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Mitsubishi Galant



  • #1296 of 1296 99 GTZ Center Channel Speaker by japcarfan Nov 01, 2003 (12:06 am)

    Does anyone know what speaker can replace the center channel speaker and where to buy one? right now my stock infinity speaker is buzzing and needs to be replaced.

    I went to a car audio place and they said only the dealer could get it because it's a "euro mount".

    Is this true? who can help? I'm tired of distortion.
  • I am thinking about going to my local dealership to test one Wednesday afternoon.

    I checked inventory and my local dealer doesn't have a GTS model in yet. I am ONLY interested in the GTS or LS models...they have mostly ES models right now.
  • I wish I'd thought of that before buying my Protege, I'd have pocketed $100 for 15 minutes of my and their time.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Make sure your local dealership is part of that program. I visited the nearest Mitsu delarship, and it was not participating.

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    I checked out an 04 galant yesterday (no test drive)

    quick summary

    -exterior-decent looking, not a stunner
    -interior-bits of cheapness, spartan design but mostly cohesive and has nice gauges. Controls don't operate cheaply. Cost cutting on a few plastics but still fairly tasteful considering the price, nice alternative looking interior. Certainly not as cheap looking as many GM products. Maybe a bit nicer inside than the Altima, but not as nice as the Mazda6. Not embarassing.
    -v6 has big power available
    -no folding seat
    -small trunk
    -ROOMY (wide and leg room)

    if the deals are good it well sell ok. did I say its roomy? more room than my diamante
  • One of the dealers in my area is a part of the program, but they have NO GTS models.

    The closer dealership has a GTS (Which I looked at tonight) but it is not a part of the program yet.

    After looking inside of the GTS I have the following observations:

    The interior looks better in GTS trim because of the leather, the two-tone dash (which looks REALLY NICE IMO).

    The wood trim is a VERY bright color. A TAN color that looks better than the ugly [non-permissible content removed] wood in the new Accord EX with Ivory cloth.

    I also liked the leather upholstery that was in this particular model. It was the creme color.

    The exterior was nice as well, and the GTS looked better than the ES and DE model that was on the lot. Even the taillights looked better on the GTS.
    The car reminded me a LOT of the Altima...the Altima looks better though.

    I actually am beginning to like the new Galant. I hope to test drive on while my trusty Accord is in the shop....I might even think about getting a GTS even though I am desperately WAITING to see if Nissan will finally give the Altima an interior that matches the Altima's sexy style.

    But for now, the Altima DEFINATELY has a better interior than the Altima, but still falls short of the Accord, Camry, 6 and Passat.

    Good luck Mitsubishi....I like it.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    "But for now, the Altima DEFINATELY has a better interior than the Altima"

    you mean Galant, right?

    I would like to see C/D test the v6 Galant. Why they yested the 4, I don't know.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    A very low percentage of buyers are expected to go for the GTS. Personally, I hate the GTS taillights and center stack finish. Looks like its trying waaaay too hard. The red tailamps of DE, ES, LS V6 are elegant and in-character with the vehicle. In other mags/articles that have tested the V6 Galants, torque steer seems to be an issue.

  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    well then we know there's power a plenty then......

    its nice to have the option to keep your feet OFF the accelerator.....

    too much is never enough
  • To all: I test drove an '04 ES Galant and got the Mitsu CD Mix & Amex $25 gift card (not bad ahh)... but still waiting for their LS & GTS Models. I would still prefer the LS models & take the "Diamond Package" option.

    To lawman1967: I got my front brake pads replaced last week for $120 per pair (ceramic) which will definitely not squeek - rotors are still fine at 31K - the old brake pads are all originals when I bought the car at 25K so, not bad - my new ones will last for another 30K acc. to my mechanic/technician. Engine is still great at 110mph in the freeway!!! Referring to your case, are you based outside CA? Mitsu dealers varies from state2state - but here in Southern CA, Mitsu dealers are very professional (Glendale, Van Nuys,Long Beach and Duarte)I'm just wondering how'd you got those brake problems and unreliable Mitsu dealers??

