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    Looking at the blown up photo's, they look like bottom door edge moldings. I would think too high up for aerodynamics. Nice idea if you have high curbs, but, IMO, the color contrast draws your eyes away from the cars' overall appearance. The subtleties of Audi's lines are what makes it beautiful.

    On door edges, has anyone come across door edge guards that fit ... and look good? I cringe every time the kids open the back doors by themselves. I have broken them of kicking the door open with their feet, but they still swing too hard for my liking.
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    Is there a price difference?

    The answer is it all depends. I liked my A8 a lot, but I actually like my A6 with sport package better --

    What kind of driver are you.

    I thought the A8 was more luxo -- which frankly, I did not want.

    Ask more questions and I will gladly opine. . .
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    from Mark, but is it the shortest ever for him? If not, it has to be in the running.

    Point being, opinions (even in the absence of data and/or information) are often interesting and enlightening.
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    If you invest in Stongard complete package for an A6 it includes door edge guards. They've saved my sanity more than once, particularly when the wind caught the door and blew it out of my hands. Hit a parking lot side rail, but you'd never know it.
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    Assume that they are at the same price. As far as driving styles I enjoy the occcasional off ramp now and again but the Ohio police have succesfully clipped my wings to the point that I rarely exceed the speed limits anymore
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    I have talked to long-haul truck drivers and they all say that Ohio has the strictest police enforcement of speed laws around. Maybe that is a good thing- Ohio must have the lowest driver fatality rate around too.
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    While Mark is often known for his novelettes, which I appreciate because I like detailed answers of someone who REALLY answers a question, the occasional "short story" may be an answer written during a fast coffee break...:):):)
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    Your answer to my brief ?'s makes me think, now, that perhaps you might actually find yourself enjoying the A8 more. The A8 in 2000 probably had more amenities and safety features than the A6. For me, if the A6 had a sport package that might sway me back to the A6.

    In terms of performance (at least in a straight line and perhaps under most normal legally aggressive driving) the A8 will yield little to the A6 -- the aluminum does make a difference. If you ever take anyone in your back seat for any distance whatsoever, the A8 is your choice.

    Hope this helps.
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    I took delivery of an A6 4.2 at the end of May with the Telematics package. Exactly 8 weeks later the audio/Telematics system failed (stereo, On*Star, hands-free phone). The dealer replaced the system, saying the initial production run had been released with a software glitch that caused the shutdown. (Of course, the system failed two days before I was scheduled to leave on a week-long cross-country drive.)

    Then last Friday night, exactly 8 weeks after the first system was replaced, the second system failed. This time I was on the road for a weekend car trip. I called an Audi service rep, who told me the software fix is still eluding Audi.

    Other than this, I have loved this car. My Lexus RX300 lease is running out, and I have just signed a contract to purchase a new S6 Avant to replace it. Although I live in Connecticut, I am having to get the S6 out of Illinois in order to get one with the Telematics package (since a hands-free, voice-activated phone is important to me). I am now considering cancelling the purchase since it, too, probably has faulty Telematics software.

    It's inexcusable for Audi to release cars in the $50-65K price range with electronics that do not work and that cannot be fixed.
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    Thanks, your response echoed my sense of things but it is nice to ask the man who knows. I do tend to favor the A8 if for no other reason the engineering novelty and when they first came out an Audi dealer in Pgh told me that they used the Mercedes S class as it's collision benchmark. I seem to recall that he showed how they both had similar deformation charateristics when subjected to an offset collision.
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    Just took home my 2002 a month ago, any idea how different the 2003 model is?
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    A couple of years ago, I was in Germany for our annual let's go drive Audi's on ice in January.

    Part of the 3 days with Audi is a safety training exercise which includes a documentary -- we would call them commercials here in the US. Commercials in Germany weren't (may still are) able to compare the product being advertised with its competitors. But a Public Service or Educational program -- apparenly of any length -- can be shown so long as it at least appears to be neutral.

    This PSA was in German, but it clearly showed an S class being crashed in slow motion over and over and over -- juxtaposed with this crash was an A8 also being crashed in slo mo again and again and again.

