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Audi A6



  • MKN, that's amazing. I talked to Audi Client Relations, told them the same story, and they said that based on my situation, the AoA zone rep would not even consider meeting with me.

    Am I getting picked on or what? I was more than polite and never developed any "attitude" with her, she just flat out stated that my control arms were going to be my problem to pay for.

    I can't help but feel like the red-headed stepchild of the A6 family... Perhaps I should be more aggressive.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    The Dunlop SP9000's were on another 1998 A8 that was owned by my best friend, the road noise was unbelievable. He now has an S class with staggered sp9000's and with 9500 miles so far is staring to develop some road roar.

    As he had his car while I had my A6, I opted for the Pirelli p7000's (all four). They were quiet for a little while, but at about 10k miles they started to hum and were roaring full force at about 18k miles. Interestingly, I was cleaning up my 18"s Sunday and noticed that there is a huge amount of tread separation on one tire. It doesn't look like I had far to go before the whole tread cap blew off. Of course this is on the tire with the least amount of tread left (below wear bars)so I'm not going after Pirelli. The other's were horribly cupped (even though I rotated religiously every 5k miles). This showed me one flaw in Audi's service program, and I'm inclined to follow the old school of aligning every 10k miles especially if I out the 18's back on. Apparently FL has a great amount of crushed shells and coral in the concrete mix they use combined with our high heat, works tires pretty hard.
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    There are numbers and facts that can help us make our decisions on which car to buy. The crash test statistics from the government and insurance institute, while not perfect, are good indicators of how a car will do in a front end crash (by the way, the Passat scored highest in both these tests, which is rare. Most vehicles do well in one or the other). Other numbers are performance related, acceleration, braking, slalom speed, etc. Then there are the reliability stats from thousands of owners from J.D. Power and Consumer Reports.
    I don't think I judged my spouse by her performance stats, measurements and reliability, but then again...
  • All the posts pertaining to the Passat W8 make it sound pretty interesting.

    Clarification please: The new W8 Passat will be based on or identical to the current 2001.5 New Passat, true?

    If true, the New Passat (W8) will not have a wheelbase that is as long as the current A6, also true?

    If both are true, then the W8 would be inbetween an A4 and an A6?

    And, based on what I have read, the W8 will be less than $40K?

    OK so I reread Car and Driver for their comments on Passats (old and new) -- they like the Passat, perhaps it is not a stretch to say they love it. But, while the comments are generally glowing, they compare the Passat to Accords and Camrys (and perhaps even certain Mazadas) and generally say that it is a top class European Family Sedan. And this is not meant to be a Japanese bash, it would be somewhat different if they said the New Passat was like a Lexus or Infinity -- since this board is is some fashion comparing the Passat to the Audi (A4 or A6 depending on who's posts you read).

    They also rave over the A6 (one of the C&D 10best) and they use terms like Sport Sedan, which they also save for BMW and some Mercedes reviews and editorials.

    To read the review of the New Passat for example is to read a review that makes the car seem simultaneously Audi like and in the very next sentence, Lumina like. Uh, er, is this the "best of both worlds" -- I thought that Piech was positioning the VW marques to go up against Mercedes -- I guess we have to wait for the D1 for that. That, BTW, was a question or at least a request for this erudite group's thoughts on the subject.

  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    Just finished with the Tirerack. While they were unwilling to say it was their fault, they are sending me four HR rated Goodyears and taking mine back. The rep said that he had suggested upgrading but noted that "The customer ordered the wrong speed rated tire". We had a little "clarification" discussion where I reminded him the upgrade we spoke of was a plus zero upgrade and that while I don't know everything, I do know that if the manufacturer puts on one speed rating as OEM you don't put a lesser one on the car. They were quick to say that these definitely are the wrong tires with too low a speed and load rating for the torque, horsepower and weight of this car. My new tires will be in next week, but I will have to pay to have them mounted and balanced. I think I'll just take it to the dealer and have them do it and ship the "old" tires back from there.
  • You will then have Goodyear LS at 225x55x17, correct? Good to hear they owned up to the error.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    Jared's information certainly looks authoritative, and while both my German and recollection of metric conversions are a little rusty, I have no reason to doubt his data. The inescapable conclusion is that the table, which lists Audi platforms, erred in showing the W8 Passat being built on the same size platform as the A6's. Though I still think that Auto Week's photos of the W8 looked larger than the normal Passat, but of course, that could just be the photos.

