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Older Honda Accords



  • yllibyllib Posts: 8

    Did Honda send you a letter about the recall or did you find out about it on the internet? If you did receive word from Honda, did it come from your dealer or Honda's Corporate office? The reason I ask is my dealer thus far seems pretty incompetent so it wouldn't surprise me if they don't notify me on this either.

    The dealer never called me to tell me about picking up my plates. On my third call, the woman at the dealer told me they had been there for 4 days(by now the temp tags had expired). I picked them up the next day, five days after I pick them up, my salesman calls and leaves a message on my machine telling me my plates were in! Totally clueless.
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    The trans problem has for the most part been cured in most of the 2000 and for sure for the 2001.I have only heard the noise in 6 cylynders and it is very loud. It is not the very normal engagement click.We have slowed down to almost a stop with seeing the trans problem.There are probably a few still hanging around somewhere so maybe waiting for a 2001 wouldnt be a bad idea.However I think a march or later production 2000 would be ok also..But always road test for several miles and go with your gut feelings when buying... good luck
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    ...all notices for recalls are computer-generated from the corporate system in Torrance, and mailed directly to the address of record for the owner. The dealers are completely uninvolved with the actual notice - but they, of course, have to have the parts and are the ones doing the work. The Tech Service Bulletin issued to the dealers that describes the work to be done can be accessed by any service dept by computer, so if you are having some kind of anxiety about this, you can ask the system if your car's VIN is included in the recall. The NHTSA's web site will also reveal both TSBs and recall notices, but sometimes with considerable time lag after the actual fact.

    Anyway, dealers are frequently clueless unless you take the initiative. When it comes to recalls, however, it is Honda USA that calls the shots and manages the data, not the dealers. Whenever word hits the airwaves about any recall from any manufacturer, there seems to be a lot of useless running in circles by people whose cars are not actually involved...wait for the notice to come in the mail before doing anything else.
  • The notice came directly from Honda USA. I ran into the same incompetence from the dealer we purchased my wife's Accord from. We love the car (our 2nd Accord in the past 6 months) but we wish we had pruchased from a different dealer. The good news is that I ripped the dealer in the survey. If Honda pays attention to the survey it is a very good way to express your displeasure.

    Anyone know to what extent Honda pays attention to the survey's?
  • The last dealer I worked at complained that they were getting too many of the SE's in to sell. My guess is that Honda overestimated the demand so they have a lot of them to unload.

    BTW, that sounds like a great lease on one. If I didn't drive so many miles every day I'd go for a deal like that.

  • jthukraljthukral Posts: 17
    I was just seeing your profile, pretty bitter about GM, uuh, what happened ?
  • You bet I am. I will never own another one of their junk cars. I guess that is why we have 2 Accords in the garage now instead of a Grand Prix and a Sunfire. Not only do their cars stink but they don't know crap about customer service. If you buy a GM you better buy two--one to tear up and one to drive to the shop.

    Here are some good links about my story (I have published many times):

    I also posted my complete letters to GM on the Grand Prix at: See posts 59 & 70
  • jrct9454,
    Thanks for the information. I have been reading most of the posts since early May. But I wasn't sure on the production dates of the problem cars. I had forgotten to look for the prod. date in the door jam of the car. I am just surprised at how many problems i've heard about the Accord. Currently I own a 99 Civic EX but have come to realize that's it's just too small. But it is an oustanding car otherwise and I have not had one problem since buying it back in Aug. 99. As far as roominess, the Civic interior numbers are very similar to the Accord, we're talking coupes here. The headroom in the Civic EX coupe is the only real sticking point for me. The Accord EX coupe is nice but I'm still close on the headroom department.

    Going back to the dealer rant, he seemed surprised that the car had the problem. I find it hard to believe that he had never had any complaints and that the coupe I test drove was the only one he had heard of that had the problem tranny.

