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    I wasn't born cynical.

    I got that way through experience.

    Either way, there's no doubt that Audi does a good thing here, and I'm sure others have enjoyed your description of how the system works.
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    I agree with the statement that AUDI make the most car for the money. That is why an MBnut drives an AUDI.
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    This forum has explored the notion that VW is steadily moving the Audi line upmarket by introducing increasingly expensive models/options.

    Question is: What happens if Audi becomes par for price, content, image with MB, BMW, Jag? When/if this happens do "we" still buy Audis because they're Audis and no longer "excellent-cars-with-a-price-advantage" or does one more actively cross shop with BMW/MB the way one would with a Honda/Toyota?

    Anyway, just a thought.

    Nevertheless, Audi will have to make an excellent case in the form of the next generation A6 before I pay $45000 for a nicely optioned turbo 6-cylinder whereas VW offers an 8-cylinder Passat for $8000 less. I know the two cars are not an EXACT comparison, but for my purposes close enough.
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    Your profile says you're shopping for MB. I saw '03 E class drive past my apt the other day. It's a very elegant/classy design.
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    Question is: What happens if Audi becomes par for price, content, image with MB, BMW, Jag?

    If an Audi A6 costs the same as a BMW 5 series and has "generally" the same content, I would still go with the Audi because for me all wheel drive is a sufficient differentiator. MB's are still considerably more expensive, and for the time being don't enter into "my picture." Jags at the moment appear to have quality control issues, but if that issue is resolved, I would think that those who won't look at Asian or American cars might consider the Jag vs the Audi (if AWD is an issue). Audi, IMO, aims to make its products compete with its rivals: BMW (Europe) and perhaps Acura (Japan).

    With the relentless push up market up price -- well, it is not beyond the pale to believe that similar rises in price will not also occur across the BMW lineup -- thus making the Audi still a good (perhaps better) value.

    Good point about the VW -- but the W8, so says the car magazines will not continue in the next generation Passat (no room under the bonnet). Currently the W8, priced more like an Audi A4 3.0 than an A6 2.7T appears to be a bargain and a competitor for Audi's customers. Yet, read the review of the Passat in the latest Car and Driver and you may find that it is not quite enough "Audi like" for their tastes.

    Time will tell if the 2003 sport Passat W8 will further threaten the A6 2.7T -- my guess is, it will -- for many who are not THAT concerned with the IMAGE factor. Of course, VW's dealer network is notoriously spotty and some would say downright crappy. This last issue makes the Audi, for the time being, still attractive to me.

    I will of course be advising this erudite forum regarding the experiences my wife and I have with our new 2003 Audis: She a 225HP TT coupe and Me a 2.7T allroad.

    The future looks exciting.

    Have you seen the A6 TT?!? Yes, A6 and TT create a new offspring. . .the A6 TT coupe!
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    I have seen a picture of that car. Yes, it is quite stunning. Then again, when was the last time Audi brought out an ugly model? Much unlike BMW - witness the new Z4. Yikes. But that's different forum.
    Now that you mentioned it, Mark, I do recall VW saying the W8 would be short lived (should there be a hyphen, I'm never sure?). Of course, that's what they say now - maybe just to tease and titillate and gauge consumer/dealer reaction to pulling an ostensibly (I haven't driven one) capable and I daresay "affordable" car.
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    Is slated to be a 3.2L V6 -- W8 will not fit under der hood (Passat is changing from longitudinal engine placement to transverse, I believe -- and "there's the rub.") And, the Phaeton will offer the 4.2 and a W12 and the Toureg (VW SUV) also will offer the (Audi) 4.2. The 4.2 engine keeps popping up everywhere -- in normally aspirated and turbo form -- soon it will be offered as a direct injection model.

    The W12 will be in an Audi A8 and a Phaeton. A V10 diesel is also coming soon -- the W8 must've been a grand experiment. If it were me, I would have just put the 2.7T Audi engine in the current body style Passat and saved the development costs. I believe the 4.2 will not fit in a Passat, BTW.