    The message, conveyed to me perhaps because I had seen the US translation in print ads, was that the Audi was stronger (by virtue of the fact that it was lighter) than the S class and would be as safe a place as an S class in which to have a crash.

    So the A8 -- factually -- equalled the S class, and by extraploation (the weight issue) could lead one to the conclusion that it would be even stronger if it weighed more (in line with the steel car's weight).

    Then of course it is assumed that one's mind would wonder if all things being equal, if one would NOT rather have the lighter car, since it gave away nothing in crash-worthyness, due to the "implied" superiority such a car might have in terms of fuel economy and overall performance, to say nothing of rustworthiness.

    Anyway, go for the A8.
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    One of the best product-placement plugs I ever saw was in a movie called "CreepShow". Anyone who is +/- 4 years of 32 probably remembers the movie, but it was a film consisting of 3 vignettes. One featured a wealthy woman who accidentally ran over a hitchhiker. Anyway, she speeds off and the guy torments her on her way home ("Thanks for the ride, lady").
    Anyway, she has this circa mid-80's S Class Benz which she crashes into trees, drives over boulders, crashes off ravines and the car keeps on running.
    I saw this movie when I was teenager, but the movie image played well into my own image of MB being a quality automobile (then again, in the mid 80's they were!)
    Point: Audi would do well to place their excellent, well-crafted autos into the mainstream market place. After all, how many 16 year olds lust after A4s, A6s, or A8s? Very few; it's all about BMWs, Lexi and, I thought I'd never see the day, Cadillac Escalades. Why not the one-day-soon-to-be-released A6 in the next Bond flick?
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    Did you ever watch the movie Ronin? The getaway driver requested a S8, out of any car he wanted.

    In couple scenes in Mission Impossible 2, there were a TT and an A4 being used.
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    Just my luck, the two movies I didn't see actually feature Audis!
    Thanks for pointing that out.
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    That movie probably has some of the best chase scenes in recent memory. Especially in one scene where they were driving a 540 against the flow of traffic in the tunnel! And racing that S8 in the narrow European street was a sight too!
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    That was actually an (E34?) old M5, not a 540.

    I can watch that car chase over and over...and I do thanks to DVD technology:)

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    I knew it was a 5 series, but didn't realize it was a M5.
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    Just drove the 2003 2.7T. I have a 2000 coming off lease and the differences I noticed were as follows:
    Sport suspension standard.
    No controls in steering wheel
    headlight washers flush with fender.
    Sport mode in tiptronic tranny(I wonder if there is a difference in acceleration between sport mode and tip).
    6 CD changer in dash
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    My 18 year old lusts after my Audi A4 Quattro. Kids that are true car guys are into the VAG product line.
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    Hi there. I'm finally buying a new car after 10 years in a Nissan Sentra. Not totally ready to give up a small manual car but it's time to go the wagon route with a spoiled dog and a baby on the way. I've narrowed it down to either the A6 or Volvo wagon. Any input on why I should spend a few thousand more to get the Audi (beside the fact that I loved all the bells and whistles on the test drive) would be greatly appreciated.
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    Between the Audi and the Volvo.

    Audi - Gives a better "drivers" car feel. Better interior material and quality. Has a "heavier" feel when compared to the Volvo. The quattro drive train is just outstanding. To me, it feels its giving the most bang for my bucks when compared to the volvo. BTW, when I was shopping, I was looking at the V70 and XC70 before deciding on the Audi A6 Avant.

    Volvo - Has a better "safety" feeling than the Audi. Has a lighter feeling, probably due to the quattro drivetrain in the Audi. Doesn't handle as well as the Audi. If loaded up with options like Audi, the price are very similar, yet still only offers plastic wood for the premium package. But with the incentives and price cuts, the gap is bigger now I believe. Interior fit and finish and quality of material is lower than the Audi, but I feel Volvo has a better sound system though. A tab more family oriented than Audi (this is based on the built in booster seat in the back). Some interesting gadgets, built in fridge on certain models was a nice feature. That will certainly keep the bottle cold. 8)
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    Do you park in a garage or on the street?

