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Mazda Millenia



  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote:"Deal with Old Man Winter on a regular basis? Fight back with the 4-Seasons Option Package. You get a Traction Control System (already standard on the Millenia S); plus a heavy-duty battery and wiper motor; large-capacity washer-fluid tank with low-level indicator; heated outside mirrors and front seats; and rear-seat heater ducts."

  • lyons4lyons4 Posts: 21
    Thanks fwatson.
  • VolareVolare Posts: 15
    I"m looking at cars for my brother who is 6'3". There is a deal in the local paper for a 97 millenia S with 54k for 8 grand. From what I"ve gathered that sounds like a good price. What do you guys think? Any thing that I would want to look out for in the this car? thanks. dan
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    My car is a P, so I can't say much about the S.

    But definitely have your brother drive that car. Millenia seating is very low, and the Moonroof cuts into headroom. I am 5'10" and love my driving position with one reservation. I have mild arthritis in my knees, and when driving on cruise control, there is not a really good place to rest the right knee. The left leg is fine. This is all due to the low seating, with little rise from the floor to the seating surface.

    That said, the supercharged engine has a lot of required maintenance as opposed to the P, including a much earlier timing belt change. You only have 6k miles before that is due. If it has not been done yet you will be in for a little bit of a shock at the price of the 60000 mile required service for that car. If you can get the seller to pay for the 60000 mile service, I think the price is good for the car in very good condition.

    Good luck.
  • smtsoismtsoi Posts: 1
    I have a '95 Millenia, and the hubcaps fell off at the rate of about one a year. I was able to get replacements at the dealership below. Now the most annoying thing about this is that I am now told that Mazda doesn't make the hubcups anymore.

    Does anyone know a source either in Southern Cal or online that sell the hubcups (chrome)?

    Thanks in advance.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I'm assiming that you have the Millenia S (chrome wheels).

    If so, the center caps are still available as P/N TA04-37-190. That cap measures 7 3/4". The non-S is a bit smaller. I'm not sure what your dealer told you but there are plenty out there. If you have trouble finding them, e-mail me at
  • amatiamati Posts: 1
    I purchased a 2002 S Platinum Silver with all the trimmings (4 season, cd changer, chrome wheels) around the end up May for a little less than $25k before TT&L. So far my wife and I love the car! She had a 929 before, so we have always had a soft spot for Mazda. Everything has been great except for one thing: the gas mileage. When I drive, I usually get around 17/18 (mixed city/highway/traffic), and my wife usually get around 20. I thought maybe changing the oil to synthetic might help a little, but so far there hasn't been a difference. I am hoping as we drive the car more (almost 6000 miles now) the mileage might improve.

    BTW, if you can't tell, I'm very lead-footed :) We have a Mazda B3000, which is a little sluggish, so we call the truck 'zoom' and the millenia 'zoom-zoom' :)
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Don't expect more than 21-22 mpg in city & mixed traffic; on highway you can get over 28mpg if you are steady and stay below 75mph... I'm getting about 22 now on '01 S wirh 16k miles (my record was 28 on an extended trip with 3 people on board, not bad).
    To get 17-18 mpg you must be redlining it all the time... I know, this supercharger song is additcive.
  • wgrwgr Posts: 127
    What's the future hold for the Millenia? Is a new design coming soon? I see there are rebates up to $5000 being offered on 2002 models. With $5000 off it seems like a great deal, but I would like to know if a major redesign is coming or if the current model is being dropped.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    2002 is the last year for Millenia. If you want one better get it now. It won't be available next year.
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Am taking delivery later this week and will be changing to aftermarket wheels. Would appreciate any ideas on disposition of OEM wheels.
  • hojlhojl Posts: 1
    Hey all I want to buy a MM and need advice. I think I will get a P rather then a S since I heard the S costs more to maintain. Also, does anybody have the PS or SS. I heard of these but haven't been able to see one in person. You guys have pictures I can see on some website? Also, you guys recommend buying a PS rather then a P? what is the added bonus of a special edition PS?
  • phatpatphatpat Posts: 22
    I have a 95S with about 72,000 miles on it. This has been a great car so far with minimal problems. Last Thursday I go to start the car and nothing happens, lights in/out are okay so I knew the battery was okay. I took it in and it was found that the starter went out as well as the relay. All that has been replaced and my mechanic said it's trying to turn over but still will not start. He thinks there is a problem with the signal coming from the computer and is now checking that out. Has anyone out there dealt with any computer problems with the Millenia S? I do have an extended warranty, thank GOD, so the work should be covered. I'm just not sure what to think now and I just got word that he may need to refer my car to someone else. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    Sounds like your mechanic was just changing parts without figuring out what the problem is. It kinda sounds like he needs to be replaced.
  • My 98 Millenia Premium (not the S) has a check engine light issue! The car is in great shape, runs fantastic and is mechanically sound with 59K miles on it. The only thing I have done to the car is add a K@N filter (that fit perfectly!)

    Two weeks ago, my sister in law drove the car and mistakenly left the lights on (I was not too upset after all as it was my wives and her grandmothers funeral!) Two hours later, the vehicle would not start. After a jump, they were on their way. While my sister in law had the car, she also put gas in it.

    Three days later, I start the car and the check engine light comes on. I call the local Mazda dealer and tell them the story. They get me in right away so I drop off the car and the dealer does the diagnostic test and it reads (I was told) low battery, and a misfire with the plugs/wires. He also asked me if I tightened the gas cap, in which I replied yes, (after reading these posts to find out that can trigger the ck engine light). The dealer replaces the spark plugs and wires, the battery, and puts some fuel injector cleaner in the tank for a mere $387.00 (yikes). They also reset the ck engine light.

