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Audi A6



  • In all Audis, I believe, shuts off under heavy engine loads to give you better performance. Usually it would be undetectable, but if you're on a sustained grade, you would notice.
  • I'm hoping someone can answer this question - my service guy at the dealership could not.

    I have recently noticed an occasional 2 consecutive "beeps" in a row that recur every 6 -8 seconds from the speaker that is between the front and rear passenger doors on the driver's side (at the top of the pillar - above the airbag). The way I seem to be able to shut it off is to open and shut the driver's door, or to put the car in park and then back into drive. It has occurred while in drive and while in park. It has happened 3 times in the last month and I can't figure out why. Are those speakers on the B pillar for the navigation system? The beeps don't happen when the navigation system is being used, so they don't seem to be related. What else are the speakers used for? In advance, thanks for your help.
  • To put on the winter tires. I can tell because the air is changing and the Patriots are losing. There are various winter tire available on in the 255/40 17 size. Does anyone have any experience with any particular model? Igo to the mountains, so extra traction is something I'm willing to pay for.
  • I know this is supposed to be about Audi's and not the economy, but I just looked at the following web address: -- the DOW went up today a whopping 368 points, not wiping out its previous losses mind you, but let's face it, we are poised for a turnaround in this economy, this country -- and it will be America and Europe that lead this thing.

    It is so painful to have taken enough college economics to understand the "circular flow of income." That is, to actually watch people hold on to a dollar today that yesterday they would not have "worried" about. You know of course when we hold on to that dollar what can happen -- someone gets laid off. Then, when that person gets laid off he/she tells friends and neighbors and they get cautious and they hold onto a dollar and this great economic machine begins to grind to a halt. We have been watching it here in Ohio for over 11 months in a "true" manufacturing and IT recession. Not to belabor the point, we call this the IT Depression of 2001.

    But, this too shall pass -- damn terrorists have great timing, we were so close to a turnaround -- well from my point of view, we are still close to a turnaround, maybe it has been postponed by a couple of months.

    So I do not have any further reasons to encourage you to buy that A6 4.2 -- other than to say again, you will love this car, and you ARE getting a bargain.

    Your paper losses in the market have been somewhat recovered today -- as my broker says, buy and hold.

    Things go down up down up down etc -- I'm willing to bet that we're "just about due" for a pretty good uptick -- that will stick!
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I don't know how anyone can convince you to buy/lease a 4.2 with facts and personal experiences. You've either driven the car and want it, or driven it and don't want it, or haven't driven it yet. If the later situation, I suggest you start booking some test drives ASAP. Otherwise, what can anyone tell you to make you want something you don't want? Either you want it, or you don't. BTW, $250 over invoice is so good as to be virtually incredible. Is this for real?
  • Regarding winter tires: I have used the original Blizzak's and the Michelin Arctic Alpin; both were excellent. I especially liked the Michelin's for their combination of ice, moderate snow and handling characteristics. Check with TireRack for proper size.

    About that $250.00 over invoice. I, too, am dubious. However, if you want the vehicle, that is a sensational price.
  • 39 months $599/month -- 3000 up front -- in Cincinnati dealer pays 1500 of 3000 if prev audi owner and audi financial customer first payment no charge.

    list on car I saw with this deal 54,000+

    This really is a good deal.

    The 1500 can be rolled into lease which rasies payment a little bit.

    end of report
  • I know this is an exteremely selfish reason, but aparently AoA is not releasing the 2002 models until most 2001's are gone. My 2002 4.2 has been waiting in the Boston port forever (over a month...) wating for the "oldies" to go...

    (Are the 2001 4.2 still that abundant?!?)
  • I've also seen the ads for the 4.2 at $599.00/month with $3K down. I believe the mileage allotment is 15K. I omitted from my earlier posts regarding my indecision the issue of to lease vs. purchase in my mind. I own my small potatoes business, and could lease the vehicle relatively painlessly. I own my Acura, which I think would get me around $22K.

