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    Still working out the terms of my lease but it's being offered by AoA. They're offering some pretty aggressive programs at the moment to clear out the 02's. My current BMW lease runs out at the end of Sept also but didn't mind carrying the extra month to get a good deal on a car close to my specs. I had the dealer do a search in the NE to find my desired color scheme and option package. I don't know what's in store for 03's when they hit the showroom but I do think that AoA will continue to offer aggressive financing through Sept on the 02's that remain.
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    Lot of questions in a mouthful! I'll give you more feedback on the car after I pick it up and drive it for a while. The car is irish green pearl w/ beige interior, equipped w/ Tiptronic and is only missing Onstar and Nav. The wheels are 17" cross spokes, although I'm thinking about swapping them for some S6 rims.

    I don't know if you're going to find lease terms as low as your looking for. I'm in a 4 yr lease, 10k/yr with no cap cost reduction for just over $500/mo.

    I found the Saab was a little soft for my taste and I felt a little torque steer around some corners, as you usually do in front drivers. The A6 definitely feels more buttoned down, although you compromise on the ride a little bit with the sport package. I still say the BMW 530i is the best combo of ride and handling, for what it's worth. I think both the A6 & 530i are in a different class from the Saab, no offence to Saab owners.

    Good luck w/ your decision.
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    Actually, it IS a feature! Press it momentarily, and it turns off the display. Press it momentarily again, and it turns it back on. It's a toggle. Press it for longer than a second (I think.) and it clears the value. I.e., average mpg, etc.
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    It took awhile, but I finally found a place (I'm in the LA area) that really knew what they were doing (a couple places said they couldn't work on Audis). The place is called "Sounds Good" in Woodland Hills and it doesn't get any better when it comes to expertise, professionalism and workmanship. Here's what they ended up putting in my A6:

    --An Alpine MRV-F353 Subwoofer Drive/Power Amp with 300 watts splittable through various channels, anchored solidly on the left side of the trunk.

    --Two JL Audio 10" Subwoofers mounted on the ceiling of the trunk, right under the speakers behind the backseat headrests
    (BTW both of these things were pretty unobtrusive and left plenty of room in the trunk.)

    --Replaced the front door speakers with a pair of MB Quart PSC-216's. (I left the rear door speakers alone).

    --Replaced the dash head unit with an Eclipse 5441 single-CD player/receiver.

    --The cost for parts, installation, follow-up tweaking etc came to about $2600. Not exactly cheap, but worth it for me--the sound was absolutely stunning...lots of depth, crystal clear and even when you cranked it to ear-splitting levels--no distortion. And since I just had them take it all out and put the original stuff back in, I can use it all again...or maybe try to upgrade a little. I'm sure you could put in a very good system for less--as long as you find a good place to do it. Anyway, hope that gives you some ideas. good luck.

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    Thanks for your response. I'll be interested to hear your reaction to the car as you start driving & spending time in it. I kind of know what you mean about the Saab--overall it's probably a notch down and it does roll slightly on curves, there's a little torque steer etc. I do think it does alot of things well and for some reason I just like it alot. But I think the 2.7T is still the frontrunner--I'm hoping I can squeeze a really sweet lease deal (at least close to the specs I mentioned earlier) from somebody. Anyway, continued good luck and happy driving.
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    timcar, I knew the operator had a choice of turning the display on and off, what I didn't know is whether the display would blank out on its own for some reason. For instance, if you drive more than two hours straight you get the flashing display. I thought maybe I had overlooked another timeout that would cause the display to blank until you reactivated it by toggling the reset. Once again I want to thank you and Mark for the helpful spirit you instill on this board..
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    my wife just purchased a 2001 a6 avant that she absolutely loves...when she considered the a6 she asked my opinion on what she should do, i called the service dept and got some numbers for the scheduled maintenance over the 100k miles since she will be holding onto it for a while. it has
    27k on it now. the cost of the maintenance did not scare her off, because she really liked the car (she also had an 89 80 when we met). i point this out simply to use as a comparison for owning
    versus leasing. if someone were looking for a vehicle to buy and hold onto in order to get the maximum value out of the money initially spent on the vehicle, imo, this would not be the vehicle i would pick. don't get me wrong, i think the a6 is great and would love to have one, but i am someone
    who buys and holds...the cost of the timing belt alone on this engine would be enough for me to think twice about buying one and holding onto it.
    as someone stated some time back, a car like this is almost designed to be leased rather than bought outright. as much as gm has stayed with ohv engines, one can appreciate the low maintenance costs that these engines allow. my only point is that trying to quantify the cost of ownership over the life of a vehicle isn't just leasing versus buying but aside from the inital cost differences between cars, maintenance should be a major consideration when making that decision. jackg
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    Thank you for letting me know what you did. The best part was the ability to restore the original equipment; I assume that procedure is painless. Of course one of the reasons to remove the upgrade is to transfer it to another car. What are the chances that an Audi I get in 2005 can still use the same CD player/receiver?

