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Mitsubishi Galant



  • ultratechultratech Posts: 141
    Try giving a visit to the 626 forum, you'll see just as many complains as the galant gets.... now try visiting the accord forum, same story... let's say lexus forum... same story ..
    -- now go read reviews by Car magazines..
    So after reading everything, you can then make up your mind...
    My personal opinion : GO For IT !!!!
    ~~~I Love My GaL~~~
  • texrobintexrobin Posts: 13
    Ultratech, right on!

    Bottom line, do your homework and you should be happy with what you get, unless you are the very small percentage of unlucky folks who actually buy a lemon (all makers procuduce lemons!).

    MPEVZNER: Now your not only a complainer, your a marter too!!! LOL!!! Just sale the car and get over it!
  • gevorkgevork Posts: 2
    I have a 99 galant es v6 with 34,000 miles. I drive too much. I still enjoy the car, but I wish it was faster. Did anybody purchase any aftermarket parts to enhance the performance for galants. So far I can't seem to find anything that is made for galants specificly, such as air intakes and so on. Thanks fellas.
  • marcinmarcin Posts: 64
    What car do you drive now in place of you infamous Galant?
  • mpevznermpevzner Posts: 41
    Mitsubishi is about to announce a recall on the '98 -'00 Galant. This is the result of the NHTSA investigation of the steering issues. Mitsubsihi forgot to tighten the nut in the steering column, remember I told ya! The recall should be announced some time early next week. The dealers have already got the preliminary information, but they don't have the details yet.
    Wish everebody good luck and let God help you to avoid this steering trouble.
    Max a.k.a. the local friendly Mitsu Basher
  • floridianfloridian Posts: 219
    The censorship gods will be on you like the plague !!

    Floridian, such talk, I never !!
  • mpevznermpevzner Posts: 41
    the Unix people will get it :)
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    disable interface basher

    ...bashing for the sake of revenge not welcome.
    Helpful critical advice is...


    Sedans Host
  • mpevznermpevzner Posts: 41
    Is the NHTSA invormation on the coming recall
    A) a "Helpful critical advice ..."
    B) an example of "...bashing for the sake of revenge"
    Your local friendly Mitsu Basher
    Hopefully soon-to-be an Audi neophite :)

    P.S. I am selling the Galant as soon as it's fixed for the 7'th time, I promise. I will never bother the audience of this forum with my feedback, as soon as I get rid of the infamous Mitsubishi product.
  • L8_ApexL8_Apex Posts: 187
    It's not a one-time deal; it's a habit. As I've stated in other topics, there's a thin line between helpful, critical advice and repeated posting with the intent to disrupt the exchange among those owners who are satisfied.
  • mpevzner: you'll be back a snortin and a cussin as soon as the Audi "wondermobile" begins to self-destruct. It's not the cars, it's YOU! You have a anti-mobile virus transmissable to every car you sit in. Too bad there is NO cure.

    By the way, I could not find any of those words in the spell check that you used. Why did you get scribbled? I asked my grandmother if she knew what they were but she turned all red and threw a empty muscatel bottle at me.

  • Aw, come on web host.... I get my daily laugh from reading mpevzner's posts. He's sort of a sorry kind of folk. He's terribly dissatisfied with his car and god forbid he blame himself for picking a car he's not happy with. It's much easier to blame everything and everyone else....
  • I just installed Dunlop Sport 8000's on my '99 Galant GTZ... what a difference from those horrible Goodyear Eagle LS tires. The Dunlops are smoother... they don't transmit every crack and bump to the steering wheel plus they have better grip while cornering -- no more annoying squealing. The only downside is the 8000 series is a little pricey -- and they're not all season... which isn't a problem in warm climes.
  • I have had two accords: 1983 got 163K and my current 1`990 got 189K. Reliable yes but I am looking for something different. Any opinions on the Sentra and the Galant. This car will be used mostly for work with 2 passengers and driven on I95 most of the way for about 30m one way. Don't have a lot of money need to keep it under $20k. Thoughts ?
  • You can't compare Sentra with Galant. Sentra is a compact car. If you want Nissan, look at Altima. However, I have both, 99 Galant and 99 Altima. Galant is a much better looking, has smoother shifting, and is very quiet b/c it has timing belt instead of a chain. You will notice a big difference, test drive both!
  • Hi, just to inform ...
    My cousin and I bought our cars within one week last Nov 99.
    His honda accord already developed a rattle on passenger door.
    My galant no rattles so far ..