    My idea is to take the moey from the sale of the Acura and plop it into a money market to use toward the purchase of the single family home my wife so desires, and to lease the Audi either through the business, or personally, and then lease it back to the firm at a small profit (thereby making a couple of extra dollars and "avoiding" payroll taxes.

    And you are right timcar, as I have driven the vehicle, love it, and will make the decision regardless of input from others. I guess I am simply looking for further irrational convincing...BTW, it is an incredible deal. My understanding from my sales guy is that the dealer inherited these vehicles (3) from another dealer, and being 2001s, they are willing to let them go for invoice plus "a couple hundred dollars," which I expect to be $250. I am supposed to be getting the invoices for these vehicles faxed to my office today.
  • I am not familiar with '00 models, but when I picked up my '01 2.7T I was told that the "speaker" vents at the very top of the "B" pillar were part of the alarm system (interior motion sensors). Would hope that the salesman was not playing games with me! Doubt he was, too straight forward and professional. I have a button on the door sill by the bottom of the "B" pillar to turn the motion sensor off. May be the same with yours?
  • The fact that some raving psychotic who has completely mis-interpreted his religion chose to attack my country will not change my mind, or my buying habits.

    I'm still getting my 2.7t at the end of the month, although not the '02 I wanted. (Can't wait that long)Believe it or not, Valley Imports in Fargo, ND has an '01 equipped the way I want in the color I want, at approximately $4300 off sticker.

    I'll let you know how the ride home is...

  • You are so right to continue living your life -- I wish the broadcast and cable news media would spend their considerable engergy informing people not just of the bad news, but of the "way they could help the economy" (by buying or continuing to spend just like before 9/11).

    I am watching this board as a microcosm of our total economy and it seems that buying decisions are being postponed. I visited my Audi dealer today (to drop my 4.2 off for my new rotors) -- and they said Saturday before last you could fire a cannon off in the lot and have a better chance hitting a salesperson than a customer, but they said this most recent Saturday the customers were "almost" back to normal -- but they suggested it was that it was because the inventory was at such low prices. When I saw that A6 4.2 for effectively 38 payments of about $630 a month with no money down -- I cringed, my payments are hundreds more for essentialy the same car.

    No I am not whining -- I have had my car for 10 months on a 30 month lease, and life will go on. I liked getting the car early that I ordered. Although the one on the showroom floor was identical to mine except it did not have the sport package -- so in effect I could lease the car I almost want today for a couple hundred a month less for 9 months longer. Which to me means I am still pleased with what I got and how much I am paying.

    But, if I was a first time Audi buyer and looking at several options from BMW, Volvo, Lexus, etc.,well -- an A6 4.2 with Navigation, premium, phone, extra airbags, CD changer -- etc. for this much money -- I mean it puts a whole new class of automobile within reach.

    Too bad I can't dump out of this one -- they have a fully loaded silver/silver S8 on the showroom floor, with an incredible deal on it too. Not now -- I'll go for the 2003 A6 2.9T, 4.2 or the S4 or S6 saloon if one becomes available.

    Anyone hear about a 2.9T A6 version? At this point it just seems to be an unsubstantiated rumour.

    Save the economy spend money just like you would have before 9/11.
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I've had to lease a car for my business for 14 years. My accountant says it's the only way to go. Haven't tried anything as creative as you envision, think my accountant might flinch. Have always leased them under my own name. I've found that most credit companies while happy to lend money for inventory or other capital expenses are reluctant do so for business auto leases and/or want higher interest than is available to me personally. Perhaps you have access to better sources for credit for your business, as mine doesn't need to borrow to operate. I like the idea of taking the cash from the Legend and putting it somewhere where it can be preserved and gain interest. If you're lucky, you might even be able to make more on it than the interest on your lease.