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    I park in an indoor garage. It's an additional expense but worth it given the car and the hassle of alt-side parking.
    If you're looking for a garage, let me know. Mine's pretty reasonable.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTMember Posts: 15,511
    I'm definitely looking, it all depends where (I know you live a few blocks further north than I do) and what you consider reasonalble:) Any help would be appreciated.

    I'm looking for something as a possible alternative to street parking. I really wouldn't have to worry about alternate side because I'd be driving my car to and from work everyday (as opposed to taking the subway:) I'd be leaving at around 7AM and returning around 6-6:30ish PM.

    Thanks for your help!

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    I use a garage on 108 betw Amst. & Col. Not a neighborhood I want to live in but I pay $264 for fully attended 24hr covered garage. I only use the car on w/e so for you it may be somewhat of a schlepp especially in winter if you're a daily user. Otherwise I haven't had too much experience shopping around. I have peeked in a couple of places in the 80's/90's and they get close to $400. That's lot of $ for nothing.
  • nyccarguynyccarguy Stamford, CTMember Posts: 15,511
    $264 is still a little steep for my wallet (although it is cheap for the UWS). 108th street, that's 25 blocks (1.25 miles for you non city folk) away from my apartment (83rd bet Broadway & Amsterdam). I dread to think what the garage next to my building costs. They charge $35 for overnight!

    Thanks for your help!

    Sorry for the OT discussion fellow Audi enthusiasts.

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    Thanks for the advice. When you mention rebates and price cuts are you talking about the Volvo or Audi? I prefer the Audi so any discounting knowledge I can have going in to make a deal would be greatly appreciated.
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    I was tallking about the Volvos, but if you are looking at the 2002 left overs, just shop and look around a bit and you will find big discounts for both brands.
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    I'm new to the board and am considering an Audi A-6 3.0. What's the consensus on the reliability of the A-6? Consumer Reports wouldn't recommend it because of the repair record of recent models. What about the CVT? Any problems with that? Why have people chosen an Audi over, say, a BMW 3 or 5 series? Thanks
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    I test drove the BMW 330, 525 and 530 before deciding on the A6 3.0 Avant. Now, this is just my own opinion. I feel the Audi gave me the best bang for the buck.

    Pros and Cons

    Audi - Quattro. Much better interior quality and finish. More overall passenger room (although some drivers will complain about the transmisson tunnel intruding on leg space).

    BMW - The 3.0 engine from BMW is smoother than the one from Audi, at least from my experience. A bit lighter and more nimble car than Audi (due to the quattro system in Audi). Less leg room than a comparative Audi. Interior layout and material not as nice as those used in Audi, IMHO.
    Cost more than a comparative Audi.

    But, go drive them yourself and decide what you like more.
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    Mark C -

    And anyone else interested, of course: The latest issue of Car (Brittish magazine) has a test of the allroad 6-speed and some competition. . .
    (Also an article on the TT 225)
    Just f.y.i.
    - Ray
    Who typically appreciates the (ahem) different views expressed in Brittish publications . . .
    2020 BMW M340i
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    I test drove the following before deciding on my A6 2.7T:

    iX Series: major drawback was no sport suspension. That combined with higher ride height to accomodate awd resulted IMO a "tall" looking car with a "floaty" ride.

    5-series: very nice, but more cramped than A6 with less content per $. Fit and finish not on par with Audi.

    C-Class Benz: "This is your father's Oldsmobile" dashboard. What's impressive about this model is that it feels substantial. It drove as though it was bigger than it was. In the end tho, same conclusion as 5-series, and no awd. Although they are offering 4matic for 2003.

    Bartalk: I LOVE BMWs. My dream when I started my career was to be able to afford one of these cars. In fact I was so surprised by my decision to get the Audi that after I left the dealer, I thought "what the (insert profanity here) did I just do?" But with 250hp (OK you're looking at 220 in the 3.0 but still nice), a unique body, and interior workmanship that's second to none, I've never looked back.

