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Lexus LS 400/LS 430



  • Lexus seems to put crappy tires on all its cars.

    RX300 has Goodyear Integritys which are $50 tires. A switch to Michelins was night and day better for us.

    GS4xx has Bridgestone Potenzas (17s) which are noisy and wear out fast. Yokohama and Dunlop make much better tires.

    LS400 with Goodyear GAs is another example. Crappy tires.
  • jeffmust2,

    As soon as I got my '98 LS400 I replaced the OEM's with Michelin Pilot HX MXM's. The increase in responsiveness was obvious. Ride was compromised slightly, but I thought it was a good trade-off. As for tread life, I just replaced them at 45K miles with an estimated 5K remaining. Not bad for a tire with a 140 tread wear rating!

    Incidentally, I replaced them with Dunlop SP4000's. I was surprised that the handling feels virtually the same, except near the limits. The Dunlops are much quieter than the nearly worn-out Michelins. My conclusion is that the Dunlop is a more satisfactory tire, overall, than the Michelin MXM for the character of the Lexus. I have no idea about the tread life of the Dunlops. If you need the ultimate in handling, the MXM's help, but a 740i would probably be better. ;<}

    I'm expecting my LS430 with Euro-tuned suspension in a few weeks.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    I expect to have a car this month and a good deal as well. I will let you know when I have the car.
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    Sales Manager told me Thursday that Custom Luxury (originally anticipated this Spring) is being replaced by another option package. This new package consists of the original Navigation/Levinson package, Lexus Link, 17 in wheels, trunk mat and wheel locks.

    He also told me that buying a package will not save any money. If you add up the individual options in a package it totals the price of the package. That will probably change in a couple of years, however.

    So now I have my name on a list for the Ultra with 9 others ahead of me. I'm disappionted that I have to pay for all that back seat stuff that I won't use much, but I'd rather pay for an Ultra than have a Lexus that's missing some goodies that I wanted.

    I may just wait for the 2002 model, but I'd have to spend about $1,000 on my 95 SC300--trunk cylinders need replaced, cracked tail light lens has condensation. I'm 500 miles away from 60,000 miles which may be an expensive maintenance, plus I get a lower Blue Book credit for low milage after 60,000. However, I have an 1,100 mile trip planned for May and wouldn't it be nice to drive a new LS430 rather than my old coupe...
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    The new package you speak of has been available for's referred to as the $61,230 car. I don't know why they would call it new, since it's been a very popular package since the LS430 was first introduced.

    Fact of the matter is no one really knows anything about the Custom package, so some sales people start to make up their own version.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    I picked up the midnight pine today. Car already has gotten several compliments just in a parking lot where I stopped for bagels. Maybe its only the enthusiasts who think that this car isn't stylish.

    Good luck with your leases. My business partner who got the lease deal I posted yesterday actually is getting the car from a New Hampshire dealer and having it driven to White Plains, NY. The guy will take his GS400 back. If you want any contact data let me know - I'll be glad to pass it on to you. By the way even though this is 2nd car I'm taking in 6 weeks my dealer had to make a copy of my registration from the milennium silver LS430 and fax it to Lexus Finance in order for the security deposit to be waived. So apparently it will not be easy for you to get that deposit waived and dealer has little if any influence on it.
  • is there anywhere I can get a look at an LS430 in midnight pine? the dealer closest to me doesnt have any, and isnt expecting any in a while, yet i am considering this color..
  • I bought 94 ls with 81000 miles,interior is immaculate,engine is super clean,the car rides like a charm,service records,the car gets up to 110mph real fast.But for some reason the engine is a little noisy,I took it to the dealer and they said it was the fuel injectors.They ran a dianostic test that read [no codes].I wonder if anyone else has noticed this.They said not to worry about it,it is somewhat common.I thought it was the lifters ticking.It seems the engine would sound quieter.Although it is smooth.Its not real noisy,but if you listen closly you can hear a ticking noise,simular to bad lifters.
  • I have some BFGoodrich Touring T/A on order that I will put on my ls400.I will tell how they perform as soon as I get them.They are the 'V'rated
  • ljflx, I know I was shocked. Tnats a $5,000 lost down payment, and I usually even hate to do that! I think this guy is trying to screw me (not my normal salesman, different dealership) after he quoted me that and I stopped laughing he said that they would offer to buy me out of my 98 LS400 lease which ends in July. So thats 5 months of payments at $1050 a pop, I think he figured that into the lease he quoted me. I wont be doing any business with him. I still have to call my guy and one other salesman back to get final leases.

