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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • That's not what I meant to say, kinda combined two things in one, I know there's GTP Sedans.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Hello Grand Prix fans and owners

    This is my first look at this forum but it is about to be added to my subscription list. I am picking up a 2000 Bonneville SE tonight and will want to monitor both this and the Bonneville forum from here on.

    Ifty53 - sounds like we are neighbors. I live in Kittery Me and drive I-95 to Mass every day. What's your GP look like? I'll watch for you on the highway (hopefully not in the break down lane!)

    Teo - good to see you here! Best wishes to you on your steering problems. Hope it's fixed soon (and correctly).

    Best to all

    (Turnpike) Ken
  • I'm looking at purchasing a 99 GP SE with the 3.8.
    I really like the seems like a great value. Any comments would be very appreciated.
  • burner7burner7 Posts: 17
    hey all, guess GP has a problem i never really took into consideration...i have a 2DR GT, and the seat backs dont lock...i noticed it really when i had to brake extremely fast, and the passenger seat (which was empty) slid forward, almost to where the seat back flew into the dashboard...i took the car to the dealer, and after about a day of their "testing", they determined that the seat backs lock when i brake...well i drove right off the lot, applied my brakes at the light, reached my hand over to push the passenger seat, and guess moved...these GM Goodwrench Service mechanics are some of the most incompetent people..they're putting my life in danger so they dont have to get of their @$$e$....anyone else have this problem with the seats locking please write in, i think im in the minority......thanks.
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    Great car! If you are a smooth driver, you don't need the sharper suspension and tires that come on the GTs and GTPs. Although some GTs came through with the mediocre GY LS tires. You have to be driving like a wild man (person) to say you need the the GT suspension.

    Overall a smooth powerful car and relatively quiet too. But you can tell that with a test drive. A good cruiser too. Did a 1200 mile long weekend with the wife and 2 kids. The back seat is comfortable too.

    As you can tell I was not too thrilled with the GY LS tires and replaced them with Michelin X-plus. Big improvement.

    Any particular questions?
  • intense01intense01 Posts: 107
    I have a 2000 SSEi with the Magnasteer. My Helm manual says there are three possible settings. The factory default is the middle one. This setting can easily be changed at the dealer using a Tech II.
  • lfty53lfty53 Posts: 2
    I have a "give me a ticket" red GP SE. Live in NH work at the Yard, which may also be in NH. Good luck with the Bonny. Replacement of defective EGR valve seems to have given GP a little more punch and improved gas mileage. Was averaging 24-25 mpg mostly hway previously.
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Paul -

    Good to hear you are cruising the fast lane again! I'll watch for your red GP - you can see me in a green '00 Bonnnie SE (no spoiler) that I drove to work for the first time yesterday - I love this car!!

    BTW - perhaps the Portsmouth shipyard should become its own state - perhaps called 'New Maineshire' with no taxes paid to either of the warring jurisdictions. What we need is a slew of Florida attorneys to battle it out at the Supreme Court!

    Best wishes - have a great Pontiac weekend

  • I've had my 2001 GP GTP for about 2 months now and I ALMOST love the car. I've had many problems with it since I took delivery,(scratched interior trim, passenger door rubbing on front fender, primer showing through the paint on window trim, bad alternator, misaligned steering) and all have been fixed (It took 6 trips to the dealer) except for one. I've had a rattle in the driver side door since I took delivery and it seems nobody can find or fix it. Now last week, a scratch developed on the inside of the driver's side window. Took it to the dealer and they couldn't find anything that could have caused it. I also have many squeaks and rattles coming from the dashboard. Anybody else have similar problems? Any idea how to get the dealer to fix these noises? My 84 chevy celebrity had almost 200,000 miles on it and didn't make as much noise as this thing does.
  • I had an SE GP back in duh day and am considering going back to pontiac to either a Gt grand prix or an se. What is duh diff in the suspensions of these two.

    I have a chev blazer now and they mean like a rock when they say it...ha.. Seriously , it has given me excellent service and still had value. But I need a change.

