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Infiniti Q45



  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    1900 units in 5 months is low though. even the 7 series and the S class and LS400 sell more. they are more expensive too. i agree, the present is a deal for 40000, as the paper advertises. it still has a relatively small back seat compared to the competition though.

    i wouldnt say it is better than the 7 series, which will be released in the next year also. no one has ever driven both yet. we cant compare until the cars are released...but Cd and 0-60 times are only a small part of the luxury pie, and these have to be experienced before making a judgement.
  • binki535binki535 Posts: 7
    And I know you cant say its better because of Cd and 0-60 times...that's why I explained the other features such as its torisional rigidity is better than the 2000 Q by 40% which translates into better handling. It also has more room and is by far the sportiest car of the pack. Ethusiants like sporty, therfore, it will be the better car.
  • binki535binki535 Posts: 7
    The Infiniti concept the XVL, will be the next G20, or possibly the next J30. It will have a the most powerful V6 engine in its class, tons of state of the art saftey features, a Cd of .28, and 17 inch wheels. It will be the next super sporty car coming from Infiniti. Tom Orbe of Infiniti says that all of the future Infinitis will be sport oriented with luxury second instead of slow, semi luxurious cars.
    Infinitis future will have a sport coupe (spun off of the Skyline GT), a roadster, a crossover SUV making the QX4 become a LX470/Navigator competitor, and a redesigned I30. All cars will be rear wheel drive...the way it should be.
  • crowedogcrowedog Posts: 2
    I am currently interested in a 1995 Q45t w/approx. 70,000 miles. Car is loaded and in incredible shape (int. & ext. immaculate). Has CD player, etc. Seller is asking $14,900. Never owned one but can now understand the attraction. Looking for advice, Is this a good buy or should I pass and look for something else?
  • binki535binki535 Posts: 7
    I think thats a good price, but 70,000 ,iles is a lot. So try to get the price down to $14,500 or $14,000. Good luck.
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    The '95 is a good year. For these cars you can place a higher priority on maintenance and service records when figuring value. If this car is as nice as you say you might want to stop and think what you can buy with $14.9k. Looks even better then, doesn't it? If the seller will let it go for a little less that's even better..
    BTW, if you're concerned about the expired warranty, Warranty Gold told me about 6 months ago that they have coverage plans you can obtain as long as the car has <80k miles. The '95 model is a very reliable car, though. I checked out WG for my '93 but it had 83k at the time. I wasn't serious about buying the coverage though; just curious about the price. For market value comparisons, I sold my '93 last Thursday for $11k. It had 85k miles, but looked like a new car. It didn't have a CD, but had BBS wheels. Good Luck !
  • yjlauferyjlaufer Posts: 2
    I'm in northern NJ.
    Looking for exceptional 94 to 96 Q45T.
    Will consider same year Non-T with BBS wheels.

    Appreciate in help in locating this car.
  • crowedogcrowedog Posts: 2
    Thanks for the responses. I bought the car, moved a little on price to $14,500. What an unbelievable machine. I just hope I can keep it away from my wife. There is no way I could have come close to purchasing anything comparable for the money. Will be looking into Warranty Gold - Thanks
  • binki535binki535 Posts: 7
    Congrats! I wish I could drive it...I wish I could drive period. Good luck with it.
  • mjuemjue Posts: 1
    One of the previous posters mentioned looking for an off lease '97 Q... I bought my 97.5 new at a substantial discount off list price and here in the SF Bay Area at least, current Q's are running $12k OFF MSRP. That's a tremendous incentive to consider a new one. (Although I'll admit the ~26k prices commanded for used '97's is compelling.)

    97.5 models are identical to '98's with the then new side air bags so if you are looking at 97's, you can get the '98 spec by looking at the seat side for the airbag.

    My wife and I are looking for a replacement car for the aging Volvo I drive now and each time the topic comes up around S class benzes (even E class) or Lexus GS or ????, we invariably look around and say, "Waitaminute... the new Q45T in two tone is "only" 40k compared with costs of some of these others at +10k or more with 6 cylinder engines." Another Q in the house? Hmmmmm.....

    Good luck!

    '97.5 Q - 60k
  • ferarri11ferarri11 Posts: 91
    if you are looking for a car in the low to mid 40000s, check the audi A6 2.7t. i have this car and it simply is the best. it's faster than all the other 6 cylinder cars, even the Q and the LS400. has the best interior and exterior and AWD. the Q 45 is also a great value, esp since it's a low 40000s V8 and a premium luxury car look. i think the real bird's eye maple trimmed version is great financial alternative to the LS 400. both have great reliability, the LS isnt 20000 quieter/sportier/more luxurious. the Q and A6 are great values.
  • steinre1steinre1 Posts: 2
    i'm currently looking at purchasing a 97 q45, but was surprised to hear all of the complaints about the older q's (pre-97). how has the reliabilty been in the more recent years?
  • mjvargomjvargo Posts: 11
    There were significant issues with the transmission and fuel injection in the first Q's but since '94 they have been outstanding from a reliability standpoint
  • nupemannupeman Posts: 2
    thinking about buying a '94 Q. any thoughts on this year? I think that the Q is a well kept secret that's about to be told.
  • I am looking at a '97 Q45T that is immaculate and has been meticulously maintained. All the service records are in place. It has 50,000 miles and the asking price is a mere $22,000. What do you folks think? Should I jump on it. Can I expect to be able to run it to over 200,000 miles without major repair bills? I would appreciate any feedback
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    Swimmer7 and Nupeman:

