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Volvo S70



  • lms37lms37 Posts: 8
    I have 55,000 miles on my T5. I've loved my car. It's so much fun to drive. My husband can't stand it because of all the little things that have gone wrong. Nothing major, just things like cupholders breaking several times, door locks not working properly, electric seat broken, etc. Actually, we've had 37 warranty repairs since '98. Still, it's been a fun car. We won't be getting another Volvo, though, because of the problems. Next is an Audi A6 2.7t 6-speed manual. Very nice and smooth. Fast, too.
  • ramondhpramondhp Posts: 1
    If you don't mind taking your car in to have light bulbs replaced 4 times in the first year of ownership, then buy this car. Oh, I musn't forget the electric windows and locks going out.
    Oh and I almost forgot to mention the button on the driver door for the door to my gas cap - it went out also. Yeah, if you have a schedule which permits you to take your S70 in for repair about every two months, then buy this car. I leased it new, paid too much for this inconvenience. I am REALLY sorry I traded in my 98 Accord for the S70, I NEVER had one problem with it. If you have had this problem, don't bother calling Volvo - dealership or Volvo of N. America. They could care less.
  • bakefly1bakefly1 Posts: 5
    I have a 98 S70 T-5. I have had only minor problems. In general, I have enjoyed the car. If I have a complaint, it is the cost of Volvo maintenance. You spend a fortune for each 10k maintenance. My last maintenance at 30k was about $500 and nothing serious was wrong. I had a headlight replaced and the rear brakes replaced. They replaced the rotors under warranty.

    My previous American cars were easier to maintain and much less expensive to have repaired. However, I really do enjoy the car, I just wonder at times if a 300M or AL would have been just as nice with lower total cost of ownership.
  • rollierollie Posts: 337
    Regarding post #214:

    30k is the first major service for the S70 T5 which is why it is so expensive (still your dealer seems a bit on the high end). As I recall there was a turbot adjustment (re-torquing?) and possibly even a timing chain (which in retrospect doesn't sound right but it's what I remember here at about midnite!) Regardless, my experience has been that Volvos maintenance cost are about the same as Toyota (reliability is a different story as Volvos are about average as a masque while Toyota are at the top of the scale.)

  • hyiuhyiu Posts: 18
    Hi all:

    I have a 97 850 GLT... (which shares parts with S70...) (since I couldn't find a 850 section...)
    I have a question... when I buy the car, I'm stupid enough not to go for a cd player... and now only has a casette player. I would like to change to a cd player... (a trunk changer or simply change the stereo itself..) since the stereo can be pulled out and unplug without touching anything else!!...

    I asked the dealer... they said they can only do add-on (trunk mounted cd changer) and cost $850 (including installation !!!!) that is WAY TOOOOO MUCH !!!.... Anyone has any sites or info to get original compatible stereo equipments at a more reasonable price ??


    - hyiu.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 21,978
    but, you might want to try and maybe even give them a call.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • Another option you could do is this. Go to a salvage yard and get a head unit with the cd player in the head unit. Make sure it's a black face to match the 850 interior. You could even ask for one that doesn't work, then take it to your dealer and exchange it for a remanufactured unit, which should cost around $200-$250. They will only be able to exchange it for the exact model, so you can't just trade in your cassette unit. Only problem you should run into if you buy a used one is getting the 4 digit radio code, but your dealer can get this through the serial # on the head unit. Best of luck!!

  • bwiabwia Boston Posts: 1,907
    We have a 1999 S70 (purchased new in June 2000). It stalled the very next day after we picked it up. The windshield has been replaced twice and on many occasions it just won't start in the morning. The headlights and the gear shift lights have been replaced twice.

    My son-in-law had a 2000 S80 T-6 which died so many times he had to turn it in and took a bath on breaking the lease.

    This is not one expects of a $30K automobile. However, my wife likes the handling and sound system but hates going to the other-side-of-town dealership to take care of these warranty fixes.