    To alpha01: The reason why I bought a pre-owned '02 Galant instead of '04 Galant is -- I did not know Mitsu will introduce a fully redesigned Galant this Nov.'03. I only learned it after I purchased my '02 Galant ES last July. Still, I'm planning to trade in my old Galant middle of next year - by that time, I'll decide if it's really worth & convincing to get the '04 models or not.

    I would suggest that all of us should first test drive the GTS/LS models & see if they are competitive enough to the Camry's,Accord & Nissans!!! Good luck Mitsu!!!!
  • Nope, I'm in sunny Los Angeles, and while Glendale was very professional, Duarte was not. At my 30,000 service they kept my car for NINE DAYS, trying to remove the ding THEY PUT THERE during my 25,000 oil change. Magically, my car had 167 more miles on it than when I dropped it off 9 days before.

    Glendale, Duarte and Alhambra couldn't find my brake problem, nor could the regional rep nor the factory service trainer, all of whom looked at my car and said everything was fine. Of course, the car still went through right front brake pads ever 7,000 miles and warped the right front rotor, not to mention occasionally not completely releasing after the brakes were applied. I consider that as something wrong, wether the dealer or factory people could find it or not.

    In fact, the regional rep said that he would not replace parts until he found the problem, but of course when I replaced the rotors and lines with aftermarket parts and rebuilt the calipers and master cylinder, the problem went away.

    No more Mitsubishis for me, and the last contact I will have with them is when I file in small claims court for the cost of that repair and for all of the vacation days I used each time I brought it in for service (except for the first time). I have the (thick) stack of service invoices to prove it.
  • I am having a problem trying to sell my Galant. Does anyone have any suggestions? It is a 2000 with 64,500 miles (ES 4 cylinder, no leather or sunroof). I have it on and have kept reducing the price - now it is at $5895. I had it on ebay twice with no luck. Any suggestions? I've been trying to sell it for about 6 months and not one inquiry. Should I drop it to 5,500 or $5000. Thanks.
  • miles was only worth 6800 trade in, 7800 private party, so a 2000 with almost double miles would be worth much less.
  • This car is simply ugly. Look at the taillights and front headlights. Mitsubishi once seemed to do a very nice job offering an alternative to Honda Accord or Toyota Camary. I really wouldn't be surprised to see rebates on this car at this time next year (05). I once owned a Galant but the exterior of this car has to do a little something for me. This does nothing to inspire me at all!! Even the new 2005 Suburu Legacy coming out looks beautiful. It has some nice lines; HP to back it up (280 hp) and competitively priced. I was thinking of a second car but I will omit this one from my list. There are too many nice cars on the market.
  • The outgoing (1999~2003) Galant was a very attractive car. I agree with gkearns, the new just doesn't have that "something" that the old one did.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    certainly not stellar. not a dud, though either. they could stand to clean up some of the detailing in the rear end.

    forgettable, but not offensive.
  • TO ALL '02-'03 GALANT OWNERS - CHECK THIS OUT BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE ---- I recently saw this topic at the internet this afternoon-12-04(Thursday).
    NHTSA Capmaign ID no: 03V442000
    Components: Fuel System, Gasoline Delivery and Fuel Pump.

    Consequences: Fuel leakage in the presence of an ignition source could result in a fire.

    Remedy: Dealers will inspect the fuel pump pressure.

    Notes: Contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) at 1-888-327-4236 OR Mitsubishi Dealers at 1-800-981-0452.

    I learned that the 2002 Models are carry-over of all 2003 Galant models. I own a '02 Galant ES so I'd better go to my dealer ASAP - sounds alarming - !!!!
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    Might want to check up on this over in our Technical Service Bulletins discussion ...
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    The 99-01 model was a gorgeous looking car. I didn't like beak they put on the front end for the 02 model year.

    The new one I have seen it in picture's. The front end isn't bad looking but the back end just looks unfinished to me. I think 2 things the new Galant has going for it or what I hear from the grapevine is lots of interior room and the 3.8 liter V6(lots of power.)

