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Mitsubishi Galant



  • blf2blf2 Posts: 38
    Thanx vac for the crack observation, looking more closely it appears to be part of the mold for the panel, nice to know I'm not the only one though.
    Osteoman, as far as pricing goes, My post #169, and fellow GTZ owners posts at 187 &188 will tell you our prices. We all paid over invoice, and since they were GTZ's they wont deal as much due to their limited numbers. I got mine for about$1000 under MSRP but I also got 100% financed at 1.9%-I think I got a darn good deal. Since yours is a 2001 and an LS(still fairly rare)
    they probably wont offer the low rate financing or any rebate, but should be able to get the price right between invoice and MSRP, I'm guessing about $1500 off the sticker. Since the model is one of the first of the 2001's you might not find such a great deal. You'd be better off IMO, to try and locate a 2000 LS and take advantage of year-end deals or look it up at I've heard good things about them from other posters on this page. Good luck, the LS is a great package, hope you get a nice deal to boot!
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 141
    For info on stuff to midify, check yahoo's galant club, they have tons of stuff there ..
    About Price, it's usually hard to negotite on very new models, like the 2001 at this time of the year .. and specially the LS, since it's the higher model ... check just for comparison.

    Its funny how you said 2-4 % is best in line to me... if you ask me, 50% below invoice would be the best for me LOL !! :-)
  • steve109steve109 Posts: 13
    This may be an isolated incident, but before I go on any roadtrips, I always look around under the hood to check oil, antifreeze, etc., and I found that the cap to the brake fluid resevoir had somehow become loose and splashed brake fluid around. Who knows. Could have been vibration. I have a '00 ES 4cyl. with 12K miles. Might want to give it a twist to make sure it's on tight.
  • upsman1upsman1 Posts: 2
    Owner of a 2000 es v6 with about 6000 miles, problem free till about 6 weeks ago, my abs light went on, it would go on and off for about a week, the brakes still worked fine except for the anti lock, didn't think this was a major problem and it wasn't except for the mechanic at the dealer. After waiting for 5 hrs he comes back to me and tells me my abs sensor needs to be replaced but it is not in stock, so I reschedule for the following week. When I return to the dealer the following week they get right to work and get done in a record 2 1/2 hrs! It's early so I decide to head for the beach in my new car with a new abs sensor and a big smile on my face. So I get to my third stop light and you guessed it, the abs light comes back on :( so I go back and they tell me it might be electrical and they won't guarantee it will get done that day (they have to check all the wires...yikes) so I reschedule for the following week. So I bring it back, this time I leave it, 6pm rolls around, I call the service department and they are closed! Not even a phone call to let me know how my baby is doing(no respect). Next morning I call and give them and earfull, they feel they haven't done anything wrong to this point! Finally... I call back at 5 and it's done so I go to pick it up, I inspect the exterior before i get in, I notice my hood is not level with the side fender ( now I'm really pissed). I decide to pop open the hood before I set this place on fire, and what do I find...the mechanic's tools are still in the engine compartment! ( ALL DEALERS SUCK!! ) I don't want to mention names but this one was in Jersey City? Anyway, when I closed the hood everything was level so I didn't make a big stink about it and besides I'm really enjoying this extendable mirror scope amajig. Oh, the anti lock light has not come on again(had to resecure a connector at A22.. whatever that means) and they work!
    Other then that, car is alot of fun and remember all you complaining people with an ES V6 you probably paid less then 20k that is a steal!
    I'm sorry your aloud to complain.
  • cgacga Posts: 23
    "1st problem (upsman1)" --

    I have a 2000 V4 Galant with about 5,100 miles (bought new) and sympathize with your dealer problem. While I have not had the dealership actually work on my car, they steadfastly refuse to acknowledge the existence of a hestitation (at around 30mph, under light throttle) which should be noticeable as abnormal to any journeyman mechanic. And I've heard that Mits. dealers do not normally stock a large supply of parts and often must order what they need, which often puts a hardship on owners.

    My one and only (not so) "local" dealer is closed on Saturdays, closes early M-F, and always seems to have only one mechanic on duty, who is of course perpetually busy and unapproachable.

    I like my Galant and would recommend one. But before considering a purchase, I would advise any potential buyers to spend a couple of hours in the service waiting room and judge for yourself. Ask the owners how they've been treated. From my point of view one of the main reasons for buying new is the warranty, but this is only as good as the company behind it. A one year old used Galant at a suitably used (as cheap as possible) price (deprecation is stiff, for some reason, on these) seems the best way to go.