    So just to clarify that rattleing is not a synonimous of the galant.
  • I just picked up a 2001 Galant ES with no packages or sunroof installed. After MUCH bashing of heads and pulling of hair, I managed to get the car for $17903 (Includes delivery, but does not include Tax/Title/Tag--The TOTAL, honest-to-goodness out the door price was $19500 because of 7% tax and huge title fees.) under the 0/0/0/ financing plan. The price w/o delivery was 17383 which is about $30 cheaper than the TMV for it, so I guess I won :) I am lucky in that I live in Phoenix AZ and there are 4 Mitsu dealers from three diffeent auto groups. Hopefully the miserable service I read about can be avoided by trying out different stores. I checked the dome light to make sure it stays up in the roof where it belongs.
    I think the issue with the brake lever is less an issue of height, but an issue of femur length. I am 6'2", but I am all torso with short legs. My knee barely comes to the end of the brake. I could see how another inch or two of thigh bone could make it annoying.
  • You're kidding right? There is no comparison between a Sentra, Galant, and Accord? Toss the Sentra out. I'm a 2000 Galant owner and I have driven a friend's Sentra on numerous occassions. Because it is in a totally different auto class, it is much smaller and has a much smaller/less powerful engine. I owned a Civic for 6 years (153K miles) before my Galant. It is comparable to the Sentra. The Galant is in the same class as your Accords. I have also driven Accords and liked them, but the Galants are much more stylish. The interior is more comfortable and the body speaks for itself. Mitsu is having trouble though. I haven't had major problems with my, but there was some inattention to minor details (e.g. dome light would not stay in place, weather stripping in driver side door needs to be replaced, annoying placement of parking break handle). Despite these inconveniences, I like the car and I often see heads turn as I drive by. Do your homework and shop around. Good luck with your decision. If you can get the special financing deal with Mitsu you should have little difficulty making a decision. I bought my 2000 ES V-6 for $19,600 with 2.4% financing over 5 years.
  • 4u24u2 Posts: 17
    I just bought a '01 ES V6, and love it. I almost bought a 626, but I think that the Galant is more attractive, has a better warranty, and is a better value. I have almost 600 miles on the car. I hope the car continues to be as troble-free as it has been so far.

    My only concern is whether the steering problems affect '01 Galants, as well. Your feedback is appreciated.
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    as i was told the recall for the steering problem affects '99 & '00 model yr. This was from the dealer's month.
  • so is this steering wheel recall official? should i wait to get a postcard in the mail or just drive in?
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    I had to bring my '00 GTZ last weekend for them to replace the rear door lock. When I got to the service desk the guy stated he'll check the steering for the recall so i don't have to go back when i get the notice in the mail. Sounded like an officcal recall. I'll have to take my '99 in for that too. go to the website below for the info
    1999 Galants

    2000 Galants
  • vac23vac23 Posts: 118
    For those few that have the '01 model. your vehicles are not included in the recall at this present date.
  • Went on a trip to beautiful Milwaukee and drove a 2000 Altima for 3 days and about 500 miles. I was happy the rental agent gave me an Altima as I had been thinking I should have gotten the Nissan as It can be had now for the same price as a Civic EX. Well, first of all I drove the car as unbiased as I could and the better car is THE Galant!! The separtion between the cars for me happens when it counts folk. THE ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION PERFORMANCE. There was a rather loud and unrefined sound that reminded me of a Sentra or Eleantra when I gave the Nissan some real gas. I didnt feel the smooth kick and rev that the Galant has. It really is not close to me which car is more fun to drive. In fact the Altima is like driving a utensil compared to the refinment in a Galant. On the other hand I think The Altima has a better foward view for the driver as there is more glass and interior room is better. But I rather gave that up than performance any day.
  • Hello All,

