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Older Honda Accords



  • talon95talon95 Member Posts: 1,110
    Actually, you da troll. So I'm not going to get into it with you... you can take all the cheap shots you want. There are plenty of real men and women who are interested in discussing the electronics in their cars (thanks, canadiancl). Like I said, if you don't like the topics, leave. Or start a forum about camshaft grinds, rear axle ratios and bevel angles on transmission gears, so you can discuss what you want.
  • accordvirginaccordvirgin Member Posts: 3
    CHEAPOWNER how did you add sensors to system let me know. when i set alarm from inside car then lift lock switch to exit it shuts alarm off is it normal????
    P.S. BOBST shut up try living in my neighborhood and not worrying about an alarm.. you wouldn't have a car to enjoy
  • carguy62carguy62 Member Posts: 545
    I've only had my US built Accord for three days but it will be hard pressed to top my Japan built '89 Accord. Frankly, I could kick myself for not doing better research and finding one that was built in Japan. I know I would have more confidence in one built in Japan. The first '01 I bought had to be returned 11 minutes later when the check engine light came on, they gave me a different one but that experience certainly was not a confidence builder.
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    good offer for 2001. According to edmunds invoice + Dest is 22775.
    Even if the coupes are in less demand than sedan they are always in short supply too. EX-V6(both 4dr, 2dr) are always in demand & it seems they can't keep them for a long time unless a very large dealer.

    My dealer's Internet Manager(IM) says it is even more difficult to keep used 98+ V6 on the lot !!

    LX-V6 is a different story & what I understand from the IM that they overesteemated demand for LX-v6 & SE in 2000, so for 2001 short suppply may make these also in demand !!
  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    There is no way a driver could possible notice a difference in handleing between alloy and steel wheels. The difference in weight is minimal. I've picked them both up and can't hardly tell the difference.

    Again, the steering is the SAME in an SE as in an LX or EX. I guess there could be some *slight* difference between two different cars or something...?

    And, Canadiancl...Sorry...but all LX Accords have had 15 inch wheels since 1996.
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    There IS diff between the steering. SE being harder than LX. Do drive them back to back.

    I can't be difference between cars....
  • silvercoupesilvercoupe Member Posts: 326
    Could you please define "harder" steering? Maybe the SE just had more air in the tires.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    And it doesn't look like I can convince you otherwise...but, that's O.K.

    I think you were B.S ed by a salesperson and now it's like a placebo effect or something.

    Same steering folks!
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    ISell : I am not at all baised bcos of sales guy.
    SE steering IS harder or LX is lighter than SE. U can easily feel it. I don't know why didn't u observe ??

    I suppose, I should drive my friend's SE (3 of them have it) to check the steering :) It was what we observed not that sales guy told us.
  • duperduper Member Posts: 127
    Hello all,
    I'm planning a trip to the local dealers this weekend to check out any leftover 2000 LX Sedan. I got a quote on greenlight.com for $16,946 for an Auto LX. The site doesn't have an option page to add options so I don't know which options are available. I'm confused that this forum mentioned the satin silver is for 01 only, but greenlight.com list it as for '00.
    Is $16,946 a good price to take it to the dealer and yacking with them for 2 hours to see if they can do better or I have no chance. It seems like it's under invoice and TMV from Edmunds.
    Is there a dealer that you recommend from Bay Area, San Jose.
    Also, if it's cheaper to get an after market CD or just have dealer install it since LX only comes with tape/am-fm.

    Thanks for any input
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    If u can get them to install CD player for 250
    (Honda CD Player) It wouls be great. Also options which are dealer isstalled are: Floor Mats 70, Guards 80, Keyless for Accord : 250

    Keyless/Security/CD: There are many aftermarkets available but its better to get it from them for as low as possible while haggling.

    Can't u find SE: It is much better deal than LX.
    Auto, better Audio, Mats, Carpetted Floor, WoodTrim, Keyless, Tunk opener with Security system, IMP: Alloy Wheels & ABS

    I read somebody got SE for 17,500 in MA.
  • cheapownercheapowner Member Posts: 47
    I used Excalibur a glass sensor and a shock sensor. Both signal wires are tapped to hood switch, therefore you must have a hood sensor. I tapped power from the head unit. I don't know which wire because I don't have wiring diagram. Find any wire from the head unit that has power when alarm is activated.
    I don't know why alarm disable if you armed it inside and unlock the door manually. I always arm the car from outside so I won't leave keys in it.
  • lawrenlawren Member Posts: 15
    I was told that starting from Accord 4 cyl auto,

    Pay about $2K more to upgrade to either
    V6 LX or V4 auto EX.

