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Audi A6



  • sdolvensdolven Posts: 20
    OK, I know this may seem dumb, but what is this "leatherette" seating surface listed as standard? Is it vinyl? Leather like? How does it feel? Is this new for Audi or has it been around?
    How does it hold up? etc!!!

    Does anybody know what it is and has anyone bought an Audi with it? I test drove the A4 2.8 at EdmundsLive event and (I think) it was real leather, but it might have been leatherette.

    Please educate this "seat" fool.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    Although I already responded on audiworld in the A6 section.

    A4 1.8Ts are unavailable with leather in the US, yet many people want them to tweak them. As such, there are plenty of A4 drivers who have leatherette. Many more than A6 drivers. So go ask the A4 folks, you'll get tons of answers.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Steve Bollinger is right. To hear from people who actually own cars with leatherette, talk to the A4 folks, both here and at the A4 forum at

    Although leatherette is standard on A6s with the Ambition and Ambiente atmospheres, I've never seen one so-equipped; I'd guess that of the hundreds of A6s I've seen at dealers in the past 8 months, 98% have had leather and the rest cloth (standard in the Advance atmosphere).

    F.Y.I., leatherette is vinyl. It looks like leather but is "perforated" with minute holes for better breathing. It's available in satin black, maroon, and melange. Reports from A4 owners say that it looks good and wears well.
  • the leatherette in audi products easily passes off as the real deal, so it wouldnt be that bad if you wanted to save a few dollars. i dont have it but i was told it wears well and is easy to maintain. no leather care needed. but it doesnt smell like real leather and for some this is bad, if they like the way leather smells. but i am sure some people are allergic to leather or they dont like the smell.
  • portedported Posts: 16
    I bought from Schaumburg Audi last year ('99 A6Q). Good experience. At the time Audi had a promotion on leases and balloon deals ($3K below invoice.) Dealer kept $1K, which they said was their standard on cars, based on the fact that there is no dealer holdback on Audi's. You should be able to do $1K over invoice on a 2.8 (or over dealer price, depending on promos,) maybe a little better. On 2.7T's, I have no idea. I know they are very popular. If money is no object, you could probably deal aggressively on a 4.2, which have not sold real well.

    Good luck on a great car!
  • tcastletcastle Posts: 1
    My 2000 Audi 2.7T has a very annoying fluttering sensation that is intermittent at > 50mph. It can start seemingly at random but often is triggered by backing off the accelerator on a downgrade. Once the fluttering begins, it cannot be stopped short of bringing car speed way down (< 45mph). The fluttering is first felt through the accelerator pedal and then the seat, but not the steering wheel. Sometimes there is a faint, muffled groaning sound or groaning feel that accompanies the fluttering (sort of like the groaning from quattro during a sharp low-speed turn, but much less pronounced).

    Anyone with any ideas where to start? Dealer says that computer reveals nothing out of the ordinary.
  • mosi1mosi1 Posts: 12
    Ported, who did you deal with at Shaumburg? Were they up front with the leasing information? It appears that a similar deal on 4.2's is currently available but I don't know the details. The Schaumburg, Laurel and Continental dealerships are most convenient to my home and work. Any experience with the latter two?
    Tmayer1, if you don't mind, where were you compared with ported's numbers?
  • greglogreglo Posts: 1
    I have had my 00' 2.7T 6sp Black w/ Vanilla/Onyx since January. I have about 8500 miles on it now and just love the car.

    My question is this. What do you use to keep the rubber seals around the windows clean and protected? I have heard not to use Armour All or like products. Any Ideas?

  • My 2000 A6 2.8 has had this "fluttering" ever since I got it.. dealer says the same thing; the computer shows nothing wrong. My car begins to do this at about 35 mph until about 45 or so; at higher speeds, I'm not aware of it. Without knowing too much about how all of this works, I've wondered if the computer's shift points for the transmission are off, or something. When you find out, please post what you know!
  • AFter I am finished putting some tire treatment on the tires (currently Turtle Wax 2001 tire gel), I rub the damp towel over the window rubber, It keeps it black and shiny.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    To me, it sounds like something going on with the Quatro drivetrain. There's been a discussion of this recently at AudiWorld. You might want to try your questions at:

    There are some folks there who are heavy duty techies and share their knowledge.