    Tires, I have Dunlop SP Sport 5000s on my LS400, they're quieter than the Sp Sport 4000s that came on the car, and they seem to have MUCH MUCH better treadwear. A lot more traction in the rain and snow too. Great tires and a steal at $80 a peice.
  • hage45hage45 Posts: 13
    I ordered silver/ecru, custom lux the first of Jan. My dealer called yesterday,just received confirmation of this order, should be in port by the end of Feb. This doesn't agree with some of the other posts, but I hope the dealer is correct.
  • tv1db1tv1db1 Posts: 12
    agent0986, Warnock Lexus on Route 10 in Livingston NJ. 973-535-8700 has one on the lot as I write this. I was doing my weekly drive through their lot as I wait for my car and I noticed it. It looked black then green then black again. ecru, light wood, but no nav & no lev. Cool color!!!

    PS. I don't know if it was an ordered car or stock.

    Good luck.
  • tv1db1tv1db1 Posts: 12
    hage45, I put my order in on November 11 and my LS should be in around the end of this month as per my salesman. I ordered the sports package with lev, but no nav. He tells me that's what took so long.

    If you can have yours that fast, lucky you.
  • pai7pai7 Posts: 35
    Test drove both S430 and LS430 back to back.S430 has a great ride but lacks the power.On the other hand the ride, power and performance of the LS430was awesome.The weight to power ratio of S430 is 15.03 lbs/bhp.The weight to power ratio of LS430 is 13.64 lbs/bhp which is better than that of MB S500 at 13.69 lbs/bhp.The interior of the Lexus is far more appealing and refined than the MB.Also the DVD based NAV on the LS is far superior to the CD based COMAND on MB S-Class.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    The interior height, leg room, trunk space, etc... are better on the LS430 as well. Microsoft's Carpoint allows you to do a direct comparison of the LS to all of the major competition. It's quite an eye opener and reaffirms the many reasons to purchase the LS over any of them.
  • The LS has the most incredible interior I've ever seen..wood, leather, and quality feeling switchgear. The outside, however, is a cross between a Toyota Avalon (not a bad car) and a Cadillac De Ville (not a bad car) with a dash of the previous edition S class (1999) thrown in. I guess it's up to the beholder to decide (I couldn't get over the exterior looks).
  • Have not called salesman yet. Hope to have my car sold by the end of the month. Sorry to be so long in replying. Have misplaced your mail address.
  • Cannot locate him
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    I think the exterior design is way over-analyzed; if you have to find a fault with the LS, this is the only area that is attacked. I think the looks grow on you when you roll all the other qualities's not a sports car...just one hell of fine luxury sedan that offers true value and the best reliability in terms of the competition.

    Look at the MB boards....the comments are relying on past tradition alone, and Lexus is putting them to shame in all catagories "for the money".
    Why would I shell out $75-$80 for an S class with a dash that rattles, a Command system no one likes, mediocre audio system, etc. BTW...I don't work for Lexus or sell 'em, but I'm going to buy one after owning all the Germans in years past.
  • I actually own an S500. It has no dash rattles, the COMAND system is actually very easy to use (the voice activated phone system is great), and I think the stereo is awesome. That's not to say that the LS is great too, I just love the look and feel of the Mercedes. Isn't it great that there is so much to choose from?
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    blehrlich, I'm glad your S500 doesn't exhibit those problems, but I believe wbwynn's point was that your experience is the exception, not the norm. IMO, no $80-90k car should exhibit those problems in so many cases as the Benz seems to. As he said, just check the S Class board and many of the online reviews (Edmund's own is an eye opener on this issue). The complaints are loud and long. The difference btwn the LS and S in that regard is "role reversal" if you will. You were lucky to get a problem free car from Benz when many more of your fellow buyers were not. In the Lexus, the situation is reversed - most problems are rare if not nonexistent and happiness and contentment are the norm. Yes, the S500 is a wonderful car, but for that money you should not have to HOPE you get a good one.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    Am I misunderstanding the manual or just dumb? It sounds like the "set" button is to pre-set a volume level for the audio system (and a truly impressive audio sys. it is!) to come on. I set it at a lower level, then turn the sys. up for driving. I expect that when I turn the sys. off (high volume) and back on later, it should come on at the pre-set level (lower volume), but it doesn't seem to. And one nit-pick: Am I alone in wishing for a "mute" button/selection somewhere? Instead of turning the sys. completely off momentarily, a mute would be nice.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    Swithrow2, I believe you have a 98 and have test driven an air susp. 2001 LS430. My LS430 is my first Lexus and I am curious if you noted any difference in the "new" ride vs the old. Many reviewers refer to Lexus dialing in more road feel and less "isolation" now. So, in your informed opinion, is my new LS430 w/ air still close to your ultra smooth riding 98? I wanted the best, smoothest ride for long trips and wasn't really interested in all that extra road feel and "sportiness". Just curious.
  • I was disappointed in my Ultra air. I expected it to be smoother but noticed no difference from my '90 LS & "98 LS without air. I attributed it to the 17" wheels with the Bricgestone 225/55/17 HR CH95 tires. Certainly handles a lot better tho.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    I welcome all comments from both boards...that's why so many of us participate in both. As I have mentioned, I have owned MB and BMW...both good experiences. I just think that Lexus has raised the bar and closed any gap with the LS430..."for the money". I also like to see more and more MB owners reading this board.