    However my information concerning the marketing intent for the W8 is different than Jared's. My perusal of auto mags, particularly Autoweek, suggest that VW, or at least VW o A, plans to try to position it as virtually a separate model, despite having the Passat designation. Time will tell. The mags have also suggested that you won't see many of them, intending that it is to be a "hallo" car that rubs off on the rest of the VW line. Plenty of leather, wood, Bi-xenons and electronic goodies.

    As Mark observed, the current Passat has a wheelbase and track between that of the old A4 and current A6. I know that the '02 A4 is bigger, though I don't recall the dimensions, which would have to mean it's closing in on Passat size. Saw some decent photos of a bunch of new A4's over at AW, they are GOOD looking cars.

    The prices I've seen quoted are around $40K, but if it's anything like Audi prices, I'd suspect it to end up north of there, particularly if they're in limited supply. I think one of the biggest steps forward for VW, is the new warranty. Believe it's 4/50K. I think that more than anything will begin to elevate VW's perception in the U.S. But while Piech wants VW to compete with Mercedes, I think it will be a long time coming in the U.S. And I think that's is why journalists looking for easy comparisons are more comfortable comparing a Passat to a Camry than an E class.
  • bertram60bertram60 Posts: 113
    Yes, I'll have 225/55/17 HR rated tires back on the car. I think I'm going to get the S8 sport suspension and refinish and put fresh rubber on my 18's for a while.

    The only thing that irritates me at this point is that Tirerack is making me pay the shipping back on the old tires and will probably not include the 1st set of shipping charges in my refund. I will also be on the hook for 4 additional mount and balances as well. I'm going to wait until I see a refund before I start to complain, I have, after all, put about 500 miles on these tires and don't know what they plan on doing with them when I return them. Trust me, if I don't get 100% of my money back the calls and letters will start flying.
  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    MarkCincinnati asked:

    "Clarification please: The new W8 Passat will be based on or identical to the current 2001.5 New Passat, true?" True.

    "If true, the New Passat (W8) will not have a wheelbase that is as long as the current A6, also true?" True.

    "If both are true, then the W8 would be inbetween an A4 and an A6?" Certainly in between the 2001 A4 and the A6. My recollection is the same as timcars that the 2002 A4 has a wheelbase that is a couple inches longer than the 2001 A4. Dunno the exact numbers or how that compares to the Passat's wheelbase.

    "And, based on what I have read, the W8 will be less than $40K?" It's been a while since I read an article about it, but yes, that seems to be my recollection as well.

    I'm not aware of VW planning to market the W8 Passat separately from the standard Passat, as timcar suggested. On the one hand, it would make sense since there's a big spread in price between a strippo 1.8T Passat GLS (~$20k) and the W8. On the other hand, the cars will look almost identical on the outside, so how do you market the same car two different ways?

    The Passat is certainly tuned to have a relatively soft ride. Too soft for my tastes. It isn't marketed as a sport sedan. Thought I'd read on VWVortex a while back about folks putting on Audi A4 factory sport suspension parts on Passats. But I may be hallucinating. Certainly there are aftermarket solutions, but most folks buying a $40k Passat won't be interested in that sort of thing, I suspect.

    I agree with timcar about the warranty issue. The previous 2 year warranty was a joke.

    I think the bigger issue is going to be the VW stealerships themselves. I have a hard time seeing a typical BMW/Lexus owner walking into one of these dumps, getting treated poorly by the typical VW salesman, getting treated even worse by the service dept., getting a Chevy Cavalier loaner car (after waiting 45 minutes for the local rental car people to deliver it), and then being happy they bought a $40k VW. VWOA has a LONG way to go to bring their dealerships up to par.

  • nedzelnedzel Posts: 787
    timcar, I'm sure your german is much better than mine, since I don't speak any. I translated that web page using babelfish...

