 83C for MA Wiring Harness
    7/98 - Replaced I ring in key less remote trunk button
    12/98 - Replaced bulb sensor relay due to bulb warning light continuously staying on
    10/99 - Perform Air bag recall
    10/99 - Perform Headlight switch recall
    10/99 - Replaced windshield washer check valves
    12/99 - Replaced front brakes 29,000 miles
    1/00 - Squeaking noise from dash area - Removed the lower knee bolsters. Tightened the loose knee bolster bolts.
    6/00 - Replaced sway bar links
    7/00 - Replaced AS Control Unit
    11/00 - Replaced rear brakes - 48,000
    11/00 - Replaced drivers side vanity mirror
    11/00 - Replaced light switch
    1/01 - Glove box squeaking. Lube hinges & latches
    1/01 - Replaced fog light socket, bulb holder and electrical terminals
    1/01 - Recall 101 - replaced signal light bulbs and sockets

    I won't spend time on the number of bulbs that have had to be replaced.

    In February we went over 50,000 and that ended our Volvo warranty. This past Saturday we were driving approximately 30-35mph and all of a sudden the engine starts racing as if the car is in neutral. We were able to pull in a parking lot and turn off the engine. When we went to re start the car the check engine light came on, the transmission upshift arrow on the dash began blinking and the winter and sport mode buttons started blinking. The car started and ran in Winter mode only regardless of whether the car was in low gear or drive gear. Top speed was 20-25 mph. The car was towed to the Volvo dealer who called me and advised that I needed a new transmission. I was quoted $2875 to replace our current transmission with a remanufacture Volvo transmission. The dealer advised that since the car had 52,000 miles it would not be covered under warranty and that Volvo makes no exceptions. When I called Volvo North America they called the dealer who reiterated that this was my problem. My wife had complained to the dealership on prior occasions about the shift arrow light coming on but they discounted it advising her she must be accidently hitting the winter mode by the shift lever.

    Has anyone run into this problem? Do I really need a new transmission? We lived with the other issues listed above since our focus was a safe car for my wife and child.

    Any help regarding the transmission problem would be greatly appreciated.
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