    Then you pay about $2K more to upgrade to V6 EX.

    If this is true, then my question is where does the price fall for V4 EX leather auto?

    If it's $1K more to leather your EX, then why not spend $1K more and get the V6 engine?

    isellhondas and/or others
    I'm thinking about trading my Accord for a new Accord.

    I have a 99 Accord LX auto w/ 6 CD changer (armrest) and Honda alarm/keyless entry. It is Heather Mist with 24K miles, and great condition (not even a door ding).

    My wife likes the Accord but would prefer leather, alloy wheels and few other goodies. Side airbags, depowered airbags, and remote stereo access is what I like. What do you think is a fair price for the difference if I wanted to get her the 01 Accord V6 EX? Depending on the difference, she will get her 01 Accord or try stall her until '04 Accord (03' new model but '04 should have all the bugs worked out). Thank you in advance.
  • canadianclcanadiancl Member Posts: 1,078
    I could be wrong but I don't think you can buy an after-market CD to fit onto the standard stereo in an LX. Honda is quite proprietary and their stereos have special harness that only works with Honda components. Besides I have yet to see just a CD player for sale from after-market sources.
  • silvercoupesilvercoupe Member Posts: 326
    You can get an Alpine CD changer from Circuit City that will work with the standard stereo. It is a trunk mounted unit, tho.
  • talon95talon95 Member Posts: 1,110
    Since duper asked about an LX, does that Alpine changer that you mentioned work with a 2000 EX V-6 as well?
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    Accord's 4 cyl is I4....am I right ??
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    U can get Honda cd-player (same which dealer installs) for around 230-240 & get it installed from some mechanic. (Site gives instalation instructions)

    Keyless is better with dealer only s it is pain to install.

    These sites have reasonable prices.
    Mats are advertized for 66 !!
  • lawrenlawren Member Posts: 15
    Yes it is inline 4. I was trying to abbreviate to avoid writing 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder in full.
    As now I realize my previous post fell between the Alpine CD changer discussion, let me share my little experience. I had Alpine 6 CD changer on a 96 Accord. I traded the car in for the 99. I wanted to transfer the CD changer to the 99 Accord. It was functional but it was not 100% compatable. I don't know the technicality of it but all I know is that you can go from CD to radio. However, you cannot go from radio to CD. So only way to get to CD player was to turn off the ignition to reset and hit the CD/Tape button instead of accessing AM or FM radio. Unless you wanted to listen to the CD all the time, this was inconvenient.

    So I took the system out, gave to my brother in law for his Mazda.

    The Honda CD changer is also Alpine. It looks exactly the same as the old one but it does have a different model number. I like the CD changer located under the arm rest better.

    Anyone want to share his/her thoughts on whether or not I should trade the '99 I4 LX-A for 01' EX V6?
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    I think it would be a better idea to get rid of 99 in mid 2001 i.e before the 2002 start coming.

    Or much better idea is to go fot 2003 Accord in the fall of 2002.

    I would be much better to sale 99 on ur own instead of trading it in. Difference of almost $1500.
  • silvercoupesilvercoupe Member Posts: 326
    Check with Circuit City on the CD changer. As far as I know it is fully compatible. I'd just be sure that there are no problems like milindc mentioned.
  • hondaman18hondaman18 Member Posts: 5
    I have a 2000 v6 ex coupe. I got the alpine 6 cd changer which is fully compatible with the stock honda radio. I paid 217 plus 60 installation plus like 30 bucks for a cable. That is the only aftermarket that will fit, that is direct connection, you can get other aftermarket cd changers in fact any 6 disc cd changer if you want fm modualation, in other words the cd changers plays through an FM station, but you do not get CD quality sound that way, only with direct connection do you get true CD sound. Honda also make 3 different CD changers, including trunk mounted, console mounted, and in dash. The choice is yours, but I am happy with my tunk mounted alpine.
  • couimetcouimet Member Posts: 130
    All up to you which one to keep or which one to get.

    Six weeks ago, my wife drove a 2000 LX and SE (both I4). 20 mile test drive in each. (Since this was going to be her car, I kept quiet and stayed away from the driver's seat.) Nice cars.

    We then sat in the EX Sedan (V6). Niiiice car. We then started onto the same 20 mile test drive. We had gone less than 100 feet and I thought "This is it". Two minutes later, my wife said "This is it". Smooth, responsive, quiet.

