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Hyundai Elantra 2001-2006



  • skyartskyart Posts: 4
    The Hyundai web sites states that their are two new colors exclusively(only can get these two colors on the GT and not on the GLS) for the GT which are Cardinal Red, and Cobalt Blue. The GT also comes in Cranberry, Black Obsidian, and Pewter(according to the bruchere I received when I test drove one a week or so back).
  • griffey2griffey2 Posts: 6
    Hooray! I finally bought an Elantra with package 2. Am thrilled. After test driving a Focus, Corolla, and Civic, amongst some larger cars, I settled on the Elantra for the price, warranty, and the way it drives. The ride feels much smoother than the other cars in its class. Now to sell my '93 Maxima....
  • aquesadaaquesada Posts: 24
    Hi guys,

    What type of oil(brand,grade,synthetic,etc) are you using in your Elantra 01, I have 1700 kilometers on mine and I would like to hear some advice from you. I live in Costa Rica and temperatures goes from 32°f to 107°f.
  • browneybrowney Posts: 104
    The link below gives a good descripton of what to look for in oil. I live in Georgia which has the same basic temp range as your area. I use 5-30 oil, either Valvoline, Castrol, or Penzoil. Never had engine problems that would be caused by poor oil performance. I change oil and filter every 3k mi.

    The following links review Oil Filters:
  • majorthomechomajorthomecho Posts: 1,331
    Seeing all this talk about the various packages has me wondering just how many packages are available on the Elantra? I have seen reference to package 13 so does that mean there are 13 different packages or more?
  • kupiecbkupiecb Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Elantra, I have only 9300 miles on it and right now it is in the shop due to electrical problems. My power windows and power locks would not work. I took it into the shop and they have to tear apart my door panels to see what the problem is. Has anyone had any Electrical problems with their car? I just can not believe on a brand new car I am having these problems. Good thing I bought the Diamond Extended Warrenty, It covers the rental car. The service manager just told me that this is a defect in the 2001 Elantra's that is just being discovered. has anyone had any problems with the electrical??
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Log onto and check out the Elantra. There are like 4 or 5 different packages available on the car.
  • presario1presario1 Posts: 15
    I had a shimmy at 60+, it seemed intermittant. My 2001 elantra had 150 miles on it at the first service, tire balance and wheel alignment didn't help. After the second service call at 300 miles, the dealer contacted Hyundai, who approved changing out the Michelin tires with replacement Michelins, rebalancing according to Hyundai techs. The steering wheel doesn't shake in each direction a 1/4" anymore, but there is more road feel than I'm used too through the steering wheel, considering my last car was a 92 Toyota Camry, maybe its still those michelins???????
  • orman1orman1 Posts: 7
    Have not had any electrical problems on our 2001 elantra, but when you get your car back, can you elaborate on the "problem" they say the 2001's have?

    The only weird thing our car seems to do is make a "hiss" by the passenger's footwell area when a hard left turn is made. Sounds like "freon is escaping" hiss. It only seems to happen when the a/c is on and when making a left turn.
  • tazerelitazereli Posts: 241
    Having more road feel is not necessarily a bad thing. Smaller cars and sporty cars tend to have more than larger cars. I like my car telling me whats going on with the road. As to balancing to "Hyundai" specs; in the four years that i installed tires for sears I never heard of a manufacturer spec. My goal was always to get a zero balance where both sides of the tire were balanced. be sure that your air pressure is correct too. that can have an impact also. for that i would go with Hyundai's specs.
  • chromemanchromeman Posts: 4
    I am trying to put a deal together on a 2001 Elantra GLS Auto, The sales person says the National Advertising Charge (approx $350)is part of the invoice price
    I think it is part of ther dealer mark up. Anyone
    know about this??
  • tocantocan Posts: 118
    The dealer has to pay it, they have no choice. That makes it not part of dealer mark up.
  • arukisharukish Posts: 7
    I have Elantra 01 with 4900 miles on it and have a check sign comes in.I am shocked to have this problem in just 4900 miles.Can anybody tell me what is that mean? I know that it's not a n engine problem.
  • cjaccettacjaccetta Posts: 236
    My wife and I are negotiating the purchase of an Elantra GT or GLS within the next few days. We like the GT because of the added features like leather and alloy wheels; however, dealers seem to have availbility and bargaining issues with the GT. Therefore, the GLS is our Plan B.

