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Mitsubishi Galant



  • regfootballregfootball Posts: 2,166
    more rectifiable than the issues with the 7th place GM model.

    the altima and galant have similar traits. big motor. space. offbeat design. interior cheapness. the galant is nicer than the altima inside. the altima is nicer outside.

    nice to have such good 5th and 6th place finishers.

    I am sooooo totally bored with passat nowadays.
  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    I test drove a 2004 Galant ES today and was pleasantly surprised.

    Likes -

    Roomy and comfortable. Exterior styling puts the Accord and Camry to shame. Ride and handling were very rattles or squeaks to be heard. In fact this car was very quiet EXCEPT for the engine noise under acceleration. Trunk uses gas struts and not space-hogging metal hinges. Base 140W stereo with 6 speakers was OK...maybe a little muddy with the bass pumped up. Wonder what the Infinity system sounds like? Acceleration was more than adequate with the 4-cylinder engine. Can only imagine what the V6 will do!

    Dislikes -

    Engine noise...very raucous. Trunk was smaller than I expected. No fold down rear seat (shame on Mitsubishi!). Fit and finish were spotty, especially around the trunk area where I could see differences in the size of the panel gaps from the left side of the car to the right.

    All in all, a very welcome surprise from the folks at Mitsubishi. Dealer tried his best to get me to buy today, but I'm holding out for a test drive of the V6, of which they had none in stock.
  • I was just wondering if anyone has test driven the 2004 mitsubishi galant gts. i'm looking to trade in my 2002 hyndai sonata gls which is all paid up and of course i was looking at the accord, altima, mazda 6. I saw a gts on the road and it just blew me away at first site i thought it was a redesigned diamante. i thoroughly like the design and look of the new galant. i priced one online for about $26,562. the only option pkg. is for heated mirrors and seats. everything else is std.leather, sunroof, spoiler, 17" wheels, abs, adaptive crusie, adaptive braking, side air bags etc. i've read the reviews above and as far as engine noise goes, that's what i expect from large cars that use 4 cyl. i hope the 6 cyl. is much smoother. waiting to test drive one.
  • And I must say that the engine is downright impressive and reminds me of the Altima 3.5SE. The Engine sounds pretty good, but not as good as the 3.5L in the Nissans.

    The interior was pretty nice. I drove a Titanium model with Creme interior.

    The wood trim is very bright, like it many new Infiniti and Lexus cars. The leather was nice as well, but the padding for the seats was not the best I have been in. I really liked the dash board, and the gauge lights looked very nice, almost VW-like.

    Some of the materials were a bit cheap (door knobs) but it was better than the Altima (the worse Japanese sedan-interior wise)

    The interior was roomy though and better than the Accord, especially in the rear IMO.

    I don't particularly care for the exterior, but it isn't any worse than other cars in the class.

    Overall, I like it well enough, but I'd take the Accord or Mazda6 over all of them...but that is just me.

    Have a Happy New Year
  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    I've been reading some posts in other forums about a sedan comparo test in the February issue of Motor Trend. The Galant came in 2nd behind the Accord, and ahead of the Malibu and Camry. Don't know if or why not the Mazda 6 was tested.

    Anybody get a copy of this issue yet?
  • On New Years Eve i finally got a chance to test drive a 2004 Galant GTS. When the 3.5 SE Altima came out I did not like the car. It just did not appeal to me so I did not get one. The Galant GTS did for me what the Accord or Altima could not do. I pretty much like every aspect of the car especially the exterior of the car with the "triangular" front and the tailights out back. The leather seats felt very comfy. and supportive and overall cabin feel was that of a spacious car. Liked the layout of center dash w/ the faux wood and titanium. Controls were easy to reach and i relly liked the information screen atop the center dash which gives compass, outside temp, inside temp, etc. The interior was beige, I'm getting the black. As for the test drive, the 3.8L V6 with 250ft/lbs of tourque, well of course the car had some real get up and go. the engine was smooth but was a little unrefined compared to the Altima V6. the engine had a nice growl to it, but was not loud or chattery, but nevertheless, this car has above average power, acceleration for a family sedan. Wind noise at about 70-80mph was minimal. The one thing I did notice was the slightly choppy ride, but that was due of course to the sport tuned suspension and what looked to me as being somewhat of lo-pro 17's, but overall still a good ride. To me this is the car "kinda" reminds me of the Sonata GLS, in terms of getting alot of car but for thousands less than the competitors. I priced an Altima 3.5SE for $28,500 and about the same for an Accord, the Galant stickered @ $26,292 inc. dest. charges, and is fully loaded. my payments would be about $320/month for 72 months with my trade in (2002 Sonata GLS) which is paid for. Unfortunately I'm going away for 2 weeks so my Kalapana black w/ black leather is going to have to wait a while, and that's going to be torture. P.S. the Mazda 6 does nothing for me either.
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    You should also check out the comparison test, which reviews the full dress GTS in a rather positive light.

