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Audi A6



  • abramaabrama Posts: 6
    Talked with the dealer this a.m. and put a refundable 500 deposit for a Silver/Tungsten Grey with all the options except for Sport Suspension (have 2 young kids so I don't think I'll be hitting the curves very hard and I don't think my wife would like the slightly "rougher" ride.) and Phone. He stated that since California is not allocated a lot of Audis with the Cold Weather Package he would have to special order it and will probably take about 2-3 months if he can change a car in production. (I guess people in California don't ski much and it doesn't get very cold here.)

    I decided to go with the Bose and Navigation System package. I read some opinions about it in the Audi World Forum, but they are not very helpful. It seemed that people liked the discreet location of the display and seemed to be accurate, but the disks cost 180. OUCH! I only decided to get this because of the Acoustic Parking. The sales rep. stated that it was a package and can't be ordered separately for 2001 model. I think that AP is very helpful especially if you kids or pets around. It can help you avoid some serious collisions and not to mention a few dents.
    Thanks for the advice Mike and Tim.
  • tlommentlommen Posts: 1
    Interesting . . . was reading along the board yesterday and noticed comments about A6 4.2 known limp mode problem in the tranny. Am very sorry to say I experienced it today. Here's what happens: usually when you drive, the gear you are driving in is highlighted. When it pops into limp mode all of the gears are highlighted across the board and a check engine light appears on the speedometer. Response is TERRIBLE - you hit the gas and the car engine revs REALLY loud but it barely moves - I held my breath to make it up a hill after stopping for a stoplight. One person had mentioned, turn the car off and turn it on - tried that, no luck immediately so limped it to the wake I was heading to (might I also say I had 3 of my coworkers in my car - I was very proud and now VERY embarrased to show off my car of three weeks old). I had called the service dept. in the dealership (with all my friends in the car)and they said I could continue to drive it until I could get it to them. After leaving the wake the car started up just fine and didn't go back to limp mode but the check engine light remained on. However, I didn't trust the issue so I dropped it off at my house - piled everyone into our second vehicle and drove them the hour back - didn't want to chance it !!! Hopefully will get it to the dealership tomorrow, by tow or if they tell me AGAIN I can drive it. Will post again when I hear what they tell me about what caused this to happen and how they will fix it.
  • jbariejbarie Posts: 3
  • stoneystoney Posts: 5

    Audi is at a low in terms of being able to supply parts and service appointments. It should improve; for example, a service center is to be built near us I am told. Sales have risen and the cars are everywhere, but the ability to build and ship parts and install them is terrible.

    So, when you take that car in to be checked, don't be surprised if they say it will be 3 weeks until they can even LOOK at it. At least with a warrantee, you get a loaner. Make sure they give you a nice one, it may be with you for awhile.

    Limp Mode:

    Our A4 tranny (automatic, non-tip from 1997) went into limp mode. All the gear lights lit up, and it would NOT go into reverse (remember this when you park!). It also would not go into fifth.

    Our dealer said it would be four weeks until they could even look at it. Fortunately (ironically), it had just gone out of warrantee, so we took it to an independent shop. This shop knew their stuff... they were the only shop (including Audi) that knew of a failure mode where water or oil can get into a connector on the tranny, causing the computer to go into transmission limp mode. That was the problem, fortunately, fixed at no cost! Whew!

    We drove our A4 in limp mode for a few days before we could get it into the shop, however. No problem. Just had to park where I didn't need to back up.

    We decided to wait a year or two to buy another Audi, until these design problems and service backlog are improved.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    Check this out. Note that you should download it first and then view it due to general weirdness in Audi's site. This is probably the problem for both of you. This tech bulletin says it is A6 4.2L only, but the one it supercedes was marked ALL USA cars.

    Summary: water ingress into connector. Get new jumper harness to prevent recurrance.