    Got a quote of invoice minus rebate -1k.. plus 300. Is this a winner? ANd what is the delivery charge? WHy do I need one of those . The salesperson , WHo knew zero and had to 'be right back' with every question made sure to point the delivey charge out. I guess that is her commision?

    felt like coming home bein in a gp again doe...
  • Okay I had my heart set on a black GPGT. I thought the leather interior/heated seat (I live in the cold-winter midwest w/no garage) package was out of my reach, but today it turns out there is a silver 4-door with this package within range. My other choice is a black 2-door with the cloth interior for about $1,000 less. Silver is really not my favorite color, but the leather interior is NICE. Both cars have the same features otherwise (steering wheel radio controls, wheels, cd/stereo system, etc.). One other difference - the black 2-door has a sunroof and the silver 4-door does not (that's why there's not much price difference). The sunroof doesn't matter to me either way. 2 or 4-doors doesn't matter much either, but I'm beginning to think the 4-doors actually look a little better (in black anyway). I'm really lost as to what to do. They did a search and there are no black cars similar to the silver so I'm stuck with this decision. As you probably heard they are cutting back all GM plants so I can't count on any more GPs rolling off the lines anytime soon. Does anyone have advice to help me make this decision? I'm going out of my mind!!

  • burner7burner7 Posts: 17
    as to your inquiry about the scratch on the driver's side window (interior side), i have that same thing beginning to think that there may be something wrong with the window regulator on this side, as i seem to recall a few others on this website mentioning a problem similar to ours...what to do though? beats me......

    to 'chris6634', as for your dilemma in choosing the 4-door silver over the 2-door black...i would have to say do whatever makes the car more enjoyable for for me, ive got a 2 door GT in white (no sunroof), that i chose over the 4-dr in black (which i had originally wanted black)....for the most part, i'm enjoying the car, but i always kick myself for not waiting for a 2 door black more comprehensible words, if you're going for black, get the black one, cause youre going to have to look at the car in your driveway for as many years as you own it..
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    I am stuck between a Grand Am and a Bonneville. I like the Grand Prix too, but cannot decide between the 3 now. How is the power and fuel economy in the Grand Prix? What about reliability? And what about interior comfort for someone 6'3 and 260 lbs.? Help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • toon01toon01 Posts: 18
    Go for the black! I just think they are hot looking cars. I have the four door silver with sunroof, love it, but really love the black!!
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    The grand prix, door panel to door panel (front) is 4 inches wider than the gran am. You should notice the extra space right away. That alone should convince you.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    How much do you like your GP GT sedan? Likes? Dislikes? problems? I know you came from a '00 Chevy MC SS and dumped it due to the ongoing and unfixable cradle problems.

    I test drove a silver 4 door (2001) GP GT and really liked but I also liked the Bonneville SE a little better.

    Thanks for your comments.
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    Tell us how the 3.8 handles the additonal size and weight of the Bonnie.
  • Sorry to hear about your problems. I have a 00 GTP with 13,000 trouble free miles. I do have a few squeaks. A squeak just started in the dash on the left side the other day. My opinion on squeaks and rattles, if you buy a car with a performance suspension, expect the squeaks. My complaint is that the GTP should come with 17 or 18 inch wheels and 50 series tires; which would only make the squeaks and rattles worse. I would also like a 6 speed manual in the car. Hope your trips to the dealer are over.......
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    You haven't visited Wrangler IV in a while! Don't you wuv me no more?

    How you doin'? Come over to Wrangler IV and holler at me. Still lovin' my little Thelma Jane.

  • toon01toon01 Posts: 18
    With 13,000+ miles, I've only had one issue that was quickly rememdied. The passenger seat back rattled; I took it to the dealer and they said it had been improperly padded and they took care of it. No squeaks, rattles or other issues. I didn't particularly care for the stereo with equalizer, so I installed a new one. That's just a personal preference, I think. It's a good car with plenty of get up and go. Even though it has the same engine as the MC SS, I think it might be a little quicker off the line. I would love to have a GTP, but needed to stay in the budget.
    My mom bought a GP SE last year. She wasn't real happy with the car, not comfortable, not enough pep, etc. She struggled between the GT and the Bonnie SE. In the end, she felt she got more bang for the buck with the GT; although she thought the ride of the Bonneville was superb. The packages have changed slightly from last year to the 2001, so you don't get quite all the goodies for the $$. I think if you have a few extra $$$, then the Bonnie is a beautiful car; however, I would love the SSEi.
  • toon01toon01 Posts: 18
    Of course I still wuv you. Unfortunately, I am actually having to work at work, and just haven't been over to see you. I know all is well with Thelma and I'm sure my beautiful puppy loves the ride. I bet he can't wait to get the top off when the weather warms a bit. Again, if he ever needs a home for whatever reason, I'll be happy to see to it that he is safe and secure! Be good!
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    'Bout time I heard from you! I still want you to visit us in Wrangler IV, though. It's about like this group- very few negative posts. People really love their GP's for good reason, and that's the way people are about their Wranglers.