    If you like poor gas mileage and the complimentary coffee and Danish at your upscale dealership, then this is your car.
  • miahmadmiahmad Posts: 1
    I am currently looking for a reliable car, and am considering Volvo. S70, 1998. This particular car has over 50k miles and extended warranty till 100k. Any advise on the car's reliability and dependability. Thanks. FNA
  • joel2468joel2468 Posts: 75
    If you go back in this forum, you'll see my comments about the 1999 S70 I owned. I liked the car, but it was way too much trouble for the money. It never ran the same day to day, always had little things that went wrong, and finally, after three times leaving me stranded, I traded it in on a Toyota. I have friends who own S70s, S60s and S80s. The S60s seem to have no problems at this point. The S80 has had its share, but seems to be subsiding. The S70s for the most part, however, are a constant pain. Anything I have said about the 1999 copy of the S70 goes double or triple for the 1998. I would avoid this car, especially wtih 50K miles. I'm not alone..Consumer Reports recommends avoiding this car also. One last thing, Volvo dealers don't want these fact, they dont seem to want any of their own cars that are more than 3-5 years old, so don't count on trading it in on a newer Volvo.
  • cdt2833cdt2833 Posts: 2
    For those threads asking about adding a CD to a '97 850. Volvo is currently running a special (in New England area) right now for the Volvo in dash 6-CD Changer. The price of the changer (which includes mounting kit) is $232.75 - if your Volvo dealer claims to no nothing about it - go to another Volvo dealer. We just had one installed in our '95 850Turbo, my '98 S70 base will have one on Tuesday. I think that the '97 GLT should also have the changer controls integrated into the radio, so this shouldn't be an issue.

    Volvo leaflet from parts dept pictures the glovebox with changer installed and it states "Fits models 850 / S70 / V70 / C70 1994 - 2000"

    Good luck....

    Hope this helps.
  • hyiuhyiu Posts: 18
    cdt2833, thank you very much for your info...
    I called my volvo service and parts department and they do have that offer. the thing is $250+ after tax (which is MUCH MUCH better than the $830+ one). I already placed an order with them... I think I'll paid them for the installation also... but overall saved a bundle !!!
    thanks again !! ;-)

    - hyiu.
  • cdt2833cdt2833 Posts: 2
    As an extra bit of FYI to this forum, I'd like to offer my ownership experience with my 1998 S70. From what I've read here and at the brick board, people fall into one of two camps: (1) car has few or no problems, or (2) car is a complete lemon.

    My 98 S70 5speed has been very trouble free. My only glitch was when the vinyl insert near the door pull handle (on all 4 doors) bubbled and sagged. I have not blown any bulbs at all since I took delivery of the car three years ago - a major point here is that I disabled the DRLs via the set screw next to the headlight switch before I drove it off the lot at delivery. I was in Texas at that time and the lack of DRLs let my pewter silver volvo blend in with the concrete nicely so I didn't want the lights on for smoky.

    Volvo has subsequently replaced my ignition / starter switch, and performed recall/safety campaign issues for my turn signal sockets and the addition of a grounding strap for the passenger side dash mounted air bag.

    The car has never stranded me, nor has anything broke. Its biggest problem is little squeaks coming from interior pieces during the winter but overall the car is quiet and solid while cruising down the highway at 75. The car's performance is actually quite good when you consider it is a 5 cylinder, small displacement (2.4l)168 hp engine moving around 3300lbs of car. My 5 speed certainly helps here.

    I think that Volvo quality may have lapsed a bit when they freshened the 850 to become the S70 (in 98), the S80 launch with it's multiplexed electrical system was indeed very troublesome and Volvo probably should have done more testing before releasing it into production use. As with any first year new model from domestic or foreign mfgs there will undoubtedly be glitches, and most certainly some people will get lemons no matter what - all car makers have them.

    However, with this being the 7th Volvo in our extended family, we've certainly had much more of the good than bad.

    If buying used, find which dealer delivered the car and get the service department to completely print out what service and maintenance was done to the car and then check for any Volvo recalls / campaigns which need to be done prior to delivery, and purchase the Volvo extended warranty. A Volvo is no different from any other mechanical device that ages - stuff will break sooner or later.

  • I've been used car shopping and have noticed a fairly large number of S70s from the rental car fleet on dealer lots. Does anyone know if it is possible to get a service history on these cars? Anyone have a history of purchasing a car that was previously in the rental fleet? Thanks.
  • julpiejulpie Posts: 2
    Can anyone tell me why recordable cd's will not work in the cd player? Do i need a certain type of cd??? Thanks for the help.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    CD-RWs are written in a different format, and must be played in a CD player designed for that format. Most OEM stereos can't read CD-RWs. (Most older home systems can't, either.)
    Try a regular CD-R, and make sure you're not asking your CD player to read mp3s!
  • julpiejulpie Posts: 2
    thanks for the response lancerfixer, but i am using normal cd-r's. i'm actually using cds that i have had no problem playing in other cars and cd players. is there any explanation for this? thanks.
  • lancerfixerlancerfixer Posts: 1,308
    Nope. None that I can think of...Maybe a dealer tech knows.
  • albert123albert123 Posts: 71
    One of the procedures of 30K-mile service is top out the battery water. The service was done two weeks ago. Now the battery is dead. The dealer told me that means there's something wrong with the battery and the only fix is replace it. They offer pro-rated warrenty for the cost of battery.

