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Infiniti Q45



  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    The main thing is to have service records that show maintenance being done. Of course, the usual caveats apply as do with all cars, but a couple things with Q's are worth noting. Make sure the A/C is working properly, as the control module is expensive. Do not accept the explanation that "The car just needs a tuneup" if it is running rough. (Injectors and plug wires are $$$$'s.)
    Check out the service records with a careful eye toward transmission info., making sure it has been regularly serviced. And lastly, think long and hard before you buy an active suspension model. The active susp. is a wonderful piece of engineering, but at this stage of a 92's life it could cost you almost as much as the car if it fails. (And not many shops would be qualified to repair it.) Hope this helps some. Just for reference, I sold my 93 a few weeks ago after owning it for 6 years. It had 85k miles on it, and not one item ever failed on the car. Not even a light bulb.....DB
  • anonymousanonymous Posts: 314
    And thanks for the imput. Yes it helps. I'm falling more in love with these cars every day, especially after hearing the rhapsodys being sung by Q owners - I've been grilling everyone I can find and most of them say the same things you did about your 93, nothing goes wrong with 'em. The reason I want a 92 is the price and everything I've read - I can't believe they re-sale value is so low on these incredibly engineered cars. I guess they never caught on. Or is it the silly lack of vaneer and the hood emblem? What gives? And the Active Suspension model - is that the one that has the "a" next to the name?

    Thanks, you could be saving me thousands of dollars not to mention shop time.

  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    Yes, the "A" after Q45 designates the active suspension. Without going in to the resale topic too deeply, I'll just say that the prices are most affected by demand, and there just isn't a lot of demand for the Q. Of course, at last count I think I saw that Infiniti was down to around 147 dealers nationwide. It's pretty tough to sell cars when you can't "reach" a lot of potential buyers. But the effect of this marketing drawback is that (like you have discovered) buyers can buy a lot of car for the money with a used Q.
    I also believe Infiniti made a gaffe with the front end styling on the early cars. Put a bra on it and forget about it. The rest of the car was well done....DB

    PS And don't forget to replace the "platters" with BBS wheels!
  • Anyone who is even considering an older Q should look here There is a wealth of information and some tremendously helpful and KNOWLEDGEABLE owners. A couple are even associated with dealerships and independent repair ops. They share their knowledge willingly. Check it out.

  • On June 30th I bought a 2000 Q45 ae. For the
    people who are asking the price paid on new Qs, I
    paid $40,764 excluding delivery fee ($399), taxes
    and license. This was taking advantage of the
    $5,000 dealer incentive that the dealer passed on. He did not pass on the dealer holdback. The list on this car was $51,120.

    Overall I am very satisfied with my car and it
    drives extremely well. However, I want to ask
    about three minor problems and one question I have
    on this car to see if any one else is experiencing
    the same problems on their new Q's. I have noticed a shimmy in the steering wheel at about 50-60mph and again at 80-85mph. I have had it back to the dealer now twice. Each time they have said one of the tires was not quite balanced. However, I still have the problem and noticed it when I bought the car. At that time I signed and still have a "Special Conditions of Sale" form that indicates that if I am not satisfied I can swap out for another Q45. However, I am sure if I want to swap out for another one that it will be a major hassle
    if it will be done at all. I now have about 1800
    miles on the car

    I also notice that at a certain speeds(40-50) I
    see and feel the gear shift handle moving forward
    and back slightly. I cannot feel anything in the
    driver's seat, but if I am in the passenger
    seat(which is not often) I feel a very very slight
    lurching or vibrating. It stops when the speed
    changes and the gearshift handle quits moving.

    One other thing that I notice is that at about
    40-45mph, if I am cruising along and take my foot
    off the gas, as one would if the car in front of
    you slowed down, the transmission does a very
    noticeable, somewhat of a bump, downshift. The
    dealer has said this is a downshift from overdrive, is nothing and occurs on all Qs.

    Finally, I am 6'2", with long legs and have
    realized that I just cannot get back far enough to
    be comfortable in the seat. The car drove so great relative to what I was previously driving, I just didn't notice at the time I test drove it. Has anyone done anything to get the seat to go back further?