    If you want to see some real negative posts, go over to Jeep Grand Cherokee IV. Those things are giving people fits! They are beautiful vehicles, but they all seem to have problems. That's what I owned before the GP, and I had brake rotor problems and power window problems, but I still really liked the thing. It's a shame that such a nice-looking, smooth riding (for an SUV) vehicle with the world's best four wheel drive systems has so many reliability issues.

    And, NO THANKS, you ain't gettin' my granddog! He is doing fine. He had a bath while ago, and that is not something that he likes at all! I have to go to work for a while tomorrow, and he is going with Grandpa.

    I wonder if they have sold my GP where I traded her in for the Jeep. They hadn't the last time I checked. Boy, she was undoubtedly the best car that I ever owned. I wish I could have kept her and still bought a new Jeep.

    Later, Toonie

  • wkawka Posts: 14
    Got my Black GTP 2001 sedan 2 weeks ago. It has Taupe interior. Great car, no problems as I have 1000 miles on it. At around 2000 miles I'll probably put Mobil 1 in it. While it's not quite as luxurious as my Wife's 2000 SSEI the GTP is easier to drive around town, has a tighter suspension and get's off the line a lot quicker. The Bonnie SSEI is a great long distance cruiser but around town the GTP rules.

    I've seen a lot of posts here and on the bonnie board discussing tricking their cars out. I'll consider it for the GTP but not for the Bonnie since the it seems like a waste to try to make a Bonnie a stop light runner.

    What's the story about the K&N filter and why should I get it over a throw away paper filter?
  • bdimebdime Posts: 130
    Okay- I'm still in the looking around stage and can't decide. Sedan or small SUV?
    I test drove the Grand Prix GT and the Chevy Impala, The Toyota RAV4 and the
    Suzuki Vitara and can't decide. Any hints on things that might be more obvious to
    look at when I drool over those expensive auto show demos? I'd like to stay under
    $21,000 and am willing to try something out of my box but haven't seen anything
    to sway me over. Thanks for the info. DIME
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    Although I no longer own it, the best car I ever had was the 2000 Grand Prix GT sedan that I recently traded for a new Jeep Wrangler.

    I wish I could have kept it and still bought the Wrangler, but there was no way.

    I put just a hair under 20K miles on the GT, and it never once went back to the dealer for any kind of problem. It got great gas mileage (as high as 31 mpg a couple times on long trips), had plenty of power, and was simply beautiful! It was white with tan leather interior and had just about all the goodies except the sunroof. It stickered at $24,225.00.

    You can look all you want to, but I promise you that you won't find a better car for anywhere near the same amount of money.

    If you decide on a car rather than an SUV, you ought to really take a close look at the Grand Prix GT. Now, you won't get one for under $21,000.00, like you were saying you'd like to use as an upper limit. By today's standards, you won't find much for under $21K, at least nothing that I would want to drive.

  • I have a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 4dr in silver with alost 60,000 miles on it. We've had the car for about 8 months, so I'll post how I feel towards the car.

    but first to answer WKA's question about K&N Filters. There's 2 different kinds of K&N Filters. There's normal drop in kind which goes for aorund $30 i think. Its slightly better than stock, and its gaurenteed for a million miles i believe. The other kind is the cone filtercharger available in 7" and 9" cones. These will improve your cars performance by maximum 5hp. You will notice a difference and the car will breathe much better than stock. And the supercharger whine will be much more noticeable. It'll make a very nice sound. if you want, i can post a link to a couple of vids with a GTP equipped with a 9" cone.(note, GT's won't make a whining soung from the cone since they aren't supercharged but they will benefit from the cone).

    Power? Ok, there's a lot of it. No one, and I mean no one who hasn't been in one would believe that they are that fast. But then again, you have to remember the GTP and its sister car Regal GS are the fastest cars in their class with 0-60 in 6.4 secs. Now off the light, you'll be able to take on a lot more cars than you think. Pre-99 Mustang GT's can be beat. But once at highway speeds, you will notice the difference. The GTP lacks power at the high end, but you gotta think of it, i mean, do you drive over 100mph daily? I don't think so. upto around 70-80mph that car rocks. Ofcourse, more power would be better.