    Personally, I'm not a particularly big fan of MT or comparos, but different vantage points and perspectives enhance understanding of the available choices, which I'm all about.

    I'd like to see the Galant models reviewed by Car and Driver and Consumer Reports...

    portknoxxa- Congrats on your Galant! (For reference though, the Accord EX V6 w/o Nav stickers at 26,900, not 28,5K)

  • marak88marak88 Posts: 57
    hello, I picked up my 99 galant last week after getting the timing built changed, but now, every time I start up the car in the morning or after it has been setting for a few hours the oil light will flash for about 4-5 minutes then go away, I checked the oil level and its full and very clean (was changed 1000 miles ago.
    Any one have any ideas or seen this before, please help.

  • "I have driven the GTS model by maxamillion1"; Hey Max lets not forget that this car is considered a "transplant". It is assembled by US auto workers in Normal, ILL plant. This new Galant is ugly looking. There is nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing that would have me buy one of these new 04 Galants. When you look at a car, there has to be something that inspires a person to want to have ownership in that product. In about a year you will see rebates on this car. Look at the Infiniti M45. This car is a fabulous car engine wise but the exterior is awful looking. SO much that Infiniti is rushing to redesign it after 2 years. Look at (great website into future cars) under Nissan FUGA design in Japan, Oct 23rd volume. This is now a beautiful car. Look at BMW 7 series, This will be redesigned next year because of the ugly trunk. So in a couple of years when this low selling, low resale value on the Galant. Maybe Mitsubishi will get the message and start designing beautiful looking cars. Just look at Suburu's new 2005 Legacy. It looks extremely nice; They used to have so-so cars and they finally got the message too.
  • aren't everything. The 99-03 Galant was an attractive car, at least compared to its competition, but poor fuel economy and massive fleet sales put resale value in the toilet.
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    It seems like Japanese Car Companies are trying make their cars more American looking because the Domestic Big 3 buyer always said Japanese Cars are bland. Look at the 03 Accord and 02 Camry. The 02 Camry looks like a Tarus and the Accord looks like a Buick on the back end. I like the older Accords and Camrys better. At least they didn't look like of rehashes of American Cars.
  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    What some see as ugly, others see as beautiful.

    The February issue of Motor Trend has a comparo of 4 sedans including the 2004 Galant, which came in 2nd behind the Accord. In the article the editors praised the Galant's "very appealing, muscular exterior style." The bottom line: "A fast and flavorful four-door wearing standout attire."

    I myself think the new Galant is a real looker, much more so than the bland Accord or Camry.
  • "Styling is Subjective": If I was a betting person I would say this new 04 Galant will not be a good seller and will have rebates in the first year. Looks are VERY important to the majority of car buyers; otherwise we'd all just buy cars without giving the styling cues or curves that make up the body of a car a second thought. Furthermore, just ask BMW about their 7 series. A recent poll posted on the website I gave earlier shows that almost 91% of former and current BMW owners disliked the styling on the 7 series. This is why there will be styling changes coming forth next year on this car per BMW. In addition, many of the 3 series fans have "screamed" loud enough to get management's assurance they would not make changes like the 7 series and that only minimal changes will ocurr to the popular 3-series. They knew they made a mistake in the 7 series styling. I owned a 1989 Galant and loved the reliability & styling which set it apart from other competitors. I have subscribed to consumer reports for 21 years. They also said the Chevy Impala 10 years ago was a great car. Hmmmmm, I guess they never make a mistake. The 04 Galant has an ugly front end and too much plastic for a cheap look. I would buy a new 05 Suburu Legacy before I bought this un-inspiring car. They look very nice based on the spy photos. Check out the Now these people can get the inside info.
  • shado4shado4 Posts: 287
    > Looks are VERY important to the majority of car buyers; otherwise we'd all just buy cars without giving the styling cues or curves that make up the body of a car a second thought. <

    I agree. But, like I said, what YOU may think is bad styling may not be seen in the same light as others. I LIKE the styling of the new Galant. It's bold and aggressive. It has an attitude not found in the likes of an Accord or Camry. Does that mean you're wrong and I'm right? Nope, it just means different strokes for different folks. There ARE people out there who consciously bought a Pontiac Aztek, you know. :-)