    Six weeks later, she still loves it. I have driven it once (2 miles) and washed it twice.
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    V6 drives/seems much better than the I4. Yesterday I'd gine to dealership to get 2001 Civic LX for my friend, I test drove 2001 EX-V6, there is a lot of diff in I4-V6...

    Also, after driving 2001 Accord Ex for 4-5 miles, I didn't feel that it was quiter than the 2000. Atleast I didn't feel the difference. The 6-Disc CD changer was a surprise to dealership though !!
    The manager said that their price on this was 600.
    & Honda hs given it with mats/smart airbags for 500 more !!
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    My friend got 2001 Civic for 500 over invoice.
    I think, this is very good price at this point in time
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Member Posts: 2,363
    We traded a '98 Accord LX 4 automatic for a '01 Accord EX V6 sedan, and just got back from 500 miles of road-testing. What a difference! It is hard to imagine the two cars were the same make, much less the same model. The new car is very quick, so much quieter, smoother riding, and just tighter compared to the '98. We like everything about it, especially the in-dash CD changer. Got 22-23.5 mpg at 80 mph, with the engine green as grass; I'm holding it below 4000 rpm during the breakin period. We took grades at speeds and with an ease that was simply unknown in the '98; at one point, I had a Freudian moment and went to release the parking brake at a coffee stop by reaching under the dash on the left side...that's how much the car reminds me of our last MB E-class [!].

    I cannot recommend this car enough to anyone who might be sitting on the fence about the decision. It was competing with the Acura TL/CL and new MB C240 on our final list of potential replacements, and we saved at least $4-6k over the Acuras and $10k over the MB. I am a hard-core car nut, a perfectionist, and very hard to please, so take this endorsement as a sign that Honda gets it...they sure got me.
  • getz1getz1 Member Posts: 63
    I bought a 2000 EX v6 coupe a few mos. back, my wife liked the car so much that we traded her 99 infiniti on the 4 door EX v6. I must agree that they are extremely nice vehicles, and they only require a small amount of scheduled maintenance to keep them running for years. I pass first and second generation accords all the time, its amazing.
  • duperduper Member Posts: 127
    Thanks all for suggestions and comments...
    I decided to leave Sunday football for a day and go Accord shopping. Arming with info from this forum, Edmunds price and a pre-approved check, I'm ready for some dry-mouth battle.

    My intention was to look for a leftover Silver '00 LX hoping for a great deal, but all we found left was gold (?)..( no body wants gold or something?)...
    The first dealer we visited was Anderson Honda. They didn't have any '00 left, but a gold(!), and they don't have a '01 Silver Auto either.
    We swinged by Sunnyvale Honda, but after a walk around the lot and saw 2 gold '00 and one Silver 01 ( I think it's EX V6) and no sight of a saleman, we left.
    We headed for Gilroy Galivan Honda...
    They have again, a gold '00 left and 1 '01 Silver. At this point, we were discouraged just wanted to test drive the '01 just for the heck of it. Before giving me the key, they asked how much I'm willing to pay for the LX. With the info I gathered so far, my answer was around 17's. The guy just took back the key and put into his pocket and said "sorry that's below my invoice, bye"...that was the first time I saw a saleman did that. I was kinda mad so we walked out toward my car. A second saleman ran up and ask what's my price again. I told him greenlight.com has a '00 for $16946 (I'm not sure if it's and auto and silver color) and other had been known to get it in the 17's. As he was leading me back to the LX when the first saleman stopped him and ask what was he doing taking me back to the car for?. At this point I laughed and said, " dude.. have your own accord and drive it, because you're not getting jack from me". We left laughing. They didn't care to negotiate. I know 17's is a little too low, but it was my first punch. They also mentioned that they wouldn't go lower than $19,400.

    So we went to Capitol Honda, and they also didn't have any '00 Silver, so we made up out mind of giving the '01 a real try. They have 3 of them Silver on lot, just arrive from the truck with all the plastiv=c masking tape on the hood and doors. We couldn't test drive it since the keys are still inside the service dept, and ended up test drove an '01 Emeral Green.
    It was great, all smooth ride and shifting. The saleperson took us to the fleet manager and he gave us $18165+floor mat+tax+license+2 full tanks. That's about $300-400 over invoice according to Edmunds. So we shook hand and about 1 hr later, we have a '01 Silver LX Accord in our gargage.

    I needed a car, and the price was not that bad so I bowed.

