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Volvo S70



  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Was at the dealer last night looking at 2000 S70s - no mention of that! Std warranty is 4/50K which they did mention....what gives???
  • All Gas is pretty much the same. Only the additives change. Your major brands (Texaco, Mobil, Exxon, Chevron, etc) put detergents and other additives into the mix to improve engine life and to clean the pipes out, so to speak.

    Most (but not all) stations, regardless of brand, get their gasoline from terminals -- the hydrocarbons are the same. They then can pick the additive from additive dispensing units, usually coloacated with the gasoline.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 22,091
    well, then try a different dealer. Or, just ask. It doesn't make sense that they wouldn't be certified. But, maybe the dealer is just lazy and figures the 2000s don't need certification.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • boxer6boxer6 Posts: 20
    It's August 18. They still have my car (but I have their loaner (heh! heh! heh!). They are still performing diagnostics to determine if it is the tranny. My service rep called me Wednesday to say that they had one more check to perform, then they would order the new tranny. He said that it would take two weeks to get the new one so I should return the loaner and use my car until then. I had planned to hold their car for ransom and say you'll get yours when I get mine when they called is now Saturday, and I have no idea where they stand because no one has called me!!!

    Will I ever get a status call?
    Will my tranny be replaced?
    Will I be driving in their loaner car the next several years?

    Tune in next week...........
  • The posters who mentioned the rotten eggs smell and 'check engine' light BEWARE. Sooner or later, you will have a major repair. The rotten eggs smell is early sign of a failing converter if you don't get the oxygen sensors repaired (I'm on my third set now) and other portions of the emissions system at very high cost. Don't bother contacting Volvo customer service. They don't care about their customers, as they've proven to me.
  • dparesdpares Posts: 29
    when I make a turn I feel my drivers seat shift in its tracks.. not much but it is noticible.. I have a 2000 S70SE .. anyone here experience that problem.. and if so any fixes?

  • The lateral movement of the seat moving back and forth is now fixed using a seat shock. It's placed between the seat and seat frame. There's a service bulletin on it, and your dealer should know about it.

  • dparesdpares Posts: 29

    Thanks for the info.. i'll check it out at the next oil change...

  • boxer6boxer6 Posts: 20
    I too have a rotten egg smell in addition to my others on the laundry list. They have changed filters and tell me to swithch to a higher octane after they tell me to use 89. I tried the regional cust service but they just blow smoke up your [non-permissible content removed]!!
  • boxer6boxer6 Posts: 20
    I called them yesterday around 4:30 p.m. since no one called me and the suspense was killing me. Turns out that the tranny was not even ordered yet. There is one more test they had to perform on the trans but they lost the tool and had to order a new one!!! I've lost count but I think they've had the car for over 14 days already and we have not moved forward. I have been driving for 23 years and have never owned a car that has lived this long in the repair shop - COMBINED!!!! If you are looking to buy one of these...................BEWARE
  • boxer6boxer6 Posts: 20
    Day 15. No car, no call and no status.....yet. Anyone want over 21 in the pool?
  • joel2468joel2468 Posts: 75
    I had a 1999 Volvo S70. It, too, was undependable, in the shop almost every month. I think the trick with Volvos is to know when to hold em, know when to fold em. The S70 either (a) is good and solid right from the get go, and will last forever or (b) will always be a problem. There is no in between. Even superb dealer service does not make up for time wasted chasing problems with these cars. I am not writing to bash Volvo. I really liked my S70, but traded it last December for a Toyota Avalon. The Volvo was better in some ways, but overall the Avalon is a much better car than the S70, and I think, S60. I've got 9,000 miles on the Avalon, 3 oil/filter changes, AND THAT IS ALL. No blown lights or fuses, great mileage (in town 23, on the road 30), quiet, runs and handles the same every time I drive it (wish I could have said that about the S70). I would like to be able to consider an S80 in the future, but not until Volvo fixes the problems with its cars, dealers, and customer service.
  • My 98 S70 GLT is probably on the good side of your post -- solid, good engine. But it still got all the small problems(bulbs, gauges....). The latest incident just completely turned me off. The driver side's window switch burned while the window was in down position when the 4-year warranty expired a few days ago. Obviously I had to get it fixed before I could go anywhere. The dealer wouldn't honor the warranty and wanted me to leave the car there for a couple days without offering me a loaner(not in warranty). I ended up going to a nearby shop for the fix. Calling the customer service of Volvo North America yielded the same attitude as the dealer's. This is probably my last Volvo(thanks to the competitions) even though I like the new models especially the upcoming V70R and S60R.
  • boxer6boxer6 Posts: 20
    So, in my last call on 8/21 I was told the tool to measure the pressure in the trans was lost and would be in on 8/22. So, you guessed it, no one called me on 8/22. I waited until 4:30 8/23 for a call and finally called them. I was told the part is on bac order and would take 3 WEEKS!!! I was told to return the loaner and pick up the car until the part arrives. I told my "rep" that if he was trying to tell me that I would not see a fix for 5 weeks(3 for the part, 2 for the trans) I am not returning the loaner. I get a call back and was told they will call other dealers in the area for the part. I'm beyond livid at this point.