    I noticed that the Hyundai website (under "specs") and in certain reviews of the GLS alloy wheels as listed as an option. However, I can't find alloys as a listed option anywhere else and I did not see them on any vehicles in any dealers lots.

    Is it possible to order alloys for the GLS from the factory? I'd like to know before I make the deal. Thanks in advance for the help.

  • leo24leo24 Posts: 4
    I bought a '99 Elantra in Jan. 00 and have driven it for 21k. The car is pretty solid mechanically.

    The only thing that bothers me is the paint. It has been in the north for only one winter, and there are already visible spots, most likely corroded by salt, on both the top and the hood. Sands flying on highway also leave marks on the sides, something that doesn't happen to my '92 Galant at all.

    Before I bug the dealer, could I hear anything from other Elantra owners? Many thanks in advance.
  • aquesadaaquesada Posts: 24
    This warning sign is associated to the emissions control system not with the motor, not a big deal!.
  • bought2bought2 Posts: 3
    my elantra does the same....alot of road contact and accent is a whole lot better with those korean tires....
    michelins are great tires but they are noisey.. i had them on my camry and removed them and put on winstons and it was alot quieter i'm going to do the same thing on my elantra.. if you like a sports car feel stay with the mitchelins if you want less noise and a little smoother ride go with a softer tire....
  • presario1presario1 Posts: 15
    Michelins are long wearing,etc...But what was causing the shimmy in my 2001 elantra was intermitant and might be back. I think road feel has its pluses. And steering wheel shimmy/vibration at 60+ is unusual. Thought it was fixed, but this morning, slight shimmy, I may call the dealer soon. Anybody correctly solve this with their dealer?
  • dwangyahoodwangyahoo Posts: 12
    Hey all, Long Beach Hyundai in CA has been advertizing a base GLS automatic for just $9877 for 2 weeks! This price includes the $495 destination fee and the $500 rebate. But note this is an automatic! Has anyone bought at Long Beach Hyundai? How can they be so low?
  • sjslosjslo Posts: 16
    I was wondering if anyone knows whether or not the 2001 Elantra comes pre-wired for tweeters. I just bought a new head unit and plan on upgrading the speakers soon. I was just curious, thanks! Please email me if you know
  • elantra00elantra00 Posts: 225
    It depends what radio you got. My elantra has a the upgraded system that comes with tweeters. The base system doesnt. So if yours doenst have it now, its doubtful that they have inputs for them. then again, my elantra is a 2000. The 2001s may be different
  • elantra3elantra3 Posts: 7
    my elantra has a slight lull, a hesittation, a pause,and has had this trouble from day one i am just curiuos if anyone else has had a simular proublem and what they did to correct it when acellerating with about 1/2 to 3/4s way or all the way it seems to have a dead spot its hard too explian it seems like it takes a few seconds after acellerating before it realizes what to do i want to take it to the dealer but they will most likly tell me its a normal thing i can,t get decent performance out of this car i realize this isn't a sports car but even my friends tercell with 195,000miles performs flawlessly did i metion my elantra is a 5 speed i can't belive that this elantra could be the normal way it is slugish performance and poor gas milage too. may be all related i,m not sure. would love to here if anyone else is having this proublem and what the cure is if any also the clutch seems to grab at the very end of its travel not the middle for $2000 more i could have bought a nissan sentra maybe i should have if i can't get this proublem fixed right i will lose a lot of money on a trade in hyundais don,t seem to hold there value like toyotas,nissans,hondas and i understand from dealers i've spoken too used hyundais don't sell very well they sit on the lots and nobody wants them i bought this car to keep for about five years or so we,ll see
  • dorf47dorf47 Posts: 18
    These seem to be a dealer install option, I've not seen any on any lot. Picked up an '01 with package 5, auto, floor mats and mud guards for $14,040 at my local dealer. I was looking for package 5 but not having much luck, these guys are new and had one on the lot. Got an excellent % rate on the loan from them too.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    I have a 5spd too, 4500 miles, and the only hestitation I've noticed is when it is cold, it sometimes has a tiny bit of hestitation (not a few seconds, maybe half a second) in 1st. Re clutch take up, when you say it grabs "at the very end of its travel" do you mean down by the floor? My clutch grabs fairly close to the floor, which I prefer and is similar in feel to clutches on Nissans, Toyotas, and Hondas I've owned. So if yours is grabbing down by the floor, that may be "normal" behavior. If the clutch take-up isn't smooth, that could be indicative of a problem. But clutches can be adjusted, so take it into the dealer.