    Keeps those comments and opinions's very healthy.
  • I've got the air on my 98. The Ultra is just as smooth its just tauter in the handling department. makes it feel stiffer sometimes.
  • I've been attracted to a younger model. If you're interested in a really clean '93 LS400, you can get the details at the link below. Need the garage space...

  • ikey78ikey78 Posts: 28

    The volume preset button on the steering wheel is to set a volume level that you can come back to whenever you push that button. It has nothing to do with powering the radio on or off. You can also set it at volume all the way down which makes it a mute button.
  • pai7pai7 Posts: 35
    I would like to get an input from the owners or Lexus enthusiast who have driven both the standard suspension and the Euro-tuned Sports.Would like to know the likes and dislike of either or both.I live in relatively flat area of the country without those twisting and turning roads.I would be basically crusing on the Interstate.
  • I've noticed a couple of LS430s with 16" wheels. Has anyone been able to drive side by side a 16" and 17" equipped cars? If there were a difference, I might consider replacing my wheels when I need new tread.
  • merckxmerckx Posts: 565
    On a daily basis,will you really drive the car that agressively? Because all the time you are going to get horribly high wear from those sport tires. Now the 16" wheels are quite attractive-I most definately would buy them. The sport suspension is a bad idea. The car is an extremely relaxing drive-so quiet.
  • flint350flint350 Posts: 250
    ikey78, many thanks. That answered 2 questions -actually 3, I guess I'm dumb, after all :)
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    Bridgestone has a revolutionary tire compound that both grips the road and is long wearing (45,000 miles or so). It's called Unity. (I think it's hyphenated.) When I mentioned to my Lexus dealer that I put Bridgestone Turanza Revo tires on my SC300, he said other people were doing so on other models also--not necessarily Revos, but Bridgestone Turanzas anyway.

    Unity was developed for race cars so that they wouldn't have to change tires so often. I even splurged and got the Z rated because I don't have to sacrifice tire wear. The car handles great, AND has a bit more cushy ride.
  • The Bridgestone Turanza Z Revo with UNI-TAQ may be my next tire. I note that it has a tread rating of 240, certainly better than my current Bridgestones, tho I would prefer at least 300. As they start to wear, I'd like to know how many miles you think they will last.
  • for anyone who has seen an LS430 in midgnight it any thing like the previous LS green? imperial jade green i think it was called..
    the imperial jade in my opinion wasnt that good.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Agent 0986 - no! that was very ugly. It's almost a black color and gets lots of looks. Not a color I would have ever considered until I saw it and took it.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Started the new job in my company - btw - they didn't tell me about this upstart I noted on other board. Anyway I'm driving the pine daily now and appreciating the car - both looks and performance - more and more. Acceleration at mid to high level speeds - say from 40-50mph to 70+ is awesome. Brakes are great, handling is more than I need, the cabin on is whisper quiet especially on a tar highway and what a ride. The base stereo is damm good - not Levinson quality my wife gets that one - but its better than MB's base. Can you believe that I was riding on a bus into NYC daily before this. What a change.If I'm in your shoes I'd be saying what Will Smith said in Independence Day - "I've got to get me one of these things".

    Thanks for your support on the luxury board. I'm more and more convinced that there's a lot of inherited money over there and on the S-Class board and many wannabe's like Arcoates who btw drives an Olds. Many of those people don't seem like smart business people who made it on their own. What I find hard to believe is that they're upset that Lexus challenged their beloved S-Class and probably will rival its' stature in the near future. Its' already won the battle on the road.
  • ljflxljflx Posts: 4,690
    Saw your last post. What did you get - color, options etc? Did you finally get a fair lease deal? Best of luck with it.
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    I got a very good deal and lease outside of my home state...cannot give you the details until the keys are in my hand, but its Millenium Silver/Light Charcoal..NAV-ML package, 17s, Link...the so-called $61230 car....transport to my front door included. I have a really good, trustworthy individual to recommend who will make a very good deal to bonafide buyers....later for more details.