    I'll have to add upgraded auto audio to my toy list and see about finding a skilled installer around here.

    Thanks much,
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    I would like to know if anyone has leased or purchased the above referenced car. I am looking to lease one with the preferred pkg and wine glass wheels. I have been quoted $700 for inceptions, no cap cost reduction or security, and my payments on a 42 month lease w/10k per year would be 478 including (6.5% Florida tax). I believe this deal borders around $1500 profit for the dealer. I really want to be around $460; however, I am unsure if this is a possibility. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
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    I've been pulling for you. I am very glad to hear that AUDI picked up the cost of the parts for you.
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    Hard to say what the in-dash set up will be like in 2005. The Eclipse head unit that I used in my '99 A6 may not work in the current A6 dash--my old dash had the nice filp-down wood panel that hid the stereo. The current factory head unit seems pretty nice, and it may work fine with a good amp/subwoofer/upgraded speakers set-up. You wouldn't be able to adjust the subwoofer level (like I could on the Eclipse) because the factory unit doesn't have a built-in subwoofer adjustment function, but you may be able to get a separate adjustment knob mounted in the glove box for example. In any case, it may not be something you'd need to do that often (though I found myself adjusting the sub depending on the varying levels of different CD's). Anyway, more food for thought.

    p.s. The best thing to do of course, if you're thinking about putting
    in after market stuff is to try NOT to get a car with the Bose option--no use paying for it if you ain't gonna use it.
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    Hi folks, I'm having a problem with my 99' A6 Quattro I recently purchased and I hope someone can help. For some reason when I'm driving the car 0-10 the car has a deep rumble and vibration that feels as though it's coming from the rear of the vehicle. This problem is worse when making a turn after a complete stop. The car only has 27,500 miles on it, does this have something to do with the Quattro platform or is this normal? Any help would be much appreciated.
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    The brakes sticking? That's the first thing that pop into my mind right now. Also make sure your parking brake is not engaging. FYI, the quattro system do "bind" when you are making a tight slow turn on dry road.
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    When I first started driving my '99 A6 quattro 3 years ago, I noticed a similar 'rumbling' or shimmy-ing when I would accelerate from a dead stop into a turn or if I was making a sharp turn or U-turn at a low speed. (I don't think I ever noticed it in straight acceleration from 0-10 mph though) I asked the service manager at the dealer about it and he said it was a normal quattro thing--just part of the way the system adjusts itself with sharp low-speed turns. It's pretty much become a non-issue over time and I haven't had any problems. If you're experiencing it with straight acceleration, I would certainly bring it to the attention of your dealer service--maybe your wheels are out of alignment? Good luck.
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    Hi all,

    I'm looking at a 2000 A6 quattro with the 2.7T and 6spd. The dealership is asking $34k for it w/42k miles on the clock already (so it's a well-loved machine). What experiences do owners have with this combo on their cars? Any problems to look out for?

    thx in advance!
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    I just passed 42K on my '99 A6 quattro--it's not the 2.7T, but I've had virtually no problems...none at all lately. Just make sure you know how much is left on the brake pads. Also, I should think you'd be able to talk them down significantly from 34K.
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    I bought the same model '00 2.7 T w/tiptronic-heated seats,moonroof, auto-dim mirrors,bose-@$42,500 brand new. I think $34,000 is high at the present time. I believe about $30,000 to $31,000 would be more in line for that car.
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    As I picked up my new 2.7T today, with irish green/beige color scheme, sport package and just about every other available option, I was struck by what a beautiful looking car it was. As I drove home the long way and put on about 50 miles, I thought what a great handling car!

    Got home, left it for awhile and then came out to go through the manual in detail. Alas, the power windows, interior lights and power door locks were no longer functioning! Also, the indicator lights showed that the doors were open when they were closed. Checked the fuse box and sure enough at least one of the fuses is blown - there must be a short. How's that for instilling confidence in Audi electrical systems?