    Sorry for the long post, but I just want to add my experience to this already great, info-rich forum.

    One question... LX doesn't come with Keyless Remote, can I add a after market alamr w/ door remote for a good price?
    One thing to note, all ULEV Accord LX come with 148HP, not 150HP as in the non-ULEV.

    Thanks for the info and enjoy your great car.
  • duperduper Member Posts: 127
    The noticable different between 00 and 01 LX is the tail light. I didn't notice the hood until the salesman pointed it out. Accord sedans now as the same hood as the coupes, a better looking ones than in '00 models. The single CD player came standard as well as color body molding. I don't believe ABS is an option anymore, only EX have them. Tires are 15" with different designed hubcab covers. Interior seats have different cloth texture (better??). The ride is quieter ( I drove my co-worker '00 on Friday before the trip)and I didn't notice any shifting "clanking" noise. Overall it was a very sweet car. I wish I can drive it more since now it belongs to my fiance and I got her '99 Pathfinder.
    Anyone have an suggestion of how long do I have to wait before the first oil change, the dealer recommend about 5000 miles, but I think it's kinda too long.
    Thanks for input.
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    I didn't notice much change in the noise. Wind noise is 'slightly' lesser. Tyres are the same & engine noise wan't much a concern before too. So small improvement in Wind noise which may be a big deal for everyday highway cruisers who don't listen to Music !! (He he he)

    Oil changes : My dealer also reccomended 5K.
    They say the oil Honda puts would last longer than that & the oil changes they do at 7500, the oil comes so clean & Ok that they think of putting it in their old hondas !!
    In short 5K is reasonable.

    The new tail light doesn't improve looks or so. I think Honda has given some change for 01 owners to be hapy with newer look.

    The major changes which are worthwhile are: Smart Airbags(very good if kids ride frequently)
    CD Player/6 Disc CD Changer/Mats on EX & 6 Cyl)
    Body side molding for LX(Big deal for white Accord owners) The previous Black modling looked cheap on White/Sliver or light colors.
    They should do it on Civic too.
    I can't understand giving Body COlored mirrors & modling won't cost them too much. They should make it standard on all models.

  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    250 miles roundtrip this weekend.
  • duperduper Member Posts: 127
    $18165 for the 01 LX in post 339 includes floor mat...
  • duperduper Member Posts: 127
    Thanks for the response.
    AS my fiance drove it home, I was driving behind her and came up the the light next to a '00 LX (what are the chances huh??... they only sold 10 millions of Accord :)).. I did noticed the tail light changes looked brighter and crispier and the the signal light is much brighter also. Maybe it was my eyes and the contact lenses.
    You're right about the color side molding on white. It's just plainly looks cheap, but I don't mind if it's on Silver.
    How about gas, the manual recommends 86 oc or higher. My friend Integra Vtec only takes Premium. Would it make sense to fill up the first few tanks with premium during the break in period or I can spend those extra few bucks on lottery tickets.

  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    Put what manual says. Engine has some compression ratio which determines the octane rating required. i.e higher compression engines require more octane rating i.e it should withstand higher temp/pressure of the engine. Putting Premium fuel in an Engine with less compression would result in un-burnt fuel. Excess of this can cause a damage to the engine. I am NOT any expert of this but this is what I have read in the past in some topic which has many Gurus out there. (prob;ly some 50 odd posts about what would happen if lower octane used in highr compression & Higher octane in lowe comression.

    Hope this helps.
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    Yeah I agree, It looks more crisp but not an improvement as such.

    Now here is my experience with wonderful VTEC:
    I really like it when the VTEC kicks in at 4K or over rpms. There is remarkable diff of the engine's behaviour. You can really notice this as
    Put cruise at 70MPH. Slow down to about 30. & then again press reset of cruise. RPMS go up close to 5K, VTEC kicks in & there is a great fwd rush with rpms settle above 4k RPM after 2 seconds
    Then again it settles above 3K & then 2600.
    (70MPH Crusing : 2600-2650RPM)

    I obserevd this when I slowed down at a toll-booth & then pressed the reset button.
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Member Posts: 2,363
    ...for these cars is regular, period. Don't waste your money putting anything else in the tank.