    As far as I understand this only affects the computers ability to modify the shift points and behavior. The fallback behavior is completely safe (and completely annoying) and you can drive the car as long as you can put up with it. That wouldn't be long for me. If the dealer won't look at it as an emergency thing, lie and pretend it is a huge safety deal. If that doesn't work, call AoA.

    I am calling AoA to demand they break the service logjam here in the South Bay. A crock, it is supposed to be December 6th before I can get my fuel system fixed under recall. Diablo Audi in Concord has said they will have the parts in a couple days and should fit me in a couple days after they get them. It's work the 120 mile round trip for that problem.

    AoA basically has to go through a process accusing the dealers here in the South Bay of doing a poor job of keeping their commitments. They have no other option, as apparently the two dealers down here have already franchised the whole South Bay Area. Yuck.

    As to the fuel problem, it truly is VDO's fault. Big deal, it is still a huge inconvenience. Have people had them repaired yet? Most dealers say they don't have the parts yet, but that isn't unusual for Audi. Only being a week late would be unusual. Andersen-Behel claims to be installing them already.
  • mantagmantag Posts: 47
    ya know, for all this money, and still you are having these kinds of problems and poor service. and it is not the minor nuisances that need checked/replaced(the tranny limp mode thing, tghe fuel gauge thing, long wait for parts). maybe i will wait for it to come off of lease, let someone else take the depr hit and work out the bugs.

    sounds like another audi 5000 fiasco!!!!!
  • tubeytubey Posts: 39
    It looks like it's a problem everywhere. However, I will say that when I called University Audi(VW/Subaru)last week with my temp gauge problem they told me to come right over and they would fit me in. Had they forced me to make an appointment it would not have happened until 8/16.
    But, they squeezed me in and had the problem all sorted out within a couple of hours. Even washed the car and vacuumed it out. Of course, they must have washed it with Dawn or something because it doesn't feel now like I have any wax protection left. But, I digress.

    I think the dealers try, but in our area(Seattle/Tacoma) there are only three dealers, all of them multiline stores with several brands sharing the service departments. I don't know about your area, Steve, but there are no exclusive Audi stores around here. Which makes me wonder what's going to happen when VW starts marketing their high-end line. I can't believe they're going to sell those and Audis out of the same stores. But that's another issue entirely.

    So far, I have not received a fuel gauge recall notice, so I'm curious about just which vehicles are subject to the replacement. And, like you, my gauge seems to be working fine. My car was built in 2/99, but it looks like the affected sending units go back into '98 as well. You wonder, since VDO probably supplies BMW, MB, and VW as well, are all of them experiencing the same problem?

    I did notice on the Audiworld forum that someone had theirs replaced, and it only took about three hours. But I don't know in what part of the country they reside.
  • It's surprising to hear that service can't be had this time of year -- normally August is the month when most dealerships are begging you to come in because so many customers are out of town on vacation.

    My dealer (which shall remain nameless for now) recently even sent me my first "our records indicate it's time for an oil change" notice -- even though my car is just over 60 days old and has only 2000 miles on it (when I called the service department and inquired since Audi recommends an 8000 mile change interval, they hemmed and hawed and indicated the mailing was a "mistake").
  • sdolvensdolven Posts: 20
    Question for all the folks: I am looking at several cars: Volvo S80 (2.9), A6 (2.8 and 2.7T), Infinite I30 or Acura TL3.2. I prefer the A6 2.7T but I'm not quite sure the extra Oomph is worth the $$. When I start adding options (leather/sunroof/rear airbags/Bose) even the 2.8 is close to $40,000. The 2.7T jumps to around $45,000. Is Audi dealing at all on the 2.8's? From reading here, Audi is scalping you all on the 2.7's (times are good, people have money to spend. In 18 months, you'll get a good deal).

    I like the Acura (esp. w/the pricing) but it is a different beast: not so sporty looking, handling, performance but still very nice. Only thing I don't like is the CHEAP (and I mean Saturn cheap) manual lumbar support. That is a must for me. The Infinite is an over-priced maxima, as far as I'm concerned. The Volvo I have to add a bunch to equal the A6 and then it's price is the same for less performance.