    My main question is, have you driven other '01 GLS 5spds, say on a test drive, and did they behave the same way? If this is the only one you've driven, what I would do if I were you is go to your dealer, ask the mechanic to take a drive with you (let him/her drive the car). If the mechanic says it's normal behavior, then both of you should take out another GLS 5spd for a drive (call ahead first to make sure they have one). If it acts the same, it may in fact be normal but I doubt it, at least for the hestitation, since at least some 5spds (like mine and the Edmunds long-term tester) don't exhibit that behavior. If they give you the run-around, start taking it up the chain.
  • zengeoszengeos Posts: 6
    I was just in an accident today. Another vehicle rear ended me. The other vehicle was a 90's era large Cadillac. It received substantial front end damage (front grille, bumper, right front quarterpanel, and the light mount all totalled.

    My car on the other hand seems to have absorbed ALL damage in the it was intended to. Kudo's to Hyundai's continued improvement in quality and crash worthiness.

    I have had no major problems with my car yet in 7 months. Two very minor problems were the gas cap pull didn't always release the cover (adjusting the tension in the pull cable corrected this) and the right rear door doesn't always lock. It seems to happen in cold weather only and it's intermittent. Unfortunately, they have not been able to track that problem down. Otherwise, the car has performed nearly flawlessly.

    On an ironic note, I was turning into the dealership to show my mother the new GT version as a possible next car for her. Go figure!

  • jkempskiejkempskie Posts: 49
    My 2001 GLS 5-spd just hit 5000 miles without any problems like you've described. Oh, you might consider using punctuation.

  • ycrtycrt Posts: 2
    I just took a quick lunch-time test drive in a base model standard Elantra. I wanted to see how my 6'3", 240 lb. frame would fit, and I was pleased. I'm not ready to buy (or do any price haggling), so when the salesman said it was $13,100, I just ignored him. I only took it around the block (up one side of the freeway frontage road and back down the other), but I liked it a lot better than the other compacts I've had the chance to drive (as rentals). I'm going to drive the Accent, too, to see how the space compares. I'm not sure if having more room, a stronger engine, and side airbags are worth the extra $2K+ difference between the Elantra and Accent. Anybody else waver between the two before deciding who can help me out?
  • browneybrowney Posts: 104
    Have you ever taken your vehicle back to the dealer to force him to fix the gas mileage problem you mentioned in posts 782 and 848 on this forum? And 801 on the Elantra vs the Civic forum?
    I believe you were asked this a couple of months ago and I don't remember you posting any response.
  • cjaccettacjaccetta Posts: 236
    I also noticed a very slight shimmy at speeds of 64-68 mph in my Elantra GT. I corrected the pressure in both front tires but that didn't help. Oddly, the problem seems intermittent and doesn't always show up. It is very slight and I probably only noticed it because the rest of the car is so smooth & quiet. It feels like an out-of-balance wheel.

    Anyone know if it's the Michelin tires, and out-of balance wheel or the alignment that's causing the shimmy? The GT has alloy wheels so they could be the culprit.

    Happy Motoring!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    I drove the Elantra and Accent back-to-back. I thought the Accent was a nice little around-town car, something that I would have been very pleased with when I was commuting to college. For a car that can be had for around $9K, it seemed well-screwed together. However, I'm long removed from college and the Elantra seemed way more substantial, very smooth and comfortable to drive. The Elantra is to me on a par with Civic, Sentra, and Protege, while the Accent is one class below. To me the Elantra was well worth the $2K or so more--look at all you get for that money. Another factor was that it could easily hold my family of 5, whereas they would be a tight squeeze in the Accent. Check out the crash test results on the Elantra vs. the Accent also.
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