    Didn't or doesn't Audi (VW?) have a 3.7L V8 (the first A8 I drove had one in it -- a 1997 FWD model imported for demonstration to the US market)?
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    I'd heard too that when there is a new Passat, it would have a transversely mounted engine. I also heard it will also no longer be based on the A4 platform. While VW has been making vastly improved cars, I have to wonder if the replacement Passat will be as appealing as the current version because of those two changes. My experience has been that longitudinal mounting improves handling and handling feel significantly, even with FWD.
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    The impact on the engine orientation has been dicussed in forums in VWvortex. One notion was the transversely mounted nenge might actually handle better because the combination of FWD and Longitudial orientation requires the motor to be infront of the front wheels resultng in a very forward wieght bias. The real quesiton to me is whether they will retain the same front suspension setup which is responsible for virtually eliminating torquesteer.


    I stopped by the dealer last night after dinner to show my son the new E. He began to beg me to buy the new CLK. It's front end looks way better in person than in the pictures. We both majorly drooled over the new SL.... anyway back to VW/Audis
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    Is it normal for the A/C fo make a grinding sound on the 1st fan setting? Dealer said it had to do with the high pressure freon system Audi uses. Is this a crap excuse or true. Haven't tried another dealer yet. 2 other cars on the lot made the same sound.
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    passat is transverse fwd, which platform would be used? jackg
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    The current issue of Motor Trend says (not couched in any ‘rumor’ sort of wording) that the A6 Allroad will be available with the 4.2 V8 next calendar year.

    Has anyone confirmed that this is true? And if so, what version on the 4.2? The 300 +/- hp version? Or a higher hp derivative, like in the S8?

    Mark? Would you have waited and ordered a V8 in yours instead of the 2.7T?

    - Ray
    Who somehow sees the V8 as a more attractive motor – since a 2.7T chipped (though clearly providing a quick acceleration rate!) raises issues best left to others less risk averse . . .
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    I hear that "grinding" noise on the first level fan setting- Audi says it is just "fan noise", through the automatic climate control.
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    The allroad 4.2 is real, can be ordred NOW and no I would not want one -- for one reason only -- I wanted a manual transmission. The 4.2 will not offer a manual transmission.

    I love the 4.2 engine. And if you want a tip transmission, I cannot say anything negative about the 4.2.

    And, assuming the 4.2 would have fit my pocketbook -- and assuming that it did indeed come with a manual transmission -- I would have ordered one.

    The manual transmission may be dying and maybe for a good reason -- the 6sp tiptronic may, in all key areas, better the manual (probably will). The manual, while still alive, is my choice over the 5spd tip (and no I know of no issues with the tip that would make me avoid it if I wanted an automatic).

    If my 2001 A6 4.2 had a manual transmission, I would probably keep it as long as possible -- until the lease was dead. As it stand now, I will "early out" of the lease and am, at this point, planning on a 36 month allroad lease. I have heard that the A6 TT will be here in 2005 as a 2006 model -- that will work, as would the S4 (2004 model). Since my wife has (or will have) a 2003 225HP TT coupe, a 2006 A6 TT looks to be about the right size for our family (of two adults and two small shelties).

    Heck, if the allroad is as great as the posters over on audiworld make it seem, this may be a car worth keeping as "the third car" -- after all I do have a three car garage -- with one empty bay.

    Of course, the only way I'd keep the allroad is with an extended warranty and assuming that I had kept it at perhaps 1,000 miles per month (or less).

    So many future cars, so little time to buy them all (and not enough money!).

    Your friendly dealer has an order guide for the 2003 allroad 4.2 -- and would be happy to relieve you of a $500 deposit.
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    The Audi A6 TT- is this just a concept car or something that is heading toward the Audi production line?
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    After years and years and years of reading "stuff" in auto magazines, web sites and newspapers (and even the odd TV show) -- I have come to the conclusion that the safe course is to be skeptical.