    Merely my two cents worth....
  • I have a 1 mo. old 2000 Galant ES. When the windows are down, the noise from the exhaust seems unreasonably loud. It has a high pitch sputtering, much like a 63 VW beetle. I brought this to the attention of my dealer,(while they were repairing damage done to the bumper at their dealership) and he said it is "inherent in the exhaust of all galants." I want to know if all galants are truly loud, or if I was getting the brush-off.
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    audiologst: That dealer is pulling your leg ( or ear maby)My wife's 1999 Galant is super quiet. I actually prefer a little "sporty rap" to the exhaust of my cars anyway. I installed one of those "coffee can" exhaust tips ( I'm NO boy racer either) to effect a little rumble but even that did not raise the decibels one iota. Take your car back and MAKE them inspect the exhaust system. If it's noisy then sumthin is not right ! Drive another one of their cars and see if it has the same noise, I doubt if it will. Look at it this way tho, some folks pay BIG bucks to make their exhaust louder.You are getting it for free.

  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    Sounds like you live where I do!!! My local dealer is the same way. I usually drive about an hr away to have my car serviced on the weekend. Why aren't there more mitsu dealers around?
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 141
    Well, the only normal noice that most of us on the 4 cyl have is the loud thing under the hood, which gets louder with the A/C on .. but I can live with that ... good thing it goes away after like 5 min of driving ... oh well.. other than that nothing to complain so far ... and hopefully never have to complain ...
    Well, browning Mitsu here in South Cali has a very good service department , very helpful people too... or maybe they were in a good mood the day I went.
  • cbnearlacbnearla Posts: 28
    I've had my ES-V6 for about 8 weeks now. 1600 mi with no problems so far. I replaced the steel wheels with alloys about 2 weeks after purchase. When the rear wheels came off I was surprised to see that the wheel hubs looked rusty. The fronts are normal. Anybody else see this on their ES-V6? What could have caused them to become rusty? The car had only 19 mi. at purchase. What would be the easiest way to remove the rusty look, as the rusty look can be seen through the alloys?
  • abumaabuma Posts: 1
    I am looking to possibly purchase a 1989 Galant 4 door GL from a co-worker, Whe is meticulous about keeping up the car, it has not a ding or scratch on it, the interior is in perfect condition and itonly has 104,000 miles on it. She takes it to her mechanic if there is ever a noise or problem. I was wondering if there were any people out there who knew of problems with the transmission. She had a problem with it sounding like it was shifting hard, she took it to her mechanic and he changed the filter and trans fluid as it had never been changed before. It runs fine now but I am skeptical, I've had cars with trans trouble and dont want to pay a nice low price for the car and find I have to replace the transmission.
    Thank you
  • that at times I'm not sure the engine is running! And that is not only my opinion, but almost everyone who has been in my car says the same thing. So....back to the dealer, and take no bull!
  • epikgtzepikgtz Posts: 18
    ... of cars (and items on those cars) affected?
  • I am incredibly happy with the purchase of my Patriot Red 2000 Galant GTZ. Maybe it's because I know the owner of the dealership, but the service has been impeccable.

    When I first walked in I told the owner I wanted a GTZ (knowing already by talking to others how hard they were to get). I expected the sorry response. Instead he went back and looked on the order board and sure enough they had one that was unspoken for coming in in 30 days. In red no less! Of course I took it on the spot!

    Can't tell you how much I paid (I might get in trouble) but it was definitely under invoice. Plus the great financing. I took delivery on April 1st (I had my doubts!?) but I now have 5300 miles on it with no problems other than some carpeting that needed to be glued back down on my first dealer visit.

    I guess some people on this board can't believe a great story like this but it's completely true. I would recommend the GTZ if they can find one to anybody. By the way I am 6' 4" and a solid 300 but I fit with little trouble in the drivers seat. The only thing that occasionally pokes me is the seatbelt reciever on the right side.

    I'll be sure to post back if something goes wrong.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    $3000 in rebates? Is this only on the GTS model? From what I can tell, there is only a $1500 rebate on the Galant. Please let me know if the rebates are this high on all models or if they are offering a Mitsu owner loyalty rebate. Thanks!
  • texrobintexrobin Posts: 13
    Here's a site to get recall info on all autos.
  • mpevznermpevzner Posts: 41
    Enter Mitsubishi/ Galant/1999 or 2000

    A small excert of the from the NHTSA website:
    Vehicle Description: Passenger vehicles. A nut in the steering gear assembly was not properly tightened, resulting in ranging from steering wheel vibration to stiff steering, and in the worst case, no ability to turn left.

