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Mazda Millenia



  • phatpatphatpat Posts: 22
    Greetings all, I'm just trying to find anyone out there that has a 95 -97 Millenia S that can give me any info on what to expect pass 100,000 miles in terms of maintenance and repairs. I have a 95 S with about 80,000 miles on it and to be pefectly honest up until this point I haven't run into allot of problems, some but nothing too out of the ordinary. Although it has the supercharged engine I don't necessarily beat it up but I like to make sure it's there from time to time. I guess I'm a little worried because the history of the car so far has been okay so I've heard the horror stories and wanted to find out anything I can do in the way of prevention. Any response would be greatly appreciated.
  • Well, only had our beauty about 6 weeks and I had an accident. Sick to my stomach over it. But now I need to deal with the insurance & repair shop. I've never had to do this before. Anybody have any advice on anything I should be sure to do or not do?

  • I do not know how severe the damage is but one thing I can advise you to do is-

    Have your insurance company lay out the money for genuwine Mazda sheet metal only.Some insurance companies would rather use after market products to suit their budget.Stand firm in your argument and make them pay for MAZDA REPLACEMENT PARTS ONLY.

    Hope you are ok.
  • Thanks Billyperks,
    I am okay. Not much of an accident really. The airbags didn't even deploy. But the repair is over 6K before they've even pried off the sheetmetal to look for damage under the hood.
    Not getting any grief from the insurance about real Mazda replacement parts. In fact, the dealer I bought the car from, also has several other high end dealerships around here ( Saab, Volvo, Porsche, Audi ). And the insurance guy said he has a specific shop he sends those cars to when they get bent. And he felt the millenia rated the same treatment. I thought that was good of him, but I did my own checking, and it turned out to be the truth.

    Thanks again,
  • I am graduating college in a couple of months and just bought a 1999 MM base with 34k for 12grand. Pretty good deal I think, mint condition. Do and of you guys have any tips/hints/suggestions about the car??? Also, any details on this 60,000 mile service I am hearing about.

    This forum was helpful to me when I was looking for cars, so Thank You everyone for posting.


  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    Quote heybrady
    "Also, any details on this 60,000 mile service I am hearing about."

    At 60000 miles, unless you have an extended warranty, maintenance is up to your discretion. The unblown P model shouldn't require any maintenance any other car on the road needs at that point. And recommended replacement of the timing belt does not come until 105000 miles.

    Do normal maintenance the same as you would on any other fine automobile, and your MM should last 200000 miles with no problem. It is a very reliable car as compared to any brand you can name. Proof of that is on both and in Consumer Reports, despite some who have come on this forum deriding the Millenia.

    Ultimately any car is apt to have a problem of some sort, after all they are very complicated mechanical devices. But in the real world, this Made in Japan from almost 100% Japanese sourced parts is a great choice. Enjoy your new car.
  • I need to make this comment for anybody out there who lives in hilly terrain with steep driveways and covered with snow or icy conditions...don't try driving with the stock Dunlop tires labeled M&S. My 2002 Millenia with tire size 215-50R-17 is uncontrollable in these conditions. To make matters worse, we can't find winter tires this size anywhere and I mean anywhere. The local tire dealers tell me that I should leave this car sitting in the garage. Why didn't Mazda tell us that the 17" tire size would be such a problem. These stock tires did also hydroplane in the rain too. Hope to see any answers or good suggestions.
  • maltbmaltb Posts: 3,572
    I'd look for some 16" steel rims and mount snow tires on them for the winter months. When things warm up, put the 17s back on and enjoy the open road. I'm in a warm climate, so I don't know this first hand, but it seems that no matter what make you drive, this is all too common.
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    I have to say that these Dunlops (SP5000?) are - for me - very good in snow, much better that Goodyear Eagle GAs on Passat GLX I used to have.
    I live in the Boston area, and drive up North a lot to ski... so, your remarks, ssteele, come to me as a bit of surprise.
    TCS not helping?
  • kbaerkbaer Posts: 16
    Just wondering if this is a good deal...MilleniaS with 6-Disc CD, moonroof deflector, cargo net, auto-dimming mirror and window tint. $23,900 out the door including Tax, Tag, Title.

    We haven't test driven the car to see if we like it yet, but plan to stop by the dealership after work this evening. Guess we'll try both models to see the difference. I think there's more room to play in this deal, but just wanted other opinions from here.