    I've had a great experience with the dealership and I'm pleased with my choice of car, so I'm going to give them the benefit of doubt for this first problem. Let's cross our fingers and hope this was an anomoly.......
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    Sorry to hear about your electrical short in a brand-new '02 2.7T. Hopefully the Audi dealer will take care of it in short order.
    I have the '00 2.7T w/tip transmission. 34,000 miles. No major problems to date. Both front windows needed "insert" repair-(they stopped going up)- one air conditioning adjustment (not enough cold air blowing)-new windshield wipers- a cover came off the drivers seat track (on floor towards back seat) and the chrome strip along the back trunk was replaced 4 times- (it kept discoloring)- replaced both batteries in Audi remote key fob.
    All of these things were fixed promptly by the dealer under warranty.
    Good luck in the future w/ your new Audi. BTW- did you purchase the 6-speed or the "tip"?
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    Congrats on the 2.7! Sorry to hear about a problem. Hopefully, it's minor. I'd sure like to learn what you find out, and how you're treated.
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    You probably priced it at Prestige Motors. They are pretty competitive on price but I didn't have a good experience there. The salesman never called me back after I went there 2 or 3 times and offered to give him a check to lease the car. I took a trip up to Champion and they matched the deal. You should be able to do the numbers you mentioned ($460). You are doing 42 months and I only did 39 and according to my salesman, I got a 400-500 dollar deal. If you do 15K mile lease, don't go 42 months...You will be out of warranty which is I believe 48 months or 50K miles. Also, not many dealers down here carry the Vanilla color interior. Prestige has a lot of cars with this but having 2 kids now and maybe one more on the way, it wasn't for me.
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    Congratulations--hope your electrical snafus are indeed an anomaly. We briefly discussed sound systems last week--are you thinking of doing anything aftermarket, or are you pleased with the stock system? Also--did you have trouble finding the Irish Green Pearl color? I would strongly consider it, but i'd like to see it before I ordered it (if in fact it can be ordered)--I live in LA and I can't locate one anywhere. Thanks and good luck.
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    and ready to go. I called the dealership first thing yesterday morning and was asked to bring the car in right away. Given that the dealership is about 20 miles away, this was no small inconvenience. When I arrived, I was greeted immediately by the manager/owner and introduced to the service staff. The were all very apologetic about the problem with my brand new car. I was then spirited to my loaner which was waiting for me at the door. When the repairs were completed, they had a driver bring the car back to me and to pick up the loaner. I couldn't ask for a better service experience, given the circumstances.

    The problem was a short in the vanity mirror above the driver side. It's a part of a big circuit that includes the power window, door locks, interior lights, memory switches and some instrumentation. I don't know if it should be considered a design fault but that's certainly a lot of accessories on one circuit.

    marleybarr, I got the tiptronic tranny and am reasonably happy with it. I drove the stick and it does feel livelier but the shifter is a little rubbery. The auto was a concession for my better half. So far, the adaptive programming seems to work pretty well and it's a nice feature to have the ability to shift from the steering wheel.

    theremin, I don't see too many irish green audis on the road - seems like it was a new color for '02. When the dealer did a search in the NE for any A6 w/ sport package, they only turned up this one w/ the color. I was originally thinking goodwood green, but am really glad I got this color. It looks outstanding - I'll post a pic when I get a chance. Re: the sound system, I don't love the sound thus far (too much base, sounds a little muddy, mediocre reception on radio), but am reticent to spend a lot of money to upgrade a lease vehicle. I also don't spend nearly as much time in my car as many of you (5-8K/yr).

    I have a weekend trip coming up and will have an opportunity for a little "shake-down" cruise. More comments to follow.....
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    Ah - much better. Glad it was something minor. Very impressed by your dealer's service. White glove, red carpet.
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    Has anyone had any experiences with Audi of Arlington, Virginia? I'd be interested in your impressions. Not only the buy/lease experience but also service, maintenance, customer appreciation, etc. I've been following this board for a couple of years and I'm getting closer to making 'that leap!'

    Thanks a lot.
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    are all tiptronics adaptive to driving style? i'm
    wondering if my wif'es 01 a6 avant would have that feature? jackg
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    Don't know about all Tiptronics, but I'm pretty sure all the Tips in the '98 and newer version of the A6 are software controlled and adaptive. In fact, I still have a '98 brochure, and I think it's listed as a feature in it.
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    works great!