    If Mitsu evolved the 04 Galant from the 99-01 model it might have came out better on the exterior.
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    With so many complaints about brakes in this forum, now when there is a lawsuit pending and notices were sent, I don't see any posts in this matter. Is nobody interested in getting this problem finally resolved with Mitsu???
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,381
    I had my front brakes done @ about 22K miles on my 99 LS. It was done for free by the dealer, possibly because there was some suspension work to be done under warranty at the same time.

    Rear brakes @ 60K; normal wear. Fronts again at 66K; normal enough. Both are more frequent than my prior car, a Mazda MX-3, which went 89K on the original brakes. But then the Mazda weighed about 800 pounds less and had larger discs.

    The Galant is now at 81K and hasn't had any other brake issues. So I haven't had any real bad experiences and would in fact consider buying another Mitsu, most likely an Endeavor or another Galant.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • Anybody know what happened to this website? It's been down for over a week.
  • The other day I saw the 2004 Galant at the local dealer. I was quite impressed by the shape of the car although it does not look as beautiful as the 1995 model in the front.

    Surely the car must perform well with the abundant horsepower in the V6 engine. What about the interior? I didn't get a chance to look closely at the interior of the car.

    I am kind of surprised to see mostly negative comments about the Galant. Isn't there anything positive to say about the 2004 Galant?

    I would be interested in seeing some comments from owners of the 2004 model year car. How do you feel after owning it for a month?
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Aristotle, Im not an owner, but I had a very thorough test drive with the car, and since you are looking for a vantage point on the new Galant that is more positive than negative, heres what I had to say after my November test drive:
    My impressions overall:

    1) The lack of split folding rear seats is a major detriment to this vehicle, whose trunk is 1.3 cubic feet smaller than its predecessor, and smaller than the trunks of many smaller competitors, at 13.3 cu. ft. How can a car this big have such a small trunk. But, silver lining: cleverly, Mitsu chose NOT to use gooseneck hinges, but rather, the more sophisticated design which does not infringe on capacity.

    2) The MIVEC 2.4L 4 feels decently peppy, and offers good power, but is SIGNIFICANTLY noisier than the Accord and Camry 2.4L engines, while returning 1-2 MPG fewer in city and 3-4 fewer in highway travel, according to EPA estimates. If you dont rev above 4000 RPM, you might not notice the extra noise, as this is when it becomes obtrusive. Unfortuantely, due to the MIVEC design, this is when the engine reaches its peak torque and starts to feel alive. Midrange power borders on impressive, and the transmission works well with the engine, delivering very smooth, appropriate shifts. The vehicle feels a bit pokey out of the gate, such as from a standstill at a stoplight, an impression that I didnt feel from the Accord and Camry, however. Overall, an improvement over the last generation non-MIVEC 4 cyl.

    3) The front seats are firm and supportive, and felt excellent in my short trip. I got the impression that the comfort wouldn't fade. The seat is better than the Camry's, which suffers from a too-short lower cushion. However, the Camry offers standard 8 way power drivers seat, where as the Galant's is 6 way manually adjustable.

    4) The ride is good, quite smooth, but felt somewhat floaty and decidedly Camry-like, especially compared to the previous generation Galant. Handling is a direct hit at the needs of 99% of buyers: NO SURPRISES, just roll and understeer. Steering is not up to Accord levels, but is decent overall, although on-center is vague, perhaps even more so than in the Camry, though I prefer the Mitsubishi's weighting.

    5) My test-drive car did not have ABS. The pedal felt somewhat spongy intially, though fairly firm through its travel, which seemed a bit long, as in the drum equipped Camry LE.

    6) The 16 inch wheel covers are very ugly, and do nothing to enhance the look of this car. The alloys that are part of the Diamond Package seem worth the price of that package by themselves, given the cheapness exuded by the wheel covers. Tires are a nice size, I personally like the extra tread width.