    A loss of steering control could increase the risk of a crash.

    Just my 2 cents on this one: You can probaly get away with the brake failure, provided YOU ARE LUCKY and your car has a manual gearbox and you know how to downshift, but if your steering is 'kaput' then you're toast...

    I have a receipt from Mitsubishi service where I complained about steering wheel vibration. Guess what was their verdict? "No problem found" - you got it.
    Loss of steering control is a kind'a bad thing, more than that, I would admit that it kind'a [inappropriate language] big time. "Increase the risk of a crash ..." - how very true! I would rather say "If your steering is screwed up while you are driving the [inappropriate language] thing - you're pretty much dead".
    I called the local Mitsu dealer and they said that the only info they had about the recall was rumors. Isn't it pathetic?

    Have fun drivin',
    'Lucky' owner of '99 ES V6,
    a.k.a. Local Friendly Mitsu Basher.
    'Lucky' means still alive as of 08/23/00
  • draymond2draymond2 Posts: 134
    What would be a good price to pay for a 2000 ES?? I was thinking invoice minus $1500 rebate, Does anyone think this is possible.

    There are being advertised locally for $15,999. According to Edmunds invoice + destination is $17135 minus rebate is $15635.

    Does anyone know what the approximate ad fees are? Any advice/input would be appreciated.
  • mpevznermpevzner Posts: 41
    In California around 1 year ago it was somewhere between $400 and $500, I've seen the invoice for my car.
    IMHO If you want to buy a Mitsubishi - think twice. Good looks, shoddy quality and poor reliability.
  • purp3purp3 Posts: 24
    Look MPEVZNER, just because cars get recalled doesn't mean all are lemons! Come on and get a grip! If you check most of the posts on here there are more positive comments then negative ones. You are the one that puts most of the negative comments! One negative comment is all it takes to let us know how you feel! We all know how you feel OK! I have a 2000 ES and totally love it! I have almost 11k miles on it with no problems whatsoever. I'm sure most of the people that come into this forum agree with me that Mitsu makes a great car! Look, most of the higher up companies like Lexus, Infiniti, Acura, and Mercedes all make Lemons unfortunately. You happened to get one from Mitsu. I think you agree with me in my earlier statement that most people that post in this forum like their Galant. Come on and get a grip and let it rest! You need to move on with your life and get rid of your Galant if you aren't happy with it.
  • ultratechultratech Posts: 141
    Well, we respect your freedom of opinion .... but i think everyone should think twice before buying any car .... ..
    Maybe a galant 4-cyl around invoice + dest fee, + ad fee of $350 makes sense since they have 2001 now... BUT remember, they take out rebate after Taxes .....
    The other day, i took out the yellow things from my front lights and looks very sleek ....
  • mpevznermpevzner Posts: 41
    Stiff steering and inability to turn left in my opinion is a SAFETY ISSUE. IMHO if a vehicle is not safe to drive it is a LEMON.

    P.S. Did you know that the most frequent cause of death of americans under 35 is a car accident?
    P.P.S flames > null
  • dwteachdwteach Posts: 2
    Back in 1998, my wife and I decided we needed a 4dr sedan, with good performance, reasonable price, and good quality. We looked at Camry, Maxima, and Accord, but couldn't get past the "Wake up and drive" promotion playing at that time. We decided on the Galant then.
    We took delivery of our silver ES V6 on Halloween, 1998. Maybe the date should have told us something, but I am not a superstitious man.
    I can relate to the service complaints many have written about here. Our local Mitsu dealer here in a small but growing CO municipality has failed us several times, and other times blamed us for the problems (example; warped rotors, an issue discussed repeatedly here, were caused by my wife's driving). Curiously, our 2000 Civic with 6000 miles has no brake problems.
    I just got off the phone with the service manager, and pointed out that our current rash of steering vibration issues related to a NHTSA recall on '99 Galants with our car's date of manufacture (May 1998), of which they were unaware, and blamed on tires. They took their 3rd shot at a water leak into the right rear trunk well, and still haven't resolved that one (the rubber plug is removed to let it drain, wonder if rust-through will cover that). We have the common rattle issues, the VIN plate, driver's C pillar, glovebox, and they deny that these are common issues. As a matter of fact, they deny most everything. I had to talk them into reprogramming the trans to resolve a harsh downshift issue; they said no trouble found, but Mitsu has service bulletins on this as well (ours seems to be 4th to 3rd, the bulletin covers 3rd to 2nd shifts).
    Anyway, it is now for sale. Our Honda, though not nearly as exciting under throttle as the Galant, rides better, handles almost as well, feels much better built, and cost $5000 less. Lessons learned:
    1. Don't buy first off the line, or first model year for that matter
    2. Don't buy a Mitsu, then a Honda later
    3. Buy a Mitsu in a bigger city with more dealers from which to choose
  • cgacga Posts: 23
    I may regret it, but I guess I'll join what I consider an interesting and informative discussion on the overall quality of the Galant.