    These problems may seem minor to many, but when I
    buy a car with a list price of $51,000, I expect
  • warnerfwarnerf Posts: 19
    This is a known problem (by Infiniti) with certain Q45s. I had the same problem on my '99 base. It drove me nuts in the beginning and several dealers I mentioned it to responded with "Nobody ever complains about that." There's some legendary Infiniti service at work before your very eyes!

    Finally, I found a dealership (Discover Infiniti in San Diego) with had several customers who ran into this problem. These guys were super helpful. Service at Infiniti varies greatly among individual dealerships. The problem is not with the tire balancing but with the tire itself.
    Certain tire brands work better with certain cars due to many factors such as the rubber compunds, tread design, etc. I'm assuming you have the Bridgestone Potenzas. These tires need to be replaced with Michelins. In my case they were replaced with the Michelin Energy MXV4+. For the 17" wheels you may need to go with the Michelin Pilot XGT series. Check with the dealer.

    The problem has been logged internally with Infiniti. My local dealership had to contact the factory rep to get the necessary authorization to replace the Bridgestones with Michelins.

    When you approach you dealer again, mention this information and I'm sure you'll get results. I still notice a very slight amount of shimmying but much much less than before. And the tires handle much better than the Bridgestones.
  • Well, I did it. I bought my first Infinity. I am now the proud and oh, so pleased owner of a l991 Q45. The car is in great shape and the interior is absolutely show room. I drove six of them before I went back and bought the first one I looked at. It's got 104k on it and I got a two year extended warranty covering everything except electrical. The whole thing tax, tittle, blah, blah, blah came to llk.

    Now I know why the ads say drive one and you'll understand. The steering is so precise! It grips the ground and I've been up on some switch backs in the Hollywood Hills. Yes, it's fast. And strong. This weekend I'm taking it down to San Diego and back - got it just in time to impress my college roommates at a wedding. I don't care what they think. I'm impressed.

    Now, I want to take really good care of this car. Any tips? I called Infinity about it. They told me the car had the fuel injectors changed four years ago and they split the costs with the then current owner. Everything else in it's history seems great.

    How often do I tune it, watch for belt wear, and does anyone know a good mechanic - God forbid, in LA other than the dealerships?

  • I bought a '97 Q45 back in April 2000; everything was fine until I drove in heavy rain in May; the engine repeatedly cut off for like a tenth of a second, occasionally sounding like it would quit completely. Now it does it every time it rains. The dealer is mistified and says I have to bring it in while it's doing it, which is a problem because I don't live close. Anybody had this problem?
  • bretfrazbretfraz Posts: 2,021
    Congrats on your new Q.

    Since it's not a new car anymore, you'll need help and advise from other Q45 owners. If you haven't discovered it, you should be spending time frequently at the Yahoo Infiniti Owners Club:

    You'll learn more about Q45's than you thought possible. It's one of the best online clubs I know of.
  • Yeah, I found the club right before I picked up the car and joined immediately. I love this car and I'm hovering over it like it was a new baby. It's true, what the ads say, own one and you'll understand.

  • We have a 2000 G-20 for a year. Bought it with the idea of passing it down to our kid after graduation. Prying the keys from my wife's hand in May. I hope to talk her into getting a Q45 off lease. Maybe a 2000 Annv Edt when everyone wants the 2002 in May or June. How are 2000 holding up? What prices could I be looking at if there are any left on the lots? She love the I30 but for the price and rear wheel drive the Q45 is too good to pass up. Will buy the 7year/100miles warr. From Infiniti or warr gold. But how are the new cars holding up/quality/ride. write me
  • lllwlflllwlf Posts: 13
    If you're going to get a 2000 this spring, you should make out like a bandit. They've been selling for way below invoice on and other sites. No one is buying them, everyone (including me) is waiting to see the 2002.
  • I am looking at a 97 Q45 that is just off lease with 31,000. Dealer has it listed at $31k but says that there is room to play. What's the market for this car. Edmunds has it $22k to $26k. Looking at other people's posting 22k to 24 seams to be the market price. Can anyone advise?
  • sysadbsysadb Posts: 83
    Joetheflow1: If the car has 31k miles; looks like it should for that milage; and has been serviced properly, don't be too concerned over the price. Low milage cars always bring a premium, and if it's a nice car you'll be glad you paid it. The dealer should let you have it in the $26-$27k range - depending on what locale you live in. $22k is a little low if the car is as nice as the milage suggests. Jack26's price of $23k for a 40k mile car is pretty good assuming there are no defects...DB
  • js33sjjs33sj Posts: 1
    I'm already sold on the 97 Q45--I just want to make sure that I'm getting a good deal. The car has 39K and the dealer is offering a 6yr/100k warranty for $26.5K.

