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Mazda Millenia



  • ecanadianecanadian Posts: 2
    the website link.

    I don't understand why the service guys at 3 dealerships would say "interference" if this is a non-interference engine!

    Personally I'm quite surprised to see Millenia's 2.3 L as non-interference - most of high reving, DOHC, etc small Japanese engines are interference - e.g. all Hondas/Acuras, all Nissans (but e.g. Altima which has a timing chain), many Toyotas and Mazdas.

    BTW, my brother changed the timing belt in his 87 Acura when it had 230,000 km - he regreted doing it since the belt was in perfect condition!
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote:"I don't understand why the service guys at 3 dealerships would say "interference" if this is a non-interference engine!"

    Being that the salesman I bought my P from argued that the S does NOT have a supercharger, I am not in the least surprised.
  • ryanduderyandude Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 96 s and my battery went dead. After I recharged it my bose stock sterio asked me for a code so I tried to enter it but I must of forgot it and now the sterio is stuck saying ERR. So it will not work at all.The dealer wants 75 dollars to reprogram it and I don't have the money. Does anyone know how to reprogram it and could they tell me how please. Thank you
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I got this from a Google search. You might try also doing a search with Google using words such as bose theft code reset. Try other combinations of words and good luck.

    Quote:"Q: What happens if forget the code to my stereo's anti-theft feature?

    A: In a word: DON'T! Write it down. Then again, if you're reading this, it's probably too late (i.e. you didn't write it down) and now the stereo is locked. It's probably locked because you either disconnected the battery or removed the stereo. Well you have 8 tries to put in the right code. After the 8 incorrect time, the stereo will display iNOp and you won't be given any more chances. On cars with a "Mute" button on the steering wheel controls, just press it and that will get rid of the iNOp for another 3 tries. If you don't have the mute button to reset it, turn the car (or at least the accessories) on for an hour and the iNOp will go away giving you 3 more tires. Still no luck? Go for another hour and give it another 3 tries. After that and you still don't get it, you're going to have to go to a dealer where they have a factory code to unlock it."
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    Is this Bose anti-theft code on all the Bose systems that Mazda has put in or did they stop this. I know that this was popular in the earlier to mid 90's on most car stereo systems. If this is a norm then I was not told about it on my 02 S. Then the question is how do you get your code because nothing is mentioned in the manual about it either?

    I have another question to fwatson, or to any one else, I am going to be taking a road trip later on in the year and I was wondering what are the pros and cons on the Mill for a long trip? I plan on driving any where from 500 to 800 miles a day.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Mine is an '01 P. But I can't imagine, other than a slightly stiffer ride, that the S would not be as good on the road as the P.

    That said, I took a 3000 mile trip with mine after putting 800 local break-in miles on it. To make the story relatively short, the P is a fantastic highway cruiser. It performed flawlessly on the trip and is a very comfortable place to spend hours on end. Mine has the standard sound system, which is an excellent listening experience. If the Bose is better, it must be fantastic. All in all, I don't see how you could beat it for the trip you are planning. On the interstates running well in excess of the speed limits (it was either that or get run over by Georgia farm boys in elevated four wheel drive pickumups flying up behind you with lights flashing), I averaged about 27 MPG on 87 octane gas. The S requires premium though.

    Negative? I can only think of one thing other than the rude Georgia farm boys. The car is very low, and going down the mountains north from Chatanooga, Tennessee sandwiched amongst about twenty semi-trailor trucks running around switchback curves at 80 MPH, was somewhat intimidating. I would describe it as running blind surrounded by two story buildings going almost a mile and a half a minute.

    That's longer than I meant to write, but it really is a fine highway cruiser. I now have 7000 trouble free miles on it, and changed the oil and filter at 3800 (after the trip) and 6500 miles as the only maintenance other than checking tire pressure, battery water etc. I'll rotate the tires at 7500 just to even out wear, even though there is no sign of abnormal wear on them.
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    Thank you for the information on the ride. I know what you mean by the pickups that you need a ladder to get into them. I have a couple of months yet before I go on my trip, it will be about 2800 miles round trip. Although I am not going down south I will be going through the mountains out west. Speaking of mileage I just filled up yesterday and I am getting 24 in town. If you think this is a fluke the fill-up before this one was 23.8. I admit I use a very light right foot. When I get back from the trip I will post highway mileage since it seems to come up about every couple of months. Thanks again.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I recently took my '01 S on a close to 500 miles trip - me + 2 people + luggage in NH mountains. No problems, got over 28 mpg going 70+ all the time.
    You seem to be getting VERY good mileage in town, I get more like 21mpg (OTOH, I do redline it every now and then...).

