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Audi A6



  • Is it possible to save gas when driving on the highway by shifting from automatic mode to Tip mode and forcing the transmission to stay in 5th?

    Certainly if you put the Tip in 4th and left it there you would hurt your mileage...
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    It is possible you could save gas by using the tip, but the tranny is usually in 5th before you know it anyway, at least on the 2.7T. The tranny is already in 5th gear at 45 mph, and if you slow back down, it will hold it down past 35 mph. The acceleration in 5th at 35mph is not exactly stunning. It's better than I expected, but nothing like you expect from a 250HP car.

    Oh, I forgot to mention, where to shift is one of the things the tranny learns automatically. I go pretty gentle on my car, so it shifts early it's possible that other 2.7T drivers who leadfoot it more often have higher shift points.
  • piper6piper6 Posts: 3
    It finally arrived.I picked up my A6 last week and have run my first tank of gas thru it. Now I can appreciate all of the rave notices. For the record, my car built on June 17, has the passenger side seat memory and the immobilizer- no apparent windshield distortion. The only problem I have is a noise that comes on at about 50 mph that sounds like a window is slightly open. I plan on doing a little detective work before I sic the dealer on it.
    I found the telephone connector in the wheel well including the antena lead wire . I temporarily wired in my analog phone but I get no signal when I hook the pre wired antena lead up to the cell phone. Does any one know where the antena is or why no signal? The phone works fine if I attach a window mount.
  • Does anyone know how the Audi daytime running lamps are configured (as in for Canadian models)? Is there a module that plugs in somewhere in the wiring harness?

  • Has anyone asked their dealer to refill their engine with synthetic oil at Audi-paid oil changes (within the 3 year maintenance program)?

    If so, how have you and the dealer agreed on pricing, insofar as synthetic oil is more expensive?

    Have you provided the oil and gotten some sort of service credit? Or has the dealer provided the oil and asked you to pay the cost difference?
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Welcome to the club, Ben. As you'll see, the car keeps getting better and better the longer you have it. If you haven't yet been there, I recommend that you join the A6 forum at, too. There are a lot of A6 owners there with a lot of great info.

    When you get a chance, please come back and post the details about your car, e.g. engine, tranny, colors, options, etc.

    - Mike
  • I'm days away from purchasing a 2000 A6 2.7T & have been told with a performance chip & air intake modification I can increase the HP from 250 to 310. Has anyone else heard of this upgrade or is my chain being pulled. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Livio, how about 310 WITHOUT air intake mods? There are several chips available both for the 2.7T engine, and the tiptronic trans. One of the favorites seems to be PES/GIAC. You can find them at this link:

    Don't have a 2.7T yet, so haven't had personal experience, but those who have used PES, seem to be very pleased. Of course, there are other issues, like your warranty. But those who have chipped their 2.7T's have thought through these and decided on a way to deal with them, or that the tradeoffs are worth the extra power.

    Good luck, and let us know what you find out.
  • hello26hello26 Posts: 62
    In regard to above post--Volkswagen and Porsche coming into existence after WWII is not the beginning of Volkswagen's history. War production was turned into automobiles as would have been done. Volkswagen, the people's car, came into existence as part of a program Hitler had whereby stamps like the famous American green stamps were to be traded for cars.
  • Thanks for responding so quickly. This mod involves sending the computer out for a new prom, changing the air filter to K&N type & modifying air intake. The new prom supposedly behaves just like a stock prom to diagnostic computer at dealership but improves HP to 315 on Dyno. I'm going to drive a 2.7T with these upgrades on Sat.
    8/7/00 & compare it to stock 2.7T. If its for real I'll definitely be going for the upgrade. I'll let you know how it turns out.
  • piper6piper6 Posts: 3
    Mike,I took your suggstion and got onto Auidworld. Got several responses to my cellphone antena question and another poster with the same problem. We'll get to the bottom of the antena question sooner or later. As to the details of my new A6--Melange/ melange, Quattro 2.8, rear seat air bags, sun roof ,leather and premium pkg.
    I suspect I'm a tad older than most of you so I don't long for that Turbo kick. Besides I have a red 63 E type Jaguar in the stall next to the A6 if my hormones get active (no put down to you 2.7T owners intended) .
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Sounds like a great car, Ben. I also have a 2.8Q and am very pleased with the performance of the power train so far. While it isn't a rocket like the other iterations of the A6, it holds its own very well and I have no regrets; hopefully, you feel the same way.