    KISS MY [non-permissible content removed] VOLVO!!!
  • dparesdpares Posts: 29
    There HAS to be someone, somewhere that likes their S70.

    Actually mine is semi-ok..been to the dealer ALOT for bulbs, warning lights and one no-start..(of course couldnt be replicated or fixed)..but when it runs right its a beautiful car!

    well took it on a long vaca trip yesterday..30 minutes into the trip, the check engine light comes on.. (was on months ago and apparently fixed as it was faulty)..well, started smelling rotten eggs in the car...

    anyone have THAT problem... oh, posted recently that my drivers seat feel like its shifting in its tracks..someone posted back that there is a dealer fix for interesting car to own.. so far my 2000 Honda civic EX coupe just has oil changes...a dull fun problems to figure out...:)



    2000 S70SE
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    Sounds like your oxygen sensor and/or catalytic converter has gone caput. Both of those failings would set off the check engine light and cause the smell.
  • dparesdpares Posts: 29
    Got in the car today.. and.. the check engine light didn't come on!. .. definitely a ghost in this machine!

    the adventure continues!
  • gbriankgbriank Posts: 220
    You need to contact the State Attorney General to determine if the dealer holding the car for as long as they have falls under the Lemon Law. I am not sure where you live, but here in Texas if the car is in the shop for more than 3 weeks and for the same problem it is a lemon. The dealership maybe attempting to get you to take the car back to dodge this rule, if it is in the books in your state.

    If these problems have been occurring since the vehicle was acquired, I would make an attempt to not only contact the regional Volvo Customer Care line but the national office and the office in Sweden by mail. This is a serious issue.

    If Volvo reading this post, SHAME ON YOU!
  • boxer6boxer6 Posts: 20
    Thanks for the advice. I will check the lemon law in New York. I do not have a reoccurring problem but the three week rule is close. I wonder if the three week violation includes down-time, e.g., poor troubleshooting and delays in parts etc. I am out of luck on the lemon law. It's good for 2 yrs, 18K. I'm in this pig for 2 1/2 years. I did speak to the regional office but they are a joke. They are like talking to robots. Their answers are pre-programmed-how-to-deal-with-angry-customer responses. I will persue your advice. It's just I do not have time at work to sustain an attack. Also, thanks to all others for your input.

    I was told today they have the part to check the pressure on the trans and they will check it by Monday. In any event, they are not getting the loaner until they fix the car.

    I am disgusted and want out of this abusive relationship. Anyone want to buy a used Volvo w/ only 28K, dealer (dis)serviced? :)
  • boxer6boxer6 Posts: 20
    OK. So it's Monday. As much as I was tempted to call I waited..........and waited........and waited. End of call. I will wait to see when they decide to give me an update. No rush though. They've only had my car since August 7th.
  • Sorry to hear all the problems. I have a 2000 S70 GLT SE that has been relativiley trouble free. I did have to have the front turn signals replaced under recall, the hazard/turn signal switch broke, but none of these required any overnights at the garage. I'm still happy with the car though does not feel as 'solid' as the Mercedes I owned before. Will I get another Volvo? Hard to say, but probably leaning towards a BMW 5 series.
  • boxer6boxer6 Posts: 20
    I did not receive a call today. So....I was told on Friday, the car would be checked on either Saturday or Monday. Today is Tuesday and no one has called me.