  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    Looks like a good deal (I paid 26K for mine in June '01)... if it is new, of course :-)
  • Just curious, but what dealer and is this in Tampa, Florida?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I got mine last year at Courtesy Mazda in Tampa. Give them a try before making your final deal. Nobody else was even close to them on bottom line.
  • I have a 95 Millenia that has been stalling and shutting off
    recently. The check engine light is on. Since the light came on , I
    have chnge dteh distributor, the throttle positiuon sensor and the
    EGR. The car is still shutting off. It happans after driving for
    about 25 minutes. The TCS light goes to off by itself, the car kinda
    shudders when this happens, and then a few minutes later the car
    shuts off all together. Sometimes teh Hold light flashes right before
    the car shuts off. I then ahve to wait a few minutes before it will
    start back up. In the mornings, when I satrt the car up after it has
    rested all night, it drives fo rabout 25 minutes an then the cycle
    starts all over again. Is anyone familair with this and if so , what
    needs to be done to fix the problem.
  • Hello fellow Millenia Owners:
    Just wanted to brag about my 97 S. Bought it
    2-1/2 years ago with 80,000 miles. It now has
    (except the check engine light which has been on for over a year). I'm not going to change the
    timing belt for all those $'s, since if it goes,
    no damage to the engine will occur, besides I
    know somebody with an old 626 with over 160,000
    miles, that never changed his timing belt!
    Also, the Bose stereo is spectacular! The new
    Judas Priest CD really blasts!
  • My 99 "S," with about 40K miles (original owner) seems to have developed a steering problem over the past year or two. The car seems to follow every imperfection in the road and seems very "uncertain" in it's directionality ---that's the only way I can describe it. The steering also feels incredibly light, like there is no contact with the road. I had the alignment checked by the dealer more than a year ago (they said it was fine,) and then I brought it into Bear Frame & Axle here in Denver, who said it was slightly misaligned, but they brought it back to spec. The problem still exists, however. Incidentally, I've been running Blizzaks for at least a couple of years. Wear pattern looks normal on all four tires; pressure is set at 30 all around. I've come to hate driving the car and I'm thinking about getting rid of it. Other than this problem, the car has been flawless since I bought it. Anyone out there have any ideas?
  • fwatsonfwatson Posts: 639
    I would suggest swapping tires if possible and see what happens. That would seem to be the best place to start troubleshooting. My bet is that a change back to a high quality touring or performance tire would solve the problem.

    The Brigestone Blizzaks are, without a doubt, one of the finest working snow and ice tires on the market today. But one caveat is in order. Snow tires are not held to the same traction and treadwear standards as regular all season and highway tires are. The UTQG rating which sets the government standard for tires does not apply to snow tires.

    As such, the Blizzaks would be rated very low on the treadwear scale. These tires are excellent in snow and ice, top notch, traction would be rated very high. But when the pavement turns back to bare, so does the tread on the Blizzaks. These tires do not do very well at all on bare pavement. They handle well and pump water well, but they wear out like pencil erasers if now taken off right away in the spring.

    If you live in Upper Michigan, Northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, Higher elevation mountainous areas, etc. these would do very well for you. If you live in an area where you really don't have long winters, you may want to opt for a longer wearing tire, unless of course price is no object and you don't mind buying a set every year.---------END QUOTE
  • tomekktomekk Posts: 310
    The tire pressure on my Millenia S (as indicated on a door frame label) should be 33 front, 31 rear. I chose to run 34/32, as I tend to drive a bit faster than the 65 mph limit...
    I think in your case you should think about those worn, underinflated Blizzaks. These tires have top 1/3 of the thread usable (made of some special compound), the rest shouldn't be driven on.
    Hope this helps - Tomek
  • skspghskspgh Posts: 28
    I don't know how to proceed and really would appreciate help on what to do next. Not knowing much about wheels/tires, I could certainly use some advise.
    3 months ago my driver side front tire went flat, so I went to the local gararge and had the flat reparied. The guy said that the alloyed wheels on the S were 'peeling' and showed me some silver residue on his hand. He claimed that the air was leaking between the wheel and rim of the wheel (where the peeling is occuring). He said, go to Mazda with this. When I went to the dealer, they said "the front tire had broken belts. Required 6 ounces of wheel weights. Tire seams appear to have broken belts. Suggest replacing RF tire". 3 months passed. Yesterday, both my front tires were flat!! The local garage guy filled air in both to keep me going. It's been 2 days and the tires aren't flat yet (they will be, but this implies a slow leak, like the kind he spoke about). Now, I don't know what to do.
    Is this a Dunlap tire problem? Should I go to them? Is this a Mazda problem? I mean, I have 15,000 miles on the car only. Even if I shell out the cash and buy new tires, what happens 6 months from now if this happens again - whom do I got to? Certainly the less air in the tires (from the leak) may now have damaged the belts, but shouldn't Dunlap help? Or shouldn't Mazda? How do I resolve, please, please assist asap....