    Have fun with your new car!
  • jbariejbarie Posts: 3
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    I get that occasionally. I believe it is just driveline windup. What is that? Well, it is particular to full-time AWD cars. Luckily, it is rare on the Audis. A friend has a Land Rover Discovery II, and it happens all the time to him.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Jacob, I'm waiting out a lease for a 2.7T and sublimating by enjoying this board and AudiWorld. I've read most of the posts on AudiWorld over the last few months and what you're describing sounds a lot like what some other posters have experienced. It seems the first to second shift in the A6 has a peculiarity that a few posters on AudiWorld have described in detail. You might want to try the search function here and on AudiWorld for a more detailed first-hand description. I'm driving a Lexus ES300 now that shifts almost imperceptibly. Yet I can recall one or two occasions when I fooled the transmission with something I did when accelerating quickly that resulted in a clunk when it downshifted. Unless someone with more specific knowledge knows better, I wouldn't be too concerned about it.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    Having ridden in an ES300 and driven a 2.7T, there is no difference in the shifts normally, both are barely perceptible 1-2 and pretty much imperceptible on the rest.

    Driveline windup is a result of slack in a full-time AWD system. The more slack, the more common windup is. At every connection between the center diff and wheels, there is a little slack. Now, the slack can allow the driveline to come to a rest where the engine is trying to hold the axles back (trailing the axles) or where it is leading the axles (driving them). When you transition between the two, there is a certain amount of twist that can come from the center diff before any movement is made at the wheels.

    So, what happens is you are under braking, for some reason, the front axle is leading the drivetrain, and the rear axle is trailing it. Now, the rear is trailing, because some engine power (drag) is pulling it back. When you apply engine, the rear axle starts getting head of the drivetrain rather rapidly. So, the center diff sends the power rearward quickly because the rear part of the drivetrain wants it. Just as you get momentum built up, you reach the end of the slack, and WHAM!

    It happens to me most commonly when I go from coasting to moderately heavy braking and quickly back to the gas. By far the most common case for me is when going over a speed bump. Coast, brake, bump, gas, WHUMP!

    You learn to make it not happen, although it really isn't your fault anyway.

    Audi does a good job of minimizing this as much as they can. This is one reason that I think that eventually part-time auto-engaging systems will be considered the best AWD available.

    If I've got this all wrong, someone please tell me.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Great job explaining driveline wind-up, Steve. Although I think I've experienced it in my A6, I never really paid much attention to it. I surely never knew that there was actually a term used to describe it! Thanks for providing such a clear explanation.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    There is also a known problem with some 4.2 trannys. However, if you have it, you should end up in limp mode at some point. What is limp mode? If you get in it, you'll know why it is named that. Had something to do with fluid contamination.

    Perhaps you could ask your dealer about this next time you are in. Frankly, it probably isn't the problem you are having, but you never know.
  • I've now driven a 2.7T with the upgrade & a stock 2.7T back to back & all I can say is wow!!! As impressed as I was with my test drives of the stock car (3 in all), I was blown away by the extra power that the upgrade brings to the table. All of the cars were 6 speed manuals & non had the sport suspension though 1 stock car had Dunlap 9000's on it. This upgrade brings the car to another level of performance not just in its 0 to 60 time (if it was 6.0 it has to be mid 5's now) but in its all around handling of the twisties. On fast turns you could put the car into a controlled 4 wheel slide going into the turn & floor the gas halfway thru which pulled the car straight & thru the turn like nothing I've ever driven before. I own a 87 Buick turbo "T" which has a chip upgrade, ram air scoop, intercooler upgrade, exhaust upgrade etc. & I believe this 2.7t will give it a run for its money 0 to 60 because of its all wheel drive & virtually no wheel spin on take off. On the run the Buick feels more powerful 20 to 60/70 in a straight line but throw some turns in & its no contest. I will be getting the upgraded A6 2.7T the middle of next week & can't wait. Thanks to all for sharing their experiences with these cars as it made my choice in what to buy so much easier.
  • jbariejbarie Posts: 3
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    It's not my terminology, it is Audi's. It is described in the manual somewhere. Your gear selector display on your dash will invert or something like that. And the tranny will start shifting like crap. I think it also limits the top speed to 45mph or something.
  • abramaabrama Posts: 6
    I am shopping for a 2001 2.7T with all the options except for the sport suspension and phone. I have two prices thus far. A dealer matched Costco pricing at 1500 over invoice and was 1278 over invoice. Wanted to know if these were reasonable and if anyone has found a lower price in California.