    Any advice/info on pricing =/- for 2.8 vs. 2.7T appreciated. Also, the parts and support from Audi kinda scares me from what people write here. When is VW coming out with a high end line? I didn't hear that. Time frame? Models based on what? Pricing?

    Also heard about a new Volvo S60 coming out (no concrete dates confirmed, from what I can find). Any info/ideas on that one as well?

    I live in the Atlanta area so we are limited w/dealerships.
  • petrie3petrie3 Posts: 47
    I basically agree with rollie's response above. The Volvo s80 2.9 is more fairly compared to the A6 2.8 than the 2.7t. I leased an S80 T6 for my wife last Dec. (she loves Volvo and the T6) but when it came time for me to replace my car in May,2000, I leased an A6 2.7T. The Audi was a about $1,000 more than the Volvo. Both are great cars, fast and safe. I haven't had any problems with either car so far (knock on wood! real wood inlay in Audi's case!). For me, it was an easy decision,though both cars have alot going for them. The plusses for the 2.7t included: much nicer interior, more fun to drive; german "feel", more car for the money. I think the Volvo dolby surround stereo with in dash 4 cd player is better than the Bose option on the Audi, but not by much. In short, wife loves the Volvo, I love the Audi and we both enjoy it when we get to switch cars. One thing on the T6 though. Make sure you take it for a hard test drive...the torque steer is quite pronounced. With Quattro, this is a non-event in the 2.7t. Can't go wrong with either choice. Have fun!
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    I meant to include this URL above.

    Once again, download it, then open it. It is likely to fail otherwise.
  • for July, the A6 outsold the BMW 5 series, i guess this is the first time that's happened. from auto site. maybe this year the A6 will be as popular as the 5. of course it is much more popular than the GS series.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    It seems like many of us have been in your position, considering the A6, S80, and 3.2TL. I spent a lot of time looking at all 3 before finally ordering an A6 2.8Q earlier this year.

    They're all really nice cars; I think most people can find a lot to like about each. For what it's worth, here's what I found:

    Acura 3.2TL: HUGE bang for the buck. Honda reliability, excellent power train, unobtrusive but rather boring styling, excellent navigation system standard xenon headlights. On the downside, dull interior with cheap plastics and fake wood, incomplete instrumentation, poor color choices (they make a green car and a black interior, but they won't combine the two!), no fog lights, no telescoping wheel, no heated REAR seats. Conclusion: It's a nice car, but it's boring and doesn't have any "soul".

    Volvo S80: Nice styling in that it dares to be different (from other Volvos, at least). Choice of two nice engines. Excellent sound systems, optional nav system ($2500), definite luxury feel. I really like the B pillar-mounted rear air vents and the outside mirror-mounted security lighting. Excellent color choices. Downsides: Transmissions only have 4 speeds, no manual shifting on 2.9, no xenon headlights, fake wood trim, no heated rear seats, incomplete instrumentation, HUGE torque steer on T6.

    Audi A6: Love the styling or hate it, it looks like nothing else out there. Personally, I love it. The interior has no equal, period. Full instruments (including oil temp and voltmeter), GORGEOUS red & white interior lighting (again, in a class by itself), real wood (choice of 2 types), available 6-speed manual (2.7T), 5-speed Tiptronic standard in all versions, puddle lights, F+R fog lights, power lumbar supports, headlight washers. There are really too many "little things" that the other cars don't have to list. Then there's the available quattro, heated F+R seats, xenon headlights. Audi-paid scheduled maintenance for 4 yrs./50,000 miles.