    I think the article (with picture) said it was coming. . .

    But, hey -- I read (in European Car magazine) that the 2003 TT coupe quattro would have a High Output engine (2.0L turbo charged or a small V6?) available. My wife's 2003 TT (which will be produced in week 39 has the fine 1.8T turbo with 225HP -- no high output model is (yet) offered.

    So, like I do when I take a trip on an airplane -- I never assume I am actually going anywhere (even if I am on the tarmack next in line) until the plane actually is off the ground.

    Heck, for all I know, the 2004 S4 is still a twinkle in someone at Audi AG's eye (but at least there are substantial rumours about that one -- we are too early in the rumour curve to say the same thing about an A6 TT).
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    I received an e-mail from a fellow town hall "member" who happens to live here in Cincinnati. He indicated that he had just purchased a 2000 A6 avant and that since it was from an Audi dealer and Audi Assured -- it qualified for a 0.00% financing.

    He said that he saw the ad in the newspaper pertaining to 0% financing and took the ad to the dealer (who apparently was not completely "up" on the program) -- and did indeed get to acquire a late model Audi with 0% financing.

    These are the only details I know.

    But, we have talked, on this forum, about no way Jose will Audi ever do 0% -- well they've proved us wrong (at least for a used Audi).

    Now, with the German economy still "very soft" (perhaps worse than ours) -- it would not be beyond the pale to think that it is at least possible for Audi of America to offer very low or zero financing/leasing this year (just like Ford and GM are now extending even to the 2003's).

    Somebody pinch me.
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    It is true!! Audi has been offering a near zero percent lease on 2002 A6 3.0 models. I live in So. Cal. and got my A6 about 1 1/2 weeks ago. This was an Audi sponsored promotion, I thought nationally, but I have a friend in northern Ca. that went looking for this deal and couldn't find it, so maybe it was regional. This promotion ended 9/3 and is gone, but keep on the lookout for another promotion. Weak economies are great if you're a qualified consumer. By the way, he is trying to sell his Neiman Marcus edition TT if anyone is interested.
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    Thanks for the info. You would think for price of the car it would be quiet. Time to crank up the stereo.
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    So I was thinking about buying my Mother a nice Audi key-chain for her birthday next month. The wonderful Audi-Collection website lists 3 whole key chains. Can anybody advise on another website to go to for audi merchandise (specifically key chains)? Thanks!

    She likes her A6 3.0Q much more now that it seems to have adapted to her driving style. She still thinks the steering is too light, but loves the roomy and well crafted interior as well as the deepness of the Ming Blue paint.

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    Have you try
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    How early do you generally end your leases and how many of those months does Audi generally cover?
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    Generally I end my leases with around 3 - 9 months to go, recently as I have leased for shorter periods (currently 30 months, last lease 27 months), I have come closer to full term. My current lease, I suspect I will "early out" about 4 months early.

    As to the second part of the question -- when I got out of my last car, Audi ponied up $800, and the dealer ponied up something too. My cars are often farily low milage and generally immaculate -- so they "seem" to command a bit higher come trade in time.

    I think those days may be coming to an end, and my gut is telling me that an early out of 6 months or more will be memories rather than future events.

    The news today on the German economy is so bad, however, it would not be too hard to imagine some incentives from German companies that may at least be similar to what US car companies have been forced into.

    And, while I wish that the economy would REBOUND (globally) rapidly, I believe it will putt putt along and rebound very slowly -- so as long as I am able to take adavantage of the [depressed economic] situation I will -- in other words, I would think that for at least another few months "now" is the time to get a new car (from anybody).