    I think I will wait on the 2001's. I went to the vtec website and it seems like they've address at least the wind noise problems. Thanks for the help.
  • Amen to GM crap. I just read your bio also. I still own, as a 2nd car/POS, a 89 Grand Prix. It is only rated as one of the worst cars you could ever own EVER!!!!! That's the reason i jumped to the Honda side of things. I refuse to buy another GM product after that experience. Everything that could fail has failed. There's a pending lawsuit on the fine brakes as well. Guess I'll recoop some of my losses.
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    Those surveys are very important to Honda and to most of the dealers.They can determine how many cars are allocated to the dealer.Most dealers even pay incentives and or base your raise on them.We have to keep a 90% or higher in order to get our bonus for the month so we try about as hard as possible to make people happy..
  • vinneyvinney Posts: 43
    hello, I have a 2000 lx 4cyl accord automatic trans. The other day I had to floor it to pass a car with the a/c running. my question is does the compressor shut off during hard accelaration and does this hurt the a/c system at all? does the engine cut off if you reach redline? also,can you lubricate the window channels with silicone spray? some windows roll up faster than others.
    This is a great running car much better than the chevy malibu I traded in for! thanks (vinney)
  • I had the recall done on the Accord yesterday. They found nothing was wrong with the welding.

    Auburn63--Thanks for the info. on the survey. I think I have found another dealer other than where we purchased the 2nd Accord from to do work on our cars. Our main problem centered around our sale rep. not returning our phone calls over about a 4 day period. I finally had to call the sales manager. It was like once they got our money that was it. Thanks again.
  • For me it wasn't so much about everything that went wrong with it. It was more about how GM and the dealer acted. If a car breaks I expect both the dealer and the manufacter to be fair. GM wouldn't even listen. In fact the dealer told me "well you got 52K on the car, what do you expect?" I guess that says a lot about how they build their cars.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    No, the AC does not cut off during hard acceleration - only cars I know of that are equipped to do that are police package domestics. Yes, the engine has a rev-limiter to keep it from being lunched - rather higher than 6000 rpm on a VTEC, but it is there. And yes, apply the spray to a rag or paper towel, and then use it on the rubbers - this also works on door and sunroof seals to eliminate creaking and squeaking noises. But don't try to spray it on directly - too messy - use a towel or rag.
  • normkolnormkol Posts: 135
    I also blasted my dealer in my survey. Gave up some free oil changes in order to do this. I sent the survey in early June, no response yet.

    Too bad I bought the SE in May, the price seems lower now. And the stock I sold to pay for the car has gone up 4 points.

  • Having the right sales rep and dealership can make a big difference. I have a question about the design of the Accord coupes. Is there a reason why there isn't door guard strips running the side of the coupes. The car as far as appearanceis really sharp but after getting a few door dings on my Civic I realize their importance. The dealer I talked to said it was a dealer intalled option but I'm guessing it probably looks like crap. Seems like every other Honda has this incorporated into the car. I myself think it adds to the contour and shape of the car as well as protecting it.
  • the Honda option for it looks like:

    I looked for one on the lot to get a 'real' picture but didn't see one with the trim on it.

  • Thanks for posting the pic. Any idea what the dealer asking price is for the option?
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    Jrct is mostly correct about the windows but the a/c compressor will and does shut of on hard accel or atleast has in the past years. I will double check tomorrow but they have done that for a while now so I can't see them changing that option.Also, although I have been known to use a silicone based spray it is best to use Shin-Etsu greese on Honda's seals and gaskets.It comes in a tube and can be applied by acid brush and or finger/rag.Then work the window up and down to carry the lube down the track.
  • jthukraljthukral Posts: 17
    Well I read all their letter etc its really bad that they hv lost a loyal GM customer, in fact more bcos now u r never going to suggest GM to any of ur friends.

    No wonder GM is gradually losing its mkt share.
    And to increase their reputation now they are giving ponatic with 50K/5yr warranty.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    I appreciate the fact that you are connected with Honda via the service dept, but it is my observation from my 98 LX 4 cyl CA-emission VTEC automatic that there is no special provision for the AC to do anything but cool the car, no matter how hard I use the right pedal. Maybe the issue is how hard is "hard", and how long you have to sustain full throttle for the effect to be felt...I've rarely kept the pedal truly buried for more than the five seconds or so it takes to get up to speed at an onramp, or accomplish a successful rural-road passing maneuever...

    Incidentally, once broken in, this engine is surprisingly lively and never feels seriously out of it, the way a Camry 4 can often do. But of course the noise it makes in the process can never be compared to the easy power produced by the V6, which is why I'm leaning toward a 2001 EX V6 or an Acura CL/TL. Got to say that overall, this has been the best car for the money we've ever owned, and we've had nearly 50 cars over the past 38 years, including everything German and Japanese several times over.
  • Honda's list price is $130.29 but dealers can charge more if they want to. And that doesn't include installation (which should run between $30-$50)

  • "Option OEM Pricing - My dealer quotes me a spoiler and fog light options would be $1,000.00 (out the door). I thought this was a bit high, would $600.00 be reasonable?"