    Anyone know about this?
  • volvoscottvolvoscott Posts: 26
    Albert, this happens more often than you think. Fact is, volvo batteries are junk. These things go without any warning signs. I work on them for a living, and probably replace 3 or more per week. In 98 models and up, they are pro-rated after 2 years. I personally wouldn't put a volvo battery in a lawn mower. Do yourself a favor, go get an Interstate battery, they are definitely worth the money!

  • The difference between a homemade CD-R and a commercial DC is in the way the image is applied to the disk. Commercial disks are actually printed and the "tracks" are highly reflective. Home burned ODs use a laser to "burn" away a dye layer and reflect more poorly than their commercial counterparts. Most car DC players can play most CD-Rs. Many alder car DC players (before about 1995) may not be able to play the homemade variety. If you have a ewer automobile, and the CD-R will not play, try changing to a different CD-R manufacturer. It could be that your player does not like the color of the dye used on your current CD-R.

    Since I'm currently looking at 2000 year model S70s, I'll take a homemade CD to the lot with me the next time I'm out to see if I have any problems.
  • djames42djames42 Posts: 2
    I've got the standard S70 in-dash CD system and have had very few problems playing CDR media (and I generally use the cheapest no-name media I can find). I only have one disc that isn't recognized, and it happens to be a higher-priced name-brand media (although I have plenty of discs from the same manufacturer that work just fine).

    I haven't bothered trying CD-RW--I just assume that's not going to be recognized at all.

    You do need to make sure that when you burn an audio CD, you do not attempt to create a multi-session CD, and that you do close the disc after writing it. Most audio CD players will not recognize anything but a single-session, closed CD.