    In my view, the Audi is a no-brainer. After reading many posts here and at before I finally ordered, it seemed that the only A6s that would not offer disappointing performance were the 2.7T and 4.2. My problem was that, after crunching the numbers, I could choose between a nicely-equipped 2.8Q or a 2.7T with essentially no options. I decided to test drive a 2.8Q and was very pleasantly surprised. While it certainly does not have the sheer acceleration of the other two, it still has plenty. I ordered the 2.8Q and have never regretted it. Equally-equipped, a 2.7T would have been another 4 or 5 thousand, and that would have been a deal breaker for me. My suggestion: if you can swing the 2.7T or even the 4.2 and value their exemplary performance, go for it. You won't regret it. If those cars present an uncomfortable reach, though, and you would prefer to not spend the extra money, take a 2.8 for a drive and decide for yourself if it meets your needs. Stand on the gas pedal and see how it feels. Do the same thing at passing speeds. I think you'll be amazed.

    As for the Bose, listen to it as well as the standard system (with a few of your favorite CDs) before you decide. As near as I can tell, about half the people here prefer each system. It's by no means a given that you'll like the Bose better. Personally, I'm an avid home audiophile, and I like the sound out of the standard system better than that of the Bose.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!

    - Mike
  • When I checked on my car yesterday, I found the entire front end disassembled,down to the last nut, bolt and connector. I'm told that they will have it fully reassembled and road tested (not less than 250 miles) to ensure that the car is in perfect operating condition by next Wednesday (four weeks to the day from when I left it there). Then, they detail it as if it is being delivered as a new car. IF everyone (Sr. Tech, service advisors and I) is satisfied w/ the running condition, then off I go in my car w/ a two month lease refund. If not, a one month refund and a new, 2001 2.7T. I'll post an update next week.
  • rhewinsrhewins Posts: 5
    In response to Mike's #104 - I am an audiophile about to but a 2.7T. I assumed the Bose system would be a halfway decent midfi kind of thing, and have been surprised to hear that many prefer the base system.

    Mike, what do you listen to at home, and what specifically did you like better about the basic audio system? I can certainly believe that a more expensive system, could be merely high powered and not high quality. What's the story here (hear)?

  • zoomin3zoomin3 Posts: 1
    Hi everyone, I have followed with great interest the information, debates, and problems associated with the Audi A-6 the past few months. For the past 15 years I had not "owned" a car. My company had provided a vehicle. Late this spring I decided it was time for a personal vehicle and began the search. The A-6 met the needs (and wants) that I had for a lux. sedan. With your help I was able to close the deal on the car I wanted with the options and colors, and price in less than 30 minutes! The car had just been received that morning at the dealership. It has been 10 glorious days of "touring". The exterior color is Melange as well as the interior leather. Love it! This forum has provided a great service for me. Thank You all!
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    When I first conducted my standard vs. Bose A/B test it was to determine whether or not the Bose sounded "$750 better". I went to a dealer and asked to listen to the audio systems in cars that were outside. They honored my request to be left alone; since the cars were unlocked and since you can listen to the audio units WITHOUT the key in the ignition, the process was very easy and I didn't need to bother any of the sales people.

    After setting the tone controls in both systems for what was "optimum sound" for my ear, I found the Bose bass to be "muddy" (as opposed to "tight" and "controlled"). It wasn't necessarily more "intense" than that of the standard system, it just wasn't as "clean". (I'm assuming that we both use those words to describe similar phenomena.) While I certainly wouldn't call the sound quality of the standard system "audiophile" quality, I prefer it to that of the Bose mainly because of its low end. The bass is really pretty good, and certainly the "cleanest" I've heard in a factory system (except, perhaps, the Lexus Nakamichi system).

    In addition, the Bose system imaging is such that the music comes from behind the front seats. That, to me, sounds quite unnatural. The imaging on the standard system is more traditional, with a stronger front stage presence.

    At home, I actually listen to music through 3 different systems. The main one consists of McIntosh C36, MC7300, MC2125; Infinity Kappa 9s; Sony ES CD players (2); Denon TU680NAB; Nakamichi CR3A. It's certainly not equipment of the insane variety, but it's a notch or 2 above "mid-fi".

    Another note or two, Roger...