    First off: welcome to Edmunds! I'm not sure why you hid your post, usually people hide them if they are posting pictures or wandering off topic and yours was definatly on topic.

    Anyways. $1000 wouldn't be completely out of line. List price for the items alone is $768.00 so install on top of that would probably take it up close to the $1000. If you can get them installed for the $600 you mentioned then by all means do! I'd think closer to $750-800 would be a good/fair deal, but that's no reason not to start at $600.

  • Thanks for your response. I agree with what you stated. Sorry, I hide it by mistake. I should be more careful next time.

    Anyway, I am pretty happy with the car so far. Although I have not driven much; have not "broken in" yet.
  • also, congrats on the car purchase! No problem on the hidden post, just thought some might overlook it since it was hidden, I think if you click on the post number again you can unhide it (which will then make me look insane to anyone reading my comments on it being hidden :)
  • Thanks for the feedback. I unhided post #54, it's hided by mistake.

    Anyway, looking forward to drive the car more often on weekend. I wanted to see if fuel mileage improve past the "break in" period, or first oil change. So far, I think my average mpg is probably in the high 16-18 mpg range. Of course, this is strictly city driving. I try not to treat the car too harsh before the first 600 miles, that means avoid freeway driving during this time.
  • mpruittmpruitt Posts: 18
    I traded my '98 EX 4-cyl, 5 speed, cloth, for a '00 EX-L, V6, auto. Biggest difference: the weight (and handling) of the heavier car makes it feel more stable (not that the other wasn't). We like it. Do notice wind noise on highway, though, seemingly from the driver side "A" pillar.
    Out the door price for the new car (trade not involved) was $22,026, including moonroof visor and floor mats. Traded the visor for chrome tips on the dual exhausts. Looks great.
    What changes are in stock for the '01 's which will be available in a month or so?
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Posts: 2,363
    There are a surprisingly large number of changes to the 2001s, led by the assertion that they are actually trying to do something about the wind and road noise issues. Let me see if I can copy the URL for all to see here:

    The EXV6 also gets a 6-CD changer in the dash, traction control, and power passenger seat. There now is not much to close the gap to an Acura TL except the 5-spd automatic and the memory seats [which the TL will get for 2001]. Makes it even harder to justify the price difference in my mind...
  • auburn63auburn63 Posts: 1,162
    If you have your A/C on and go under the hood and watch the compressor clutch as you accelerate quickly(in neutral for this test)you can watch your compressor shut itself off on accel.The way they are set up and have been set up for several years is that on accel from a stop the compressor shuts down for extra power on initial take off and then around 20mph the compressor kicks back on.Now I dont know if you can tell or not but it does do it I checked today..Could not tell and the manual was not clear on if it does it on passing gear down shift but the civic does because I have fixed chirps on accel caused by the compressor kicking off then on durring hard accel..
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I have never heard of such a "smart" AC compressor. In every car I have driven, I have had to turn the AC off manually in order to give me that extra oomph for hard acceleration from a standstill. This includes my Mom's 92 Accord, sister's 94 Accord and 2000 Odyssey, brother's 95 Intregra, and my own 2000 Hyundai Accent. The AC clutch is turned on and off based solely on the temperature of the freon. When you accelerate hard, it turns the compressor at a faster pace, thus pumping the freon faster through the system and cooling it faster as a result. The sudden coolness will trip the AC temp switch located in one of the AC lines and thus switch the compressor off. It is pure coincidence that you noticed what you did. All you did was cool the freon to the threshold of the switch by accelerating the engine, thus shutting off the compressor.
    I will give you an example. My Hyundai only has 92 hp and accelerates slowly with the AC engaged. I have tried to pull out fast from a dead stop and the car just bogs down and accelerates like it has an anchor attached to it. As soon as I shut off the AC switch, it's like a turbo kicks in and the engine revs with much less restriction. If what you are saying is true, I should not experience this bogging because the AC compressor should know I'm asking for more power and shut itself off. Like I said, there is no way for it to know you are asking for more power, because it does not have a computer chip talking with the rest of the car's engine control unit. It is controlled solely by a temperature switch. Hope this helps the confusion surrounding this topic.
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