    Handling: I don't take the car very fast at turns cause I just don't feel like doing anything wrong. I'm 17 and I don't feel like messing up the car since i didn't pay for it. But the car isn't a good handler. The sway bars have to be replaced with aftermarket ones(or some from the Impala Police package or Intrigues). There are plenty of modding space in this area. The car is pretty low and it can be lowered even more with the current kits available, but you will feel the potholes even more. I notice the car doesn't take potholes too great. I mean, its nothing to brag about.

    Interior: The plastic used for the dashboard looks pretty cheap. I personally think the car is pretty well loaded. I mean, my friends get in the car and start playing around with buttons and stuff. I've gotten a lot of compliments on how comfortable the seats are(i'm talking bout the leather seats). Driver instrumentation is pretty nice. Now the red lights used in the car are nice. They'll get a lil boring after you have the car for a while, but it'll always impress people when they first ride in the car. Our car has the HUD projection which projects the speed and other information onto the windsheild. Its very very very nice. I rarely look down at the dash. I don't know why this hasn't been installed on all cars available. If you haven't driven a Grand Prix of Bonneville with one, go and drive one. its pretty neat

    We've only had 2 problems since we got the car. First was a spark plug misfire(nothing big) and the second was a problem with a transmission selenoid that required replacement and done under warranty.

    Gas Mileage truly depends on how you drive it. On the highway our GTP is in the low 30's MPG. In the city, it gets around 16-17mpg, while being driven moderately. I can make it to school at 24 mpg driving normally and I'm sure I can make it there at 12 mpg. But you have to take into consideration that the GTP requires higher octane fuel. Minimum of 91 octane!

    If you're looking for a lot of compliments on the car, a GP GT/GTP will get you some. They're pretty good looking. If you want more comfort with only sacrificing some aggressive looks, a Buick Regal GS might be a better choice.

    I'm very glad we purchased the car as if it offers all the we needed. Anyways, this is my long description of how the car has been performing.
  • Well I did get the Black GT coupe and I love it!!! It has plenty of power and it is fun to drive. Mine has cloth interior, but it is the charcoal and it looks pretty sporty I must say. It has the new style wheels which I didn't like at first. I was even going to have them change them out to the star torque wheels, but after driving it for a couple of days I changed my mind. Plus the star torque wheels show a lot of the brake equipment and that looks ugly once it starts rusting IMO.

    For whoever was deciding between the Grand Am and the Bonneville I'll just say this. I test drove a Grand Am and it has nothing on the Grand Prix. The interior is ugly and cheap looking IMO. Now the Bonneville is supposed to be nicer than the Grand Prix so you are kind of between extremes there. I would test drive each car before you make a decision.

    For whoever wanted a Grand Prix under $21,000 - it will depend on where you live. You can get the SE, but why settle for that? Mine was listed at $23,950 and I got it for about $21,300 - $21,000 was my goal too, but that was as low as they would go. It has a sunroof, leather wrapped steering wheel w/radio controls, cd player and all the other thrills that the other GPGT's have. It's a great car so far although I've only had it about a week! lol
  • That rust you see in the wheels comes right off when you are driving. Most of the time, it will be shiny except when it gets wet.

    I like the torque star wheels better because it is easier to clean the wheels and it's easier for the brakes to cool and less dust builds up.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I can't believe you guys went three whole days between posts in here! You've got great cars to talk about, so why the silence? (Maybe you are all too busy driving those beauties to spend time on the puter?)

    I come back for visits pretty often, and I just wanted to say hi to all of my old Grand Prix buddies.

    Chris6634, you made a wise choice! Enjoy that baby. Congratulations!

    You are all welcome to come to Wrangler IV and say hi once in a while you know!

    Take care of those Prix's! And be sure to wave when you blow me off the road in my little Wrangler.

  • toon01toon01 Posts: 18
    I think the black is just beautiful. If I had had a little more time to shop around, I might have found one. I am in the silvermist. Mine has the aluminum wheels which I wasn't real thrilled with at first. They have really grown on me and I think they really make the car. Good luck and go fast!!
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