    2001 BMW 330ci/E46, 2008 BMW 335i conv/E93

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    Yesterday, I picked up my first Audi. I leased an A6 3.0 CVT with many options, but no Quattro. (we have a Subaru for that!) Alpaka beige. I went to the Audi from a Civic coupe, so this car is quite a change! So many dash buttons! Also drove the Volvo S60 turbo and Saab 95 turbo, but prefer the more luxurious ride feel of the Audi. Great experience with both dealership (VW/Audi Charlotte) and Audi finance - better deals with them than anything on the internet.

    I'm hearing that in the long haul, the Audi may have a few little quirky bugs here and there. Overall, the owners seem very loyal to their Audi. On the drive to work this morning, the driver of another A6 waived to me - must be a secret handshake or something in this club!
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    washed the wife's a6 avant last night, what gorgeous paint (drop dead red) and what beautiful
    lines on the car, everything is so smooth and sleak (sp?) always amzes me to look at the front overhang on the current audis' and know that they're fwd and still see so litle mass infront of the front axle plane...and it's longitunidal to boot!! ok,ok it's actually awd, but the engine and tranny are still up front...i
    would love to see a cutaway of how they get the power to the front wheels. jackg
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    Posted on Wed, Jul. 31, 2002

    GM unveiling OnStar service that will automatically relay crash data

    WASHINGTON (AP) - General Motors Corp. unveiled new vehicle technology Wednesday that will determine the severity of a crash within seconds and automatically call for help.

    Crash sensors in the front and rear bumpers and on both sides of the vehicle can tell where the vehicle was hit and the speed and force of impact.

    Beginning in some vehicles next year, the information will be sent to an OnStar operator through a handsfree cellular phone connection. The operator can talk to crash victims in the vehicle and conference in 911 dispatchers with all the information they need to quickly send emergency responders.

    OnStar is the country's most popular in-vehicle communications system, with more than 2 million subscribers. It is a subsidiary of General Motors and provides service for some GM, Lexus, Acura, Audi, Saab, Subaru, Isuzu and Volkswagen models.

    The system already alerts an OnStar operator when an air bag deploys, but the improvements will notify operators about accidents that did not trigger an air bag deployment and send more information about the crash.

    OnStar operators can also locate a stolen vehicle, remotely unlock the doors, provide roadside assistance, remote diagnostics, directions and even dinner reservations. OnStar subscriptions cost $199-$499 annually, depending on which services are provided.

    DaimlerChrysler Corp. will begin offering a cell phone operated by voice commands this fall from Bluetooth Wireless called UConnect. The system does not include crash notification, but DaimlerChrysler spokeswoman Mary Beth Halprin said it may one day if customers demand it.

    ``Right now our consumer research shows that our consumers rate that kind of feature as a lower priority related to the cost associated with that sort of feature,'' she said. ``They think it's a neat concept, but if it's too expensive, they don't want it.''

    GM won't say how much the company spent on the new technology but OnStar President Chet Huber said subscription fees won't increase.

    OnStar currently receives about 500 air bag deployment notifications and 14,000 roadside assistance requests per month. GM expects the new system will bring in another 124 calls per month in its first year, 278 in the second year and 432 in the third year.

    The new system will be available beginning next year on about 400,000 vehicles sold in Canada and the United States, including the Chevrolet Malibu, Chevrolet Trailblazer, GMC Envoy and Envoy XUT, Oldsmobile Bravada and Buick Rainier. The new service will be available across GM's entire line by 2007.

    GM officials say eventually the information may be transmitted electronically to 911 centers, first responders and hospitals using secure Internet connections. The system may also one day be able to tell how many people were in the vehicle, whether they were using seat belts and other information that helps emergency responders anticipate injuries before they arrive at the accident scene.

    National Highway Traffic Safety Administration administrator Jeffrey Runge said the new technology will be especially helpful for rural crashes, where there may not be witnesses and the victims may not immediately be discovered. Runge was an emergency physician before taking over the agency last year.

    ``I really do believe that (the system's technology) will be there to close a gap that has been there in our ability to save lives,'' he said.


    On the Net:

    OnStar system:


    Also, welcome to markcinclt. I hope you enjoy your new CVT. We almost went with the Alpaka Beige, but then my wife happened to see the Pearlescent White and we went with that.

    BTW, your username is pretty close to markcincinnati. I hope all of us can keep your postings straight.

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    I agree the Amulet Red is gorgeous. In case you haven't seen this picture posted by LMGotts on AW, here is a picture of an Amulet Red S6.