    In fact, I had to hold back a snicker when, while riding in the back seat of my brother-in-law's '02 BMW M5, I noticed the rear air vents had come loose and ceased to swivel and the ceiling handles looked as though they were lifted from the Daewoo parts bin.
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    Thanks, guys, for your reasons for choosing an Audi. What about reliability, though? Any problems with yours? I read about nightmare electrical problems and astronomical repair bills. What's been your experience?

    I guess the best protection is an extended warranty.
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    Audis (and most other European cars) -- as I have said many times -- are breathtakingly expensive to repair (out of the Audi Advantage 50K miles or 4 years standard). If you must keep your new car beyond its factory insurance coverage, consider the AoA extra protection.

    Self insurance will work, but fundamentally will require a bit of a leap of faith and to be "fair" you must promise yourself that you will stick with Audis car after car after car -- reason? To make sure that if you buy 25 Audi's and keep them well past their factory warranties and don't buy extended protection that the amount you spend on extraordinary expenses is less than or equal to the cost of the extended warranties you would have purchased had you not decided to "self-warrant."

    The problem with this logic, as I watch my friends go through this exercise, is that they buy a BMW keep it beyond warranty, pay a breathtaking amount when something goes bump at 71K miles, curse the car and then next time buy a Volvo and repeat the process.

    To hear my friends sometimes, all cars are unreliable pieces of crap "cause buddy have I got a war story to tell you about my 1993 Saab and my 1998 Audi and my 2000 Jaguar -- but that Corolla takes a lickin and keeps on tickin'" -- I think I'm going to get sick the next time one of them lays this story on me.

    Audis and the other fine driving machines from Europe "seem" to have great performance and are "high maintenance" -- I admit to not liking this trade off, but my motto is "no boring cars."

    I would hate to have a 99.999% legendary reliability and .001% driving pleasure. Actually, I want both -- and mostly I have had such an experience with Audi's -- but I will not have one out of warranty. I only have a 6 figure income, after all.
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    Yes, best protection is definitely an extended warranty.
    I cannot speak for the marque as a whole, but I have a '01 A62.7T with 20k on it.

    Current problems so far have been vibrating brakes (replaced under warranty at 5k - now flawless). The brake design was addressed during the '02 model year so you won't have to worry about the same issue.

    The display on the radio sometimes flashes on and off momentarily. It in no way disrupts radio or cd operation, but the dealer has not diagnosed it successfully. Since it doesn't affect the performance of the components I've left it alone.

    Otherwise that's it. Again, this has been my experience only. Like I indicated, extra protection is a wise move with these cars if you're planning to keep outside of warranty.
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    Accumulation of brake dust on the wheels is annoying. Are these products worthwhile? I had heard they interfered with brake cooling but my friend put them on his 740iL through the dealer and they said they would be fine.
  • allagarooallagaroo Member Posts: 88
    I just adjusted the equalizer according to the suggestions in the electronic section of Edmunds. Why doesn't Audi advise you that it is available in their manual? Same thing with the computer adjustments that makes my doors lock at 10 mph and allows me to open/close windows/moonroof with my remote. BTW the radio sounds considerably better.
  • uwscarguyuwscarguy Member Posts: 40
    yes they treat the equalizer adjustment like some dirty little secret that no one should know about. Maybe because too many people would screw up their radios and waste the dealers' time having them reset. Who knows.
  • allagarooallagaroo Member Posts: 88
    I just adjusted the equalizer according to the suggestions in the electronic section of Edmunds. Why doesn't Audi advise you that it is available in their manual? Same thing with the computer adjustments that makes my doors lock at 10 mph and allows me to open/close windows/moonroof with my remote. BTW the radio sounds considerably better.
  • allagarooallagaroo Member Posts: 88
    I have a 2000 2.7T which has been flawless except I was a victim of the bad fuel tank sensors when the car was almost new. They were replaced and it has been fine since. My lease will be up in March '03 and I was considering keeping it but the numbers don't seem to work. The residual on my lease was 62% so the buy back is over $27,000. To release or finance the monthly payments are almost as high or higher than I'm paying with the warranty over. Is that buy back price negotiable with AofA? Any advice that would let me keep it would be appreciated.
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    Call Audi Finance Services couple months before your lease end, try talk to a manager and negotiate. Also, before you call, post in the "Real world trade in value" under the "Snart Shopper" Category, and see what's a real world price for your car is. This way, when you talk to that manager on the phone, they will know you are serious with your offer. BUT, don't feel bad if they say no to your offer.
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    Where's that spot where you got info on equalizer settings? I've done some looking and am missing it.
  • marleybarrmarleybarr Member Posts: 334
    Would anyone know if Audi installs non -greaseable (no zerk fittings)on the front-end steering/ suspension components?