    I am not sure how true this is, but one dealer stated that Audi was limiting the allotment of 2001 2.7T to dealerships. Any truth to that and why would Audi limit the number. I would think that they would try to sell as many as they can. Apparently this their 2nd or 3rd best selling car in their line-up.
  • hello26hello26 Posts: 62
    I'd like to understand this but I'm not sure that I do. What I want to know is: does the Quattro system create vibration? If so, which parts of the car vibrate and when?

    A article about 4Motion said that with it and with A6 and A4, slight vibration is felt through the steering wheel at low speeds.

    My concern is a smooth ride. The new Subaru I am driving vibrates the entire cabin violently. It might be a bad engine mount. I think it
    is poor design and a cheaply made car (the car is crude beyond belief). I think the AWD might be part of it, however, because power is be transfered under the entire car. I thought about this and I thought RWD can be as smooth as glass.

    I loved the 4000. If that was FWD, Audi FWD is underated. I've driven the 4Motion Passat and
    I didn't notice any vibration.
    After buying the "ride so smooth because it is based on a car" bs of Fuji Heavy Industries, I
    feel very confused about the true nature and possible drawbacks of AWD cars.
  • bollingerbollinger Posts: 207
    On my A6 2.7T. I can't see how AWD would cause this.

    Depending on config, your Subaru is probably part-time AWD anyway, and so the dyanmics of it will be entirely different from a full-time Audi.

    I've found Subarus to ride very well, I would try another car, of if you already own it, get it repaired.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Mike, both prices are really good for anywhere, particularly this early in the season. If a dealer had a 2.7T I wanted at $1500 over invoice, I'ed grab it. Someone pointed out that carorder had inflated the MSRP on the 2.7T. I'ed double check their MSRP against AoA's site, or here, at Edmonds where you can also get invoice pricing. I have no information about allocation of 2.7T's, but I wouldn't be surprised. The car is selling, and AoA, and perhaps the German parent would prefer to sell the 4.2. Maybe they think if they restrict the supply of 2.7T's, they'll sell more 4.2's. Simplistic thinking, but a possible motive.

    Hello26, I've only been able to test drive the 2.7T so far, but that particular 2.7T was even smoother than the particular Lexus ES300 I've been leasing. My wife is leasing a Subaru Legacy, and despite being on it's 3rd engine in less than 50k, it's reasonably smooth for a boxer engine. Certainly, there's no vibration problem in the cabin. It sounds to me as if your car has either a broken engine mount, or something seriously wrong with the drivetrain.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    On the contrary, my 2000 A6Q is exceptionally smooth and devoid of vibration. My car is only 2 months old and has seen only dry, reasonably smooth pavement. So far, I've detected no unwelcome sensations. In fact, the only way I can tell that the car has AWD when I'm driving it is by looking at the badging on the dash.
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    Those are great deals, Mike. My recommendation: go to's web site and configure the car exactly as you would order it. Then, print out the carOrder "invoice". Based upon their invoice price, decide how much more (if any) you'd be willing to pay a conventional dealer for the same car. Then, take the carOrder invoice to your nearby dealer(s) and let them know you're a serious buyer, ready to talk business. Show them the invoice and see if you can strike a deal that's acceptable to you. If so, great; if not, place an order through carOrder.