    1. Regardless of which system you choose, the head unit is the same. Only the speakers and amplifiers are system-specific.

    2. If you anticipate making any mods (amp OR speakers), stay away from the Bose; on that system, the Bose speakers and amps cannot be used without each other. Replace one, and you must replace the other. At that point, you've eliminated all that you spent the extra $750 for.

    3. I listen to pop/rock, jazz, and classical in my car. After 2 months of ownership, I'm very happy with the standard system. I may add a new amplifier, as I've read quite a few posts at that doing so (while leaving the factory speakers intact) dramatically improves the sound. We'll see.

    4. If you can let me know what types of music you listen to in your car, I'll gladly suggest a few "test CDs" for you.

    5. I don't have the optional CD changer and I don't miss it. It's really nice being able to just pop in what I want to listen to by using the dash-mounted player. If you decide that you want the changer, you can buy it on-line for $299.95 ($250 less than M.S.R.P.) from The car comes pre-wired and you can install the changer yourself in less than 30 minutes.

    Good luck, Roger!

    - Mike
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    In reverse order I guess. I bought the Bose mostly because that was what was in the car I was buying. I like it, I feel the quality is a cut above the regular system. The standard and Bose systems don't even share the same speaker layout, although the imaging in the front seats is good on both (IMHO). I find the bass to be lose on both systems.

    As a reference point, I can't stand Bose as a company and most of their products stink sound-wise. I was pleasantly surprised from that angle with the Audi/Bose system. It also creams many other Bose systems, for example the poor systems in the TT and C5 Vette.

    I hate to see things like such as the FAQ on replacing Bose speakers on The fellow who did this noticed he was suprised that the speakers in the Bose system were 1/3rd the weight of the speakers he was replacing them with! He said Bose was obviously cheaping out on him. Of course, he didn't have a gauss meter handy, so he didn't notice the Bose speakers are rare-earth magnets and put out a field equivalent to the speakers he replaced them with.

    Anyway, definitely do not buy the factory changer unless you are completely afraid of electrical stuff. There are instructions on on how to install the CD changer yourself and save a bundle. Even if you do buy the changer from the dealer, buy it in a separate transaction as an add-on to avoid paying DMV registration fees on the cost of the changer over the lifetime of the car. Any add-ons you buy with the car add to the price of the car which the DMV taxes you on. Any you buy later aren't subject to these taxes.

    Finally, putting tape over the port on the Bose subwoofer has helped with the muddiness for some people. I can't imagine that's really a high-grade solution though.

    Acura 3.2TL:
    Yes, what a deal. It is a very good car, almost with the pack of $40K cars (from C&D's review), yet it costs just over $30K. I toyed with the idea for a while, but I just don't like Honda interiors. They are plasticky. The 3.2TL shares this problem. Still, quite peppy, very reliable, and comfortable. And cheap.
  • rhewinsrhewins Posts: 5

    Thanks for the response. Were those Mac's tube components in your home system? I have a VTL amp myself, with Proac response IIs, a passive line stage and Altis reference transport and D/A converter. Had a Velodyne 15 inch sub years ago, but sold it. Wonderful base, but cost me some transparency.

    I can believe the Bose bass is muddy, and that would be a major problem for me. I like blues, jazz and classical, and a muddy low end can ruin everything. I could very well replace the whole system later anyway, so unless the sound I hear is dramatically different from what you heard, I'll stick with the base system (at least for now).

    I also prefer popping a CD into the dash. I have a 10 disk changer now and rarely use it.

    Thanks for the help.

  • Well, its been only a few weeks since I leased my 2000 Audi A6 2.7T Quattro and posted my first Topic on the Edmunds Town Hall. It appears my excitement has caught on, seeing how many new Responses there have been since my initial post back in mid-July '00.

    Since there are so many comments, ideas and thoughts out there, I decided I would jump into a few issues.