    $250 is wonderful. If you like the specific car, I'd jump on it.
  • My guy just called me: $47,450.00 It'll probably go pretty quick, eh? Perhaps someone more versed in the leasing experience can estimate the lease payments--can it be done with simply the cost of the vehicle? i'd rather not put any money down. Thanks.
  • Call your salesman and get the MSRP, the cap cost (sales price), residual (as a %), and money factor and term of the lease. I can help you out.
  • My salesman told me that the 2002's were not being released from their delivery point, unless they were ordered for a customer. That was my situation. I ordered the A6 almost two months ago; it arrived, at the dealer, one week ago.

    Regarding all the debate and hand wringing over a purchase of a vehicle: either buy the car and enjoy it or, in the alternative, get a Chevy Impala (a good value) and rejoice in your frugality. No offense, but we can only beat this dead horse so long. Collectively, we have far more serious problems to contend with.
  • What model did you order? I know that 3.0's are being released, but I haven't heard that about other models...
  • I ordered my wife's A6 Avant (3.0). As to other models, I have no idea. When we pick it up, later this week, I will inquire.
  • That's what I originally thought it might be, so I pressed the motion sensor button when the beeps occurred and it did not solve the problem. Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe I'm experiencing a malfunction with the motion alarm. Any other thoughts out there as to what might cause 2 short beeps out of the speakers at the top of the B pillar?
  • timcartimcar Posts: 363
    I think I read somewhere that the little speakers on the B pillar are for the hands-free telephone. I assume you don't have the phone. If so, my guess is someone has the car programmed to think it does have a phone, and hence the speakers are live. Bet the two beeps mean something in relationship to the phone, like phone inoperative, or maybe the opposite.
  • My CPA has me lease my car in my name, then pick a number called "auto allowance" -- and it is important that you are in an equity position in the company -- so he says. Then, pick a percentage of a payment that makes sense from a business/personal usage standpoint.

    If you have another car in your household this is a bit easier. For example, lease payment $800. Auto allowance 70% not to exceed $600. Company writes a check for $560 to Audi Financial you write a check to Audi Financial for $240.00.

    Clean, neat -- oh yes and you pay for the gas, plates, insurance and maintenance.
  • To all Audi owners - What is your experience with: (1) how long it takes to get into a dealer for service; and (2) does your dealer have the parts you need in stock. I am having an issue with a dealer who takes 4 to 5 weeks for an appointment and who doesn't seem to have basic parts in stock, which drags out repair time. Thanks for sharing your experience.
  • 39 months @ 15,000 $1,051/mo. Which is about $6,000+ off sticker. MSRP @ $78,000.

    Nothing down -- no sec dep first mo payments made by AoA.
  • tubeytubey Posts: 39
    My dealer usually requires about two weeks, particularly if reserving a loaner, but if it's an emergency (like broken window guides)I can usually get it in within a day. Once, when my coolant temp sensor malfunctioned on a Sunday they told me to bring it in Monday and fixed it right away.

    I called this past Monday for an appointment for tire rotation, balancing and alignment check prior to a long trip and the first day they could get me in was 10/12; later than that if I needed a loaner, which I don't.

    As for parts: no experience. The few things that I've needed were obviously in stock because I was never "back ordered" or told that we would have to wait for parts.

    My dealer is University in Seattle.
  • My experience with scheduling service has been good: usually a week to ten days for non emergencies; if it is something safety related, within 24 hours. The wait is a bit longer if a loaner is required.

    Parts have generally been readily available, unless there is a major recall; then, they are scarce.
  • Okay, I trust my dealer, but I'm still wondering. The two lights around the rear license plate, the ones that come when the fog lights are activated...well I noticed that the right one did not illuminate, only the left.

    I took it in (ok, I should have check here first) and the dealer told me that it wasn't supposed to come on.

    I assume this is the case, but I just wanted to hear it from fellow A6 owners. And if not, why have it at all?

  • mbnut1mbnut1 Posts: 403
    The point of having only one rear fog light is to distinguish it from having your brake lights on
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