    Based on my research seems like a pretty good deal--I estimate that he's giving me the car between $24K-$25K with 1.5K-2.5K on the warranty.

    Any thoughts?
  • aimanaiman Posts: 61
    Here in Houston u can get 97 Q45s for $21-$23k, depending on mileage. 1.5k-2.5 k for a warranty, imo, is quite steep. 3-4 yrs old Q45's should be very reliable in general, especially if it's Infiniti dealer that's selling the car (they make sure it's in good cond. b4 they sell it).

    Try yahoo clasified, you ought to see lots of choices there.

    Good luck.
  • deuce56deuce56 Posts: 46
    I'll post this question here and in yahoo: I bent my mast going through the carwash. I visited the dealer and bought the mast but couldn't take the time to have them install it and they said that I could replace it myself. (I live 3 hrs away from the dealer.) Has anyone had experience replacing the mast? Any tips on what needs to be done?
  • deuce56deuce56 Posts: 46
    >>>I bought my first Infinity.... It's got 104k on it and I got a two year extended warranty covering everything except electrical. The whole thing tax, title, blah... came to llk.<<<
    I own a '91 Q with less than 75,000 miles. It has new tires, is exceptionally clean (it was my mother-in-laws) and runs great. If anyone wants a great car for less than $11,000, send me an e-mail. I'll deliver!
  • I am looking to buy a '99 Q45 for around $30k. Is this a realistic price? My choice is either a new Acura 3.2 TL or '99 Q45. I believe the Acura will hold its value better over the next 3 years.
    Would appreciate your input.
  • steve_nsteve_n Posts: 11
    It will be difficult to find a 99 Q for that price. I would wait until may or june and buy a 2000 that is coming off the 12 month leases.
    A used Q is going to hold better value than a brand new TL.
  • have more detailed info on the 2002 Q45 than what's offered on the website?
  • lllwlflllwlf Posts: 13
    Looks pretty slick, I'm afraid that we've all been spoiled by the prices we've been seeing for Q45's. How much is this thing going to cost?
  • steve_nsteve_n Posts: 11
    I can probably answer most of the questions you have on the new Q. Let me know any questions you have.
  • lllwlflllwlf Posts: 13
    more is it going to cost compared to the 2001 model? When will it be in showrooms? How many different models (touring, base, etc..)?
  • steve_nsteve_n Posts: 11
    The new Q is expected to begin shipping from Japan the end of Feb. This means the middle to end of March it will be in showrooms. We are expecting the price to be around 5-10 grand higher. For example a loaded touring model, with the 18" wheels, nav system, (every option) we are expecting to come in at about $63,000. The model lineup should be the same, base/touring model.
  • ed, it looks as if we are down to the same 2 finalists...what are your thoughts on the better buy for long-term reliability and resale..I personally will drive 25,000 miles a year..are you considering any other cars such as the I30?
  • aimanaiman Posts: 61
    Hey Q fans, check out

  • I would like to know what options are going to appear on the new Q versus the LS430. Is the new Q going to have more back leg room? Possible extended wheel base version? Last, are you an Infiniti dealer or working for one? If not, where do you get your info?
  • steve_nsteve_n Posts: 11
    Yes I do work for an Infiniti dealership, in Washington state. I know quite a bit about the car, but I have not had the pleasure to see one yet, so I am going by information supplied by our district manager. As far as options go, as I stated you will have the Luxury or Touring model, DVD based nav system, run-flat tires, 18" rims, heated seats, as far as other options let me do some more research, and I will get back to you.
  • lllwlflllwlf Posts: 13
    Infiniti is missing a car. I'm a QX4 owner who is really pleased the the experience I've had. Now that my lease is wrapping up I'd like to get another Infiniti, but they just don't have a product I want. I wish they had a mid size sport sedan like a GS430 or BMW 5 series, if they did I'd buy it. The I30 is too small, and the Q45 is too big, and pricey.
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