    Sorry to clog the board but this is therapeutic as well as a good way to warn others to be wary. I realize my case is extreme but this (s70) board is more of a gripe forum, clearly indicative of the car's performance. Check other vehicles and you will see that mechanical problems are not the main topic.
  • boxer6boxer6 Posts: 20
    Got a call yesterday. The test was performed but they were not ready to order new transmission. They said it was the computer that tells the tranny to shift. Today it was put in but it did not do the trick! So they are ordering a new tranny. Should be in next week when I'll be celebrating a month without my car. Food for thought...if the car was not uder warranty when would the decision to replace the tranny have been made? I'm sure if I was paying it would have been replaced by now.
  • joel2468joel2468 Posts: 75
    I had a problematic S70 also. If you can afford it, it sounds like its time for a new car. What will absolutely shock you (if you can be shocked at all at this point) is, if you're interested in buying a new Volvo, what they'll offer you on a trade in. AND, what they'll try and charge you for a new one. You will find you'll get a better trade from Carmax. I hung in as long as I could with an undependable, finnicky, S70... apparently, the type of behavior that delights people on the Brickboard. As I have written before in this forum, I will always remember the S70 fondly (when it ran well, which wasn't often, it ws great). I have a Toyo Avalon now. In some ways it is not the car the S70 was, BUT in so many other ways it is far better. At least it starts everytime!
  • Unfortunately, I already know what they'll offer. 16K on a 21/2 year old car with an original sticker of over $36K. They really hold their value.

    So let's recap: The cars run like crap and they depreciate faster than a portfolio loaded with tech stocks. Oh, and I forgot, they treat theircustomers like shills by manufacturing inferior parts that need to be replaced 4X as much as NORMAL parts (I'm talking about their 13K mile/28K mile break pads/rotors).

    I've owned several used cars and I've never had an experience like this. I would plunk down 30-35K on a used lexus before I buy another Volvo.
    Actually, I won't be buying a Volvo EVER!!!!
  • I picked up the car today with the new tranny and computer module. So, I start shifting.....and you guessed it..BANG. I wasa told I was shifting too fast and that 1998 s70's have a different linkage system than newer s70s. I was told to try to duplicate the problem with another s70. I could not but the action on the console appeared to be difficult to get out of park. I was told they did everything they could.

    I agreed to take the car home and drive it for a few days. Maybe it's me. I will say one thing..positive believe t or not. After driving the loaner for a month (2001 Accord) you cannot even compare the two. The volvo is a solid auto and quiet. I did miss it. Then again, maybe I'm developing an abused customer syndrome.

    Anyway, that's it for now.
  • I left for three weeks and returned to a flat battery. I know the alarm uses power but just milliamps. Nothing else was left on except I noticed the rear fog light switch was on. I believe the lights would have to be on for it to drain power. Are Volvo bateries really that poor? Car has less than 8000 Miles. Will Volvo replace it free of charge?
    Your comments please.
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Yes, Volvo should replace your battery under warranty, free of charge. Mine lasted about 2 yrs - even the Volvo service people said the batteries that come with a new Volvo are not that good! Have heard of similar problems with Saabs, for example, so don't think it's limited to just Volvos...
  • One cell in the battery was shot, VOLVO freebie on WARRANTY. 45 minutes at the dealer (SCOTTI in Montreal) and then back to work in time for for coffeebreak.
    Sometimes it works out OK !
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,094
    ....but I'm here to announce the new Volvo Owners club now available on Owner's Club board. Please stop by and introduce yourself in Meet the Members and let me know how I can help build your club.

    I have linked this discussion into that folder, but it will always reside here in Sedans.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

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