    Good Luck!
  • naimnaim Posts: 5
    In 1999, I decided to lease a s70 T5 for my dad. First week when he check the body and found rust inside the trunk. A few weeks later he complained about the wind noise from the windshield so I took to the dealership where I leased it from. They checked and repaired so many times. They even went inside the ventilation and opened up dash board complete, the car was brand new. They had completely ruin the dash board. When I complained to them and they said just replace some screw that look worn out "from volvo specialist" I couldn't believe when he said that. Oh and the wind-noise, it still there after I took the car to another dealer, the car wind-shield had replaced twice. I can't believe the kind of service that volvo trained their service technician DON' EVER BUY A VOLVO AGAIN. If you're in Tor onto, Ontario, Don't go to VOLVO VILLA, service is unbelievable bad, service manager doesn't know jack about volvo, sale manager doesn't care about customer at all. This is the last volvo I would ever buy or lease. Buy Volvo, Buy it for your enemy. The Worst Car.
  • bazibazi Posts: 1
    We are seriously thinking about purchasing a 2000 S70 SE. It has 18K miles and is going for about $25K. Reading the posts on this site has made me reconsider. It seems that there is preponderance of complaints about the electrical system and seals/windshield. If anyone has anyhing to alleviate my concerns please respond. Good or bad news will be equally welcome. Many thanks. Bazi
  • andy77andy77 Posts: 1
    I have a '96 850 with the stock steel wheels and hubcaps. Recently I replaced the tires with a Dunlop SP5000 Sport that features a "rim protector sidewall" designed to protect alloys from being curbed. Since I mounted these tires (which by the way are 205/55/15 and are great handling tires) the hubcap contacts the tire sidewall and causes the hubcap to rotate on the rim - this in turn causes the valve stem to be bent over by the hubcap. The stock 15" hubcaps measure 16 7/16" in overall diameter. A 15" Volvo hubcap that measures less than this would solve my problem. Local dealers don't seem to have many 15" hubcaps in stock and I'm looking for similar measurements of other 15" styles. If you have 15" wheels with hubcaps, I would appreciate knowing if any of these measure less than 16 7/16" and what year and model that were fitted on. Thanks. e-mail Andy: cars@one. net
  • hatemys70hatemys70 Posts: 2
    Let's see if I can remember all of the repairs, besides the three recalls:
    Yep, had all the door interiors pull away. Only took the dealer (Koons in Owings Mills MD) 8 months to get the right part. Yep, had the dead battery, all of the sudden in the garage. Pro-rated warranty still would have cost more than the Interstate I put in myself. Power antenna is broken, I'm sure that'll cost a fortune. Yep, also have replaced about 12-15 lightbulbs. The Check Engine light has come on 5 times, replaced oxygen sensors under warranty, the latest Check Engine light cost me $1200. It's just out of warranty, it's obvious the lastest was the result of a problem that existed in warranty (bad air pump) but Volvo Customer Service and the dealer want nothing to do with any kind of concession. Got a whopping 35,000 miles out of the first set of tires, the replacements are $150 each. Oh yeah, to the gentlemen who has the "squeak in the wintertime", means your sway bars are bad, they cost $400 to fix. I can't afford to keep this car with the repair bills. Anyone know what a good replacement would be?
  • joel2468joel2468 Posts: 75
    I had a 1999 Volvo S70, and as much as I liked the car (when it ran properly), it kept trying to make me get rid of it. I didn't have a problem with the squeaks/rattles, and got used to replacing the bulbs (I kept a pile of them in the garage and trunk), but it left me dead 3 times, two tows required, and no problem ever found...just would not start. And, I babied the car. I would say to you that there is little else non-european that drives, brakes and handles like a good euro car, but I came to the conclusion that a reliable, dependable car that always runs the same, handles the same and ALWAYS STARTS is a reasonable tradeoff. December 2000 I traded the S70 away for a Toyota Avalon. Yes, I looked at many other options, including Infiniti, Maxima, Acura, Lexus and found them to be good cars, but in some cases not worth the money, in others (the Acura) I found the interior to be too confining. The Infiniti I30 is a good deal for the money, but only one dealer in the area, not near where I live. No, the Avalon seats are not as comfortable as the Volvo seats (I don't think anything is) and although the brakes are very good, they're not as good as a Volvo, BMW, Audi. But it is quiet, safe and reliable, and gets great gas mileage (mixed town and highway 23+ and highway 29-30). I have 7500 miles on the Avalon, and have been to the dealer once for an oil change and tire rotation. When I bought the Volvo (1999) it had 5000 miles on 7500 miles I'd been to the dealer 6 times (and I know this for a fact, because I just threw out all of the service records) for dead battery, blown bulbs, rattle in the sunroof, unbalanced tires, squealing brakes, exhaust smell in the car, bad wiper blades, and the list goes on.... I would look at Volvo again, but only if their reliability over the long haul improves dramatically. That should be about 30 years from now.
  • mulletardmulletard Posts: 1
    I got a 99 s70 T5 as my graduation present about a year and a month ago. Since then, I have taken the mileage from 9000 miles to 35000. I will agree with somethings. I have had the trouble with the lights repeatidly and some interrior problems with the lining around the windows. I am also ticked that volvo CD players don't like blue backed CDs very much. But, I must say I have not had extremly serious problems with any mechnical features of my car. I drive the hell out of this car too and often break many speeding laws around Atlanta as well as abusing the turbocharger more than I should. Once my car makes 50000 miles if I have tremendous problems as many of you have had, I am going straight to the Audi or BMW dealer and getting a new car. As of now I really enjoy my car and have gotten a lot of driving pleasure out of it.
  • We own a 2001 V70 wagon and are very happy with it (bought it per-certified with 11,000 miles on it) ... am thinking about now trading in our 1998 WV Cabrio (5 speed with 22,000 miles) for a 2000 S70 (perhaps a GLT) ... can anyone comment on reliability of S70? We're relatively "new" to the Volvo culture ~ is their "precertification" program reliable/honest? What does the GLT have that a "plain" S70 doesn't have ... prefer the styling of the 2000 (more "squared") than the 2001 sedans ... looks like too many Ford engineers got their way! Any comments ~ either pro or con would be welcomed!
  • jigglesjiggles Posts: 1
    Yes, I was very excited about my 2000 S70 SE with 19K still under warranty for another 30K UNTIL I read all these messages. Anyone who has had this model and year for some time please advise on any electrical/interior issues with your vehicle. It sounds like the majority of the issues I read about are '98, '99 and turbot related but of course the 2000 has not been out there as long. Any info good or bad is welcomed because I am suppose to sign papers and take possession in two days! This is my last chance. Send your messages soon!!
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