    One more thing, if you are really interested in a really early out of a lease, try
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    I bought some floor mats and an extra CD cartridge from them about 1 1/2 years ago. Good service, good prices.
  • fantomfantom Member Posts: 211
    Ditto on that. really works well!
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    Just came from Audi dealer got a quote for the 2002 A6 3.0 CVT with following options: Preferred luxury package, heated front and rear seats, 16" wineglass cast alloy wheels, price $31,900. Sticker on this is $38,000. This dealer has two 2002s left and is looking to clear them out. Deal seems too good to be true. Any feedback on this would be appreciated.
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    If this is not a demo -- this is a very good deal, based on your post. Run back to the dealer (if this is what you want) -- the A6 3.0 for 2002 is the nicest "base" Audi I have ever driven and in the top choices of any of the competition -- at this price this approaches a no brainer, IMHO.
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    I have a 2000 2.7T and I understand all the '03 2.7T's will have sport suspension. Although I am pleased with the improved handling I expect I am concerned with the possible increase in stiffness of the ride. Any one with sport suspension give me any clues as to what to expect. My lease runs out in March but warranty in Dec. and I may look for an early out with the right deal. Also looking at M45 but hate to give up quattro.
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    I have an '01 2.7T w/ sport and 17" BBS rims (private-labeled by Audi). I live in Manhattan and while I find the suspension occasionally punishing on city streets, I put 99% of my miles on the car outside the city where I find the suspension a perfect balance of stiffness and compliance. In fact, the demo I test drove had the standard suspension which I found very "floaty" and uncharacteric of German cars (my opinion only). I didn't like that suspension.

    However, I am less enamoured with the sport seats which have odd bolstering which becomes uncomfortable over long periods, IMO.

    My advice: focus on the seats as much as the suspension. Last I checked you could not get "regular" seats with the sport suspension.
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    Be careful, too good to be true often is. In June I bought my first Audi, a 2002 A6 3.0 CVT (sound familiar?). Well, it was a gorgeous car that ended up being a lemon. I am getting my money back now. I drove it for two weeks and then it leaked oil from everywhere in the engine; they never could fix it. The car sat on the dealers lot for 7 months before I bought it. I thought this was weird and questioned it but they ensured me that every month it sat it got thoroughly inspected (should have trusted my woman's intuition). By the way, I also got a great deal on the car. My suggestion to you, ask to see any service inspection papers; absence of any over the long period they have had it should be the first red flag. Hope I didn't scare you but I just wanted to share my experience. I wouldn't want anyone to have to go through the last 3 months I've had. Keep us posted! Good luck!
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    Do not have to come with the 2.7T -- they are optional.

    Enjoy the suspension which with the upsized wheels/tires came with ultra high performance all season tires Pilot Sport A/S -- which I thought was pretty interesting (Audi may be "getting the US market" after all).

    The sport suspensions keep getting better and when coupled with the torsional rigidity of the cars actually feels very comfy.

    And the handling is markedly better.
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    As Mark said, for '03 the 2.7T comes standard with the sports suspension and standard, non-sport seats, with sport seats as an option. I have an '01 2.7T without the sports suspension due to requiring the standard seats, and would LOVE to have been able to get the car the way it now is standard.
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    I've lived with my '02 2.7T w/ sport suspension for about 6 weeks now and find it's a perfect mix of responsiveness and comfort. I had the same concern about the car being too stiff as I drive around the roads of NYC and have found the ride no stiffer than my BMW 328i. I can understand how some people could complain about the sport seats - they're definitely not well suited to those with larger frames.
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    I agree with post 3179 and 3183. Their observations mirror mine on the '02 2.7T 6M with the sport package. My suggestion is figure out where you will be driving most of the time. If it's on the highway about 75% or more, get the sport suspension. You'll be very happy, especially on the twisties. If it's the other way, you might find the sport suspension a bit stiff. Test it before you buy it. You can't go wrong with that. Good luck
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    I bought an 2002 A6 3.0 two weeks ago for's price. Today I happened to find out that the current price listed at has been lowered $1500! Can dealer/I still do anything about it? This maybe a dumb question, but I just can't take the $1500 difference made in two weeks! Thanks for your advice.
  • fantomfantom Member Posts: 211
    Can't believe I'm taking the side of the dealer rooban, but....