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    I am leasing a 2000 Volvo S80 t6 that must have been wired by a kid with his 1st electric set...I'm hearing that Audi is known for this also and don't want to know my service mgr. better than I know my salesman...I test drove a 2.7t and really liked it but am leaning towards a 530i even though the new models look just like the 97's of which I had a 528i...I would like comments on the reliability of the A6's as I will be buying instead of leasing this time around.

    Audi has some pluses though...4.9% financing 4 year vs 3 year full warranty a little roomier and I love the styling both inside and out...

    My S80 is nice when it's running right...but I'll bet there have been more days with a message light on than not.....
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    I can only speak from my own experience, but my '99 A6 quattro has been virtually trouble-free. In the 3 years I've had it, there's been:
    --An electrical glitch with the driver's window.
    --A broken lumbar mechanism in the driver's seat.
    Apart from a few various turn signal and brake light replacements...that's it. All was taken care of promptly by the dealer, no charge.
    Since I drive pretty aggresively, I've gone through brake pad replacements (again, no charge). From my perspective, the car's been as reliable as any Japanese car I've ever had.
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    great picture (i need a bigger display) of the s6...another touch that i really like are the aluminum rails on the roof and the sill plate on
    the lower door jams...just so classy looking. i wonder if that shade of red is same that porsche
    uses? guards red? it's the one that all the hot rodders use on their creations. jackg
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    I have a 2002 A6 CVT with 1200 miles. Has been leaking oil since the beginning. Right now it's in the shop for the third time. Service manager told me "I don't know what's wrong with it and I don't know how to fix it." Anyone else having this problem?
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    While I have had no problems with Audi oil leaks, perhaps we could help if you gave us more information:

    -I assume it is engine oil you are referring to, not another lubricant. How much is leaking? Does it pool up under the car? If so, where?

    -Has your dealer located the area where the leak in emanating from? i.e. near the top of the engine, bottom, etc?

    -Has the regional Audi service rep been consulted yet?
  • hall42hall42 Member Posts: 12
    Thanks for the reply...First off my car is leaking about a quart of engine oil a day. No matter how they "fix" it each time it comes back leaking the same amount.

    1. at the first service they claimed the only problem was 2 gaskets rather than 1 on the oil drain plug creating a gap for oil to leak out

    2. second service- front engine seal and valve cover gaskets. I guess the front engine seal is a stainless steel piece that they said had a nick out of it which was a defect that would in turn nick the gaskets to cause leaking. (???)

    3. The service manager now tells me that the engine oil is leaking out of almost every orifice. Now they claim that I have a defective oil pump; however, my gauges never indicated a pressure problem. They claimed they manually checked the oil pressure with some device and it was too high. If you can't tell I am skeptical as to work that is being done to actually fix the problem rather than just returning my car.

    Worse of all, I feel lied to and taken advantage of. I went to the dealership with the intent of ordering an A4; however, the dealer was very ready to give me a great deal on the A6 that he had on his lot for 7 months. I don't see how a car that they had for 7 months, (supposedly getting new vehicle checks every month) which had 122 miles on it never leaked engine oil on their lot (would they have to disclose this??). I guess it's like they say, "if it's too good to be true it probably is".

    The service manager at the dealership says he is working directly with Audi to diagnose the problem. He also claims that he is pushing for a new engine. I, on the other hand, am going to let them give it back to me for the third time. When it leaks again my legal rights start to kick in.

    I am really venting here but hopefully this will help. Thanks!
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    Actually the dealers explanation makes sense.

    Your gages would not tell you if you had too high of oil pressure.

    It is conceivable to me that the oil pump runs on its relief valve at higher RPMS. If the relief valve is stuck closed then you will over pressure the oil seals.

    It is also possible that lubrication systems generally don't hit their relief valve in normal operation. If that is the case then the high pressure is due to a restriction in the lubrication system somewhere and and replacing the pump won't help. They should see this if they check the pressure after they replace the pump.

    Assuming its the pump scenario you still may of leaks due to blown seals that they will have to replace.
  • morphiemorphie Member Posts: 95
    At this point, oil pumps and seals are irrelevant.

    My advice is: first, demand a loaner vehicle, equivalent to your car: ideally an A6; an A4 would be acceptable.

    Second, talk to the regional Audi rep yourself, not through the dealer.

    Third, immediately consult an attorney who is familiar with your state's lemon laws.

    Finally, demand to see any work orders relating to your Audi which pre-date your purchase.