    The 2000 Galant ES 4cyl I bought new, with about 5,300 miles on it now, is a very pleasant and quiet car. While I have not yet had anything repaired under warranty, several experiences with my dealer are making me think twice. Most of us realize dealers as a group can be less than helpful and not forthcoming regarding common problems, etc. etc. but my local (an hour away) Mits. dealer is poor even by these standards. Surface courtesy is not sufficient. It's not enough to address us as "sir" or "maam" and then ignore our problems.

    From the day I bought the car, my Galant has occasionally exhibited metal-to-metal squeaking noises on left turns only --- the steering wheel vibration is minor but noticeable --- as is a jerky 3rd-4th AT upshift --- and low speed hesitation. The dealer has told me, without offering to repair anything, that I may have to learn to accept certain quirks in my particular vehicle.

    This bothers me. The dealer that is, and VERY much. But at this point I'm enjoying the car's overall value, based on good comparative power, fuel economy, and comfort. That sums up why I like the car. In everyday 20-30 mile driving I routinely get 28-29 mpg (I kid you not) in the warm weather --- with very little highway or city driving, and in relative comfort (I still hate the emergency brake lever). So I don't want the dealer to start making adjustments yet, but since they haven't agreed to even look at the car the point is still moot. If I insisted I'm sure they would take the car in and check for the problems they no doubt know are more common than they will admit. But based on the dealer's attitude I've lost faith in them, which is not a good thing while the warranty remains in effect.

    I haven't called the dealer to inquire about the recall only because if they blow me off again, I want to be be prepared for the situation with some plan of action (silly as this may sound). With all of this in mind, I still like the car.
  • teoteo Posts: 2,508 have warranty in your car....enforce it even if the dealer tries to blow you away!
  • mpevznermpevzner Posts: 41
    Has anybody experienced problems with Galant steering and survived? Despite the NHTSA information Mitsubishi still keeps denying everything. Even though I have got a second car now, I haven't got rid of the Lemon yet. I don't really feel like selling a vehicle that may have a deadly problem with it, without of notifying the buyer. I can probably try selling it to the dealer, notifying him of the known issues. They will probably give me a price way below the KBB trade-in, though. The only other possible solution I can think of is donating the vehicle and writing KBB value off my yearly income tax.
  • draymond2draymond2 Posts: 134
    I have compared the two and I give a slight edge to the Galant in power and styling. I like the interior better in the 626. I thought reliability in both to be above average, no much difference.

    I'm reading a lot of negativity regarding the reliablity of the Galant. Should I take heed to these warnings, and opt for the 626 or consider these problems to be from only a few disgruntled owners????

    Any advice would be appreciated......
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    Most of the negative comments you're reading are from 1 person. Take it with a grain of salt. I own a '99 GTZ, my bro also has a '99 GTZ & my wife just got a '00 GTZ. No problems with any of our cars. We have a total of about 53k miles between the 3 of us. The recent recall does affect our Galant as ours are built in IL. The recall affects vehicles that were import from Japan
  • dwteachdwteach Posts: 2
    See and see for yourself. I hate to talk down my own vehicle; after all, I bought it. But I have to say I am disappointed, especially after my sister's '89 lasted over 140K without a problem. For those whose cars are reliable and have a good relationship with their dealership, you are fortunate.
    Another thought: At 700 miles, our Honda developed a rattle in the dash similar to a pen tapping loudly on a desk. The dealer worked this for five days, trying twice to return it to me. After the second attempt, and a talk with the dealership owner's assistant, I had a new, identical replacement car(!) with 50 miles on the odo. I have not been a Honda advocate, but how can you fault a company that treats customers as this? Mitsu could learn something. Thanks, Team Honda!
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