    Does this mean a no-lubrication , meaning no maintenance, remove and replace front-end?
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    I was told that this was the case on A4's - at least the previous model like my '98.5 - but I'm not sure about the later models or any of the A6's. My out-of-warranty A4 repair at 46,000 miles cost $1,224.53, of which $767.12 was for the parts (looking at copy of invoice right now). The parts replaced were "both front lower control arms, swaybar links and guide links" plus various bolts, nuts and screws. Included in all this is a "front suspension kit" that costs $628.00 for the part.

    As I've posted here previously, this is the only repair (non-maintenance type) the car has needed since new, but it wasn't cheap and I was surprised that the front suspension wasn't serviceable, and thus is destined to have a relatively short lifespan. Hope the allroad with its even more expensive air suspension components does better than this!
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    Thanks for the tips on Audi reliability. Extended warranty seems essential unless one has a 7-digit income (before the decimal point). Sorry to mention it here but according to Consumer Reports, BMW--both 3 & 5 series-- has a far better repair record than Audi. The A-6 has that scary black circle adjacent to it in CRs repair table, meaning "much worse than average."
  • uwscarguyuwscarguy Member Posts: 40
    I'm not basing anything I'm about to write on anything factual let alone based on years of research or sleuthing.

    So having prefaced it as such, I think that CR stats fall short when it comes to high-end cars. I say this based on the observation that many (not ALL, not MOST) buyers of high-end autos do not peruse the pages of CR in as great a number as do buyers of Hondas, Daewoos, Chevies. Not that they're less inclined to look for a good deal, but poring over the pages of a rag that advises on the purchases of toaster ovens and adult diapers may offer a bit of an odd juxtapositioning of content vis-a-vis a comparo of BMWs, Lexi, Audis.

    Having said that I think that these same buyers would be less inclined to do an informational 180 degrees. That is to say, they'd be less inclined to voice their opinion on matters of reliability or other cars issues (good or bad) simply because CR isn't on their decision-making radar scope.

    I think, therefore, that the info CR obtains is sparse and not a true cross-section of the high-end car-buying public.

    Bartalk, I'm not trying to persuade you into anything and my above observations are based on nothing in particular. The best you can do is protect yourself as much as possible. Conclusion remains the same: whether you choose BMW or Audi, get added protection if you plan on keeping beyond warranty.
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    Sorry! You can find the section on the hidden equalizer in Audiworld website-Technical-Electronics. There are a few articles there on how to improve the sound sysem as well as the codes for changing other features.
  • bartalk2bartalk2 Member Posts: 326
    It's true that owners of BMW 7 Series, Audi A-8, high-end Mercedes, and the like are few in number as subscribers to CR. But in their reliability statistics, CR does indicate when there are inadequate numbers of a certain car/model to make statistically significant generalizations. But I would think that owners of mid level BMWs, Audis, etc. are just as aware of the problems they've had with their cars as owners of Chevys and Hondas and are equally accurate in reporting their problems on CRs annual questionnaires. That said, I agree that it's probably folly to go more than 4 years with an Audi or BMW unprotected, so to speak.

  • markcincinnatimarkcincinnati Member Posts: 5,343
    Yesterday, my Audi dealer informed me that both my wife's 2003 225HP TT coupe and my allroad will "dock" on or about October 7th and that we should have them no later than 30 days after that!

    My 2001 A6 4.2 now has over 35,000 miles on it, and since the last full brake replacement this car has been great! I will miss it!
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