    How would you feel if two weeks after you purchased your Audi there was a price INCREASE of $1,500 and the dealer asked you to pay it? Unless this is some kind of AoA retroactive incentive, I believe your out of luck. Don't let it affect your enjoyment of a great's only money ;-).
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    I agree -- a deal is a deal. Unless there is some kind of fraud or some other form of misrepresentation -- well, you were happy at the time you bought the car, so you should still be happy about the purchase.

    On Sunday, gasoline was 1.59 per gallon, today the same gas at the same station it is 1.42 -- I bought 15 gallons on Sunday -- damn! Maybe next week the reverse will be true.

    Again, ONLY if there was some misrepresentation do you have a case, IMO.

    Sorry, I know that's not what you wanted to hear.
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    I don't think buying an Audi is like Best Buy or Circuit City 110% price match service!

    How about buying stocks with a 14 day principal guarantee!

    Are you sure the Audi price drop was for the exact same car w/ exact same options? I have not seen very many exact twin Audis on the dealer lots.
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    New AutoWeek says next year's new S4 will have a SEVEN speed Tip! Thought the new Audi's would be getting ZF's new 6 speed. Guess they bumped it up a notch? According to them, it'll also have the V8. It also says that when the NEW S6 gets here, it'll have a V10, and the S8 will get the W12! Not bad!
  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    Wow, I have been reading about the ZF 6 speed -- lighter, stronger, able to accept higher torque engine output, etc.

    Usually the companies put the premo stuff in the high end first -- you know 6spd tip in new A8, followed a year or two later by A6, A4, etc etc etc.

    Not that I doubt YOU, but is it possible it was a typo?

    Man with 7 speeds the engine would always be in its sweet spot!
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    I just re-checked the Audi AG press release on the Audiworld Home Page and it mentions the 6-speed but nothing about a 7. Must be a late-breaking development.
  • timcartimcar Member Posts: 363
    Could be. Wouldn't be the first time. Read an article about the new ZF design and understood some of it. Apparently, as I remember it, it uses some form of universal gear that dramatically simplifies the way it's built. I.e., fewer parts, smaller, etc. Guess it might be easier in this architecture to add additional gears. I too wondered if it was a typo.
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  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    The spec sheet just mentions a 6spd manual transmission -- it that your take, too?
  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    Yep. Though I have read about a 7spd before, but that was long before the actuall car was revealed. Maybe the 7spd is being reserved for the next RS4. Overall I'm a littled disappointed by the S4, it needs more power considering it's weight.

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    I just read in Autoweek that it will be receiving a V8 and the A6 will be getting a V10. Actually it will be the S4 and the S6 that will be getting these engines. My understanding is that Audi wants to get away from turbos.

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    the way I interpret the article is that the S-series cars will be non-turbo engined but turbos will remain for the non-S cars. The 4.2L V-8 for the S4 (pumped up to 344HP, 6-speed manual or a 7-speed auto). A 5.0L V-10 for the S6 and the 6.0L W-12 for the S8 - at least for Europe.

    Maybe the 6-speed manual will be an option for the A6-4.2?
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    Mark - Given the choice of a 2000 A6 4.2 or a 2000 A8 which would you pick?
  • merc1merc1 Member Posts: 6,081
    Guys have you noticed that little black strips on the bottom of the S4, I so hope Audi doesn't do that to the cars headed here. First the regular A4s can't have body color all the way down, now this. What is wrong with the style-leading Audi group?


  • uwscarguyuwscarguy Member Posts: 40
    One can only hope that once in production they decide to color them or, better yet, give them the brushed aluminum look of the S6 wagon.
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