    Today (64 miles later) the check engine light came on again. I called the dealer and they told me to bring it in for the diagnostic test, which I have not yet done. They will charge me $65.00 unless it relates to something they did last week. The $65.00 charge thing kind of irritated me...

    I would truly like to reslove this check engine light thing but I need some help. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced this before and what else may be the cause? Could it be the K@N filter? Also, would you pay the $65.00 again for the diagnostic test?

    Thanks and regards!
  • phatpatphatpat Posts: 22
    Well thanks for the info. From what I understand the starter and the relay did need to be replaced and the car now starts. The problem now is that the engine doesn't want to engage, like the computer isn't talking to the fuel injection and will not accelerate. As you probably can tell I'm not very knowledgeable about cars so I can only rely on what I read and some of what I hear. So again I ask, anyone besides maltb, if they've dealt with any computer malfunctions with the Millenia S. Thanks in advance.
  • Hey everybody...what would be a good replacement tire for a 2001 Millenia S? Price isn't a big issue. I'm mainly concerned with ride, quality, and want something that looks nice.
  • crankkycrankky Posts: 45
    If you have an Autozone parts store nearby, they will check the codes for free. I've done this several times with my '98 P trying to pinpoint what is causing my engine light to come on.

    So far it's been either a 305 (cylider misfire) or a 324/325 (knock sensor/knock sensor circuit). I've replaced the cap but that didn't help. Plug wires were replaced about 18 months ago because of a 306 code (misfire cylider 6). That worked for about a year. Anyone think that maybe this car just eats plug wires? I don't mind changing them again, but don't want to throw money away. Knock sensor is about $100 plus labor. Don't know if I can do that one myself or not.
  • Thanks Crankky!
    I did visit my local Autozone when the light came on the first time. They brought the diagnostic tool out to the car and tried to hook it into the mechanism under the hood. It did not fit. He then said the car may have a mechanism under the steering wheel on the drivers side where he could do the test on. That did not work either! He told me I had to take it to our local Mazda dealer, and that is what I did...Is it possible the diagnostic tool is unique to certain vehicles or is it a universal unit?
    Funny thing is, I had the oil changed in the car as it was due and I put a fresh tank of gas in it and on the way home today, the check engine light turned off!!! I shut off the car and started it up again and the light was still off.
    ~Miffed in Michigan
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Sounds like it had air in the tank from leaving the lid loose or off. Air gone, light gone. If that is the case, your problem is solved.
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    The Town Hall Membership Agreement forbids using these boards to sell or buy things. Sorry.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Test post. I get "Connction Dropped" when trying to post an answer in the maintenance section "Oil Filters, Whose is best and why" thread.
  • greasykid1greasykid1 Posts: 336
    Just took delivery of 2002 Millenium. Noticed that daytime running lights are in the headlight assembly and come on with headlights. How can they be activated as daytime running lights only?
  • doepeldoepel Posts: 20
    Have any 99 MM owners experienced a ringing, whinning noise coming into the cabin when the car is going up-hill between 40-70 mph?

    Mine has done this since new. I just discovered that there is a TSB out on this (at NHTSA web site), which involves replacing the transmission shifter cable with a re-design having an integrated vibration dampener.

    The replacement procedure requires 4 hours of labor, with most of the time spent removing/re-installling the dash.

    Has anybody had this TSB applied and if so how much of an improvement did it make? Did the dealer have any problems getting the dash back together (i.e., no resulting damage/scratches and no rattles).

    I'm wondering if the benefit of having this done out-weighs the risk of damage to the dash. The work will be done under warranty.
  • Does anyone know how much the new M6 is going for? I looked at it on the website and kinda like it. I can't really tell how long it is but it looks to have a millenia style rear. We all know how good that looks. 220 hp isn't bad either.
  • Hello,

    I have a 2001, Millenia S that is just about finishing 1 year since I bought it. However, for the past several months, I have noticed a distinct rust formation on the caliper (near the brakes/tyres). Is the NE weather an issue? How do I remove the rust. The wheels look unsightly since the rusty caliper is clearly visible. Do others face this problem?

    Please offer any advise that might help...
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I've got the same thing, but I don't worry about it...
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Just go to WalMart or HomeDepot and get the High Heat Rustoleum spray paint in the color you like best.

    Jack up one corner, remove the wheel and support the car with a jack stand.

    Lightly wire brush the surface rust off the casting, but don't brush the rotor. Blow the rust dust off, then using a solvent such as lacquer thinner, damp clean the casting to finish removing the dust and any oil products. Now cover anything you don't want painted and spray paint the caliper. Repeat on all four corners. There is no harm in painting them, but keep solvents and paint off any rubber parts and the rotor.

    Yes, the road slush and salts etc are causing the harmless surface rust. But like you I wouldn't be able to look at it. I live in Florida, and my 2001 P is one year old this month. Not a speck of rust anywhere. It is garaged when not in use, and I do not live on the rust coasts. Enjoy the "new" calipers, it will be well worth the time and very minor expense. Less than $10.
  • I start the car in the morning (cold), and begin the trip to work. At a steady 55mph, and about 3 minutes after starting the car, the engine seems to miss out and runs rough for maybe 30 seconds, then it clears up. It does this without fail, everyday, at the same time. Could there be something that happens in the fuel mixture or timing that is triggered at a certain time after startup? I don't believe it is relative to speed, but to the time the car has been running. I love the car, and this isn't really a big deal, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their Millenia.
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Mine is an '01 P.Symptoms slightly diferent. Upon first starting mine in the morning and driving away (I don't warm a car up before driving)it does not totally smooth out for a period of something less than a minute. In my case at least I don't think it is anything wrong, just the time it takes for the ECM to adjust. After that everything is silky smooth and quiet.
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