  • I've been reading about PSK swaybars and Eibach sport springs being installed (at dealerships) by many A6ers over at AW. Could someone explain in English what this does? Does the ride become overly harsh? It seems like a relatively inexpensive way to have some fun.
  • The ride will for my tastes actually improve since it becomes both more predictable and less floaty; body roll, or lean, will be reduced. The car will corner better and will "feel" more like it is on rails than the stock A6 suspension. This upgrade -- and I have had a similar one done on an A8 -- has no "side effects" -- the car did not squeak, rattle or seem in any way negatively effected. Add to this Sway bars and Springs a new set of Max performance or Ultra High performance plus Zero'd tires and you as you mentioned will increase your "fun factor" for a relatively small amount of dough!

    Zoom zoom indeed!
  • the A6 has now begun to sell at a higher rate than the E class and 5 series for July. it's been selling above the 5 series for quite a while. but it's finally sold more than the E. havent seen that in recent memory. the A6 has now caught on as a benchmark car in the category.
  • I have two significant problems with my 2001 Audi A6 2.7T. Audi has been unable to locate them and I am very frustrated. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. The car vibrates intensely with braking at highway speed. Audi replaced the rotors and cleaned sensors. Steering wheel shakes etc.

    2. The car has a squeaking (not a squealing)sound when the windows are down ; like a spring is squeaking-- it's worse when braking. Sounds like suspension more than brakes. No cause found by Audi after repeated visits.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    The brake vibration problem is common. If it's bad enough to bother you, keep taking it back to the dealer.

    Squeaking noise is a new one, and could be just about anything.

    You may want to visit here:

    try a search and post your question again. I'd wait until Tuesday morning to post, as the board gets really slow on weekends and holidays, and if you post now, is likely to get buried.

    Good luck.

  • For those of you following the saga of my A6 4.2's both 2000 and 2001 models, we are now at a point where my service manager has taken the next unofficial step.

    He has, of course, had to deal with some internal hurdles, either with his employer, the dealer or with AoA. These hurdles are NOT indicative of a lack of cooperation or willingness to "cure" the problem. They appear to be hurdles that relate to the accounting and payment mechanisms between AoA and the individual dealership.

    The service manager has located from a company called KVH a set of aftermarket A6 4.2 rotors(which I am told are either similar or identical to the 2.7T, the A8 and recent S4's.)

    These rotors are specifically made for the Audi's but they are full of holes -- they are "cross drilled." These rotors cost more than the "internal" cost of Audi parts and of course do not come from an AoA warranty warehouse -- hence the two or three day delay. The service manager has to get them paid for, and there is no direct method to do so -- but, there is an exception method. The service manager told me at first to bring my car in on Sept 4th for the new cross drilled rotors (and new Audi pad replacement). Then he called me at the last minute to tell me it would be a couple of days delayed.

    The point of all of this to anyone on this BB who, like me and apparently so many others (when you take into account the postings on the AudiWorld forums added to the postings here at edmunds) who have this brake "shuddering" or as timcar has called it "purring" is to inform you that Audi and this dealer, Joseph Northland Audi, Cincinnati, genuinely want to fix the issue and are, IMO, going to extraordinary lengths to do so.

    Perhaps other high line auto mfg's and dealers would do the same, I suspect that the vast majority of car companies and dealers would not go to these lengths. Once more, Audi and AoA and my dealer have shown their willingness to make the customer happy.

    While I am still not happy -- at his very moment -- with the brakes on this high-buck German car, I am delighted with the company and the dealer and this, among a few other reasons (including the product overall is excellent) is why I continue to praise Audi and AoA and will continue to "vote with my dollars" by buying yet other Audis in the not too distant future. I hear the 2003's will be another leap forward.

    As soon as I get the new cross drilled rotors and pads installed and drive them around 200+ miles, I will again report.

    Happy, safe labor day.

  • When possible, I'd love to hear what everyone uses to clean any/all parts of their beloved Audis.