    This world would be a very boring place if everyone thought the same way about automobile styling...we'd all be driving the same car in the same color.
  • by shado4: Yes, we all have different taste. If you like this car then I'm glad you think it's "aggressive" for you. I owed a 1989 and enjoyed it very much! I don't agree with "stylish and aggressiveness" suggestion. This car does nothing to inspire me. I'm just glad I'm not one of those people buying the ugly Aztec (as dealers use to hide them behind their dealership shops) or this Galant. Part of my decision will be resale because I know someday in 3-5 years I may have to sell my car. I'm sure this car will offer rebates in a year to attract buyers because its slow sells. This is coming from a person who owned a prior Galant and thought it was a fabulous sporty little car then. What have they done? (Even KIA had more sells then Misubishi; I like many of their products).
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    If they were, the previous Galant, the Mazda6 the Passat and the Altima would be the best selling cars sold in America. NOT SO...

    The Accord and Camry are ALWAYS the best selling cars in this class.

    And NOBODY I mean, nobody goes on and on about their styling...neither is particularly sporty, even though an Accord EX looks good with splash guards and a sunroof visor. Makes a world of a difference.

    To me, the Galant is no uglier than the Camry or Accord, and I keep hearing people complain about the wheel covers on the ES and LS models. NO car in this class has nice looking hubcaps...except maybe the Altima.

    The Accord, Camry, Galant, and even the Mazda6 have ugly wheel covers.

    Have a good one :)
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    The Camry SE 4 hubcaps, even the LEs... are alright... have the chromed logo in the middle, a nice touch. Same thing goes for the 6. The Accord LX hubcaps are decent, but the LX V6 are really ugly, which I feel about the Camry XLE 4 as well. The Galant hubcaps are by far the worst of the bunch, no chromed logo or anything, look straight off the rack set of 4 at Pep Boys 29.99. Mitsu can do better. BUT HEY! How bout that Powertrain Warranty being extended to 10 years/100k!!! Looks like Mitsu realizes the lineup is less than stellar.....

  • I'm in the hubcap business, and it's not often I get to talk about my favorite topic here on Edmunds, so here's my input. I agree that the new Galant covers are really a sorry effort. I find this particularly odd because the ones on the 99-03 Galants (there were two, 15" and 16") actually looked pretty nice. The new ones look like the cover to a Rubbermaid trash can. Alpha01, I agree with your other ratings for the most part, though I have to say I like the 2002-04 Camry XLE caps better than the LEs. Another manufacturer that usually does nice hubcaps is VW...theirs have looked very classy ever since they started using the chrome-and-gray center emblem.

    -Andrew L
  • that all car manufacturer's should use the bolt-on hubcap design. It drives me absolute nuts to see a later model car missing a hubcap.
  • tend to make noise on the wheel because they are not fastened down around the edge, just in the center. So when you hit a bump, they rattle. No hubcap design is 100% perfect and idiot-proof. Bang-on hubcaps today are not like they were in the '70s, where they would just roll off during normal driving. If people would just install their caps properly, they would not come off. I even find bolt-on and locking caps on the road frequently, because people pound them down over the lugs or do not fasten down the locking nuts. There seems to be a particular problem developing with many late-model alloy wheel center caps...if you do not push them on right, the little clips break off, or the retaining rings pop out of position, and off they go on the first pothole. Bottom line: Whatever type of caps you have, remove them yourself before taking the car in for service, and reinstall them CAREFULLY afterwards. You will most likely never lose one.

    Are we supposed be talking about some Mitsubishi, or something? ;-)

    -Andrew L
  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    I think they suite a family of 3 or 4 more than their competitors do thats probably why. Also, Honda and Toyota have better reputations than Mazda or Mitsu do in terms of quality/reliability. Nissan is right up there with Honda and Toyota too.
  • Shame on Mitsubishi for gracing such a beautiful name when you pronunce it, but the 2004 Galant is no distinction at all to what you think a name is all about. The build quality is still the same as it's predessor, which won no awards in any car magazine, reviews, or websites that rates automobiles consumers would buy. The car only has a larger attractive size to admire but the 4 cyclinder engine lacks the power that Honda Accord/Toyota Camry/Nissan Altima does for it's drivers. The interior is similar to the Chrysler/Dodge cheap plastic feel. Mitsubishi can forget about any profits for the Galant because today's consumers are not falling for just a car anymore that cannot be as outstanding like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. The only thing substancial about the Galant is the incredibly powerful 3.8 V6 engine. Mitsubishi please go back to the drawing board and crank out something like a Honda. Make car shoppers believe you have arrived.
  • "2004 Mitsubishi still behind the times ny_dude29"

    You are absolutely correct. The Camry and Accord are proven to more reliable and have a much better resale too. That awful design on Galant too.
  • maxamillion1maxamillion1 Posts: 1,467
    For the most part, I agree about the hubcaps, but to me the only hubcaps that look good on the Camry are the SEI4 models.