    Keep us posted on developments.
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    I can add little to the excellent advice that's already been offered. I'm sorry that you've had to experience this. You certainly deserve to be "made whole" through actions of your dealer and AoA. The only good news is that recently AoA has been coming through for it's car buyers more than anytime it has before. Let's hope they do it again.
  • hall42hall42 Member Posts: 12
    Sorry for the stupid questions, but what exactly is AoA? Also, how do I contact the regional Audi rep? Would I get this number from the dealership?
  • noshonosho Member Posts: 119
    Audi of America (AoA) is the USA corporation that imports & warrantees Audi's here in the US. Ask your dealer for contact information, or better yet, ask your dealer to arrange a face-to-face meeting with the regional rep. at the dealership. A replacement engine would be the desirable outcome of this IMHO.

    Best of luck....
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    Somewhere amongst the manual type materials you received with your car is a booklet entitled Owner Information About Consumer Protection Laws. In it they explain what to do if you are not satisfied with dealer service.
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    First I'd like to say hello to everyone from Canada.
    I am planning to by an A6 3.0 AWD, triptronic with preferred luxury package in a few weeks. The MSRP is 58,000 CAD (plus tax). When I stepped into the dealership the dealer offered right away 56,000CAD. I think he can go lower (54,000CAD) especially now when the 2003 model is soon out. Any opinion on it?
    Another question: Does the Onstar work in Canada? Worth buying this option?
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    I assume you mean the Audi dealer in Alexandria. I dealt with them when buying my new A6 about 5 months ago. My experience was only OK at best - the salesman was friendly and actually seemed knowledgable about product. However, they did not seem to be very good on pricing. I ulimately ended up buying from Audi in Rockville, MD, where they had a much better inventory of vehicles in stock and gave me a very good price right off the bat. Audi of Alexandria finally came back and said they would match any other local dealer's price, but then they played games on the leasing rates (tried to pad a little extra profit above the AoA subsidized rates.) Since Rockville had the exact car I wanted and they were more upfront about pricing, I bought from them without regret.
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    I have '02 A6 3.0 CVT with 2500 miles and no problems to report. However, my previous Audi, a '99 A4 1.8T Quattro 5-speed, had numerous nit picky problems, none as serious as the oil, but I bring this up because it was one that also sat on the lot for many many months. I would see what you can do to get the car exchanged
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    I have a 2000 2.7T and my lease ends next March if I don't accept an early buy out on my lease. I was wondering about the handling in wet and dry weather comparisons between the front wheel drive Audi (so I could get CVT) and other rear engine traction control vehicles as well as other all wheel drives. apparently there are many versions of all wheel drive that behave differently than quattro. I have certainly been pleased with my 2.7 as well as my dealer but I want to consider my options. Any opinions??
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    I dunno what the attraction of the CVT would be (at this point). Coming off of a 2.7T and going to a CVT equipped car would certainly lower your performance (since the CVT cannot yet be mated with quattro nor can it yet handle the torque of the 2.7T or 4.2).

    Depending on where you live front wheel drive is a fine choice -- in my opinion better than rear wheel drive, but if you're only going to go with two driven wheels, you owe yourself a drive in a BMW or that new RWD Caddy.

    Quattro performs very well under all road conditions -- neither FWD nor RWD alone (even with electronic assists) beats quattro under all road conditions. Many people think of "four wheel drive" as meaning off road, towing or truck-like. Quattro all wheel drive while sometimes criticized as being in cars that tend to understeer too much (which is true) is a performance boon, a safety boon, a slick surface (hence safety) boon.

    Many fine cars are RWD and FWD -- I happen to think that an Audi FWD is a very nice car indeed, in many ways. But I'll bet that 2.7T has spoiled you in ways you don't know. Ditto and double ditto the fact that your 2.7T was in a quattro car -- you're used to a certain HIGH level of performance. At this time the A6 3.0 with CVT, although a very good car in every respect, just isn't a 2.7T quattro. No way, no how.

    Wait until the next generation when you can choose from a 5 or a 6 spd Tip, a 6 spd manual and/or a CVT -- with quattro. It isn't likely to be here as soon as you need to replace your current car though.

    One biased opinion.

    Good luck!
  • mbnut1mbnut1 Member Posts: 403
    Assuming that they haven't updated the rear suspension for the FWD A6's IMHO it is considerably inferior to the quattro fully independent setup which provides both better ride and handling
    The above comment does not apply to the latest A4 which has the fully independent setup on both the FWD and quattro verisons
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