    Keep in mind that if you're doing a special order from the factory, it's unlikely that your wait time will be affected by who you order through. The only thing to watch out for is ordering from a dealer who has used up all of their allocation for the next-too-many months; if they're in effect "sold out" due to too many pending orders, that'll hurt you.

    I ordered my A6 through carOrder in January at $592 over invoice. That's when they were actually subsidizing portions of many deals, mine included. As far as I'm concerned, if they can give you a significant enough price advantage, there's no reason to not go with them. They're courteous, they do what they say they'll do, and they seem reasonably concerned about customer satisfaction. Similarly, though, if they don't provide you with a significant price advantage, I see no reason to deal with them. They add a layer to the transaction that, without a price advantage, is of no value to you the buyer.

    A note of caution: For the past week or so, 2001 Audi pricing has been missing from carOrder's web site. Before that, it was full of errors (Premium Luxury Package ERRONEOUSLY shown as "no charge", then M.S.R.P. over-stated by $1000). It would be a good idea to verify the "$1278 over invoice" before proceeding.
  • abramaabrama Posts: 6
    Thanks for the advice on pricing. I've decided the difference in price is not significant enough for me to go through Mike that was an incredible price for the 2000 A-6.

    Any input on the guidance system. The dealer did not have a car with it in the lot and the brochure does not explain it well. It seems that compared to the Acura/Lexus/MB, it doesn't have a nice display on the center console. It's located between the speedometer and rpm and only shows arrows and distance. Anyone tried it and how expensive is it per year and how accurate is it? Apparently the Acura has the best system and MB the most confusing.

    Also the dealer asked me about an extended warranty(does not include free maintenance) for around 1300 to increase it to 6yr./72000. I think Audi has fixed the reliability problem and from what I read the turbos do last a very long time without major problems. Any input is greatly appreciated. thanks.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Mike, I don't have any first hand experience with Audi's guidance package, but have read quite a few posts from people who have it. The consensus seems to be it isn't very good and is not worth the money.

    Concerning extended warranties - You don't have to buy them from the dealer. These are insurance policies, and the dealer markup is 200% to 300%. And if you decide you want one, you don't have to buy them at the same time you purchase the car. It can be advantageous to wait a little. I'ed suggest taking a look at the link below for a little more info:
  • mpuzachmpuzach Posts: 635
    I have no experience with Audi's navigation system, either, other than knowing that it doesn't approach the quality of Acura's. Absent the ability to play with one on an actual car, your best bet may be to go to the A6 forum and read what other owners of the system have to say. Just search the archives for "Guidance" and you'll pull up a lot of posts.

    Regarding extended warranties, I agree with Timothy. Usually, the only people who come out ahead are those who sell the policies. In your case, they're trying to sell you 1 additional year or 22,000 additional miles for $1300. That sounds pretty steep. I'd pass.

    A few other suggestions, before you order:

    1. Listen to both audio systems (standard "Symphony" and Bose) first, with a few of your favorite CDs. Be sure that you adjust them both to be either "flat" OR for the most pleasing sound you can get out of them, in order to be comparing apples to apples. Only then can you decide which is for you. To assume that you'll be happier with the Bose because it's the extra cost system would be a BIG mistake. Many people (myself included) prefer the sound of the standard system over that of the Bose. (Head units are the same; only the speakers and amplifiers are different.)

    2. Xenon headlights are fabulous. They're worth every penny. If you have any doubt, take 2 A6s (one with xenons, one without) to a dark street and see the difference for yourself. (The improvement is even more pronounced in poor visibility such as rain.) F.Y.I., xenons are included in the Premium Package which also includes steering wheel stereo & phone controls and auto-dimming inside & outside mirrors. The phone controls are useless unless you get the Audi phone (very expensive, analog only), but the other stuff is great.

    3. If you're going with a 2.7T, you'll need to decide whether or not to get the Sport Package. A lot of folks have some pretty strong opinions on both sides, so just be sure which way you want to go before ordering. Again, if you're not sure, the folks at can help.

    4. Speaking of packages, The Guidance Package includes both the navigation system and "Parktronic" rear parking assistance. You can't get one without the other.

    Hope some of this helps. Have you chosen your colors yet?

    - Mike
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