    The LE's hubs are ugly IMO. The XLE ones are too, but they look better.

    To me, the LE's hubs are too small because the car is so tall.

    As far as the Accord. I think those are ugly too, the EX rims look SO MUCH better.

    And aren't the LX and LXV6 hubs the same, except for size? They look just a like to me, except for the size. 15s for LX, 16s for LXV6.

    I feel different about the Altima though, the hubcaps for the S look good, and the 16s alloy wheels for the S and SL look REALLY nice, but I think the 17s for the SE are too plain.

    I LOVE the styling of the ALtima....but not the interior.

    I actually don't mind the hubs on the Galant, but the rims from the Diamond pkg. are ugly in person. They look better in pictues.

    The GTS rims are nice though.
  • Well I just ordered my GTS and i want to be in somewhat of an exclusive club. Over 400,000 accords and over 400,000 camrys are sold each year and i'm tired of seeing them. they have never appealed to me. I do think that the accord is simply the best family/midsize sedan you can buy. BUT the galant GTS is for a different type of buyer who wants an overly aggressive styled car and also a sport sedan. The galant comes thru big time on both.
  • bbf65bbf65 Posts: 29
    congrats on your new galant.
    i had the pleasure of owning 2 previous generation galants and enjoyed those vehicles.
    and like you, i didn't want to have the same car as millions of others out there.

    saw a gray GTS the day before and it looked good.
  • To my dear fellow Galant Owners..........I'm really glad for making the right decision on buying your new GTS Galant'04 model!!!! You're both absolutely right, the Accords & Camrys are all the same, and if you want to have "identity" to yourself, Galant is the name to beat'll feel the difference of owning a new Galant, the V6 engine 3.8 Liters 240hp tops them all in the recent car test & reviews, the 240 watts audio system-tops them all!!!! Congrats for you made the right decision!!! I own a 2003 Galant ES and maybe I need to upgrade to '04 LS or GTS Galant too. Enjoy the ride and feel the difference!!!! WAKE UP & DRIVE as Mitsu says,,,sorry for the Accords & Camrys, their style is no longer attractive & appealing to me!
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    230 hp, not 240. Lets not let enthusiasm change the facts. Black is a very good color for this car, IMO, I hope to see a black GTS soon. Dont like the taillights.

  • Glad to see that marketing and advertising work so well.
  • Being a former Galant owner myself (89) I can appreciate wanting to own a vehicle that not everybody has (400k Accords/Camrys sold). However, there a reason they sell that many; this is because of high quality, reliability and dependability. When the VW Passat was redesigned in 2002 it won midsize car of its class (beating out Accord and Camry). One main reason was the appearance of high quality materials used on the interior of the car. It gave the car a very posh, expensive looking interior. Soon the Accord/Camry have tried to up the ante by moving in this direction. I believe Mistubishi cars are reliable but they lack that high quality material look on items located within the interior cabin. This comes straight from three different car magazines. I tend to agree. This is why some people may hesitate on the purchase of a new Galant. Suburu did that on a few of their previous models and had to learn the hard way (Lack of sales). Now they have added newer designs, higher quality materials and have two new 2005 cars, Legacy, coming out that will defintely take sales away from Accord/Camry. I terms of Misubishi's 230 HP as someone mentioned, this is more then enough for this car in this size (for me especially) BUT HARDLY anything to brag about. The new Nissan Altima 3.5 engine is 245 HP; the G35 in 2005 will have 300 HP and AWD; the Acura TL has 270; Camry 240 and soon 280 for 2005. The new 2005 VW Passat will be 285 (based on the VW site). It seems like they have a product with great potential then end up just a pinch short in certain aspects to the majority of buyers. More customers are demanding greater "standard" or upgraded features in their cars; especially for the prices they are paying (cars aren't cheap obviously). Each car company is working hard to out do each other. We now see Acura's TL now offering XM satelite radio; DVD surround sound. I think sometimes it appears Mitsubishi gets a nice product but is just a step short of what the market is offering now. Who does their research on future customer "demands" and decision making? This car will be nice but put in the better quality interior material, add a bit more juice under the hood to satisfy those horse power hungry people and they'll draw many more buyers away from Camry/Accord buyers. This was how VW Passat managed to take some customers away from those companies.
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