    Thanks and Happy Labor Day.
  • When you were making comparisons on the Toyota Rav4(message #263) and Hyundai Sante Fe (message #2632) boards and the Ford Escape and Jeep Liberty (message #1256) boards you spoke of buying a Pathfinder LE...did you decide against it?
  • bjbird2bjbird2 Posts: 647
    We we're shopping for a sport ute, and narrowed the list down to the Pathfinder, which is really a jacked-up Maxima, and the same as the Infiniti sport ute.
    A friend bought a 2001.5 Passat, and had nothing but good things to say about it. One test drive sold us. The German sedans are just so much fun to drive, and the quality is impressive. We've narrowed it down to the Passat and the A8, but I feel the Passat is the better value. We're going to wait until this spring and compare the W8 to the A6.
  • Does anyone know when the 2002 A-6 is coming out, and any likely pricing differences from the current? I especially wonder about the 3.0 being more expensive than the current 2.8.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    The 2002's should be out in about a month. All reports suggest price increases should be minimal, and that should be true for the 3.0 as a replacement for the 2.8.
  • mknmkn Posts: 35
    My Check Engine light (yellow; non-flashing) came on as I was driving the car. I recently had the car serviced about a week ago and now this.... I know that this issue has been addressed multiple times on the board but am not able to find the postings. Please, could anyone help??

  • Some of you may recall that the "time" aspect of my '98 A6's warranty expired in March. I am hopeful that some goodwill help comes my way from AoA.

    Also, there seems to be no tendency of AoA to "help" with mechanical parts on Second-Owner cars like mine. Does anyone have any experience with Electronic parts? My point being that you can't really abuse the sealed "electronics" like you can with, say the transmission.

    Maybe it's just a pipe-dream of mine since they haven't helped with any of the other malfunctioning items.

    Anyone? Anyone?
  • My digital dash failed on my A8 and a Coupe that I had -- fixed under warranty and no real issues.

    Don't know anything about costs first hand -- and bet that you MAY have a tough argument to win with respect to AoA paying for the full boat.

    But, hope springs eternal. It cannot hurt to ask!
  • timcar - Discussion seems to have slowed a bit compared to the pace of a week ago. I guess we've discussed everything there is to discuss!

    One question though - do you think we'll see the S6 in the US anytime?
  • Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray to Audi my request to keep:

    Bring an S6 Sedan, with either auto or manual tranny here to 'Merica!

    If you must bring ONLY an automatic to our shores, please bring the 44 pound lighter, more fuel effecient and higher performance 6 SPD Tiptronic that was announced earlier this year on some other web site!


    Check out the review of the new A4 and the Pre-review of the W8 Passat in the new Car and Driver -- the Passat is definitely off my list after reading this -- it sounds like the offspring of a VW New Passat and a Cadillac. What a shame.

    Then I read a European car mag review of the W8 (which of course had a 6spd manual) and while they did carp somewhat about the mushy suspension, the powertrain (W8 w/6spd manual) got raves.

    Hello, is this thing on?

    Why are manual transmission going the way of the Hula Hoop?

    Without exception, anyone who I have EVER been able to convince to take a test drive of one of these fine German Cars WITH a stick shif -- becomes a convert.

    What a shame.

    Now, I sit here knowing that you may recall I have a Tiptronic in my A6 4.2 -- my only excuse is I was not given a choice (with the great Audi 4.2 V8).

    Hopefully the new S4 or the (see above prayer) S6 will offer us a choice!

    PS -- even the soon to be here new Cadillac will offer a stick shift -- what's up with that?!?

    I will now step off the soapbox.
  • Yes, it's slow right now, timcar! I'm just holding my breath, 'cause Ralph Winters tells me he believes my Amulettrott 2.7T is on the water. He was gonna call me yesterday, but didn't.
    I'm getting very eager to see the beauty, and hope to be free to pick it up as soon as it's ready. I have the fortunate occupation that requires me to be out of town, or on call a lot, so I use that fact to intensify my desire to get out of the unimaginative rice burner TLC I'm driving now.

    Mark, know any reputable tire company that'll take the factory tires in trade and fit the Yokos
    in Cincy? I don't want to pay someone to dispose of perfectly good new tires. South Bend is
    about 250 miles away to drive up and pick 'em up.

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