    Enjoy your trip -

  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    To round out our milage discussion. For the 7000 miles, I have averaged about 20 city, 27 highway. And an overall average of about 22.3. Not high, but not bad for a relatively aggressive driver, not a hot rodder though. ;-)
  • maw1982maw1982 Posts: 62

    I went to my local dealers to look at near-luxury cars. I wasn't expecting to look at millenia but the salesperson showed me some program cars. I drove one ('02 P with no options) and was not impressed with its power and features. They were around 20-22k for about 10k miles.

    Then the salesperson showed me an '02 S that has been sitting on the lot for a couple of months (people see the price and overlook it) that they want to get rid of. It is the colors I want (silver ext., gray int. and chrome wheels) and is completely loaded (4 seasons, CD changer, chrome wheels). I drove it and was very impressed. I was given a ballpark figure of $26k for price.

    Is this a good deal? I am not in a big hurry to buy so I told the salesman I would wait and see if the car sits longer (therefore a better deal). Should I try an drive down the price further?

    What are everyone's opinions on this car? The reviews I have read are not encouraging (not worth the price, bottom of the barrell). For my job I need a "champagne" car on a "beer" budget. I told the salesman this and he immeadiately showed me the milenia (even hough I wanted to look at the XG350L).
  • csuftitanscsuftitans Posts: 215
    Somewhere between $25K-25.5K is pretty good deal. priced it at around $25.6K.
    I think silver is the best color for 01-02 Millenia. Good Luck.

    Hi All, how's everyone doing?
    My 2000 Millenia S now has close to 50K miles without any major problems. Car's still running like a champ, eventhough there's now a big crack in my windshield (I shouldn't have let my wife drive my car) from a big [non-permissible content removed] stone falling from contruction truck; arggghhh. Does anyone know how much it cost to replace the windshield and if there's any side effect afterwards.

  • jezejeze Posts: 15

    My Fuel Door/Trunk Opener Switch does not work. It does not open either. I already checked the fuses, no luck. I was curious if anyone had seen this problem. I heard that there is a TSB (T0900998 )that talks about thhis switch becoming loose. If anyone has access to the TSb or has any info. It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  • billyperksbillyperks Posts: 449
    Check your insurance policy it should cover GLASS,also there is no effect on your premium when you claim for "GLASS".

    I had the same incident with my Millenia and the insurance took care of it without any hassle.

    On the flip side- Go to a reputable Glass replacement establishment,because some of these places do crappy work.I had to take mine back two times for them to cork the windshield properly.
    Also, tell them to be very careful when installing the glass because sometimes they will scratch your paint.

    Good Luck
  • maw1982maw1982 Posts: 62
    I took a longer test drive of an '02 S. However, gas had to be in it first. My reg. salesman was busy so the new guy went with me. He fueled it with regular and I asked if that was OK. He didn't even know that premium was recommended for these cars (tell you how popular the millenia is). He said he'd ask. Did he do any damage by putting reg. in it?

    Also, are these cars really a good deal at the bottom line? I also went to my acura ealer and the salesman sai that I should stay away from the millenia because the depreciation would kill me (even though it's tax-deductale).
  • bibbensbibbens Posts: 6
    I took my wife to the Mazda dealer to have a look at on 01 Millenia P today, trying to generate some interest. Although she liked the style of the car, the first thing she noticed were the rust covered brakes which were clearly visible thru the wheels. I hadn't noticed it myself, but once she pointed it out, I had to admit it was pretty bad. Are any of you current owners put off by this or is it just something you get used to after a while? Perhaps the car hadn't been driven for a while and most of rust, at least that on the surface, would wear off with use. By the way, the sticker was 17,900 for an 01 P without options (i.e. no cold weather package), 20K miles. I would assume 17-17.5K would get it done. Sound good? Thanks.
  • maw1982maw1982 Posts: 62
    see my earlier post. I went to a dealer that had about ten '02 P program cars. the had no options and all had around 10k miles. They were being offerred for $20-22k depending on how long they had been sitting on the lot. are you in a hurry to buy? if not, you can get a really good deal by just waiting. the salesman told me that once the mazda 6 comes to their lot, they (and mazda) will want the millenias gone (including the new ones). I have narrowed my choices to a millenia or a TL. The TL is my choice. However, I also like the millenia and would enjoy it more if I could get it for a song (my salesman is going to call me next week to see if they can run an "end o the month" deal).
  • Does anyone have any idea when production will end for the 2002 Millenia (and thus the Millenia in general)?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    The only rust I have seen anywhere on my 10 month old '01 P is a light surface oxidation on the rotors. The Millenia's brake rotors are the same material as almost all cars with disk brakes. The rust will appear anytime the disks get wet, but is harmless and will immediately disappear as soon as you drive the car and dry the brakes off by use.

