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Pontiac Grand Prix - 2000-2005



  • I would like to hear from 2000-2001 gtp owners on there fuel mileage,epa says 18/28, did a test and came up with 18 average for there highway driving,is this heavy foot syndrome,engine not broken in or what?Any info would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!
  • mkcomkco Posts: 65
    I have a new (1500 miles) GTP and love it, but I must admit the city mileage sucks...mid to high teens (more mid than high) so far. I haven't taken any major road trips but it does seem pretty good on the highway though -- around 25 or higher when I've clocked it.
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I only had the GT, and it got as high as 31 mpg a couple times on trips. I have heard that the supercharger is not supposed to make much difference in the gas mileage, if the vehicle is driven the same way as one without the supercharger. (But who's gonna have a supercharger and not play around a little?)

  • hengheng Posts: 411
    A friend bought a 2000 GT and found out after that the seats were horrible. He practically has to see a chiropractor because of them. Luckily its his wife's car so he doesn't put much seat time in it. It doesn't bother his wife. The seats are leather.

    What's the scoop?
  • tsjaytsjay Posts: 4,591
    I had a 2000 GT with leather seats, and I thought they were just fine, and, believe me, I spent PLENTY of time in that car. I put almost 20K on it less than eight months!

  • wkawka Posts: 14
    My GTP is getting around 20 MPG around the City and around 29 MPG on the Highway. I have around 1200 Miles so I expect to get somewhat better as I go. The highway miles I checked once, running around 70-75 MPH for 1.5 hours through some pretty hilly country including a couple of 1 mile upgrades on I70 in Maryland going towards Pennsylvania. I did notice things go downhill rapidly once you hit 80 or above.
  • xmannxmann Posts: 19
    I'm thinking of purchasing a Grand Prix and have looked at the forums here to see what realworld users thought and are experiencing. In earlier forums there was a lot of discussion of transmission problems and premature tranny wearout in the GT/GTP models. Is this still an issue or has there been any modifications to the tranny in 2001. I noticed the so called "dual mode" tran offered with the GTP. What are anyone's experiences with this trans in particular? Any feelings good, bad, or otherwise would be greatly appreciated.

    Is that comment on the GTP requiring 91 octane gas true? Where I live if I had to pay for that I would be riding the bus alot. That alone would make my decision regarding which model to focus upon.
  • wkawka Posts: 14
    I would stay with the Manu. spec on 93 octane only. As far as the tranny goes, I believe the 2001 GTP no longer offers it. A couple of other items may have been discontiued also, including automatic climate control has been replaced with dual manual tempature control. But, you do get onstar included and the subscription for the first year is free.

    My opinion on Onstar, I think the basic package is ok, I like that my wife is covered by Onstar safety features. The pricer package is too much since we would use it infrequently. It would be better if they had a pay as you use feature. The calling plan for Onstar is again just ok. Since you can't use a number that you already have on another cell phone it's used only when your in the car. Dialing is voice activated. If you need to send a tone pulse to get into someone's voice mail your out of luck or at least I haven't figured out how to do it. GM would be much better off if they had a system that you could plug your current phone into such as some of the newer palm os based phones.
  • I have a 2000 GTP. I think I got a batch of bad gas and may have had detonation occur in the engine. What would be the symptoms of excessive detonation. My engine seems to run rough when I am cruising at 65-70 (1500-2000 rpm) in OD on the freeway. Also, it seems to make a grinding sound at about 3000 rpm when I have my foot in it. I took it to the dealer and they said "engine's fine, they all do that, blah, blah, blah.." Any ideas out there?
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    I drove my GTP from NYC to South Florida and did not have a single complaint about the seats during this long drive.
  • Thanks for your replies on the GTP fuel mileage.... It makes my decision almost concrete!
    Anybody driven there GTP in a snow storm Yet?
    We have a 2000 Pontiac Montana and the traction control is a awesome in the snow,here in Mass. we just had a good storm not to long ago that my wife had to drive home in and thought for sure she would be stranded due to the heavy snow and the traction control is what saved her!I'm hoping to here the GTP has the similar handling characteristics.
    How does that engine block heater perform?It gets mighty cold here at times,does it make a big difference?.
    What speeds is this car capable of?????(GTP sedan)
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    I have driven my GTP through northeasters in NYC area. My house was on top of a hill, I used to go driving up and down the hill before plows came, just for fun. The car does very well in the winter.

    GTP's top speed is electronically limited to 128mph.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    Well, I think I have finally made up my mind in regards to the successor of my 2000 Chevy Impala LS. I am seriously considering either a GP GT or GTP sedan (Regular not special editions). I have test driven both and really like them. Of course the GTP is even more enjoyable for the extra kick the Supercharger provides.