    It could also be a tire out of balance, or freak road surfaces, but that is inconsistent with any kind of groaning sound. I would be particularly concerned about that. Good luck!
  • I appreciate your response... I don't think it will apply to me, since my car is not a quattro, but I intend to check out the audiworld site you posted. Thanks again.
  • portedported Posts: 16
    I dealt with Alex Kurgansky at Schaumburg. I found all of them very accommodating. Alex had no problem confirming invoice pricing (mine was from Edmunds!) and very up front about the deal, and what they needed. No games. Make sure you ask about prep charges, this was the only issue. Resolved by Alex with a free detailing. I did not do much comparison shopping, Schaumburg was the only practical distance from home, and they were providing a deal in-line with what I was reading about here. Just make sure you are prepared, and you should not have any issues. My limited exposure to their service department has been pleasant also. Their ads talk about their customer sat. awards from Audi.

    I think the lack of a hold back from Audi makes the deals pretty straight-forward. Good luck!

  • Friday I took the '01 2.7 from the dealer after ordering on April 3. I guess the wait wasn't that long, but it sure seemed long.

    The car is a base model (no options) with the 6-speed. I've put 350 miles on the car with no problems. I haven't noticed any distortion in the windshield, but while wearing polarized sunglasses I noticed some distortion in the side and rear windows.

    Yesterday I took it for a drive up Angels Crest Hwy. Wow. I'm trying to break the car in and I'm not accelerating hard or revving very high, but the car still drove amazingly well.

    When I first drove the car the amount of initial body roll surprised me and made me think that it may not corner that well. Body roll aside, I feel that the car holds the road very well. On Angel's Crest, I reached my limits before reaching the cars. Maybe I drive slow, but the stock tires seemed to grip plenty well to me.

    Well, that's the 350 mile report!
  • andys3andys3 Posts: 20
    ...and bought a 2001 A6 2.7T a couple of weeks ago. Thanks a million to all of you on this forum (and those who contribute to Audiworld's forum, which I've also been monitoring). I take these decisions seriously (my last car is a 1990 Acura Legend Coupe which I bought new!) as I don't buy cars every other year, and I've done exhaustive research and test driving. I immediately left on an 11 day vacation after buying the thing, so I've only had it out about 6 times, but it's great! Got a phenomenal deal too:

    2001 A6 2.7T Ming/melange (Tip)
    Premium, Preferred Luxury, Cold Weather, Bose

    all @ $1197 over invoice (I'm in the Baltimore/Washington market, and shopped this around to 6 different dealers). Took delivery of a car "fresh off the boat" with 7 miles on it.

    My friends are very jealous.

    Thanks again to all. Now that I actually have the car, I'll report back every so often with progress reports.
  • Well, my Audi enthusisast friends,

    I got my '00 A62.7T back today after nearly five weeks and am happy to report that the car finally runs and sounds like it should have when I first got it. I guess that all's well that ends well.
  • alcohenalcohen Posts: 10
    What dealer in the DC area did you get your car from?
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    For those thinking of getting a deal thru CarOrder, their website says they've closed their retail business.
  • I leased my car from Rockville Porsche Audi. If you decide to stop by, ask to speak w/Jessica Melton in sales. She was very efficient. They also have an excellent service advisor named Jack Wang. He went out of his way to keep me perpetually informed about the status of work on my car. Feel free to eMail me at [email protected] if you want more information.
  • andys3andys3 Posts: 20
    Got the car at Len Stoler. I was surprised that they offered the best deal, but they did (by about $500). If you are so inclined, ask for Frank Greenstein and tell them Andy Sonin sent you. He was laid back, knowledgeable, and not at all sleazy.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    Ignore the body roll as much as you can. The car will corner well if you push it. The body roll pushes many people off of pushing it.

    It's no M5 in cornering, but it does quite well.
  • alcohenalcohen Posts: 10
    HBL in Silver Spring MD has a "previously owned" 4.2, cold package, Xeon, 17" tire upgrade, CD changer with 7300 miles on it. Is asking $44,300, full warranty, that is 36 months 50K miles. Tough to decide between this and a GS400.
  • Alcohen if you are unsure whether to purchase a GS400 or A6 4.2, then you are asking the wrong question ("is this a good deal?"). GS400 is a great car, but much different than the Audi. The "feel" immediately when you sit behind the wheel, and the handling is different. I would characterize the differences as a sporty luxury car (GS400) vs a luxurious sports sedan (AUDI). On wet or snow covered roads there is nothing like Quattro which is unique to Audi.
    Go back and drive them both and then decide which meets your needs better. Then decide if the deal is the best you can get (It sounds pretty good to me, but you should factor a full year's depeciation even though it only has 7500 miles).
  • rbirns1rbirns1 Posts: 276
    Well, I'm back. Some of you veterans of this topic might remember my regular contributions from fall '99 through March '00. At the time I was choosing my next car, and as you know, I chose the A6. Melange/Melange 2.8Q with preferred and cold weather packages, to be exact. I leased the car in March, and have loved it since day 1.