    This is not something exclusive to any car, and is only noticable because the wheels are so open and easy to see through. If you have a problem with it's appearance, you will have to get a car with solid steel wheels to hide the brakes.

    I always drive my car a few miles after washing it to shine the disks up and eliminate the rust.

    You and your wife might go brake inspecting to dealers of all brands of cars. I think what you find will alleviate her aprehension about this harmless , though unsightly, condition.
  • maw1982maw1982 Posts: 62
    I blieve that for all practical purposes, production of the millenia has stopped. The dealers are not ordering anymore so what the dealers have is what's left. the '02 S I am looking at is one of the last S models available on the east coast. However, that does not mean that there's a big rush to get them (this one's been on the lot for almost 4 months). I'm waiting on this one to sit longer so I can get a beter deal (I want the dealr to take the depreciation hit not me).
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    You should get it for $25K (I got 01 S 13 months ago for $26K with Bose, 6CD changer and cold weather pkg). I test drove the TL and between the discounts on the Millenia and my trade in it was $8K more expensive, so I went with the Millenia.

    Good luck, and do your shopping on 7/31 !

  • maw1982maw1982 Posts: 62
    Thanks for the advice. $25k is what I am shooting for but would like it lower (they really want to unload this car, it's been on the lot for 4 months). The salesman is supposed to call me tomorow or Tues (to see about an "end of the month" deal). If they don't give me a good deal I'll wait for the end of next month (they'll be more desperate then because of he upcoming 6). The millenia sounds good because I can trade in (13-14k) and either finance (0% and no payments 'til 1/03) or pay the balance n cash.

    The only big concern I have about the millenia over the TL Type S is depreciation and resale value. Although I can write off part of the depreciation (business), I do not want to lose my shirt on this car if I decide to sell or rade-in in three years. However, I do not want to have a lease payment on an Acura of $400-500 and have the headaches of leasing (wear and tear, mileage, etc.) The TL may cost more but have more of a return.

    Guess I'll have to run the numbers again.
  • fosterphxfosterphx Posts: 9
    Jeze, there is an on/off switch in the glove box that disables the trunk opening solenoid. (It is mentioned in the owner's manual.) You probably hit it accidently. Most people have no idea it's there because it is almost invisible.

    Dunlop tire wear- my experience with the 215/50-17 Dunlop is that they loose air and need to be "topped off" regularly. Low air = excessive outside tread wear, probability of blow out at high temperatures and high speeds, or hitting a bump and having the rim puncture the side wall when it flexes. I also used these tires on a 1986 300ZX and had the same experience. If you get 30K out of them you are doing very well.
  • jezejeze Posts: 15

    Thanks for your help, but I did try that, no luck. The problem is that it is both the gas lid and trunk that won't open.

  • djsg143djsg143 Posts: 20
    I am in the market for a millenia, but all i've gotten so far are mixed reviews in terms of quality, value, dependability, and performance. Has the 2002 been changed in any way to address any past faults? Also would you recommend the car to your closest friends? are there any faults i shoul be aware of?

  • maw1982maw1982 Posts: 62
    I am in the same boat. I got a written offer of 25086 plus T&t for a loaded '02 S. I then went comparison shopping and the sales manager at another dealer brought up the following issues with the future of the millenia:

    Resale value: supposedly the resale value and these will be nothing because of thir extinction.