    Depending on the engine, some Integras had a requirement for premium fuel. No sedan with a Honda badge on it needs anything but regular...save your money.
  • jackphanjackphan Member Posts: 1
    I want to buy an accord ex v-6. I've heard around that the Accord ex v-6 has some problem with oil leaks. So my mom now wants me to get a 4 cylinder. I really want the power of a v-6 though. Can anybody tell me if they experience any problems? thanx
  • jrct9454jrct9454 Member Posts: 2,363
    No Honda of current vintage has a problem with oil leaks [where does this stuff come from?]. Our '01 V6 competes with the best cars we've ever owned, including an Acura RL and MB E320. You will not be sorry you went for the V6. Nothing wrong with the 4, mind you, but the EX V6 takes this car to a whole different level of refinment and performance.
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    Don't worry about Oil leaks & etc stuff. A lot of sales guys(dealship guys of other than honda or Toyota use these forums to bash them just to take pleasure as their cars are not tough built. This is my very serious observation. There are few here like us who don't sell cars. ofcourse there are few like ISells who give honest info besides selling cars !! (Thanks ISell)

    Honda & Toyota won't loose their credibility bcos of such oil changes or steering wheel vibrations.
    If there is any problem these 2 cos will handle it much better than others. Like Toyota extending warranty of early 90s V6 uotp 100,000 miles.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Member Posts: 20,342
    Oil leaks? that's a new one on me!

    Never heard of such a problem!
  • carguy62carguy62 Member Posts: 545
    I think the '01 tail lights are a vast improvement over the previous year. It was one of the reasons I bought the '01. The previous ones looked strange with the pink lenses. I also like the amber of the turn signals (may not have changed). I think they did away with amber on the new Civic (or at least the lenses aren't amber). Still don't understand why there isn't a standard for turn signals, the worst is the american (and some foreign I suppose) cars that use the same lens for braking and turning.
  • markz2kmarkz2k Member Posts: 112
    Yeah, that always bugged me too. I don't understand why some cars don't use amber rear turn signals. What's really bizarre is the Accord Sedan does, and the Coupe doesn't! At least the coupe doesn't use the same lens for brake & turn. That, and the lack of color choices is why I bought a sedan instead of a coupe.
  • duperduper Member Posts: 127
    For a pretty high price and a respectable trim, I can't believe Honda doesn't include the keyless remote/security with the LX. It only comes as option. Since it's on top of the list as the most stolen car for the last 10 years or so, it would make sense and at least make buyers feel more secure and safe about their cars if Honda just include a security system in the LX trim.

    I think I'll shell out another $250-300 for an aftermarket security system rather than go with Honda brand (?). Dealer quote me "fleet" price for a keyless remote for $395 and $495 with alarm.

    120 miles so far without any problems...

    Enjoy your car.
  • mn8560mn8560 Member Posts: 5
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    So they may set SE trim back in 2002 to fight with redesigned Camry. I think toyota will put vvt-i machine in 4 cyl model generating around 155-160 bhp.

    New Accord will appear in fall of 2002.
  • tbonemttbonemt Member Posts: 1
    I'm currently driving a pickup with lots of road and engine noise. I'm looking for a new vehicle and I would like a quite ride. I'm considering buying a 2001 4 cyl Accord EX. I understand that the Accord has been noisier than the Camry in the past, but that Honda has added some acoustical insulation around the wheel wells to compete better with the Camry. I was riding with a friend in his Accord (1993?) and there was a lot of noise, more than I would want. I would appreciate any comments on road and engine noise in 2001 4 cylinder EX Accords.
  • silvercoupesilvercoupe Member Posts: 326
    FYI, I bought the Honda keyless entry from Hpart.com and had my local dealer install it on my 2000 Accord LX. Cost for the keyless entry with trunk unlock was $165 and the dealer charged $95 to install. Total cost of approximately $260.

    I considered aftermarket units, but the local installers all either looked like high school kids or gang members. If you go with aftermarket I would strongly recommend a good brand such as Clifford.
  • silvercoupesilvercoupe Member Posts: 326
    I have three Accord 4 cylinders at my house. 91, 97 and 2000. There is no comparison from one to the next, and I am sure that the 2001 is even quieter. Take one out for a test drive and find out for yourself.
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    2001 has lower noise than 2000 but not like day & night, simply bcos 2000 wasn't too noisy. It is also quite except some wind noise at highway speeds & road noise on some specific rough roads.

    Both are solved by having audio on !! I don't think anybody travelling on highway doesn't listen to music.

    2001 also have some insulation for wind noise.
    Also 98+ accords are MUCH quiter than the prev generations. Camry is quiter but Accord is also close.

    The best way is to Test Drive one on highway with Audio OFF
  • milindcmilindc Member Posts: 123
    It has good information about Honda in general & engines in specific.
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