    I just sold my '93 Q that had 85k on it. I bought it when it was a year old, and not one item broke on it. That's about as reliable as it gets. However, Swimmer7, Although you might get 200k out of one without "major" repair bills, it would be a stretch to reasonably "expect" to do so. No car that I know of is that reliable. Some go that long without major repairs - but most don't.
    The $22k price sounds fine for the '97 Q45t.
    Having the service done is a big plus, and although the car has 50k miles, Infiniti's warranty is 4/60, so you have some factory coverage left.
  • c627vc627v Posts: 1
    I want to spend $40-45k for a new or used luxury car. I've driven used 740i's and LS400's and new Cadillac DTS's and Q45's. What do you recommend considering the price range?

  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    If you like these four cars you can't go wrong. I'm also considering a couple of those myself. (the 740i and the Q). As the 740 and the LS400 are obviously in the used market at that price, you should be able to pick up a nice 98 740 or a nice 99 LS400 in that range. Good hunting!
  • airseaairsea Posts: 1
    To Jason (yjlaufer)
    If your still looking for a Q45a, I have a 95 Ivory with 48,000 miles. Traction control, 10 disk cd, and spoke wheels. Perfect condition always garaged. All service records with none of the major problems some people have experienced. There is 1 year and 1 month factory bumper to bumper warranty left. I live in South Jersey. Price is 18,500.
  • bbng01bbng01 Posts: 6
    I have a question for you all. I've just purchased and picked my 2000 Q45ae, it has 100 miles on it, the question I have pertains to the heat that is generated by the engine or the car overall. I've notice that there is heat in the form of hot coming from under the car, even on ignition. In addition to that, I've notice that when driven with the AC off, I feel heat coming from the foot area, though the heat and AC functions are off. Is this heat generated by the Xeron headlights? Is this something that is usual for a new car? Any info. will be greatly appreciated.

  • nupemannupeman Posts: 2
    I recently had some clutch work done on my maxima. while talking to the service tech, I asked about the real or perceived problems with the earlier model Q's trannys. He stated that he clearly thinks that most of the tranny problems are related to the radiator failing to perform properly. In other words, the tranny is not properly cooled, and as a result the tranny fails. Anybody have any thoughts or insight on this. I might add that we are talking about higher mileage cars.
  • joep00joep00 Posts: 1
    I am looking to buy a 1994 Q45. What was the original sticker price on this car? Is there a Web site that has this information?
  • I have a black 1994 Q45t. It is the best year for the Q45. The car is incredibly fast and comfortable. I got it with 55K miles for $18,000.
    I had the car modified by Stillen. Check out my website for more pics and info on Q45's.
  • Could someone please enlighten me on why my 91 Infiniti q45 with 65,000 miles on it has injector problems with all 5 injectors going bad. Is this a common problem? I am looking at a tremendous bill to replace these. Does someone know of a good source for cheap parts? Should I consider aftermarket injectors? Help!!!!!
  • 92drexel92drexel Posts: 153
    Your car is sweet! Really like the rims.

    steveman: I have an older max and I had a bad injector. The mechanic recommeded replacing all of them even though only one was bad. His reasoning was that they (the injectors) are the same age, seen the same fuel, and were exposed to the same driving conditions. So, if one is bad, they will ALL die eventually with 10,000 miles.

    I don't know why your having problems with them at 65K miles. The ones in my max lasted until 157K miles.
  • kejacekejace Posts: 1
    Steveman & 92Drexel

    My '90 Maxima has over 300k on the original injectors with no problems (yet). But my buddy had to replace one on his '90 Max at around 100k. We only did the one; and 50k later when he traded up, the others were still fine.

    We both always used name-brand fuel, and at least Mid-grade.

    The parts are expensive, but the procedure is simple. Don't know if this helps.
  • 92drexel92drexel Posts: 153
    Thanks for the info. You should not have said your injectors are jinxed (just kidding) :-)

    I really wrestled with whether or not to replace one or all. In the end I replaced them all because I plan on keeping my '92 at least until it hits 210,000 miles (maybe more).

    Thanks again for the input.
  • grider1grider1 Posts: 2
    Just came from dealership (no salespeople) and was wondering if anyone could share how much they paid for their Y2K Q45's. Another individual looking at cars indicated to be careful on new Q prices since they depreciate dramatically (all cars do but these more so). Thanks for any info shared.
  • Hey! I've just discovered the joys of driving a Q45 and I'm doing some research before I make the big commitment. They seem to be priced great especially for what you're getting, i.e., a luxury sport sedan with all the bells and whistles. However, I want to know what to watch out for. I read a lot about what a great value this car is, especially for around ten grand for a 92. What problems should I be looking for? When does this thing usually need tuning? How much am I looking at in maintenance, generally per year? Any advice would helpful.

  • Hey! I've just discovered the joys of driving a Q45 and I'm doing some research before I make the big commitment. They seem to be priced great especially for what you're getting, i.e., a luxury sport sedan with all the bells and whistles. However, I want to know what to watch out for. I read a lot about what a great value this car is, especially for around ten grand for a 92. What problems should I be looking for? When does this thing usually need tuning? How much am I looking at in maintenance, generally per year? Any advice would helpful.

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