    Parts: supposedly mazda is going to pull the plug on replacement parts for the miller cycle engine and possibly the 2.5 V6(and not telling anyone about it

    I don't know whether or not to trust what this guy said. He was very pushy and found faults with every single competing vehicle (he was trying to sell me a camry even though I told him I did not like the camry) AUGH that was two hours down the drain. I left the dealer disgusted. The salesman was audacious enough to say that if I didn't buy the car he was going to bing me bclients for my product (for my business). They even pulled the trick of "appraising" my trade. i.e. they kept the keys while pressuring me for a sale. Never going back there again. Sorry for ranbling, needed to vent.
  • jmadamsjmadams Posts: 3
    In reference to #1855 and #1856: In terms of quality, the Millenia fairs rather well, just check out Consumer Reports. I have a 2000S with 45K, besides oil changes, I've replaced the air filter at 30K as the owners manual suggests and that's it. Original Dunlops tires still going strong - no mechanical problems.

    Believe it or not, there are a fair number of Millenias in the field and Mazda will make a significant money selling parts for them for years to come. Besides, it's a law that parts need to be available for at least five years after production.

    As far as resale value, it's not the best.

    BTW, just did a 2300 mile road trip. Even in really hot weather (Death Valley and Las Vegas) the air conditioning kept myself and passenger very comfortable.

    Someone mentioned that they were surprised that the 2.3L was a noninterference engine since it's a high revving engine. I never considered the 2.3L engine a high revving engine. Is it?

  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Well, it looks like the anti-Millenia propaganda machine has been functioning rather well where you two have been lately. Unfortunately all brands and models have their detractors. Many are called salesmen for competing cars.

    Now to the questions.

    Consumer reports in the April '02 issue calls the Millenia "outstanding" for reliability, which is borne out by all previous April CR editions. Carpoint also shows the frequency of repair for both models of Millenia to be excellent.

    Resale value myth. Check this out for yourself by going to Any resale difference between Millenia and other competing cars is minor, and more than offset by the extremely low prices Millenia can be bought for (ie, it is a moot point), in comparison to those same competing cars.

    As for parts, the previous post pointed out the 5 year law. Add to that the fact that these engines have been used for many years in the Ford Probe, Mazda 626, Mazda MX6 and others, and there is a thriving aftermarket for parts and performance parts for those engines.

    Now for a couple of personal observations. Never trust negative sales pitches. They are for one, and ONLY ONE purpose. To sell you THEIR car.

    And in answer to:

    "Also would you recommend the car to your closest friends? are there any faults i shoul be aware of?".

    I am sure as an extremely complicated mechanical device the MM, as all cars, has a failing of some kind. To some it is that they don't have the largest engine available in the auto industry. That is nonsense to me, and the P, which I have is more than powerful enough to keep up with any and all normal traffic, as well as a pleasure to drive. And I would heartily recommend either MM to anyone who is looking for a very beautiful, reliable and immaculately assembled and finished car.

    Unless you are one of the hot rodding young men who frequent this board, you will find the Millenia a great choice. And for me, at the price, the only choice in a new car.

    One more point. Mazda is not going out of business, it is simply discontinuing a model, as all manufacturers do constantly. Check the record of ALL car companies and you will find this is as common as bugs on your windshield in the spring. It does not mean they are burying all referrence to the discontinued car, and abandoning support for it.

    That was a problem with "captive imports", especially by GM and Chrysler for years, but has no bearing whatsoever on the discontinuance of the Millenia, anymore than Chevelle, Fairlane, Dart, Charger, Impala, Comet, Falcon or dozens of other cars that were eliminated by their builders.
  • kcm8419kcm8419 Posts: 121
    The quality, value, and dependability have always been good in Mazda's products. As for performance, I have to agree with fwatson, if you plan on racing this car it is not for you. I would not hesitate a second to recommend this car to anybody.

    As far as the loaded '02 S goes, what options does it have on it? I bought my '02 S with the 17" chrome alloy wheels, 4-seasons package, and 6 disc cd for $25,000. As for parts I have an '85 626, pre FI, that I can still get parts for. Now for the sales manager, when was the last time you could believe what any sales manager told you when it came down to them selling you a car? By what you are saying about this dealer I do not see were you can put too much trust in anything they tell you. I would not walk from that dealer I would run.
  • w4vicw4vic Posts: 3
    Does anyone know how to program the remote controls for the Mazda Millenia 01-02? I got a used 01 and the sales person only had one remote. Got an extra off an auction - but they want to 'sell' the instructions for another fee!

    Has anyone had a similar experience and just go the dealer for programming? I'm assuming they wouldn't charge for a simple procedure - but that's wishful thinking. Thanks!

  • lyons4lyons4 Posts: 21
    Could someone tell me what is meant by the 4-season pkg. ?
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