    7) I found the interior well constructed, and pleasingly designed. Since my drive was at dusk, I had the lights on, and I enjoyed the bright blue instrumentation on black background. The dash is not overwrought as it is in the Endeavor, and I feel it hits its mark. The steering wheel however, is textured rather.... interestingly, and I'm not convinced.

    OVERALL: This is a well conceived effort, and if Mitsu can boost resale (by not offering heavy discounts and significant fleetage), will prove a good choice if reliability is strong. Car and Driver correctly summed it up - the Galant does not do refinement, isolation, and comfort quite as well the Camry, nor does it do precision engineering and an involving driving experience as well as the Accord, but it is less expensive, won't be a dime a dozen, and offers a pleasing overall mainstream drive.

    The car's major caveats are its engine noise and lowish MPG, small trunk/no folding rear seat, strange steering wheel, and unfortunate wheel covers. I also cant comprehend Mitsubishi's disinclusion of side chest and front and rear curtain airbags as an option, since Accord, Camry, Altima, 6, and Passat all offer this ideal combination of side impact protection.


    PS- My test drive was of a no-option ES 4cyl, which stickered, including destination charge, at $19,592.
  • Thanks for your detailed comments.

    1. Engine noise - If I get the V6 will it be less noisy?

    2. Lowish MPG - Not good, can't do much about this, though!

    3. Small trunk/no folding rear seat - I have a minivan for carrying larger items. So, this doesn't bother me too much.

    4. Strange steering wheel - Got to see it to understand what you are talking about. In any case, I can live with it if does not affect my driving too much.

    5 Unfortunate wheel covers I probably will get the Diamond package to get over this problem.

    Bottomline: As long as the V6 model is not too noisy, I will wait for the dealers to discount the car and then buy it at the end of the model year. Will an used 2004 Galant LS V6 be available for about $14,000 in one year? This car loses its value rapidly, but is a great buy after a year of service.

    I hope they change the front grill to make it more attractive.
  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    steering wheel and rear folding seat should be fixed.

    our diamante v6 is ok in the smoothness department. the new 3.8 is evolved over the Diamante so it should be smoother and much more powerful.

    i doubt its a match for a nissan mill, but maybe sufficiently close and likely very superior to a GM pushrod motor.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The Nissan 3.5L undoubtedly a very good engine, offering excellent horsepower and torque. However, fuel economy in the Altima, given its family oriented mission, is a bit low, and is the price you pay for the hp and torque. Torque steer also an issue.

    The Honda 3.0L is resonably fuel efficient, quick revving, and offers great horsepower, but lacks low end torque. The silver lining in that cloud is that there is little torque steer.

    The Toyota 3.3L seems to be a good combination... offering 20/29, 225hp, 240 lbs at a low 3600 RPM, and I havent read of torque steer issues. I recently test drove the 3.3L in a Camry SE and found it very responsive in all ranges, and very refined in character.

    The Mitsu 3.8. I am waiting to learn more, and to drive this engine in the Galant. MPG is alright, but given that displacement, couldnt they do a little better than 230hp? Torque is greatest of all those mentioned in this post, but how well is it controlled in this front drive model? In this heavy vehicle, the 3.8 also puts A LOT of weight over the front tires, which doesnt aid handling. Can anyone comment on their experience?

  • If your goal is a great car that already suffered a lot of depreciation, check out the Saturn L-series and the Hyundai Sonata. I would choose either of those proven models over a first-year car from ANY manufacturer except Honda or Toyota.

    A 1-year-old Mazda 626 or Millenia would also make a terrific ride.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The Galant was included in Edmunds' latest Family Sedan comparo. Check it out - the article can be accessed from the Helpful Links box on the left side of the page.
  • I saw the following comments about the 2004 Galant in the 2003-2004 Family Sedan Comparison Test:

    "you won't find full-length side curtain airbags, a folding rear seat, a tilt-and-telescoping steering wheel or a grocery net for the trunk anywhere on the window sticker. In addition, the quality of some of the interior materials is mediocre."

    I believe all the above are rectifiable problems. If they can quickly address the above issues I am sure the Galant will be an able competitor.
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