    Thanks, -Sean.
  • I have an 01 S with 6,700 miles on it. Around town I never get more than 14.5 mpg, with moderate acceleration, i.e. I don't step on it. Is this normal for this car? Has anyone had any luck with using synthetic oil or a K&N filter to improve mpg? Any suggestions?

    Second question, when I floor the accelerator going about 10-20 mph the transmission won't down shift. Is this normal? Has anyone had any success with reprogramming the chip or some other type of performance improvement.

    Third question, the emergency brake handle hits my knee all the time, has anyone had any success with bending it out of the way?
  • This is a tire tread pattern problem in all likelihood. It will vary by brand and by amount of wear, even if the waer is normal. I would suggest going to to do research to find a tire that doesn't "tramline" which is what it sounds like you are describing. zHope that helps.
  • The next thing you should do is to take the care to someone you trust (none of the places you have been). Hvae them break down the tire from the wheel and CLEAN the rim of the wheel and the bead of the tire. This will probably fix your problem. I have 17" wheels and have had to do this twice. Of course, you could have a problem with the tire that will require you to replace it. You can ask Dunlop to help -- and be the first to get them to. When my Dunlops wear out (and they have worn ok, I will never use them again. I have never had a tire that was so poorly weighted from the factory not one so prone to belst separations and sidewall problems from curb bumps. BTW, anyone who puts 6 oz of weights on your tire is an idiot. They should have broken down the tire, rotated it on the wheel to move the heavy spot, and rebalanced. It will usually lessen the weight needed. The longer I run low profile tires the more AI believe that they look good but are NOT that much fun to own. Hope that fixes your problem for cheap. It worked for me.
  • Hello every one,

    last weekend I found out that one of my wheels on my 99 millenia S is bent and I need to buy a replacement, but I could not find any at the used car part places (salvages).
    Do any of you know where to get good used wheel (17x7 chrome) for a decent price?
    your help is much appreciated.

  • carguy58carguy58 Posts: 2,303
    As far as having problems with cars anybody can have a problem with their car. Yes there are Honda's and Toyota's with problems. I like those companies but every car company has cars with problems. I'm sure there are Lexus's with problems.
  • Marak88 -

    I have seen wheels on eBay from time to time. Another alternative to buying one new is to find a place in your town that "straightens" wheels. there is a shop in Houston, TX that fixes bent whhels for $100. You could try a national salvage yard like Mazmart (or is it MazMax) but they will charge a premium.

    Hope that helps.
  • I called mazmart and they wanted $400 for a used wheel, I tried one place about fixing the rim and they wanted $175 (they did not even look at the wheel), I think i'll be trying another place to get another quote, as I know that the whell is not bent bad.

  • skspghskspgh Posts: 28
    Just to update everyone - I walked into NTB. The helpful rep explained that air leaking between the chrome wheel and it's own rim is often the case in cold weather. Apparently, the wheel tends to *peel* a lot. So typically, you have to keep the air filled and you might have to re-seal the tires. It so happened that my driver side tire was also damaged - broken belts (don't know why). Dunlap payed 50% of the tire costs for both front tires based on some tread measurement. I thought it was unfair - 1.5 yr old tires, and I get only 50% back. In either case, I put the same tires on again since I didn't want to change all 4. And NTB guarantees to fix any resulting problems. So I'm happy again. Thanks for those who replied...
  • Marak88 - Keep looking to find someone else to fix your wheel. The cost will be the same no matter what the bend. They put it on a machine that s-l-o-w-l-y bends it back, and almost always charge the same. Get two shops into a bidding war!
  • Glad you got it fixed. I have a 99 S (okay, my wife drives it; I drive a Miata). My mechanic told me when I bought the 17" wheels that I would have problems.
    I was talking to the shop foreman at the Mazda dealership months later. He has a 99, not an S, with the 16" wheels. I asked him if he had seen problems with Dunlops. He said that they would bubble in the sidewall if you got them within 6 " of the curb. I have not been impressed with them. Now the Potenzas on the Miata are awesome - and not available in the slightly odd size that the Millenia requires.
  • I stumbled upon a website that sells OEM rims. The 17x7 chrome for your 99S go for 278 new on there. Might be worth checking out.
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