    First, for all of you discussing "wind" noise at 70mph and above...all I can say is it must be nice having the ability to go that fast in your part of this beautiful country we call America. For me, here in Atlanta Georgia, my Average Speed that last two tank fulls has been about 28mph!!

    Our traffic sucks, so I spend the majority of my commute fiddling with all the buttons and gizmos inside my new Audi 2.7T.

    Second, regarding good deals...My car has the Conv. Pkg, Two-tone Leather seating (vanilla/onyx), Bose, Xenon, 6-CD Changer, Tiptronic and Racing Green Pearl exterior color.

    I leased this 2000 machine for $625/mo on a Cap Cost of $40,500 with $0 down, no security dep, and the 12K mileage limit. Is this a good deal...don't know, don't care...since I'm having a blast driving this car.

    Third, regarding the twin-turbo performance and reliability... with a 39 month lease (all covered under warranty) I don't see a concern... Just drive the damn car and you'll see what a "blast" you'll have.

    Fourth, on the Quattro questions... I can tell you this car handles like a dream... My Audi Service guy tells me that the Q-system will remove power from the wheels and automatically back off the throttle (despite what the driver's foot is doing) to prevent the tires from breaking loose. Way Cool!!!!

    Finally, I am glad to hear all of you who are as excited to finally see something other than a BMW 528 or Lexus GS series "tooling" around your neighborhood. I've had several folks stop and ask me all sorts of questions about my new A6 2.7T. I am glad to report I am fully satisfied.

  • Anyone having this problem with their Audi's with the HomeLink Visor option...

    I've had the Audi dealer replace the driver side sun-visor (Homelink option) because I'm hearing a "bumble bee" like buzzing noise emitting from the damn thing.

    First, I thought the buzzing noise was coming from inside the headliner (above the driver's visor), or possibly from the left front window pillar.

    The Audi Service guy says that 90% of the time the buzzing noise is traced back to the Homelink Visor.

    Since replacing I've noticed the noise is "sort of gone", but I still hear a muffled version of the buzzing...

    Before I have the visor replaced for the 2nd time I was wondering if anybody else is experience this problem? If so, what have you done about it...other than turning the radio volume up!

  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Recently on a road trip(excellent in the A6) I got a stone chip on the windshield. I went to my insurance agent and they gave me the name of an auto-glass company.

    I talked to the auto glass company and had them order me a new windshield. I insisted they get me an actual Audi windshield, instead of a PPG one the put in fords...

    After a week of waiting I took my car in. They called me back latter to tell me the windshield wouldn't fit, they had to order another. When I asked if they could put the old windshield in they said it was damaged when they pulled it off.

    So my car will be out for a week while I drive a 2000 Lumina. If you really want to appreciate your car...go drive a poor poor Audi

  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    I finally got mine replaced because of distortion. Someone on here (I think) said not to worry, the replacement would be made in the US, and so probably wouldn't have the same problem as the old one.

    I wish that were the case. It appears Audi shipped a windshield across the pond for me, and it is as distorted as the old one.


    Maybe in a couple years I'll buy my own PPG replacement to finally fix these distortions.
  • sdolvensdolven Posts: 20
    Many people here have commented on pricing for the 2.7T, but is Audi sticking to it's pricing on the 2.8? Is it in as much demand as the 2.7T?

    What are you paying/being quoted for the 2.8? A little above invoice? $2,000 above? $2,500 above?

    Would love to have some input on this one, as my earlier post noted that w/options I want, the 2.8 nears $40K but the 2.7T jumps to $45+.

    From what comments I have recieved back, it seems most concurr that the Acura 3.2TL is a step below, the Volvo S80 is priced equal w/less "nicities" and performance. I think I have made up my mind on the A6 2.8 (besides...with a 11 month old son in the back, I don't want him to get whiplash w/the 2.7T he he he). You can send me e-mail on pricing if you want:
    [email protected]

    Thanks in advance for all the info and tips!
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    I actually purchased my 99.5 A6 2.8Q (all packages) around this time last year. I paid just over 36K. 40K seems kinda high(with all options) for the 2.8.