    Suggestions? Likes? Dislikes? Any known problems that I should be aware of with the latest 2000/2001 models???

    I have checked insurance costs for both...the net difference between the GP GT and GP GTP sedan is a measly $20.00 bucks every six months so the insurance increase vs. the Impala LS is just going to be about $74 for the GT and $94 for the GTP every six insurance wise there is not an issue.

    As far as Premium gas, I been filling up my Impala LS with Exxon 93 Supreme and the car runs like a champ...I am used to the extra (and well worth expense of higher octane gas) so Premium gas is not a biggie in my book.

    The deciding factor will be the aprox $1,700 difference between a loaded GT and a standard (Which is loaded still) GTP.

    Again, I will appreciate any input regarding quality, reliability issues and long term ownership experiences.

    Looking forward to join the club very soon.
  • toon01toon01 Posts: 18
    I must say I am surprised. I really thought you'd stick with the Impala. As I have told you before, I have no complaints with the GP GT. If I could have, it would have been a GTP. What colors are you considering? Good luck on the final decision. (Oh yea, was the GP GT an option with the buyback? and interesting on the insurance; mine went down about $60/six months from the MC SS).
  • yurakmyurakm Posts: 1,345
    Divide the price difference on 100 month (8 years), or how long you plan to own the car. Then decide, does it pay in enjoyment, or you would rather live the 8 years without the toys.

    The same with options. Inside the same trim, the sedan loaded by all and any option usually costs about 10% more than the "bare" one (the "bare" GTP being not exactly Spartan, though). But the options are what you (and your wife) will enjoy for years. Sound, sunroof, auto-dimming mirrors, HUD, etc.

    There are obvious exceptions, of course: for example, given you live in Florida, there would be very few occasions to enjoy the heated seats :-)
  • tpkentpken Posts: 1,108
    Teo - buddy - you've got to go for the ZOOM factor on that supercharged GTP or you will be kicking yourself for as long as you own it (got to hurt eventually!)

    Are you going for the green? It's Pontiac's best color IMO but then I'm somewhat prejudiced!

    Best wishes

  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    For your responses. Well, I am afraid I will be reconsidering getting a new '01 Grand Prix after all. What made me change my mind so suddenly? Last night I was navigating in the Internet to gather some safety crash test data on the current Grand Prix sedan. Came accross the NHTSA website and upon finding the test results for the Grand Prix sedan I was extremely dissapointed and disturbed at the side crash ratings given to the GP by NHTSA.... 2 Stars for the front riders and 3 starts for the rear passengers. Nothing for the front crash test (Results to be released during March 2001)but I suspect it will be in the 4 star range.

    Needless to say, safety is paramount to me and while these results can be argued back and forth, they still say something about the integrity and strength of the GP. The Impala has consistently scored 5 stars front and 4 stars side for 2000 and 2001. Actually, it appears to be that the GP dropped one star from the 2000 model year for side crash ratings.

    I appreciate everyone's comments but I think I'll stick with the Impala as a replacement for 2001.

    Hopefully, GM will improve the Grand Prix's crash test records when the car gets it first full redesign in 2003.

    Ditto for the Intrigue.
  • sunfgtsunfgt Posts: 40
    Hey teo, you may want to ask graphicguy about the side crash tests; I don't know if he still reads this forum. I recall that some guy totalled his first GTP by T-boning him, but he was able to walk away without a scratch, whereas the offending person ended up in hospital.

    I don't know why the Impala and GP should have different crash ratings, since they are the same platform.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    a stopped GTP pace car was once rear ended by a NASCAR racer. Two guys inside the GTP walked away. I used to have pictures of this (it was shown on TV)
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508
    That the Impala has a much better structural rigidity than the Grand Prix in despite of the fact that both models are spin offs of the W-body platform. If you have ever driven or 'touched' an Impala, the doors, hood, fenders, etc have a much heavier, beefier sheetmetal than say the GP.

    The Impala already meets 2003 Government safety requirements while the GP only meets 1997 standards, hence the lower safety ratings.

    Keep in mind that the Y2K Impala/Montecarlo models are the newest members of the W-body family.

    The time table is as follows

    Buick Regal: Introduced 1997 and redesign due 2003
    Pontiac GP: Introduced 1997 and redesign 2003
    Buick Century: Introduced 1997 and redesign 2003
    Olds Intrigue: Introduced 1998 and currently under model phase out.
    Chevrolet Impala: Introduced 2000 and redesign 2005
    Chevrolet Montecarlo: Introduced 2000 and redesign 2005.