    I'm having a great time on these boards...hope I'm not being too harsh, but I know what MB, BMW, etc can do and I do respect them. BUT, as you have, I've driven the latest S Class more than once and remain sold on the LS (and don't want another 740)....the sheer quiet and isolation, improved handling, top interior layout (bar none), best reliability record, ...etc, is what I want. I certainly do not want to belittle those who have a need for the STAR or a jump in their personal self-esteem(I had to do this once too) ...fine, it's your $$. As a couple of old guys in their late 40s...we know better.

    You just can't make a value-luxury statement any clearer than the LS430. Now, when the LS500 or LS600 V-12 comes out, we will have to put our heads together on how best to break our leases....cause you know we will!!

    Have a great week...I'll let you know the final details of my purchase in about 10 days....I sure hope they have cancelled the submarine tests off the Florida coast!!

  • After having researched for a year, I finally bought a 2000 LS 400 last weekend. Had been looking at 98's mainly because of price & no major
    changes in design. This was a 2000 with 1010 miles which I bought for $49.2. Although more
    than I had wanted to spend, it was too good to pass up. Beautiful car! The only thing it didn't
    have which I wanted was a Nakamichi Sound System.
    I was surprised to learn that they cannot put one
    in; they are built in with the car. I have a good
    sound system in my home and believe I can tell the
    difference bet. mine & the Nakamichi in a friend's
    '95 LS. Is there any way I can improve on the
    Premium Sound System I have? Has anyone done so?
    Obviously, this wasn't enough to prevent me from buying the car, but if I can upgrade....
  • Check the electronics forum on (which seems to be down strangely right now)... a guy named Percy on their is a stereo guru. His take is that replacing the factory speakers alone makes a big improvement. Beyond this is gets tricky because of the way the controls are linked into the pioneer head unit, etc., but many have replaced the system entirely, but that gets pricey ($$).

    I have a GS400 and may replace the factory speakers later this year. Still doing research though, to even find a place I feel I could trust. Certainly don't want to spend a lot to make it worse!
  • currently, i'm being offered $850 a month by my dealer, for a Nav/Lev LS430 with sport suspension and chrome wheels...the only catch is you have to pay the taxes up front, about $4000, and i think its a fairly good its just down to color...millienum silver, or midnight pine? any suggestions?
  • wbwynnwbwynn Posts: 246
    How many months and miles? Gross Cap Cost? At first glance it looks pretty good, but you are putting $4000 down.

    Both colors are's a matter of dark vs. light!!
  • its 36month/12000 mile and the selling price of the vehicle was negotiated to $60,750, i know this dealer very well, and have purchased from him before..its the best lease i could find anywhere...i think im gonna go with the silver, it would look nice with chrome wheels. He said he could have it delivered to me in two weeks.
  • Wow $850? Whats the mileage on that lease?!?
  • Does anyone know what year the Nav system was first installed. I am looking at used 400's but would want the Nav option. When I see the residuals on your 2001 leases for 38K, it sounds like there will be some fantastic used cars on the market in 3 years.
  • vs4vs4 Posts: 70
    LS430 invoice price is around 47K and MSRP is around 54K that is about 17% markup. Anybody knows why Lexus has that much markup, does that mean dealers will be able to negotiate the price.

    By the way I was at the dealership and the salesguy was telling me that MSRP is the price they will sell it at. Now 17% is too much especially when Mercedes has only 7% markup.

    Is anybody having any luck in negotiating the price?
  • barb85barb85 Posts: 54
    I was also considering silver with chrome wheels, but I discovered the brushed aluminum wheels match the silver paint beautifully.
  • pai7pai7 Posts: 35
    I narrowed down my choice of a luxury sedan toMBZ S430 And Lexus LS430 to replace my 1992 Lexus SC 400 with 90K miles( so far flawless).AT first I drove S430 and appreciated the ride and comfort.Later that day I took the new LS430 on a test drive.I was amazed at the extra power, excellent road feel at the same time superb noise isolation.The fit and finish ,comfort and ride was second to none.The convinence of a 6Disc changer in dash,standard HID,made it more attractive.I ordered a Silver LS430 with Black interior, golden birdseye maple wood trim,wood and leather steering wheel(on a MBZ S430 this would be a Designo Silver edition with an additional charge of $9900 or so), Navigation,Mark Levinson audio package,Lexus Link and 17" alloy and tire package.I should have this car delivered to me in 2 weeks.We currently own a MBZ 1999 ML 430(so far flawless and it is my wife's primary vehicle) and a 1998 MBZ ML 320(my daughter's vehicle which had numerous small but irritating problems).It will be watching both this and the MBZ-S Class board on this and other Websites about the long term performance of MBZ S430 and Lexus LS430.
  • I believe the 1998 model was the first year for the NAV. My wife has a LS with the NAV. It's great. It even caused me to sell my charished 90 LS just to get the NAV on the LS430. I'll never buy another car without The navigator and the LS has the best that I've seen.
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