    I have always said that my '90 Honda Accord was the best car I ever owned, despite being much cheaper than some of them. So far, the A6 is making me forget all about the Accord.

    My only problem thus far is an occasional squeak from the headliner above the rear view mirror. Everything else is just perfect.

    My question for you Long Islanders: Since I leased through a broker who found my car all the way up near Albany, I don't have a local dealer relationship for service. I live and work about halfway between Audi of Huntington and Biener, but it's not much further to Legend or Anchor.

    Where should I get my car serviced? My 6-month service is coming up next month, so it's time to make an appointment. Look forward to hearing from some of you.
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    I'd like suggestions on how to negotiate the best lease deal. The current Audi promotion for $399/mo on 2000's seems good on its face, but its only 10k miles per year and .20 per mile over...expensive! Should I negotiate like I'm buying, and then work the lease details? Also, any info on experiences with either Rusnak Audi in Thousand Oaks or Cutter Motors Santa Barbara would be welcomed?
  • andys3andys3 Posts: 20
    Absolutely don't tell them you're leasing at the outset! Negotiate a "cash" price, then when that's agreed ask about leasing. Specifically, you want to know the "money factor" (currently .00285 on 2001 A6 2.7T), which is a number that you multiply by 2400 to figure out the interest rate, the residual value (expressed as a percent of the MSRP after X amount of months, and any other "add-on" charges (initiation fee, termination fee). Know how long you want to lease, and how many miles/year you need. Don't put too much cash down (capital cost reduction). Most important, read the very helpful guide to Leasing on this website; it's how I learned!
  • portedported Posts: 16
    Hey mosi,

    Ever pull the trigger? Would love to know what you ended up with, the deal, etc.

  • andys3's advice is right on. Also - don't pay any "Acquisition" or "Disposition" fees. These are simply bank or dealer scams to gouge more money out of you. Why should you pay them extra to "acquire" the car or to take it back later? This is what their profit is for! Even if you have to walk, don't pay these fees. They will find a way to remove them, as they did for me.

    Also- when you compute the true interest rate, (money factor x 2400) it should be near the going rate to buy a car. I have seen deals with low cost and then high m.f. so they get their money one way or another! Take your time and read everything carefully. Don't lease for longer than the warranty!

    By the way, my neighbors bought from Rusnak in Pasadena and speak VERY highly of them, and I have been treated well at Keyes Audi in Van Nuys (but not bought yet). Good Luck!
  • mcrobmcrob Posts: 1
    Several weeks ago, I expressed my disappointed at the Bose "upgrade" audio system in my otherwise wonderful 2000 A6 2.7t. Unfortunately, I hadn't had an opportunity to A-B the two different systems before I ordered the Bose system. Although I'm not an audiophile, I do listen to music at home through Thiel speakers, etc. but I really have very modest expectations for a car audio system. However, even my modest expectations have not been met with the muddy and unpleasant-sounding Bose system. I had given up listening to music in my car altogether when a friend of my (who is a bona fide audiophile) spent ten or fifteen minutes teaking the various tone controls. Essentially, he brought down the treble significantly and eased up on the bass just a bit. Whereas we didn't succeed in getting the system to produce lovely sound, I am, though, a tad less disgruntled than I was previously and now listen to the radio from time to time and slip in a CD once in awhile. All in all, I would still caution anyone who is buying an A6 to listen to both systems before paying the $700 extra for the ostensible upgrade.
  • mbnutmbnut Posts: 7
    While I can't speak for the A6 I can share a similar disappointment with my A4's Bose system as well. This came after listening to my friends Mercedes E-Class Bose system. I am not an audiophile but the difference was striking, particularly the sweetness and the clearity of the sound. That system had two speakers near the corners of the dash compared to my one in the upper part of the door.
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