    The first models that will switch from the W-body platform to the all new 'Mid-Lux' platform will be the 2003 Buick Regal and Pontiac GP.
  • Could somebody respond to my post#670? I would appreciate whatever comments anyone has. Thanks.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,137
    I still come around here because, even though I don't own a GTP anymore, I still miss it.

    sufgt--last year, as teo pointed out, I was in an accident with my GTP. It was "t-boned" by a guy who ran a redlight. From the skid marks, the cop estimated the other guy was doing between 40MPH-50MPH upon impact. The other guy was driving a late model Acura. I was hit on the passenger side and my car looked like he caught me smack in the middle of the front passenger door (although the whole passenger side looked like it took a 20 megaton blast).

    Obviously, my car was totalled. But, there was no inclusion into the passenger compartment at all. Passenger side windows were "blown out" but all the other damage was confined to the outside of the car. I actually saw the door side beams on the passenger side and they did the exact job they wee supposed to...keep the other car out.

    After the shock wore off, I took off my seatbelt (no airbags went off). I opened up my drivers side door, bushed off some little "beads of glass" and walked away. The other guy was taken to the hospital via ambulance. I checked up on him a couple of weeks later and he ended up being in the hospital for over a week.

    Because of this incident, I took the insurance check and bought another GTP. Great cars! Safer than anything I'd seen before.

    Oh yea...did we mention it was very fast, comfortable, full of features and fun to drive?
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    By now you must have put another tank of gas in right? If it was detonation originally, then it should be gone now.

    Detonation is very close to pinging. In fact it sounds the same.

    Excessive detonation can damage spark plugs, valves and piston heads.

    The easiest thing to check is to pull the spark plugs and exam the tips.
  • wkawka Posts: 14
    On my 2001 GTP I did notice a thumping noise with the gas tank. Although, I assumed it was the gas sloshing around. It really doesnt' bother me too much though. Only time a notice it is when I'm backing out of the garage. Actually, I didn't know there was a plastic liner but if there is doesn't it sound like the tank would be safer in a collision?

    I've had no problems with my GTP at all. It's great fun to drive.
  • mkcomkco Posts: 65
    I've got a 2001 GTP too and have occasionally notice a thump when backing up...usually just the first time I back up. Are you saying this is due to the gas tank? Is there a fix for it?

    I really didn't even think about this (or notice it lately) until I read the recent posts. I've consider my GTP to be pretty much flawless (aside from its excessive thrist!)
  • bdimebdime Posts: 130
    In my search for the perfect car I decided to rent the GP for 2 days and spend
    some time with the spouse (get the feel with both of us in the seats). This was
    a great move because it gave me some confidence I can survive without my High
    riding sport Ut (Explorer)and have some fun in a sedan. I'm not sure the seats in
    the GP were all that- felt uncomfortable on day 1 but okay day 2 with some adjusting.
    The lighted door buttons are great at nite and I think the red glow dash is fun-
    odd but fun. Handling on highway and country roads was beautiful, as well as
    easy enough to park and get around in town. I guess I have a hard time because there
    are so many sedans out there it starts to confuse you. I suppose you just have to bite
    the bullet- hope you make a good choice and if not trade it in 2 years or so. Any
    opinions about trade in value on the GP versus competition? Olds has some
    good deals but I'm iffy about the continued service with the future (GM will be honoring
    the warranty but depending on were you go the dealers could hang you out to dry).
    Well owners- give me a little input here!
  • wkawka Posts: 14
    Mine is just a regular GTP sedan. Interested to hear about what they say is the cause of the thumping noise, please post when you hear something.

    One interesting thing I just noticed. When standing outside of the car at one of the rear doors. I looked inside the car all the way across to the opposite rear door. From that vantage point I can see some light comming through the bottom front of the door. It looks like the doors don't quite seal. From the other side of the car I noticed the same thing. Anyone else have a sedan that shows the same thing?
  • mkcomkco Posts: 65
    I noticed the light too...when I'm sitting in the drivers seat and looking at the opposite rear door! (Maybe my car isn't as flawless as I thought!)

    Regarding the seats, it took me a couple of days to get used to the firmness of my GTP's seat. But now, I really like them.
  • toon01toon01 Posts: 18
    Did you rent an SE, GT or GTP? If it was an SE, certainly try the GT or the GTP even if you have the extra bucks. I have a 2000 GT, silvermist, sunroof, all the goodies. I believe they changed the packages on the 2001, so the 1SB package may not quite have everything on the new ones. I have had no problems with mine except a seat back rattle which was fixed promptly.

    My mom bought a 2000 SE. Just recently traded for the GT. Take it for what is't worth!! Good luck.
  • ruskiruski Posts: 1,566
    FWIW my Chrysler 300M makes thumping noise somewhere in the rear when I back out of the driveway for the first time in the morning.

    I think it is related to the gas pump.
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