    I just bought my Galant on Saturday after waiting 2 months for the order to come in. I got the Patriot Red Pearl Galant GTZ with all options except for the roof rack, yuck!!! I love it, the stereo is great, and the CD player plays CD-RW disks which is another plus. It was a little pricey, but hey, luxery doesn't come cheap. If anybody is thinking about buying a Galant, I say go for it, if you are not happy just go and trade it back in. It IS an import car so it will still be much more reliable than your 25000 Chevy or Ford. Since many people are driving Toyota or Honda, I wanted to dare to be different, so I got the Mitsu, and if people are having repeat problems on the car, there ARE NO lemon laws out there, exercise your rights. Final Comments: Very Stylish, family can't stop staring at it, Comfortable and very roomy, and I am a tall man, major step up from my 93 sunbird, no more "basic transportation," Stereo is great, plays CD-R and CD-RW, I knew that was a question I had but is not posted anywhere, so there I verified it for anybody wondering. Corners well, and the power is awsome, no more flooring to get up the mountains here in Pittsburgh. Not so good stuff, Cons: NO door lights or reflectors, I will get a set of these ASAP, very narrow roads here, dont want to loose my door. The full back seat does not fold down. The transmission control does not automatically lock doors when in drive, a great option of American cars. NO power trunk release, I will have to spend extra to have a motor put on for remote release. My gripes are petty I know, but altogether it is an awsome car and it is different, I love it. I also would like to see MItsu expand so I wont have to travel 30 minutes for service, hehe. Anyway hope I helped somebody.
  • On the topic of service and dealerships, I noticed that there aren't too many of them around (I live in north Dallas). When I was shopping for a new car last year I went to one, and they only had maybe 2 dozen new Galants. Also, the sales staff seemed pretty unprofessional and clueless about the car. It just didn't make a very good impression. I had to wonder about the quality of service...
  • I was wondering if anyone has had the following problems:

    Rotors warping very quickly (I am on my 2nd pair)

    The car being extremly noisy over bumps ect. (Dealer told me that mitsubishi's are known to make noise)

    One of the hinges on the gas tank door cracked. Dealer will not repair under warranty as he said that the door was forced open. I totally disagree w/ this. If this was true there would have been some sort of paint transfer or at least a scratch - which I don't have. I spoke w/ the main Mitsu. office and they told me that they couldn't help me because the dealer said that the door was forced open (so much for customer satisfaction!)

    I have had:

    my bushings (sp?) replaced 3 times

    the dash lights replaced 4 times - dealer insists that there isn't an electrical problem the bulbs are defective.

    I now have some sort of transmission problem - not sure what it is the car has been into Bay Ridge Mitsubishi 3 times and they still need more time to diagnose it.

    Besides all of this I really love my car I think that it is amazing looking!!! I have 28,000 miles on my car so I don't know if this could be the reason for the problems that I am having. I am starting to get a bit scared being I have 1 1/2 years left on the lease and only 8,000 miles left on the warranty :-)

    Any advice or reassuring would be appreciated.

    My one piece of advice would be to STAY AWAY FROM BAY RIDGE MITSUBISHI IN BROOKLYN, NY They are horrible and have lied to me many times. They also own STATEN ISLAND MITSUBISHI I have yet to try them as I am now sold on the great service at POTAMKIN in Manhattan.

    Please let me know if you have experienced any of these problems.

  • I have a 95 Galant LS and have similar problems. The rotors warp very easily. Also, my transmission failed at just over 60,000 miles, and the Mitsubishi service manager I took it to said there was non-synthetic transmission oil in the transmission box and that's what caused the transmission to "burn up", but the transmission oil that was in my car was put in by a different Mitsubishi service station. I wrote a letter to Mitsubishi customer relations asking for re-imbursement for the new transmission (which cost over $2000), they refused to help, and were obnoxious when I talked to them on the phone.

    Other problems I've had have been include having to replace the rack and pinion steering assembly, replace the bushings regularly, rattles in the moonroof, etc. I'd strongly recommend against buying a Galant.
  • I forgot to add - my engine and transmission mounts also needed to be replaced. When I add it all up, I could have had a brand new Mercedes or BMW considering the amount I've paid in repairs to this car.
  • I am not sure if you can compare 95 Galant to a 99 model. Mitsu made major changes and improvements to this current model.
    Bad Galant is still better than Taurus or GrandAm :)
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