    I'm not too sure about this year, last year they had a few rebates.

    good luck
  • Responding to #115 & #116...

    Heres the "poop" as I've heard it. Audi maybe dealing other places, but not really here in Atlanta, GA...

    I was blessed to get the last 2000 model off the show room floor (with all the options I wanted), before the 2001 models arrived. I got a heck of a deal on my A6 2.7T Quattro, plus the money factor from Audi Finance was superb.

    2001 models are going up in price. And since A6 ownership has become a hot commodity lately, Audi seems to be sticking to their MSRP pricing.

    Going with the 2.7T automatically gets you the Quattro system. That alone "jacks" up the MSRP near $43K. Then throw in Bose, Xenon and CD changer (maybe even Warm-Weather package) and you are pushing $45Kplus.

    If you don't mind "renting" the vehicle instead of outright ownership...go with a three year lease. I mean...even though its an Audi, all cars depreciate. Why would you want to pay cash or finance a depreciating asset?

    Audi Finance can even do the following:

    Say you had enough "dough" to pay cash up front for your new Audi A6, Audi Finance could do an up front "total" lease whereby you essentially pay your three year total lease payment now (say about $27K). Then you simply put the rest of your money (the balance between the Cap Cost and the Residual Value) in the bank or stock market to earn a better yield.

    Check this out if you are a serious lease maker.

  • mosi1mosi1 Posts: 12
    Anyone have recent experience with Audi dealershios in the Chicago area? I'm close to serious shopping time and am looking for a 2000 "leftover", either 2.7T, if the price is right, or a very well equipped 2.8Q. If that doesn't work I'll consider a 2001. I understand about $1500 over invoice is typical on a 2001.
  • For what it's worth, I just agreed to a deal on a 2001 2.7, loaded w/everything but Bose and Navigation for $2K over invoice Rietzl Audi, Norwell MA). Could I have done better? Probably, but this dealership has spent a lot of time with me educating me on Audis, quattro and the other qualities that go into their cars. Also, I was able to test drive numerous vehicles (2.7, 4.2, S4, TT)to help me decide what was right for me. I may have done better via the internet, or I could have ground the guy down another couple hundred buck, but I thought it was a fair deal and I'm happy with my decision.
    Now I can't wait to get the car!
  • tmayer1tmayer1 Posts: 7
    TO Mosil:
    I Bought my 2.7 silver with Onyx from
    Laurel in Westmont in June.
    My Salesman was Art Rodrieguiz.
    He was a pretty good guy, but to be honest the cars sell themselves.
    As Most 2.7's it was pretty much loaded.
    Cold weather, Sunroof, Bose, Zenons ( got to have them).

    I went t three dealers in the Chicago Area.
    (1) The Exchange in Highland Park.
    (2) Lober Downtown.
    (3) Laurel in Westmont.
    Pricing was pretty Comparable.
    The difference was the 2.7's from Lober and
    The exchange Had the Navigation on them and they
    wanted to discount them,but It still cost more.
    From what I understand the Nav is a waste of Money

    Also I live in Lyons, so the Dealer in Westmont made the most sence. (Versus driving to Highland
    Park for service.)

    As for Left over 2.7's. GOOD LUCK.
    They were the hottest Audi seller this summer.
    In fact , Last week in the trib there was not
    even (1) for sale.

    One suggestion though, There is a new and from
    what I understand a Big Dealer in Naperville
    that is owned by the Continental Group.
    Whether that is Good, Im not sure.

    One final Thing. If you decide on the A6.
    It Must be a 2.7 That is the NO Brainer of your life.

    One Minor Complaint. I am still getting used to
    the Stiff seats. I guess in the end it is the best
    But After My "Couch" in my olds it is a little

    Hope this helps.
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Posts: 861
    Denver only has 2 Audi dealers, and they're about 30 miles apart. I feel your pain.
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